Jennifer Kesse Missing Since 2006: Greta Van Susteren To Air One Hour Special

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As many of you following  are aware, S. Christina Stoy spent several weeks investigating Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance in January of 2006.   In March 2012,  Stoy published an explosive new look into the investigation that remains with the Orlando Police Department to this day.  Previous publications in Jennifer’s case can be found here and here.

This Friday,  April 18th at 7PM,  Greta Van Susteren will be re-visiting Jennifer’s disappearance  in a one hour special dedicated to her case on her show “ON THE RECORD”.

While none of us who were interviewed for the show can predict what the final piece will reflect, we are enthusiastic for Jennifer, Drew, Joyce, Logan and Katie Kesse to have Greta review the case she covered from the beginning.


The Jennifer Kesse Case: Six Years of Fears, Tears and Degrees Heat Up The Hunt

Last evening, 6 Years ago at 10:40 PM, Jennifer Kesse’s cell phone battery was removed.

Experts from the newly formed SMART panel concur it was likely removed by the person or persons responsible for her disappearance.

As chronicled in an expose  last week by,  current leads are pointing to further investigation of Jennifer’s professional associations and colleagues at Central Florida Investments.

On November 15, 2005, Jennifer’s promotion to Manager of Mortgage Process Engineering  was announced.

Kesse Family Photo

While there is no known indication her responsibilities included corporate real estate acquisition and divestitures,’s investigation into her disappearance has uncovered a very notable corporate transaction worthy of a  Made-off* award.

Is this the meeting Jennifer missed that prompted the call by a colleague to her Mother Joyce?

The very morning Jennifer disappeared,  under the direction of CFI’s CEO-  David Siegel- the company sold an undeveloped parcel of commercial land for 4.7million dollars on GrandNational Drive .  The financing agreement was finalized on January 24th and the sales contracts were signed two days later.

Joyce , Don & Associates agreed to pay interest-only installments of 10% on the 4.2million balance monthly until the third year anniversary; at which time a balloon payment for the entire remaining amount was due and payable.  That is like the zeppelin of balloons in commercial real estate without so much as a plat plan or wetland study.

Who agreed to fund the acquisition for JD&A?  Central Florida Investments.

Why CFI would to carry that amount of debt with no “win” on the balance sheet at the start of the decline in home sales leading to lack of funds for time shares, I have no idea.  Why CFI would agree to such a proposal without appropriate due diligence is the next head scratcher.  As the new process improvement specialist- did this come under Jennifer Kesse’s review?

Joy, Don & Associates was the latest brainchild of Osmond Decoteau, and Donna Rachael Daniels.

The short version:  After the dirty duo bought up 2 remaining parcels on International Drive they did not have funds for, Decoteau & Daniels were indicted in 2008 for wire fraud.   Both were accused of bilking investors, landowners and residents of over $20million dollars for properties in Brooklyn, California and Florida.

What started out as the slum-lord version of ponzi worked so well the Trinidad native decided to migrate South and rip off wealthier folks in a warmer climate.  Makes sense if the villagers are crossing the Brooklyn bridge  with torches and  you have been unsuccessful in selling it thus far.


Decoteau is currently in Federal prison awaiting an order for the govt to forcibly medicate him to be competent to stand trial.

Bernie Madoff walks past his cell and mutters “underachieving slacker” under his breathe on his way to Canasta in the rec lounge.

Daniels is free on a $500K bond and is believed to be cooperating with prosecutors.  An unsuccessful hand-written bankruptcy filing was dismissed.  Deconteau set up his family members to buy the property at a loss under the now defunct  Ambeeka  Holding Corp.

In the end CFI got the property back by default.

Members of Decoteau’s extended family also own a timeshare in Westgate’s Sand Lake Resort; the sale of which was processed during Jennifer’s tenure at CFI.


Just about the same time Jenn’s enrapt co-worker Johnny Campos arrives at the CFI offices in Ocoee, the mystery suspect , the only named suspect in her disappearance to date, is parking her car next to the pool at the Huntington On The Green apartments.

He pulls in, quickly reverses and straightens the wheel, waits about 32 seconds and makes his way past 3 separately angled security cameras making no attempt to hide his appearance.

Theories abound about his attire.  Cook, painter, security patrol, bike runner or messenger.

New leads acquired in Jennifer’s case by have presented a new possibility.


Is the video a break or a bumper?  We are talking cricket-speak.

While it is not known if she was alone or with a friend,  Jennifer visited the Cricketers Arms 2 month prior to her disappearance.

Could the man parking Jennifer’s car at noon on January 24th, 2006 be wearing a cricket uniform?

Left Image Surveillance Footage


Cricket is a major fave among the younger Euro-set in Orlando as well as the pub named in their honor- The Cricketers Arms.  In 2006 “Cricketers” was located on Industrial Drive and recently re-opened on W. Sand Lake Rd, adjacent to the Sand Lake Resorts owned by Westgate.


Additional cricket garb:



Images by Klaasend

Contributing Editors Jacqueline Beaufort,  Jason Mateos



* Made-off.  Get it, like made off with cash?  Nobody laughed when I said he was born into it.  Not remotely funny, but the irony is there.  I am referring to irony as in, the bars that keep him in prison, locked up.