Jodi Arias Trial: New Witnesses May Reveal Defense Strategy- Prosecution Omissions



Phoenix, AZ-  In a terse exchange prior to the hiatus in the Arias trial, the defense repeated their contention that they want The Honorable Sherry Stephens to order a directed verdict or a mistrial in the State’s case against Jodi Arias.

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As reported exclusively by BOC it does seem the prosecution missed quite a bit of potential evidence including a possible motive- the duct tape around Travis’s right arm.  Was it the final straw that made Jodi Arias snap as she was allegedly taking photos of Travis in the shower without his knowledge?

There was also an exparte hearing held in Judge Stephen’s chambers, however, the contents of those minutes have not yet been filed- although the docket suggests they have.  The defense is now testing Jodi Arias’s canon camera for some undisclosed reason.

With the defense preparing to start its case next week in spite of the outstanding motions before the court- have the prosecution’s actions harmed their case?

The issue at the forefront seems to hinge on something that the prosecution never introduced- On Purpose, says Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

The prosecution’s very first witness, Maria Hall, who was the female friend attending the Cancun trip with Alexander  on June 10th,  told the court that Travis told her he had been stalked while on a date with another girl and had his tires slashed.   The intimation before the court was clear regardless of the defense attempts to point out that Travis never said it was Jodi who was responsible.

Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell lit up their HLN evening roster discussing Arias’s stalker behavior with several associates of Alexander.  Dr. Karl  Hiatt said one Sunday he was told that he had his tires slashed and that it was possible that something might escalate and he may not show up for dinner as a result.

Andrews Daidone


Outside the presence of the jury Juan Martinez argued that they did not call the witness who Travis was on that particular date with because he did not want to create “an inflammatory” situation for the jury causing an appellate issue.

However,  Martinez also lets it slip that Lisa Andrews Daidone does not want to testify and the defense tells the judge the prosecution has withheld her contact information from them and THEY intend to call her.  Daidone recently deleted her FB profile and other social media sites in her name.

Does it make any sense to anyone why a prosecutor would not call a witness who could place a dangerous weapon in the hands of a person committing a destructive and openly violent act who they allege is guilty of doing exactly that for exactly the same reasons in the instant case?

From Daidone’s bog entry in 2008:

 ”…So because Heavenly Father allowed this to happen, I have grown in such a way that I couldn’t have otherwise, or at least not as quickly. While if you asked me a few months from now if I could go back would I change it, I would say “Absolutely,” I’m not sure how much I would actually change about it. Of course I wouldn’t want Travis to be taken. I might even opt for Jodi to be popped instead. But who am I to decide the fate of the hundreds of people that have been effected by this? It’s hard

to say which way is better. Travis always talked about Opportunity Cost. He spoke of how his time could be used best, to benefit the maximum amount of people. I’m sure he wishes he could have done more while he was here, but I don’t think he regrets leaving. He is doing something amazing up in the Spirit World. I know it. I can feel it. He is continuing to learn and progress. He’s helping others to do the same. He is the same wonderful, creative, spontaneous, caring, gentle, driven, foe- paint-loving, show-tune-singing man that I fell in love with…”

Is it because in the 48 Hours Mystery program so frequently noted by the defense Detective Flores openly states there was no evidence whatsoever that Jodi was involved in that incident  after he repeats his theory that Travis was shot first?  Both these statements made by the lead detective in the case on national television  directly conflict with the prosecution’s case as testified by Esteban Flores.


Is it because they already know who was responsible for the multiple tire slashing incidents and presenting that information might corroborate a story told to them by Arias in the past?

In her own words, Lisa Andrews Daidone began dating Travis Alexander in July 2007.  According to the minutes filed from trial January 16th,  the tire slashing incident was in December 2007, both Alexander and Andrew’s tires were slashed and the individual came to the front door .  Martinez states Andrews will testify to these facts.   Prior to dating Alexander,  Daidone was dating a common friend and member of their Mormon ward- Steve Bell.  Arias claims she and Travis began dating  February 2,  2007.

Daidone will not go into how she and Travis began dating, or why, but there is a  Steve Bell connected to this group that has had some serious troubles with the law immediately preceding the break up, and many following.

Could the mystery stalker have been on her end and NOT Arias?  If so, you can bet the defense will be bringing that issue into court next week and providing the jury with this eye opening gem- expected to cause further problems with the State’s theory.

That’s not all, unfortunately.

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown, a former roommate of Travis Alexander in the home of his murder, was interviewed up to three times by Detective Flores whereby he told them that Jodi had open access to the home when he was around and the Arias he knew was completely shy and somewhat awkwardly withdrawn.  He was having a hard time picturing her do this without help and he told cops that.

He also told them something about Travis being shocked to get the call that Jodi Arias was standing outside the home the early morning hours of June 4, 2008 and that he had been up all night performing some sort of protection rite.   Brown’s information was not included in any information given to the defense and he was not even aware his name came up in the investigation by Jodi Arias herself.  I would expect that issue to surface promptly as well.

Gus Searcy,  $100K ring earner for Prepaid Legal Services and now Legal Shield was noticed to be available this week for interview.  Travis was scheduled to be on the conference call with Searcy at 6:45PM the evening of his murder.

Gus Searcy Calendar

Artful  Dodging

While the trial is in hiatus, one are of Jodi Arias’s life is quite active and well, pecuniary.

Arias, through her family, has taken to EBay to sell her personally rendered offerings the macabre set is snatching up for a few hundred clams a piece during the trial.

It is believed to be managed by Arias’s mother Sandy,  who uploaded images to Arias’s MySpace after her incarceration to include one of Gary Alexander- Travis’s older brother.

Gary Alexander

The defense portion of the Jodi Arias trial for the murder of Travis Alexander led by Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott will begin its case January 29th.

Check back to for updates.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor