No Connection to Other Pending Cases, MPD Closing the Case. Nothing to See Here; The Barber of St. Francis, Vernon C. Seitz Part II

We recently posted a story on the bizarre and twisted tale of Vernon C. Seitz, Part I. The question should be asked as to why Seitz is not being further looked into as potentially being involved in other missing person cases in the area? Police seized over 500 pieces of evidence including male child porn, bondage equipment, a book titled “Eat Thy Neighbor: A History of Cannibalism and children’s shoes. Are we really supposed to believe that there is no connection and that Vernon C. Seitz’s twisted actions were harmless?

“We have no information to substantiate any allegation that the deceased [suspect] was involved in any missing children cases or homicides of children,” police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said in a statement released Wednesday morning.

Let’s take that statement for dissection, if you will. Aren’t there at least three corroborating accounts this man drove 7+ hours to meet Wetterlings parents and participate in the search, twice?  Evidence and corroboration by his therapist that he traveled and participated in searches for missing young boys across the Midwest drew and painted pictures of naked male children does not a call to the FBI warrant, apparently. Pun intended.

“We have exhausted all possible angles in this case. If we receive credible information that warrants investigation, we will pursue it.” A search of Seitz’s late-mother’s home in Racine also turned up nothing, Schwartz said.

Notably, they have not searched the residence of Vernon Seitz, Sr. It is located 147mi North East of Jr’s homes and exactly 37 miles from the farm of  Edward Lanphear. Mr. Lanphear is currently incarcerated facing 400 years in the Big house for forcible rape and kidnapping of 2 young men simultaneously. There was also bondage devices in Lanphear’s basement and garage, as well as other similar items to those found in the Seitz home. His plea deal is pending a psych evaluation, and most experts do not think Lanphear acted alone, or that this was his first offense.

The former head of Wisconsin’s FBI office, though, thinks Seitz’s confession could be believable.

“I think it would be something to take very seriously and coupled with what was found through the search warrant, I would give it great credibility,” said retired agent Mike Santimauro.

Just prior to press I spoke to Agent Leonard Piece, Media Coordinator, FBI- Milwaukee office; Agent Piece confirmed there has been no request from MPD for assistance in any capacity in this case.

Skeeve From The Hood

Tony Szuta, 28, remembered going to Vern’s Barber Shop for haircuts between the ages of 9 and 12 while he was growing up in Cudahy. “When he talked to you, it was like he was looking through you. There was something up with the guy. We could never figure out what it was,” Szuta said.  Seitz showed Szuta and his friend’s paintings and drawings Seitz had done, but nothing seemed disturbing, Szuta said.

One friend told Szuta that Seitz had asked if he could portray him in a drawing.
Richard Francel was close friends with Seitz. “(He was) just a relaxed, easy going guy. Very knowledgeable. Very intelligent,” Francel said. Richard Francel was close friends with Seitz.

Francel said police interrogated him after Seitz’s death. But, Francel said he never knew about his friend’s collection of child pornography or his alleged confession. “No. he was never like that,” Francel explained.

Near Vern’s Barber Shop in St. Francis, Lynne Bartholomew, owner of Lynne’s Scizzory, a hair salon next door, said she knew Seitz for nine years. “He would come in and ask for a cup of coffee and tell me about his life, which was pretty scary, actually,” Bartholomew said.  She said Seitz told her he was abducted from the Racine zoo as a boy by men who molested him and forced him to shoot and kill another boy.

Bartholomew said Seitz also claimed to have shot and killed a man who robbed him in his home three years ago and that he had killed two men in Chicago some years ago.
Bartholomew said Seitz had a particular interest in boys that made her and some of her customers “uncomfortable.”

“You get an eerie feeling from someone you just say stay away from them,” said neighbor Shannon Crawford. “I’m very glad I didn’t let [my kids] go over there more often.”

Elementary school teacher and Sister-in-law Susan Seitz, though, said Vernon was abducted and abused as a boy and believes his interest in child abductions stemmed from this experience.

“I guess it just goes to show you don’t really know the secrets of your neighbors,” said Jordan Burich, who lives near Seitz’s house. “We really didn’t know what was going on, but when [investigators] brought a jackhammer, we knew there was something more nefarious going on.”

One ponders upon seeing the words “jackhammer” and “nefarious” in the same sentence.

How close is this to Fargo?

This Just got Creepier : A Dahmer Connection?

Jeffrey Dahmer, responsible for 17 known murders and mutilations from 1978, lived in the know demolished Oxford Arms Apartments, less than 6 miles away from Seitz. When he was living with his grandmother in West Allis previously, 13 miles from Seitz.

Admittedly, when I began investigating this angle, I did not expect to find anything other than their membership in the Rot in Hell Ghoul Society; was I wrong.

Did Dahmer have one more victim? Following his arrest in 1991, it was learned that Dahmer, upon discharge from the Army, moved to Miami Beach Florida. It was previously unknown to Investigators that there was any gap in his residency in Milwaukee. It was brought to the attention of Hollywood Florida Investigators following Dahmer’s arrest coverage in the News.  Dahmer was living and working in the area when 6 year old Adam Walsh was abducted and murdered.

