New Indictments In Christine Sheddy Murder: Clarence “Jr” Jackson and Tia Johnson Face Bond Hearings Today

Snow Hill, MD- In August 2009 began an investigative series on the disappearance of Delaware resident and Mother of three, Christine Marie Sheddy.

Sheddy had been missing since November 2007 following a phone call to her best friend Jimmy Quail who offered to pick up her and her two young sons immediately.

With the help of Christine’s Mother’s dogged determination, the investigative efforts led to the recovery of Christine’s remains buried on the grounds of a Snow Hill bed and breakfast.

Murder charges were filed against Justin Hadel on the day Christine was found, February 20, 2010.

Hadel was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in September 2011.

It was through a failed plea obligation that Jr Jackson was able to be indicted by a grand jury yesterday and is now charged with first degree murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

Tia Jackson,  his long time girlfriend and cousin of Justin Hadel,  is facing accessory after the fact charges in the removal and disposal of Christine Sheddy’s remains from the Byrd Rd farm where she was murdered.

Reached at the home where she and her husband Steve are now raising Christine’s children Haylie, Isaac and Zeke, Lynn Dodenhoff was not surprised in the least.

..”I told you Christine always had one more thing to say..  and today she did.

My family and I look forward to justice being served to all parties involved in my daughters murder..”

Dodenhoff began writing to Christine upon the advice of a grief counselor  and shared her letter from yesterday exclusively: (more…)

Christine Sheddy Case: Did Arson Play A Role In Her Murder ?

Pocomoke City, MD– Christine Sheddy was murdered on the Byrd Rd Farm in Pocomoke City on the evening of November 12, 2007.

The series of events that led up to her murder are stupifying.  

Of Particular concern is the rash of fires occuring on the farm and within surrounding areas in the time frame of both of Christine’s visits there.


As the September alarms are no longer accessible on the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Department Site, you are looking at a cached version confirming the call to the farm and the fact that photos DID exist of what was assuredly a major fire. Three different stations responded at a minimum. The Images have been deleted.

The day before the Byrd road chicken house fire on September 20th, the Showell Fire Department extinguished this chicken house fire:


Also a cached version of deleted information from the PVFD site, is this October Alarm Source, through October 23rd, 2007:



Effective October 1, 2007 the Worcester County Fire Marshalls Office takes over.

“..The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for conducting fire investigations of all fires in the County where arson is suspected, the fire is undetermined by the fire department, and/or an injury or death has occurred. The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is the local enforcing agency for 3 municipalities and the County…”


Note the October 10th alarm for yet again, a subsequent fire in the chickenhouse on Byrd Road. 

On October 11, the neighbors who have already been vicitmized by the Clarence Butch “ Jr” Jackson crew, are victimized again. As you can see the Fire Marshall visits Byrd Road.

What the record does not say, is that the neighbors are awakened at 3 am by the Fire Marshall and Deputy Parnell from the PCPD. They were told if they called the Fire Department one more time for fires on the neighboring property, they would be arrested.

On the exact same day that JR Jackson unsuccessfully seeks peace orders against the neighbors that are simply trying to avoid the menace of his existance at this point are denied on October 13th; there is another chicken house fire. Fire Police and Pocomoke PD are in attendance.

Another outside fire call on October 17th. There is no data past October 23rd on fire activity available for this time frame. 

The November calls have been deleted entirely by the Pocomake VFD. The site is managed and maintained by “Choppy Layton” a long time Vounteer Fire Fighter and by all accounts, a solid guy. 

What is astounding, is that I am in receipt of an email that confirms a witness gave a statement to Detective Trautman, the original detective in this case, on February 12, 2008.

Should we consider it a coincidence then, that the last time the PVFD site is updated, and apparently when the November alarms were deleted is February 12, 2008?


