Kyron Horman Missing Case Breaking News: Remains Believed To Be Human Located Off Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island, Oregon-There are unconfirmed reports that a teenage boy fishing off of Sauvie Island located a human skull, and potentially other human body parts.


Update 1:  As referenced on KOIN,  a teenage fisherman believes he snagged a scalp with human hair attached, which he originally thought was horse hair.  Columbia County detectives cordoned off the scene last evening and MCSO dive teams entered the water but found nothing.  The possible “hair” was sent for testing.

Multnomah County Sheriff Office will not comment on the find, or confirm  whether their office has facilitated the removal of same, or forwarded any items to the medical examiner for testing.

Following the disappearance of Kyron Horman,  Sauvie Island has been the subject of repeated searchers for the missing Skyline second grader with no results.

It is also the former home of a man considered to be  Federal fugitive following a confrontation with a Lincoln City officer with nearly fatal results.  Officer Steven Dodds was able to return to duty after extensive rehabilitation.

Durham was a Sauvie Island resident for over 6 years and a volunteer fire fighter until he was removed from duty 6 months prior to the shooting.

David Durham’s dog was recovered injured following what appeared to be an accident in the suspects vehicle  and is being cared for by a friend of the family.  Mr. Durham has not been seen since his vehicle was recovered in the bay town of Waldport, Oregon.

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Blink On Location Work In Development: Isabel Celis, Jerry Sandusky, Joran van der Sloot and Kyron Horman

Editor In Chief, will be on location through Tuesday June 12  to bring you updates in the following cases over the next 2 weeks:

Isabel Celis Abduction BREAKING NEWS: Docs Show Blood In Bedroom Police Eye Family AND Neighbor Part 2


It is not coming out in the”wash” for Isabel.  There are suspects.   She continues to be missing and presumed abducted.



Jerry Sandusky: “Touched”  His Victims, Judged By His Peers.  The Sandusky Trial Begins

9 Non-sequestered jurors chosen and  judge decides victims must  be named.

Natalee Holloway and Peruvian Convicted Murderer Joran van der Sloot’s  Not So Excellent Adventure To The US For Extortion: Is it Justice Disguised or Justice REFINED?


While the thought of Joran passing through  customs via US Marshalls on US soil skeeves me out,  Is it the home away from prison that Joran wishes to tell the truth for??   Natalee deserves justice.

Kyron Horman Missing For 2 Years Yields Civil Suit:  Parents Divided SO Who IS United??



Kyron’s mother files a civil suit against defacto suspect and step mom, Terri Horman.


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Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Grand Jury Meets, Indictment Imminent

Portland, OR- In the case of missing 7-year-old Portland child Kyron Horman, developments today continue to unfold at lightening speed.

During a poorly-kept secret convening of a special grand jury that is in session today, sources inside the investigation believe it’s triers of fact will return an indictment against Terri Horman and possibly one other individual.

It is however, unclear as to whether or not the grand jury is hearing evidence in the alleged murder for hire plot MCSO informed Kaine Horman his wife had master-minded, OR evidence surrounding the disappearance of Kaine and Desiree Young’s son Kyron.

KOIN caught Terri Horman’s friend DeDe Spicher, who was subpoenaed to appear in the proceedings this morning, on video with her attorney, entering the courthouse. Spicher was the subject of a public plea asking her to cooperate with investigators by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young last week.  A neighbor of Spicher’s has confirmed the FBI has been seen removing boxes and unknown bagged material from her residence.

According to several sources, DeDe Spicher, Terri’s roommate  post Kaine’s restraining order,  was working in a garden near the Horman home the day of Kyron’s disappearance when she received a call at approximately 11:15 am. She left abruptly, returning at approximately 1:00 pm. DeDe was unreachable on her cell phone during that time and the property owner became concerned. Spicher is a long time friend and workout companion of Horman’s.


Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Terri Horman Leaves The House

Portland, OR– Late today, prior to a previously scheduled hearing at 3PM PST, an agreement was reached between the attorneys for Kaine Horman and Terri Horman.


KOIN reports:The dispute between Terri Horman and Kaine Horman has been settled and she will move out of the couple’s Northwest Sheltered Nook Road home Saturday by 3 p.m.

Also on Koin6, via email from Kaine Horman-

When asked via email by KOIN if he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance, he wrote: “I believe at some point she will be arrested.”

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Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged

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Portland, OR-  The tangled web that is the life of Terri Horman continues to weave.



In an Exclusive development to, a Portland local, declining to be identified, provides the bombshell revelation that Terri Horman was behind the 5:16PM call to 911 last June 26th.

The object of her “threat based” call to 911 requiring officers response?

The Landscaper, in his white truck, on her property, demanding his payment for $10,000.

The same Portland source confirmed that an undercover detective, playing the role of an associate of the landscaper turned alleged assassin, was present. It was also confirmed a bulk of the incident was overheard on the police scanner.  The Truck registration and plate were called in on an open channel as well. 

What they did not count on, during the surreptitious meeting, was that Terri Horman would shut down the brief meeting and call Police; thwarting what they were hopeful would end in an arrest.

Kaine Horman had been advised to remove the couples 18 month old daughter in advance, for their safety, earlier in the day.

Upon deputies arrival, as informed by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about the sting, detectives were forced to tell Terri Horman she was a suspect.  Horman hired Stephen Houze, prominent Portland defense attorney by Monday June 28th.

The identity of the landscaper has been withheld as this is an ongoing investigation, but has learned that it is contained in the sealed portion of the restraining order obtained by Kaine Horman.

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Kyron Horman Missing: Terri Horman Retains HEAVY HITTER HOUZE

Portland, OR– Early this evening, Stephen Houze, prominent Portland criminal defense attorney leveled the playing field.


He is representing Terri Horman, step-mom of missing child Kyron Horman.

The announcement comes on the heels of the filing of divorce by her estranged husband Kaine, and inside sources that state her arrest is imminent.

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