Eve of Anniversary Of Harrington Murder: Hannah Graham Still Missing, Jesse Matthew Not Talking

“It is heart-breaking for us that the person or persons who know where Hannah is have not come forward with that information, “It is within their power both to end this nightmare for all, and to relieve the searchers of their arduous task.” – John and Sue Graham on October 13,  the one month anniversary of their daughter Hannah’s disappearance.

Hannah Graham Facebook


“…The gentleman with whom I spoke worked as a bouncer at a restaurant and bar where Jesse Matthew was a regular this past summer. And he told me, he said Coy, I had to ban him for about two months because I was concerned about the safety of the young women in the bar…” – Coy Barefoot to Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Jesse Leroy Matthew awaits his first court appearance behind the walls of Albemarle County Regional Jail on charges he abducted 2nd year UVA student Hannah Graham- with the intent to defile.  Matthew’s preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for December.   Matthew is represented by former Commonwealth prosecutor Jim Camblos.   Camblos says that very little evidence against his client has been shared with him.

Matthew was investigated at least twice between 2002 and 2003 for rape allegations involving two female students at Liberty University and Christopher Newport University respectively.  No charges were filed in either case however,  Matthew’s scholarship was revoked to Liberty and he was expelled the same day of the Liberty U incident- October 17, 2002.

Seven years later to the day- Morgan Dana Harrington would come in contact with Matthew outside of the JPJ arena.  It is presumed Harrington made arrangements to secure a ride, or “fare” in Matthew’s gold minivan taxi.   On November 5, 2009  a resident of the apartments at 15th & Grady reported what he recognized as Harrington’s Pantera shirt- the one she was last seen wearing the evening of her disappearance- draped over a bush.    Charlottesville Police retrieved the shirt and forensic testing confirmed that it was indeed the tee belonging to Morgan Harrington- a gift from her bestie Sarah Snead who had positively identified it to Cville detectives from a photo.

Morgan Harrington courtesy of the Harrington Family

Testing also revealed a DNA profile of an African American male suspect of a brutal, unsolved rape that occurred in Fairfax, VA on September 24, 2005.   The victim, whose identity is being withheld as a victim of a sexual assault , was choked unconscious after enduring a vicious beating which was mercifully interrupted by a passerby.

Morgan Dana Harrington’s mostly skeletonized remains were found in a hay-hollow the morning of January 26th, 2010.   Morgan had been pulverized by her attacker- according to Morgan’s Mother, Gilbert (Gil) Harrington- she had also been raped.

By July 2010,  police and the FBI had a face, physical description,  similar victimization pattern and a DNA match-but no name.  That changed on September 25th, 2014. (more…)

Morgan Harrington Murder: FBI, Metallica and Virginia State Police Ask You To Help Them Find Her Killer

Morgan Harrington disappeared from the John Paul Jones arena on October 17, 2009.  Morgan’s remains were located and recovered the morning of January 26, 2010 on the Anchorage Farm in Charlottesville, VA.


Reported exclusively on www.blinkoncrime.com,  Morgan’s alleged attacker was tied via DNA to a sexual assault in Fairfax, VA in September 2005.

With the help of a multi media campaign,  the FBI, Virginia State Police and Fairfax Police are asking for the publics help to catch her killer.

Revised Sketch of Harrington Suspect


Metallica offered this public service announcement:


Metallica Statement On Harrington Case

FBI Press Release:

Authorities Launch Multimedia Campaign in Morgan Harrington Murder Case
Murder Suspect Linked by DNA to Sexual Assault in Fairfax City, Virginia

FBI Washington June 13, 2012
  • Public Information Office (202) 278-3519

Today, federal, state, and local law enforcement launched a multimedia campaign that includes two enhanced composite sketches of a suspect in the 2009 murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. The unknown murder suspect is also connected by DNA to a 2005 sexual assault in Fairfax City, Virginia.

Authorities recently enhanced the composite sketch created in 2005 from a description by the sexual assault victim. One of the composites shows the suspect with facial hair, as the suspect was described at the time of the attack. The second composite sketch features him without facial hair.

The two attacks were connected through DNA after a forensic profile was submitted by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science to the FBI’s national DNA database. The search found that the suspect in the Harrington murder investigation matched the DNA profile of the attacker in Fairfax City.

The multimedia campaign includes a public service announcement by Metallica lead guitarist James Hetfield appealing to the public to come forward with information concerning the Morgan Harrington investigation. The composite sketches of the suspect are being featured on bus shelters in Washington, D.C., as well as on digital billboards in Richmond, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and in 23 other states along the East Coast. Social media outreach and alerts via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with a website dedicated to the Harrington case were also launched Wednesday. Podcasts are now available on iTunes, and radio spots are airing to further raise awareness of the ongoing investigation. The multi-pronged effort is designed to develop new leads and renew the public’s attention in the attacks. The campaign implements techniques similar to those that have led to the arrests of the East Coast Rapist as well as Ten Most Wanted fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger.

The Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Morgan Harrington’s murder. In addition, the band Metallica is adding $50,000 to the reward, for a total of $150,000.

Morgan Harrington Murder

On the evening of Saturday, October 17, 2009, Harrington attended a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena on the University of Virginia (UVA) campus in Charlottesville, Va. At approximately 8:30 p.m., she left the arena and was unable to re-enter the facility. She was last seen hitchhiking for a ride from passing traffic.

Harrington was dressed that night in a black T-shirt with the word “Pantera” spelled out in tan letters and was wearing a distinctive Swarovski crystal necklace made of large crystal chain links, which investigators have yet to recover. Harrington’s “Pantera” T-shirt was found on November 11, 2009, in front of a row of apartments along 15th Street, NW near Grady Avenue in Charlottesville. Harrington’s skeletal remains were later discovered on January 26, 2010, in a remote field on an Albemarle County, Virginia farm along Route 29. A camera that Harrington had in her possession that night has never been recovered.

Sexual Assault in Fairfax City, Virginia

On the evening of Saturday, September 24, 2005, a 26-year-old victim was walking home from the Giant Food Store located on the 3700 block of Jermantown Road in Fairfax City, Virginia. The suspect grabbed the victim from behind as she walked down Rock Garden Drive toward her residence. He then carried the victim to a grassy area behind a maintenance shed, where he sexually assaulted her. The suspect was last seen running from the area.

The suspect is described as an African-American male with black hair and facial hair at the time of the attack. He is approximately 6’0” tall and was believed to be between the ages of 25 and 35 years old at the time of the attack.

The public is asked to review this information and consider whether they know someone who generally fits this description, who lived or had ties to the area around the times of the assaults, or who may have been known to spend considerable amounts of time in those areas.

People who know the suspect may not believe that he is capable of committing these crimes. He may not necessarily have a violent criminal history. Because investigators are in possession of DNA evidence that can either positively link the suspect to his crimes or exclude innocent parties, citizens should not hesitate to provide information, even if it is just the name of a potential suspect.

The following agencies are cooperating in the investigation of these crimes: the Virginia State Police, City of Fairfax Police, University of Virginia Police, Charlottesville Police, Albemarle County Police, Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Virginia Tech Police Department, George Mason Police Department, and the FBI.

Law enforcement agencies are asking anyone with information to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or the Virginia State Police Tip line at 434-352-3467.

Press Contacts:

Virginia State Police
(804) 263-5547

City of Fairfax Police Department
(703) 273-2889

FBI Richmond Field Office
(804) 261-1044

FBI Washington Field Office
(202) 278-3519

Two Years Cold-Morgan Harrington Murder: Two Women, Two Locations, Too Long

Girl In The Hayfield

Morgan Dana Harrington was the ingenue of artist and adjunct professor at Virginia Tech, Jane Lillian Vance.

She was scheduled to travel with her to Nepal in the Spring of 2010 while continuing to pursue her Education degree in her third year as a Hokie.

Morgan would not make that trip, and Vance would complete her latest work in her former students honor, last week.

With her Mother Gil’s help, albeit posthumously, Morgan is indeed educating children; the underprivileged children of Zambia.   In April, 2010,  Gil Harrington carried some of her beloved daughter’s ashes during the Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI) pilgrimage to Zambia.   After raising donations for the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing, Morgan’s ashes were mixed with the concrete foundation of the school bearing her name.

At 5’6” ,  with breck-girl locks and eyes like briolette  faceted tourmaline’s,  Morgan was a stunning beauty.

Behind her neon smile was the burgeoning sophistication of a girl beyond her years and peers.

This gilded lily stood out.

On the grounds of the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia while attending a Metallica concert with her friends, unfortunately, she also caught the eye of a dangerous predator.    The cost of admission to the events that followed, would be her life.

Devoid of her ticket to return inside the presumed safety of the venue and old friends,  Morgan scored the unwilling and unalterable ticket to the cross-hairs of a Medium Build, 6’ African American sexual sadist who has likely spent the last four years honing his skills.

“Sketch” was interrupted by a passerby during a vicious beating and sexual assault in Fairfax on September 24, 2005.  His DNA is linked to both victims.

Lights, Cameras, 400 Blue Phones

According to JPJ and UVA security guidelines, all hired security must be law enforcement.

In addition to the regularly scheduled patrol assignments of UVA PD, events such as the Metallica concert required additional security posts which were hired via a security request when the date was booked.  Although additional UVA officers were working the night of October 17, there has never been a statement regarding any observations  from that evening on their behalf by Melissa Fielding, Investigative Lieutenant.

However, in a private meeting that included UVA PD staff, shortly after Morgan’s disappearance, an attendee speaking to www.blinkoncrime.com on the condition of anonymity, told me he heard Fielding tell someone openly that Harrington’s car never left Harrisonburg, or JMU, and that it was a different friends car that was driven to the arena and hers had been accounted for.

In response to another UVA PD staffer loudly offering  that he heard that Morgan was behaving “obnoxiously” during the trip to JPJ, which resulted in a tiff between the friends and the reason she ultimately left the concert, Fielding snapped “That was still no reason to leave her.”

When pressed as to why she thought they still believed Morgan’s car was not a factor when Lt Rader of the Virginia State Police (VSP) and Dr. Harrington, Morgan’s Father, both confirmed her car was the vehicle the foursome traveled in,  she repeated that information was incorrect with no further explanation.  While VSP was leading the investigation at this point, it certainly still begs the question as to why the original agency tasked with her disappearance, and still assisting, would have such important misinformation circulating in an active investigation and ongoing search.

According to the Office of the Executive Vice President of UVA,  UVAPD security personnel are also responsible for surveillance on grounds.  The central monitoring  area, which is linked to the security cameras in several lots and public areas, is located in the central parking garage.  There is no information available on the storage medium of recorded footage from the cameras, and requests for information were deferred to VSP.

The University of Virginia uses technology to improve security on Grounds. University Police install video cameras in several parking lots and public areas. Additional cameras may be installed in the future. Security cameras will be connected to a central control room operated by the Police Department in the new Central Grounds Parking Garage. The purpose for using the cameras is to reduce incidents of crime while limiting the need to expand the Police Department.

VSP is not discussing the specificity of what they have or do not have regarding footage supplied by JPJ/UVA.

With the exception of course that out of everything that has “been supplied to them”, there are no images of Morgan whatsoever.

Stationed inside the arena,  is UVA PD security, non-police event security run by RMC Events,  security staff employed directly by Metallica, UVA facilities management personnel, and contracted vendors to both JPJ and UVA.   Firemarshall, zoning, and University guidelines also require EMT attendance. (more…)

Morgan Harrington Murder: Anchorage Farm Could Yield Even More Clues

Disclaimer– exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Blinkoncrime.com. Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S Conclusions, comments or CONTENT, in whole or in part, without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Charlottesville, VA– In a new development in the murder investigation of Morgan Dana Harrington, blinkoncrime.com has learned that Anchorage Farm was very much a frequent party spot for local musicians.

In fact, there was a 7 Mile Sleepover exactly one week after Morgan’s disappearance from the JPJ arena that included an invitation list of over 130 guests.


Jenny Bass, the adult daughter of David and Nancy Bass, is an accomplished pianist, musician, horticulturist and artist in the Charlottesville community.

The Seven Mile Sleepover appears to have been posted prior to Morgan’s disappearance, approximately October 14, 2009.

While it is unconfirmed how many guests actually attended the event, it is clear there could have been over 100 people within a few hundred yards of Morgan’s final resting place a week after she went missing, and presumably, her death.

As Anchorage Farm is a verified crime scene in an active murder investigation, one wonders if anyone found anything they may not have realized of importance at the time.

According to her facebook, Ms. Bass was clearly disturbed by her discovery as well:


Jason Mateos and Elizabeth Morton, contributing editors to this report

Morgan Harrington Murder: Coincidences or Clues ?

Disclaimer– exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Blinkoncrime.com. Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S Conclusions or CONTENT, in whole or in part without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

North Garden, VA– Morgan Harrington, the 20 year old fair-haired, radiant beauty, was brutally murdered after disappearing from the John Paul Jones arena the evening of October 17, 2009.

Morgan Bridge

Morgans remains were recovered the morning of January 26, 2010 in a hayfield on Anchorage Farm, owned by David and Nancy Bass.

Since Morgan was found by Mr. Bass that blackest of days in January, there has been rampant speculation about her last hours and how she ended up in the creek bed of total strangers.

A sequence of events and incidents in the days and hours preceding and following the January 26, 2010, discovery of Morgan Harrington’s skeletal remains on Anchorage Farm continues to attract attention from pundits and volunteers dedicated to Morgan’s cause.

Although naysayers point to a lack of a viable connection, and police have disavowed a link, others say emergency services runs to a nearby fire and also other responses which are  not supported by publicly available documentation has led to calls for more complete disclosure to eliminate any connection or chance of prank calls to misdirect or busy first responders.

The editors of www.blinkoncrime.com present  a series of events occurring in Albemarle County, VA that pose the question:

What the Hell is going on and what does it have to do with Morgan Harrington’s murder?

The Monsoons of Albemarle County …. PD

Ok, maybe I meant “The monsoor”. Karl Monsoor that is.

Former Officer Karl Monsoor had been tugging on the shirtail of ACPD for years before he finally left with pocketfuls of sunshine. Almost 500 G’s.

It is not my intention to be glib, it is my intention to say that as one of the youngest police departments in the country, enacted in 1983, this tank needed algeacide before this past March.

Death By Cop.. January 1, 2010

Colby Eppard driver seatColby Eppard, described by some as a cross between Gomer Pyle and cool hand luke, had the rawest of deals growing up in Greene County.

According to his foster-mommy-aunt, Tammy Harlow Cox, Colby was hit by a car at a very young age and suffered a brain injury that apparently served to shape his future of home upheavel and juvenile detention facilities.

Ms. Cox, to whom Colby Eppard was entrusted for a time as a foster parent, is no stranger to the judicial system. Tammy was arrested for admittedly having sex with 3 High School seniors athletes on the Varsity Football Team, where her own sons attended. The same school Colby elected to leave without his diploma.

Colby’s family recalls better times, and I don’t think anyone believes this is the last we have heard of this case.

Specifically under VA statute, Greene County Captain Randall Snead was out of his jurisdiction, both when he was called about Colby stealing the patrol car and the fact that he was in North Garden, Albemarle County, looking for it. It would seem the Greene County Roster could accommodate a deputy vs. a captain to respond, no?  Keep in mind, EVERY responding officer was put on desk duty pending the investigation, through at least February 9th, 2010.

