Sandra Cantu Murder: Huckaby Pleads Guilty To Serve Life

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Tracy, CA– This morning, Melissa Huckaby, facing the death penalty in the sexual assault and murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu, has plead guilty to one of those charges in exchange for a life sentence.

Huckaby is due back in court for formal sentencing on June 14.

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Tracy, CA– In a case that has baffled some of the most prestigious clinical minds and profiling experts in the country, has uncovered the latest bombshell in the background of Melissa Huckaby.

Huckaby’s five year old daughter, currently the subject of a brutal child custody dispute between her Father, Johnny Huckaby, and her maternal grandmother, Judy Lawless, is NOT an only child.


 A source within the Lawless Church Community who has known the Lawless’s for over 40 years has confirmed Melissa Huckaby has a toddler son; also in the custodial care of Judy Purks Lawless. As he is a minor, and given the nature of the crimes his mother is currently charged with, we will not be releasing his identity or exact age. He is not the child of Johnny Huckaby, the tot Mom’s former husband.



Tracy, CA– Late yesterday afternoon, Prosecutors filed 3 new charges against Melissa Huckaby. On the eve of her hearing today to file her plea on the current charges for the rape, molestation and Murder of 8 year old Tracy resident Sandra Cantu.

Huckaby will now be facing additional charges of a single count of child endangerment, and 2 felony counts of furnishing a harmful substance although the substance in question is not identified.

In an earlier report on, the Mother of the 7 year old girl, named as Jane Doe in the charges, specified that benzoiates were found in her daughters system after she was taken from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park without permission, and returned several hours later after being located by police.

In both counts of alleged poisoning, the complaint says Huckaby “did willfully and unlawfully mingle a harmful substance with food or drink with the intent that (it) be taken by a human being.”

The identity of the second victim named in the charges is Daniel Plowman. It is alleged Mr. Plowman was drugged by Huckaby in March 2009.

Blinkoncrime has learned that Plowman was arrested on March 3, 2009 for using or being under the influence of a controlled substance. It is not known if this Daniel J. Plowman is related to a D. Jonathan Plowman, age 62, who is listed as an absconded registered sex offender on the Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry.

Plowman2 (1)


Daniel’s myspace can be found here.    


It is also unknown if the new changes will affect the defense strategy for Public Defender Sam Behar during the hearing today at 1PM PST.

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Folsom, CA– As Melissa Huckaby awaits her arraignment in court this afternoon in San Joaquin County, has discovered the arrest last week of Timothy John Lawless, a relative to Huckaby and the Lawless family. Folsom Police Department verified this afternoon Lawless was arrested on April 15. 


Timothy Lawless was arrested on THE EXACT SAME SEX CHARGE AS Huckaby. Lawless is in custody at the Sacramento County Jail under a $1Million Bond, charged with 10 counts of lewd and lacivious acts on a child under 14.

288.  (a) Any person who willfully and lewdly commits any lewd or
lascivious act, including any of the acts constituting other crimes
provided for in Part 1, upon or with the body, or any part or member
thereof, of a child who is under the age of 14 years, with the intent
of arousing, appealing to, or gratifying the lust, passions, or
sexual desires of that person or the child, is guilty of a felony and
shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three,
six, or eight years.

 Lawless is also charged with rape with a foreign instrument, but formal charges have not been formalized by the DA. Lawless’s next appearance in court is scheduled for May 14, 2009. 



Tracy, Ca– Announced on Kcra this evening, the FBI was in Clarkston, WA  at the First Church of God Church  and spoke with it’s pastor, Bill Creutzberg:

..” They were trying to put the pieces of their puzzle together, They were asking about certain people who might be able to lead them to other people. But I do not know exactly what they are looking for..” 

A source inside the investigation has confirmed to that they are investigating previous alleged abuse allegations within the church against Clifford Lane Lawless, Huckaby’s grandfather. 


In a simultaneous development, although Pastor Lawless was seen on camera last evening at the church following an announcement that services would remain there, FBI agents were back at the Clover Baptist Church. Police have indicated they believe Sandra Cantu, 8, was murdered there.

As their is a gag order in the case, attempts to confirm that a search warrant was issued at either location were refused.

Agents were seen entering the church for approximately 20 minutes, and left with a few “tubes” in their posession. There are unverified reports that the tubes taken into evidence are projection screens.  However, Blink on crime has learned that one of the items is a screen, and the others are blinds. The same source, speaking on condition of anonymity, indicated that Tracy Police and the FBI are in posession of video evidence containing footage of  blinds; thus the seizure.  The agents were seen removing the evidence without a CSI team which may indicate they do not suspect there is physical evidence to link them to Sandra’s murder.





Melissa Huckaby is due in court tomorrow to face charges of kidnapping, rape with a foreign object, child molestation and murder charges in the death of 8 year old Sandra Cantu. Her arraingment is scheduled for  1PM PST.

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Sandra Cantu Case: Mom of Drugged Child- “CPS Did Nothing to Huckaby”

Tracy, CA– As reported this morning, the Mother of the first known alleged victim of Melissa Huckaby, a 7 year old girl from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park spoke out against Huckaby in an interview with CBS13.

In a shocking development, the child’s mother, “Laura”, said not only did Police NOT investigate allegations that Huckaby NEVER had permisission to take the little girl anywhere, but Child Protective Services actually took custody of her daughter the evening she was in the Hospital to investigate her for possibly drugging her own child.  

“Laura” is adamant that Melissa Huckaby did not have permission to take her daughter anywhere, from anyone, and stated she called 911 when she returned home from work and could not locate her. She said it was almost 5 hours by the time Huckaby brought her back.

“CPS took her from me that night because they thought I has something to do with it,” Laura said. “She didn’t have permission,” Laura said. “Nobody gave her permission to take my baby.”

“I’m just kind of disappointed in them, that they didn’t look into Melissa more than they did.”

When asked her reaction when Huckaby was arrested, “Laura” was visibly shaken.

“I was shocked, but I kept telling them to look into Melissa Huckaby a little bit more,” Laura said. She says she believes if authorities investigated Huckaby more closely, Sandra might still be alive.”



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