Isabel Celis Missing Breaking News: Investigation Focuses on Celis Relative “Uncle” Justin Mastromarino- Cousin Is Also Former Houseguest

Tucson, AZ- Missing Since the early morning hours of Saturday April 21st from the window of her bedroom allegedly,  the search for 6 year old Isabel Mercedes Celis has taken a turn toward her family.


"Playing Uncle" Photo from FB

On the heels of the appearance of Sergio and Becky Celis first public interview this morning on the Today show, sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Pima County detectives are scrutinizing the prior arrest and prior living arrangements of Justin Mastromarino,  Isabel’s cousin.  Although Justin was the initial spokesperson for the family immediately after Isabel’s disappearance, he dropped out of sight when investigators could not exclude him as a person of interest.

Mastromarino lived with the Celis family for some time in 2011.   The image below was taken in front of the Celis home in June 2011.


FB photo of Jeep In Front of Celis Home June 2011


Yesterday, both Sergio and Becky Celis visited the Celis home and re-enacted the events of Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st.


Please check back to for this developing story.


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  1. wpg says:

    “Complainant’s actually going to be the sister and it looks like mom is en route.”

    Could be the sister of one of the parents, though.

  2. wpg says:

    When asked by one of the local reporters who was at the home that night and the reporter himself offered “immediate family?”, Rebecca said yes, immediate family.

    The local reporters did not ask what family was at the home that morning, though.

    Maybe one of the aunts, who the parents said helps take and pick-up the kids from school sometimes, arrived to go along to Isa’s game and/or help get Isa ready because mom had to work. Just a thought.

  3. Rose says:

    that lil video boy looks too young and immature to carry off the Celis crime.
    if abducted by a SZ SO or for another motive,
    , I see a mature, purposeful man with greater planning & purpose, more
    mature than market-boy or the 3-girl-visitation drop in

  4. nana2 says:

    @ @SouthernMom says:
    May 10, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    That would make sense, that maybe it was the brother who called 911, possibly he was even told to because he is more fluent in English than Dad, and the dispatcher just thought it was a girl when he maybe said my sister is missing in a high pitched voice. Just a thought.

    Well from the times I’ve heard Sergio speak he appeared to have mastered the English language well.. I’ve called 911 several times & I was asked right away to identify myself & my location (name & address) and I think that was what was redacted from the calls that were played on JVM .. Also, were these tapes that JVM played just sound bites from different 911 calls placed for this child that morning ? It sounds like there was a change of 911 operator voices perhaps that’s why the clothing description changed multiple calls (?)..

  5. Katy says:

    I have a concern for privacy on this issue, as I am not sure how identifiable you are, and of course the subject matter. Please keep my posted and you did exactly the right thing.


  6. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t understand why LE won’t clear up a few simple facts. Who called 911. Who slept at the house that night? Who was the uncle/cousin walking the neighborhood that morning looking for Isabel.

    It comes out eventually after it is stewed over and over again.

    By the way has anybody seen the parents since last weekend?

    Are they pleading for Isabels return or over at the command centen passing out water or are they still around?

    For the life of me I can’t imagine that neighbor girl saying that? Does she have no fear. If it had to do with the cartel…they were in her hood and can come back. Now they know where her bedroom window is…also. Yipes.

    Well I think you hit the nail on the head- no, she has no idea about the cartel, or would not have said that.

  7. Katy says:

    Can I reach you at this addy? And it will not be until early next week at best.

  8. Kris says:

    This may be a stretch, but if the guy in the video is buying chewing tobacco, he might be a baseball player on an older league, coach, or ump and first saw Isabel through baseball. I wonder who coaches her team (the one she was supposed to play on the Saturday morning she went missing.) I’m still looking for a connection between the Isabel Celis case and the three sisters. Like I said, it’s a stretch…but when I think of chewing tobacco, I think of baseball.

  9. SouthernMom says:

    @nana2 if we are talking the same link (police scanner clips)…those were not 911 calls. You heard dispatchers for the police. They were putting out the report on the 911 call so LE would respond to the emergency.

    Very possible to get conflicting information in the initial stages as the information is not first hand at that point. 911 operators just call the police, fire stations, ambulances, EMS, etc. and report the situation. They will stay on the phone with police while on the phone with you, but would not be sending out broadcasts to LE field units. MOO.

