Austin Sigg Stands Trial As Adult In Jessica Ridgeway Murder- Bail Denied As Sigg Heard Confessing During 911 Call

Golden, Colorado- In a hearing that was open to the public only after media outlets got the Colorado Supreme Court to overturn a Judge’s decision to seal it, new facts surrounding the brutal murder of Jessica Ridgeway surfaced at the preliminary hearing of accused murderer Austin Sigg.  Cameras are not permitted in the courtroom.


Among the now confirmed revelations, a neighbor suspected Sigg in the early days following her disappearance and called the FBI directly.   The October 19th tip was allegedly due to Sigg’s very public obsession with death.  It has not been revealed how Sigg and his Mother were approached about providing a DNA sample that has been matched to clothing belonging to Jessica Ridgeway.

Four days after the FBI visited Sigg in the presence of his Mother and took a DNA sample for processing; Austin Sigg sat his Mother Mindy Sigg down, and proceeded to confess to the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Ridgeway in lurid detail.

…” I am a monster.”  -Austin Sigg

Sigg began the confession by telling his Mother he was a monster, and that after kidnapping Jessica and driving around with her for a while he brought her to the family residence while his Mother was at work and his brother was at school.    The teen who hoped to study mortuary science had dismembered Jessica Ridgeway and threw a garbage bag filled with her torso at Pattridge Park while keeping several other portions of the child’s remains under a crawlspace at the residence.   Sources inside the investigation speaking to BOC on the condition of anonymity have confirmed that not all of Jessica Ridgeway has been recovered to date.  A receipt for the garbage bags was located among the debris found at the park.  Sigg told Police he choked Ridgeway to death.  Her cause of death was asphyxiation.

Mindy Sigg called 911 on October 24th to alert Police that her son confessed.  During that call, Austin Sigg admitted to Jessica’s death at his hands, and also the attack on a female jogger at Kentner Lake.

The operator heard Austin in the background and asked to speak to him directly.

“I don’t exactly get why you’re asking me these questions. I murdered Jessica Ridgeway. I have proof that I did it,” Austin Sigg said. “You have to send a squad car down here, and I’ll answer any questions you want to ask me.”

Sigg attempted to use a homemade concoction of chloroform on a towel to overpower the woman over Memorial Day weekend and then attended a family vacation outside of the US a week later. (more…)

The Devil They Knew: Jessica Ridgeway Accused Murderer Austin Reed Sigg Profile Emerges

Graphic Warning:  Segments of this report while accurate, are graphic and may be objectionable to some readers.  It is definitely inappropriate for readers under the age of 18 without parental permission and recommended supervision.


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Westminster, CO- Standley Lake High School dropout Austin Sigg told his Mother  he kidnapped 10 year old Witt Elementary student Jessica Ridgeway the morning of Friday October 5.

Mindy Ashbaugh Sigg , divorced from Robert J Sigg, the father of the couple’s two teenage boys, called Westminster Police Tuesday evening to alert them of her son’s admission.

Upon arrival,  Austin Reed Sigg confessed the unthinkable.   Sigg told investigators he strangled the little girl after he snatched her into his Jeep, hogtied her in the back, and they could find the remainder of the child in a cooler located in a crawl space at his 102nd St address.   By 7:45PM Sigg was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Ridgeway, and the attempted kidnapping and attempted murder of a female jogger on May 28, 2012  a few hundred yards from his home.

 The self-professed death mobile was impounded and inventoried at an undisclosed evidence bay for processing .

Although Sigg did not graduate High School,  he earned his GED and was attending the alternative school Warren Tech last March where he won second place in the forensics category- a CSI award.  Sigg was currently enrolled at Arapohoe Community College with the intention of fulfilling the prerequisite courses necessary to join the mortuary science program- which requires a background check for acceptance.

The irony of an award matching the letters on the backs of jackets combing through the Sigg home was not lost on the seasoned crime scene technicians  fastidiously processing  this newest crime scene in the case. (more…)