Jacque Waller Missing: Husband James Clay Waller Tells Dad “I Killed Her”

Posted by BOC Staff | Cape Girardeau Sheriffs Office,Clay Waller,Jacque Sue Waller,Jacque Sue Waller | Thursday 8 September 2011 6:25 pm

Clay Waller,  in US District Court today on charges he threatened his wife’s relatives in an email exchange, Prosecutors say he confessed to the premeditated murder of Jacque Rawson Waller.

Waller was subsequently indicted this afternoon on the threat charges and proceedings immediately changed to a bond hearing for the former Cape Girardeau deputy.  Waller is also currently on bond for recent charges  he made threats to his former girlfriend and her estranged husband, as well as facing economic fraud allegations involving his  failing construction business.

Federal Prosecutor Larry Ferrell stated in the  bond hearing what was likely presented earlier in the closed session of the  grand jury.  Ferrell claimed there was sufficient evidence that Waller killed his wife, and buried her in a hole he dug beforehand,  or at least, that is what he told his Father.

Ferrell went on to say there is evidence in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Jacque Waller, that implicates her husband, including carpeting he re-sected and hid in floorboards in the family home.

Forensic lab tests  have confirmed  the samples contain Jacque’s blood.

Clay Waller has not  been charged with any offenses related to the disappearance of Jacque Waller,  mother of the former couples 5 year old triplets.

Avery, Addison and Maddox Waller have been in the custody of their maternal grandparents since their mother was reported missing.

Jason Mateos,  editor, www.blinkoncrime.com, contributed to this report

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  1. Doug says:

    oops, wrong case….sorry

  2. lizzy says:

    For his current threat charges, Clay is changing his plea from not guilty to . . . ?


  3. Sat5sz says:

    Prosecutors plan to file murder charges against C Waller.

    Hope they can make it stick. This day and age puts doubt in all of our minds…as in CA case. More than that I hope they find her.

    Also, Waller is changing his plea in the Federal charges of internet threats.http://www.ksdk.com/news/article/279145/3/Clay-Waller-to-change-his-plea-next-week
    It’s that darn “Alford Plea” thing again! Ugh! Slime ball….

  4. lizzy says:

    Clay waller to be sentenced on December 19. His attorney withdrew motion to revoke detention order.

    Article also talks about his difficulty speaking. Seems to be an implication in comments that Clay has a speech/stuttering disability, and does not meet eyes when speaking. Noted elsewhere, and in other interviews, etc., as well.


  5. [...] Disappearance of Jacque Waller, wife of former cop and general con man Clay Waller.  Jacque has not been recovered, but Clay is [...]

  6. crystal says:

    hello? anybody home? Clay was sentenced to a very hefty 5 years in federal prison for the internet threats to his sister-in-law. The judge declared in open court that Waller more than likely killed Jacque!!! The defense will appeal the sentence of course. And when the feds are done in a little over 4 years (he must serve 85% of the sentence) the state of MO takes over again with pending charges of theft and harassment. Meantime, Jacque’s body remains missing.
    And oh yes, Senior Waller, the dad Clay confessed to, died December 21st, before prosecutors could depose him for the testimony that Clay confessed to him that he killed Jacque.

    Thats the update. Thanks Blink!

  7. Word Girl says:

    Thanks, Crystal. I was just catching up to this myself and came on to post it.

    It just goes to show that violence and violent behavior is predictable.
    Keep your satellite blinking.

  8. http://www.kfvs12.com/story/17657932/clay-waller-charged-with-murder

    2nd degree murder charges brought against Clay Waller this morning. Jacque’s body is still missing but apparently the prosecutor believes there’s enough evidence to prove his guilt. It sure would be nice to locate her remains so she can have a decent burial.

  9. sandyeggo says:

    First degree murder charges against Clay. Maybe this will wipe that smirk off his face. Still no body but sounds like there is a lot of DNA evidence that was found in his home. Prayers for Jaqcues’ family and kids at this awful time. My heart is with those sweet children…


  10. oops! 1st degree murder charges. How did I mistype that?