We have eyewitness accounts of fires on the Byrd Road farmhouse from November 9th through the 13th at a minimum. Fire Police and Marshalls have been to the property.  By my accounting, we are talking in the neighborhood of 12 fire alarms to this property alone, starting one month after an emergency outdoor burn ban.    

Why hasn’t Clarence Jackson been charged with arson?

Any other suspects? Dead Issue? We know there are surveillance still pictures and security guard witnesses, what did they see?

What is the ratio of alarm calls versus arson arrests? 

I digress.

Who was copied on the confirmation email containing a witness statement on February 12, 2008?

Michael McDermott. 

Christine Sheddy Case: Is Their A Fox In the FireHall?

Pocomoke City, MD– One thing that has been bothering the team in Christine’s case, is that we hear about fire after fire that Clarence “JR” Jackson set, at the Byrd Road address. 

However, there are no incident reports that we know of, from witness accounts that the Pocomoke City Fire Department was called on November 9th at a minimum.

You will find fire fighter pictures and coverage from August 2007 on the site, followed by current footage. There are no pics or reports of the Byrd Rd address, although there are several witness accounts of multiple fires on the property, and of course the flue fire from November 9, 2007.



What is also not listed there, is the fact that James “Keven” Hall, the training OFFICER for Pocomoke City FD, is a registered violent sex offender.

Could he be related to Levi and Joyce Hall? Is that the reason that the searches on the property where the Pocomoke City FD were in attendance yielded nothing? It would seem finding her remains would yield heavy coverage. In turn, this information would have been discovered early.

What effect, if any, has this had on the Christine Sheddy case?


Editors Note 9/6/09:

I have re-read this article numerous times. How in the world any person could “take away” from it that my team or I, in any shape, form or fashion, have anything but the utmost respect for the thousands of men and women in this country that volunteer their time and risk their safety for ours is ludicrous. There is no such allegation or inference of any kind.

Anyone alleging that has their own agenda and it is painfully transparent to all.

For starters, I am the granddaughter of a United States Marine that fought valiantly in the 2 bloodiest battles in WWII who declined a full ride football scholarship to Duke for the privelege. I have nothing but respect and support for any public servant. To suggest otherwise when my Poppa has had such a profound effect on my life is an insult to his memory.

Secondly, a member of my team’s Father is a retired volunteer fire fighter with 25 years of service. She knows first hand what it’s like when Dad is called out right when dinner starts or when was mostly inconvenient. 

I watched both the WTC towers crumble from a hill in Boonton, NJ after being diverted on my way into the city for a meeting at a client who saw the first plane hit from her office window.  I will never in my life forget the smell in the air downtown a week later when my meeting was rescheduled.

I stopped at the corner where the National Guard was now positioned and bought a bouquet and went into the Ladder Company on Water St.

There were pictures of 9 Firefighters that were missing or dead. I hugged a man I never met and blubbered in front of a work associate. I hung their prayer book in my office. These people are Heroes.

H E R O E S.

The issue here is there are records that have been pulled from view intentionally, including pictures that encompass the time frame that a young mother of 3 was murdered on a farm that there were several alarms to. 

If someone does not see how this is relative to a murder investigation that occurred at the property, potentially by a person of interest who started the fires in the first place, I am at a loss.

The business at hand is finding Christine Sheddy. 



Christine Sheddy Case:Murder in Maryland Chapter 6

Cosmic Shear

Pocomoke City, MD– The last time Christine Sheddy’s bestQ friend “Q” spoke to her at approximately 9:30Pm on November 12th she was trying to whisper something to him. He could not hear her. He heard a guy in the back talking about how they were gonna keep her, she’s so good to them, so nice to look at.. You get the picture. Skeeve Meter twenty out of ten. 

Christine put him on the phone with Q as he kept following her around talking in the background. Q describes the voice on the other end of the phone as a red kneck. Definately not JR or Dominick. Justin and Q chat for a few seconds with the regular niceties.

