The Devil They Knew: Jessica Ridgeway Accused Murderer Austin Reed Sigg Profile Emerges

Graphic Warning:  Segments of this report while accurate, are graphic and may be objectionable to some readers.  It is definitely inappropriate for readers under the age of 18 without parental permission and recommended supervision.


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Westminster, CO- Standley Lake High School dropout Austin Sigg told his Mother  he kidnapped 10 year old Witt Elementary student Jessica Ridgeway the morning of Friday October 5.

Mindy Ashbaugh Sigg , divorced from Robert J Sigg, the father of the couple’s two teenage boys, called Westminster Police Tuesday evening to alert them of her son’s admission.

Upon arrival,  Austin Reed Sigg confessed the unthinkable.   Sigg told investigators he strangled the little girl after he snatched her into his Jeep, hogtied her in the back, and they could find the remainder of the child in a cooler located in a crawl space at his 102nd St address.   By 7:45PM Sigg was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Ridgeway, and the attempted kidnapping and attempted murder of a female jogger on May 28, 2012  a few hundred yards from his home.

 The self-professed death mobile was impounded and inventoried at an undisclosed evidence bay for processing .

Although Sigg did not graduate High School,  he earned his GED and was attending the alternative school Warren Tech last March where he won second place in the forensics category- a CSI award.  Sigg was currently enrolled at Arapohoe Community College with the intention of fulfilling the prerequisite courses necessary to join the mortuary science program- which requires a background check for acceptance.

The irony of an award matching the letters on the backs of jackets combing through the Sigg home was not lost on the seasoned crime scene technicians  fastidiously processing  this newest crime scene in the case.

It was also not lost on any of the law enforcement personnel present that field testing did not detect results synonymous with an environment used to dismember a human.  They are confident that had to have occurred somewhere else.

They are missing a crime scene.  Are they missing an accomplice?

Spawn or Pawn?

Austin Reed Sigg was born to Mindy and Rob Sigg on January 17, 1995 .   This was the second marriage for Rob and two small children later, the couple would divorce before Austin’s fifth birthday.

Mindy Sigg, a tech for a Lasik provider in Westminster, had full custody of the boys while Rob continued his long and varied criminal history consisting of DUI’s, drugs,  and finally landing in Federal prison for an identity theft and mortgage scheme in 2006.   Robert is the president of Performance One Media- the company is named in current civil litigations, and he owns a go Kart racing team.

Extended family members speaking on the condition of anonymity to BOC, confirmed this morning that the family had serious concerns about Austin’s “direction” during his junior year at Standley Lake.

…” We heard that he was in counseling over issues related to the family breaking up, you know, Rob was in and out of prison sort of thing,  but while Mindy kept telling everyone she was told this kind of phase of wearing black,  being holed up in his room playing video games, and charging porn movies on her accounts was normal for a teenage boy,  we had discussed someone taking the lead and mentioning we thought Austin did not seem “normal” for as long as I could remember.  But then he had a girlfriend for a while, and he seemed to sort of snap out of it.  The last thing I remember was that they had gone to some formal and the next thing we knew he was pulled out of school and in intensive therapy for a pornographic addiction, so I don’t know if that is what broke the kids up, or what.   Mindy had it rough with the two boys on her own. She put herself through that school in Denver on her own dime while Rob got locked up and about the same time.  I think the kids were probably very much on their own and by the time Austin started having really big issues, it may have been too late obviously.

We still don’t know how he comes out of prison and paid of over $140K in fines while Mindy was forced to file bankruptcy this summer we found out later.  I tried to look up Rob’s stuff on the internet, but a bunch of the files from his criminal case are still sealed.”


A review of Ms. Sigg’s bankruptcy petition may indicate that Austin either had or was facing some juvenile charges.   It was filed 2 days after the Memorial Day attack on a young female jogger Sigg is also charged with, and a few weeks prior to an elaborate luxury vacation the family took to the US Virgin Islands.  As reported by kdvr, Investigators with WPD and the FBI may not have been aware of their suspect’s international travels and are now in contact with authorities abroad.

Emerging Profile

As the news of Austin Sigg’s arrest flashed through the town of 18,000 and then the Nation,  those that knew him or claimed to know him well, hit the web.  Below are the highlights that portray a picture of an adolescent exhibiting signs worthy of

Sarah Moravec, a Standley Lake High School senior, says she picked on 17-year-old Austin Sigg nearly every day for having a high-pitched voice.

“I picked on him a lot,” Moravec said. “Austin was just different. So, why not pick on the different people? But then again, I was bullied whenever I was younger.”

The Standley Lake senior said Sigg often wore dark clothing and hung out at the back of the cafeteria with others.

“We didn’t even think he was somebody our age,” Moravec said. “We thought it was some 45-year-old pervert or something like that.”

Danni”- a girl who dated Sigg twice and spent time with him at Warehouse 180, a meeting place for Christian teens.

“He was sweet.  I knew he had like a weapons collections, swords and knives,  but it was just like his man cave.

Christy Mueller- walking on the trail around Standley Lake recently, encountered Sigg and a few friends.  She felt immediately as if he was up to something.

…” I just felt as soon as I saw him he was up to something,  if he (her dog) was not here I am afraid of what might have happened…”

Meaghan Barker was Sigg’s lab partner at Warren Tech-

…” We learned about DNA analysis, finger printing, hair follicles and decomposition…”

Someone claiming to love Austin Sigg and a fellow victim of bullying that Sigg helped,  started a face book page in support of Sigg late yesterday and said that he may have confessed because he knew whoever else was involved could not be caught.   He went on to ask forgiveness for his friend and called the act satanic.

Although an avid gamer under the tag dohastvath,  there are no current online stats exist past June 2010.  Sigg’s voice can be heard here,  he plays Yoshi  in this YouTube series with two other boys where he repeatedly expresses he is not gay and references a disturbing knowledge of bondage and graphic sexual devices and situations.  The series was uploaded in 2009.

It is clear that Austin Sigg has a slight speech impediment, and indeed, an efeminite vocal tone at 14.

Yesterday during the press conference Jefferson County Prosecutor Scott Storey announced that further charges were possible in connection with Ridgeway’s murder and the investigation is ongoing.

The autopsy of Jessica Ridgeway’s remains located on October 10th are complete pending forensic and toxicology testing, however,  her cause of death , if known, has not been released publicly.


This morning, it was decided that Sigg will be charged as an adult.  His next court appearance is scheduled for October 30th.   Austin Sigg’s DNA was recovered from Jessica Ridgeway’s backpack.

Please check back to for updates to this developing


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  1. Cindy says:

    I read that today Austin Sigg will be sentenced for this crime.

    I still wonder if and who may have mentored him.

    I am emphatic he was. The problem is, that person, if he escapes detection, will do it again. Anyone find out who gave him that particular cross?

  2. Theresa says:

    He was sentenced yesterday to life, basically. Because it’s one sentence after another. Phew! What a relief. He’s gained weight in prison!

    There was someone arrested recently. His name is John Stanley Snorsky, Jr.

    Could this be him, Blink? I thought of this blog when I read the article.

    No way to know that without a proper investigation

  3. Joan Theresa says:

    If this is the accomplice, how would they know?

    I hope it’s him!

  4. Incisive One says:

    1. Yes, there is one crime scene missing and yes, he must have had a mentor.

    2. I read somewhere on the web, months ago, that Sigg was born with a deformed head and intestines, and that his mother was a glue-sniffer during pregnancy. No suggestion that it excuses the crime, or that that should reduce the sentence, but it might be relevant in trying to understand why he was a deviate from an early age.

    Good site.

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