  10. GraceintheHills says:

    Re: nomenclature — in my previous county’s offense reports, the victim (unless deceased) was listed in the report as the complainant, and others who witnessed or called in the alleged offense were referred to as witnesses. So when the person says the complainant is the sister, the person could be referring to Isa (if it was her brother who called 911).

    I agree with you, SouthernMom. There could have been multiple 911 calls, or perhaps the parents’ ability to recall exactly what she was wearing was hazy due to their panic.

    Arizona is a border state, so I am surprised the neighbor would mention anything about the cartels (who are flourishing in border states and beyond). Besides, WHY would she spew rumors? The more I hear from this potential witness, the more I scratch my head. WTH?

  11. kimberly says:

    Apologies for not being able to copy and paste, but there is some discussion going on over @ scared monkeys regarding CPS being involved now for the older Celis children!
    Blink, isn’t this in line with the hopes you had along with a GAL?

    It is.


  12. [...] the latest development in the April 21st disappearance of missing Tucson child Isabel Celis,  her father Sergio has been [...]

  13. [...] has been spent on investigation of Sergio Celis and Becky’s brothers Bob Rodriguez and Justin Mastromarino as previously reported on   Mastromarino’s own niece Chelsea and her [...]

  14. Susie says:

    I was looking at the photo of everyone in the car. Where are the seat belts? Sorry but it drives me crazy when people don’t wear seat belts in the car especially children. Isn’t it the law?

  15. dawn says:

    You people are all disgusting. Justin has nothing to do with this and it is really pathetic that you have nothing else better to do then to harrass the family at the time of this disappearance. YOu all should be ashamed. How about the STEP father has cartel connections and a girlfriend that is lying. BUT YOU NEED TO HARRASS A KID AND HIS FAMILY> YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK

    I do not call covering the investigation of a missing 6 year old harassment, and Mr. Mastromarino was and/or is a subject of that ongoing probe. In fact, he appointed himself spokesperson and spoke to any and every news station that put a hot mike in his face.

    I always find it interesting when a family member blasts the media for reporting the truth, when an individual posts their entire life on FB and appears on camera voluntarily. BTW, have you read that Chelsea and her BF accused Justin of being a drug dealer oweing a great deal of cash both publicly and to LE? Perhaps your angst should be directed appropriately.

    Lastly, for the record, nobody cares who is involved right now, everyone just wants Isabel found, who I note you neglect to mention.


  16. Joe says:

    Justin Mastromarino (Becky’s nephew) had ONE charge of possessing or attempting to obtain controlled substance which was DISMISSED by the prosecutor (NOLLE PROSSED Status:COMPLETED 20111006) on 10-6-2011. This doesn’t mean he was trying to buy narcotics. Possessing or attempting to obtain a controlled substance also applies to marijuana.

    JM’s one charge of possessing or attempting to obtain a controlled substance charge was DISMISSED a few days after he had a possession of marijuana charge DISMISSED (COMPL DISMISSED BY CTY ATTY) on 9-14-2011.

    This means that JM’s “possessing or attempting to obtain a controlled substance” charge was related to MARIJUANA not narcotics.

    The lies about JM being arrested for narcotic possession must end! Isabel’s real killer or killers must be prosecuted. JUSTICE FOR ISABEL!

    Is Justin a suspect?

  17. Joe says:

    No and Tucson detectives strongly implied Justin is not a suspect.

    “We’ve spoken to several of the P.I.s that were hired by the family, and unfortunately for them, they don’t have all the information that we have, so they can come to their own conclusions,” said Tucson Police Detective Greg Wright. “But no, I don’t share their conclusions.”

    Sergio and Kelly Snyder from the psychic detective agency Find Me want people to believe Justin is a suspect. They have repeated provided half-truths and outright lies to the media about JM making him appear suspicious.

    Joe- I viewed that interview and your comment is not accurate :
    “No and Tucson detectives strongly implied Justin is not a suspect. ”

    Wright never mentions Justin and/or who’s or what PI conclusions he does not share. Who is Justin’s attorney and why doesn’t any article ever name him, yet they indicate he has returned emails and commented? I find that odd.

    I don’t find it odd that Justin shipped his jeep to where he moved as I know it had already been searched- and I have published pics of Isa sitting in it. I don’t find it odd that a person who initially cooperated with LE, becomes a defacto suspect, hires a criminal defense attorney- in fact I would recommend nobody in any set of circumstances ever agrees to a LE interview of any kind (whereby they are trying to determine if the subject is a suspect) ever does.