Justin To this day, “Q” is not sure if she put him on the phone thinking it would get him out of her personal space, to make Q think he was “cool” , or to identify him to Q without the privacy to be able to reveal whatever was wrong.  It haunts him.    

At 11am the morning of the 13th Q calls for Christine. JR answers and says he is “out”, does not have many cell minutes left and will tell Christine to call him when he gets back to the house. Lie No.1 out of infinity.

The following are the still shots taken by the mounted, motion- activated camera on the neighbors home, installed following JR stealing a laptop and cell phone and JR and Justin slashing the neighbors tires in October.

The first person to leave the residence at 12:58PM on November 13:


Unsub self-professed hunter/correction officer. This truck had been seen on previous occasions from this footage. This man is stopped because the neighbor asked him who he was. He said he was a corrections officer, and simply looking for a place to hunt. The neighbor asked him why he would not take the two on the roof with him. Jr and Dominic. They were fixing the hole in the roof from  the fire the evening of the 9th. 


Christine Sheddy Case Murder In Maryland:Chapter 5

 Do Not GO Gentle Into That Good Night


Christine Marie Sheddy arrived at the Farmhouse the evening of November 2nd. She was murdered there during a party on November 12, 2007. The following is a chronicle of what happened in between.


November 2

After days of myspace messages reflecting a serious breakup between Levi and Christine and the ensuing argument with her Mom, Christine packs up and  makes arrangements for Q and the boys to meet Jr. and Tia. Q met them in the parking lot of the Milford, DE WalMart. It is believed they drove that far to meet her there because Christine had no idea how to give Q directions, approximately a 1.5 hour drive. 

November 4

Levi torsoLevi is still looking for Christine. Christine tells Q she is rounding up tin at Jr and Tia request to sell for cash.

By all accounts, Tia and Christine are chums. 

They were headed out shortly to sell it to a buyer.


Christine Sheddy Case:Murder in Maryland Chapter 4

 “I suppose one night hundreds of thousands of years ago in a cave by a night fire when one of those shaggy men wakened to gaze over the banked coals at his woman, his children, and thought of their being cold, dead, gone forever. Then he must have wept. And he put out his hand in the night to the woman who must die some day and to the children who must follow her. And for a little bit next morning, he treated them somewhat better, for he saw that they, like himself, had the seed of night in them.” – Something Wicked this Way Comes, Ray Bradbury

Simmering Perdition  

How do they find each other? Is there some invisible beacon for theLevicreepy black hearted to lessen the degrees of separation between them and like minded cellar dwellers? I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this fray.

There are the “most of the people in my family were criminals and we did not mind seeing each other through partitions,” types- and their victims.

Not only did Christine Sheddy invite the vampire into her home with Levi, but she went directly to the lair in Pocomoke City in November 2007. 

Cedar_Hall_Wharf_landingPocomoke City has a population of under 5000. How this unlucky soul came into contact with what appears to be it’s under-est of bellies starts with Levi’s cousin Steve Magg. The impetice for the meeting, the guy who actually drove Levi, Christine and the boys for the only other trip to the farmhouse in October, the guy who was at the farmhouse constantly from November 9 through the 13th HAS NEVER BEEN QUESTIONED BY POLICE IN THIS CASE.

Advance apologies et al, but in the course of this investigation, I can conclude Levi Hall and Mother Hall, had no advance notice of Christine’s jaunt to Pocomoke. In fact, Christine was running from Levi, dated 11/3/2007 1:13PM:

god damm it why the f*** did she do this ??????????????
are you ok ive been trying to call are you ok well steve said something about punkin-chunkin i need to see yo so i guess ill try and go mabee ill run into you f*** baby i hope your ok where ar you at ?

The question becomes, what makes a woman that has literally met these people on one occasion, want to pack up her boys and scoot? She had been there for 4 days previously.  Apparently the lack of allegiance not withstanding to Levi as he introduced them, but WTH?


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