Megan Sharpton Murder Suspect Taunts Her Family While DA Taylor Refuses To Seek Indictment

Tullahoma, TN-



Friday evening September 7,  the rival High School football game of Tullahoma vs. Coffee County Central (Manchester) was beginning.

The Raiders lost 31-21.

What was also underway, was the willful approach  by a known suspect in the sexual assault and brutal  murder of Megan Sharpton to a member of Megan’s family.

Blink On Crime  is intentionally withholding the identity of the suspect as identified in the police report.

The Sharpton family member was aware of the suspects status, and requested assistance at the scene from Tullahoma Police.

The suspect was asked to leave the scene by multiple members of law enforcement.

A  response to a request by Blink On Crime for the incident report revealed the report has not been filed yet,  but is in process.


Kelly Sharpton, Mother of Megan Sharpton, met with media in the Chattanooga area this afternoon following her  most recent failed requests to seek the indictment of Megan’s alleged suspect through District General Attorney J. Michael Taylor.

Chattanooga has not been a high coverage  market for Megan’s case,  but it is an essential constituent region for Robert Cooper, the Attorney General of Tennesse, whose duties include:

Law Enforcement and Special Prosecutions Division

  • Handles criminal prosecutions of securities fraud, public corruption and environmental law violations
  • Assists the district attorneys general in the prosecution similar types of white collar crime cases
  • Handles other types of civil enforcement actions, such as forfeiture
  • Defends the district attorneys general and other law enforcement agencies in actions for injunctions, and to obtain access to investigative and prosecution files


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