    Occupational hazard, but as someone who has actually trained with both the FBI and standard LE interview and interrogation protocols I can promise you if you ask any one of them if they would agree with my advice-they absolutely would.

    That said- I will also say that LE should not have any issue with interviewing a suspect or subject they need information from in the presence of their counsel. It happens all the time and If I were a family member who believed Justin may have information that is helpful to the case progression I would be pretty pissed if I found out LE stopped trying to interview a subject who WOULD agree to interview with counsel present and none were requested since counsel was retained. I understand why many investigators will not, but in my view when a small child is missing, this should never be the “strategy”.

    Who interviewed security that appears on the tape at 2:36 that turns on its lights?


  18. Joe says:

    Who provided information that Chelsea and her boyfriend said Justin was selling xxxxx?
    Let me guess. It was psychic detective Kelly Snyder who has provided the media with numerous incriminating statements on Justin that cannot be verified.

    Kelly Snyder has made NUMEROUS unverified statements to the media painting Justin as suspicious. Because his statements can’t be verified, they can’t even be disputed. Snyder announced that he was a retired federal agent and everyone accepted his “research” to be truthful, but he lied by omission. He wasn’t a retired federal bureau of investigation agent. He was retired US Customs agent. Sergio also spouted this lie repeatedly stating that he had hired a retired federal agent (implies FBI).

    Do some research on Kelly Snyder. He was hired by Sergio 2 days after Isabel disappeared to clear him. Snyder confessed this to The Sun.
    Kelly Snyder (the psychic detective) said: “….What initially happened when she went missing is the father became a suspect immediately, for various reasons that were never shared with me.”
    “Basically they separated the family where he was not allowed in the house until they cleared him so he (Sergio) sent me a request to look into the case.”
    “That was literally two days after she went missing.”

    Although there are several extremely reputable missing person agencies many of which will search for free, Isabel’s family didn’t choose one. Why? On Rebecca Snyder Celis is a distant relative of Kelly Snyder. Imo, Kelly Snyder wasn’t hired to be objective or to find Isabel, he was hired only to clear Sergio. Throwing Justin under the bus, provides reasonable doubt to clear Sergio.

    A few things, sir. I do not even know who Kelly Snyder is outside of the recent coverage- and I will be the first to say I don’t find anything printed in THE SUN a credible source.

    Justin’s criminal record is a public record I reviewed personally- I did not receive it from anyone, period. If the Celis family believes Justin is a suspect and have stated same publicly, that is on them, not me. What I will tell you is that very early on I had several conversations with Tucson Police requesting confirmation of subjects that claimed to me personally to be cleared from any potential involvement- what I was told was that Tucson Police would NOT be clearing anyone until such time as an arrest was made of a suspect. What I am very certain of however, is that Sergio Celis is not a suspect in the death of his daughter and I will not allow anyone to cast aspersions on a family who I believe was just trying to find their child in the face of acknowledgement (by them) that they lost all faith in Tucson PD to do so once they filed the CPS inquiry.

    As an individual who HAS worked privately on mp cases directly at the request of families, and has (unfortunately) recovered those victims and their offenders have been adjudicated, I CAN tell you that all of those cases involved bringing intel to LE that REQUIRED them to redirect case efforts accordingly. I have been treated graciously in some instances where I have had to update investigative track and most ungraciously on occasion- but as I said, at the end of the day the goal was accomplished. If LE was led to the recovery of Isa’s remains, I can promise you that they have a suspect and are preparing the case for an arrest- wherever that leads.


  19. Joe says:

    You don’t find anything printed in the The Sun to be credible. Neither do I. The Sun has been the megaphone of Sergio’s private psychic detective, Kelly Snyder, who has made numerous, unverifiable statements to make Justin appear suspicious.

    Justin has been found guilty ONLY of possession of marijuana paraphernalia (a decade ago) and DUI. Sergio and Becky were also found guilty of DUI. Becky did have child endangerment on her DUI.

    CPS had been at the Celis’ home at least on one occasion before Isabel disappeared.

    With multiple surveillance cameras pointing at the Celis’ home and no evidence of anyone outside Isabel’s window the night she disappeared, LE used surveillance camera footage from many Tucson businesses and followed the only car that left the Celis’ home garage the morning 911 was called. LE has been digging in very specific areas of Tucson for 5 years because of this pieced-together surveillance camera footage that followed the path of the only car that left the Celis’ house. LE has suspectS and are preparing for arrestS.

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