While the attorney for the Commonwealth, Denise Lunsford has cleared all officers from all participating counties involved, none of the dash cams have been released despite requests through The Freedom of Information Act..

According to Ms. Lunsford, in an incident that spanned almost 70 miles and over 2 and a half hours where traffic was rerouted and stringers were used, Colby Eppard was allegedly wielding the 20 gauge Greene County Issue out the windows, not one LEO attempted to engage or respond to Eppard in an effort to get him to pull over, or negotiate his surrender at any time.

In fact, according to statements from Snead, Albemarle Deputies Fields and Marden, they were all in place on the south junction of 20 “in the event” he went that way, yet, they did not block traffic until after the stinger caused Eppard to crash.

My biggest question regarding this incident is: Did anyone ask Colby Eppard why he would take the truck and 2 rifles on New Years day ending up in Albemarle County?

Was it related to a New Years Eve occurrance of a friend, family member or associate of his? After Sgt. Hutchinson loses Eppard near the Nelson line, the next time he is seen is parked on Green Creek Rd, back in Albemarle.

What route did he take from 29 South to end up there? Was he seeking Red Hill Road where the overdose call came in to EMS the night before?

By all accounts he was a troubled young man with challenges throughout his young 18 years.

Additionally corroborated by those that knew him, he was never violent to anyone. There were over 6 Law Enforcement Officers from 4 different jurisdictions this man encountered before he hit just below Carters Bridge; 14 by the time the stolen vehicle ended up in the ditch.

Not one of them spoke or attempted to speak to Colby Wade Eppard at anytime he was on the police radio for over 2 hours. Was there an order given not to?

How is it that not one officer responded to Eppards threats, which were even being monitored by the media at this point in an effort to have a peaceful result to this situation?

Did Eppard have a cell phone with him and have the records been checked?

Cort EppardDid he call anyone, like Amber Rogers, his off-again girlfriend of 3 years? His brother Courtney or any of his friends?

In the preliminary release by the Virginia State Police, it stated Eppard returned to his crashed 2006 Ford Ranger truck prior to stealing the unmarked Green Cty car. If he were attempting to have a police stand off, why would he not take the two rifles he brought with him? He left his guns behind.

It also states in the report that Eppard is seen on the video from the STOLEN police car retrieving the shotgun from the trunk and loading it, how is that possible considering all the cameras are dash mounted?

Can someone explain to me how the officers have been cleared, but the footage of  both Eppards actions and their responses, the very evidence of the incident cannot be released? One of the officers involved, Caleb Marden, was fired for reasons nobody is willing to comment on.

There is only ONE way that is legal; if is part of an ONGOING investigation.

So what investigation is it an active part of?

(Editors note: If Mr. Eppard put ANYONE’s safety at risk through his actions, in the end, I say what happened to him was done to protect others, which I support. That said, as it was not so long ago a Virginia Conservation Officer was indicted for the involuntary manslaughter of a 16 year old kid whose girlfriend he was trying to grab out of his moving car, and later had the charges dismissed, I think it is worthy of conversation.)


Morgan Harrington Case: Exploring The Musical Connections

Disclaimer– exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Blinkoncrime.com. Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S Conclusions or CONTENT, in whole or in part without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Charlottesville, VA– On the evening of one of the most anticipated musical events of her young 20 years, Morgan Dana Harrington, 20, disappeared from the Metallica Concert at JPJ on October 17, 2009. After months of investigative efforts involving four different law enforcement jurisdictions, Morgan’s skeletal remains were found by Anchorage Farm owner David Bass on January 26, 2010.


Upon the recovery of Morgans remains, many parallels of her life reflected her love of the musical community in general, but also, the surrounding venues she attended previously, such as bonnarooallgood, the rooster walk, and floydfest. Bamboozler Charlottesville is rife with heritage, musical talent, eclectic artisans and those wanting to be a part of it, nightly, across the vast bucolic landscape. As a tribute to Morgan Harrington’s love of the Indi music scene, blinkoncrime.com will explore some of the culture and artists she embraced.



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