Two separate and credible witnesses came forward to the Hollywood Florida Police following Dahmer’s arrest and gave statements that they saw him in the mall where Adam went missing.

One account specified a sighting in the Sears store and one leaving the Sears in the parking lot with a small boy under his arm. This incident was following a rejection of one witness, a very attractive young man who rebuffed Dahmer’s advances and followed him into the Sears store.

Is it possible that although Dahmer preferred young adult males sexually, he was content to abduct and brutally murder a young child out of anger? Did he see in Adam or other children what he could have been had he not been molested as a child in Ohio?

John Walsh, Adam’s Father comments in 2007:

Dahmer and most experts believe Dahmer’s profile was not interested in Children, however,  Walsh wrote, “Many people have forgotten  that Jeffrey Dahmer started out as a pedophile, kidnapper, and torturer of young boys. He certainly fits the profile of someone who might be capable of murdering a beautiful 6-year-old boy.”

Dahmer was interviewed extensively following the 1996 release of  the 10,000 page Adam_walshfile of Adam Walsh’s Investigation was released publicly. Dahmer said he didn’t have a car, had never been to Hollywood, and he wasn’t interested in kids Adam’s age, and he worked 7 days per week. He denied any involvement. However, Mr. Walsh  felt Dahmer became a suspect years ago when Dahmer’s father, Lionel, called “America’s Most Wanted” and told them he thought his son could be responsible for Adam’s slaying.

What is critical in terms of witness accounts, is several witnesses, reported they saw a blue van speeding away from the mall parking lot the day of Adam’s abduction.

Retired Florida Det Jay Harris was able to track down Dahmer’s employer in 2007, who refuted Dahmer’s statement that he did not have a vehicle. A BLUE VAN, used for deliveries of his shop, was available for employee use, days at a time.

I wonder were Dahmer got his hair cut? Is Adam Walsh’s missing persons poster among Seit’z creepy cache? One of Dahmer’s lures was to offer to pay for his victims to pose for pictures.

Sound familiar?

Author’s Note:
On December 16, 2008, Hollywood Police Chief Chadwick Wagner, closed the case on Adam Walsh, naming Otis Toole as the abductor murderer.  As of 2007, with no new evidence in his son’s case, John Walsh was very suspect of Dahmer’s possible involvement in Adam’s death.

Wagner said there was no new evidence against Toole that made police name him as the killer, but that there was a “vast amount” of circumstantial evidence.  Not mentioned in the Press conference, was that the only two pieces of evidence that could have potentially linked Otis Toole to Adam’s murder, a carpet swatch from a car of Tooles and the actual car, were lost during the investigation.  While on a personal note I am happy for closure for the Walsh family, that evidence could have exonerated Toole as well. We will never know. What we do know is that there are hundreds of missing and endangered children all over the country. Every conceivable connection and possibility must be run down for their families to have answers and justice.

To discuss the story more and provide your own opinions and theories, go to Scared Unsolved Crimes.

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  1. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

    Seitz was so smarmy one would almost have to think he was involved in more than he was ever linked to.

    The cockroach principle

  2. Confused says:

    Are you saying you believe that Dahmer killed Adam Walsh even though the case is closed? Red are you insinuating that the LE mishandled evidence to close the case? Hmmmmm.

  3. Richard says:

    How in the world can police be so certain that he has had nothing to do with these crimes? How much effort have they put in to tracing his associates (if any), phone calls, etc.?

    Remember, Wisconsin is also the home state of Ed Gein. He, too, lasted for years without anyone thinking anything more of him than that he was an odd ‘local character.’

    (If you don’t know Ed Gein, he was the genesis of such tales as Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)

    Aruba is found not only in the Caribbean, it seems.

  4. Blink34 says:

    Read the public document on the reprimand of Dr. Fetter, here:

  5. Blink34 says:

    Richard, Gein was my motivation for researching this area further when Seitz was found.


    Why I will be sleeping with the lights on for the foreseeable future. OMG- your so right.

  6. buster says:

    Ya know I was always wondering what happened to dumbpig from aruba ??? How come no mentioned he is a head investigator in the states here now ???

  7. HOPE says:

    So, you’re saying these are the silent victims?

    There must be things that the police don’t want us to know…

    and Seitz went all that time without a license?

    I smell a pig in Milwaukee.

  8. Blink34 says:

    Richard- sadly, the physical evidence collected from Otis Toole’s car was lost some time ago. I dont think it was on purpose in any way, and I think it is obvious it is regretful on behalf of Hollywood PD. I saw exactly one journalist question why that case was closed, and even more behind the scenes. As there was nothing new developed from the time Mr. Walsh asserted his suspicions about Dahmer, I really cant add anything.

  9. Mike says:

    what did they find under the concrete and in the back yard?

  10. HOPE says:

    Are there any pictures of Seitz?

  11. Blink34 says:

    The search warrant was issued on Dec 16, after the plain view search when Seitz was found on 12/16. Is there a different search warrant your referring to???

    West Allis was where Dahmer lived with his GMA, I chit you not. Moved September 25, 1988. Gawd.

  12. Blink34 says:

    #2- Confused.

    Not speaking for Red, but the article is not inferring a conclusion as to whether Dahmer for sure abducted and Killed Adam Walsh. Just provoking the question and frankly, given the evidence by John’s own statements cannot be ruled out. In general, it is widely known that pedophiles. pervs and Sex Offenders tend to find each other, and I think these guys are too close together. Recall MPD sent a victim back to Dahmer-
    They do NOT want to admit the potential for another Freakshow living amongst their people.

    Regarding the mishandling the evidence of Toole’s in the Adam Walsh case, yes, they did, and have admitted same.

  13. Blink34 says:


    OMG i was just researching a diff Alabama case,
    Thanks for posting that- did they pick up the man from Fla??

    This is why this is so important to expose. Our kids are at risk more than we know.

  14. Richard says:

    I don’t know if they got him yet or not.

  15. Blink34 says:

    They did, they actually nabbed him through a sting and arrested him first, that’s how they got that sick freak

  16. Richard says:

    Here’s a story out today … the mayor of Racine, Wis. (same town as this guy lived in) has been arrested for child porn. Let’s hope to God there is no connection….

    Jan 14, 2009 11:07 am US/Central
    Racine, Wis., Mayor Arrested On Child Porn Charge
    Gary Becker, 51, Held On $165,000 Bond

    RACINE, Wis. (AP) ? Racine city officials say Mayor Gary Becker is under arrest on possible charges of child pornography and solicitation of a minor.

    The 51-year-old mayor is being held in the Kenosha County Jail on $165,000 bond.

    City administrator Ben Hughes says Becker was arrested on Tuesday by agents from the state Division of Criminal Investigation at a shopping mall outside of Milwaukee.

    The case is under review by the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office.

    City Council President David Maack says he got a call from the police chief shortly after midnight telling him about the arrest involving child pornography.

    Maack says he was shocked and disappointed”" by the news and alerted the city’s other aldermen. Maack says he’ll serve as acting mayor for the time being. He was not sure what would happen if Becker could not finish his term.”

  17. Blink34 says:

    Richard- You can bet it does.. There will be more to follow. The Inventory report states handwritten phone numbers and addresses. People will start talking, etc..

    I am working on an update to this piece, it gets better, in a bad way.

  18. Blink34 says:

    There has been a significant development in this case I will be updating in the next few days.

  19. Blink says:

    Well what do you know:

    There has not been a new lead in several years in this case, I am thrilled for the Barter Family and Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

  20. [...] Part II: No Connection to Other Pending Cases, MPD Closing the Case. Nothing to See Here; The Barber of St. Francis, Vernon C. Seitz [...]

  21. Step says:

    #20 Pingback by Blink: Got to be other info out there? Or did they just issue you a general statement to get you off their backs? STEP.

  22. Step says:

    Blink: We are to assume that you are completely done with this Seitz situation? STEP

    Nope, it is ongoing. I am only one blink, but by no means does this guy get a pass.

  23. Step says:

    Blink: Hang in there and Thanx. STEP

    TY and you too friend. Thanks for wacking the hive every now and then,

  24. Step says:

    Blink: The fact that one of the upper midwest newspapers has come out with a serial killer that was responsible for 10 murders but others have fallen through the cracks because DNA was stolen, lost or substituted going to slow up the process on other serious crimes? STEP.

    link please Step

  25. Step says:

    Blink, JSOnline. STEP

  26. Step says:

    Blink: What is needed to bring this thing on Seitz out into the open? Can Bloggers help in any way? STEP

    STEP, can I e you?

  27. Step says:

    ##26 yes, but let me have a couple more weeks.

    Meaning wait?

  28. Step says:

    #27 Yes, if that is OK? I have one thing to clear up first on this end of things and then can go from there if that okay withyou?

    Yes, let me know when your ready, I am happy to support your efforts as I can.

  29. Step says:

    Step- I am moderated, only I can see anything before it is posted. I dont ever post what is asked to be kept private.

  30. Step says:

    No, it is deceiving, you can see it, but until I moderate, no one else can.

  31. Step says:

    #30 Blink if you want to email go ahead, concerning what I can do on this end about Seitz.STEP


  32. STEP says:

    Blink #32 Do you think this book is now in the making?

    Doubtful based on how much time has elapsed. However, it was only last year that Hollywood Police believe Adam’s case was closed.

    I can’t shake the lack of physical evidence and missing car rug.

  33. Step says:

    Hey Blink: Just wondered if there is anything new on Vernon Seitz or any of the other cases, such as Jacob Wetterling or Danny Barter?

    Stay Kool!


  34. kenny kringle says:

    just a strange side note in 1997 or 1998 a Michael A Seitz of Racine pled guilty to molesting a 5 year old child… wonder if there was any connection or possible related to Vernon..about the same age as I recall..

    Yes, related.

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