  11. Satsz says:

    Trial date set for Clay Waller, Sept. 9, 2013. We still don’t know where he put Jacque, but hopefully justice will prevail.


  12. Satsz says:

    UPDATE…Poor Jacque Waller’s remains have been found. No details yet on circumstances. Let’s just pray that there is a ton of evidence found since it has been 2 years. That poor family.


  13. Satsz says:

    Statement from the family…very cryptic, I think.

    After the announcement, Jacque’s family posted the following statement on the Facebook page Find Jacque S Waller:
    “It is with a heavy heart I deliver this message. Our daughter, mother, sister and friend has been found. God has planned everything well to place us in this very moment. God guided the law enforcement officials, searchers, K9s and most of all the prayers being sent to the prison to weigh heavily on clays mind. We thank everyone of you who has supported us and assisted us in this terrible nightmare. We have no arrangements as of yet but we will be able to lay our Jacque Sue to rest….finally. God Bless you all!”


    A tip led to her remains. Not sure when that will be made public, there is a gag order in the case.

    snip “most of all the prayers being sent to the prison to weigh heavily on clays mind” I wonder if he told someone where she was. Hope he suffers miserably with the reality of what he has done.

  14. Jack says:

    I just saw on Fox News that they found Jacque’s remains. So very sad.


  15. semo68 says:

    UPDATE- Jaque Waller’s body was found and positively identified yesterday (wed 5/29) by law enforcement officials. See kfvs12.com or southeastmissourian.com for details.

  16. semo68 says:

    Her remains were found near “Devil’s Island” area in southern IL, which is very near Honker’s boat dock on the Mississippi River in the Red Star district in Cape Girardeau, MO, and very near Fruitland, MO. Remember that boat Clay was seen towing and Jacque’s Honda being found near Fruitland on I-55? Thinking Clay may have spilled the beans in order to cop a plea to avoid the DP. JMO, of course…

    Clay or a confidant, yes.

  17. maryrose's daughter says:

    Jacque Waller’s remains were found on 5/29/13

    Thank you for posting this md- I came her to do the same and was thankful you already had.

    I am hearing plea in the works, possible accomplice.
    God Rest Your Soul Jacque.

  18. Satsz says:

    Clay Waller has a plea hearing this Thursday. Hopefully we will learn a lot more then.


    Expect to hear that he provided his wife’s location. I am thankful for her babies and parents.


  19. GeorgiaDad says:


    “At a preliminary hearing in July, then-prosecutor Morley Swingle outlined a case built largely around circumstantial evidence: potential motives of both jealousy and greed; blood splatter at Clay Waller’s house; apparent efforts to hide a blood-stained carpet in a crawl space; and Waller’s history of anger and resentment toward his wife.”

    Interestingly, this evidence is similar to the evidence against Joshua Powell, but with a completely different outcome.

  20. maryrose's daughter says:

    Live news conference:http://www.kfvs12.com/story/22514230/clay-waller-pleads-guilty

    His lawyer went to the prosecutor requesting a plea deal in exchange for information leading to Jacque’s remains.
    The following came from the article at Kfvs12 website:
    “Waller’s son Maddox asked his aunt Cheryl if he could be in court and asked if they could play a recording for dad. She said she would give it to the lawyer and she’ll decide.

    An audio recording of Maddox was played during the hearing.

    “You killed our mom. You’re a big fat jerk,” said son Maddox.

    “I wish you were never my dad.”

    “Please stay in jail forever.”

    “I never want to see you again.”

    “We don’t like you anymore.”

    Several members of law enforcement cried and wiped tears during the hearing.”

  21. Satsz says:

    Well, Blink you were right. Plea deal got Jacque back to her family and Clay got 20 years. (He will serve at least 85% with credit for 1 year already.) Disappointing but understandable. There was a lengthy press conference with all the players and a lot of questions were answered.
    Random points…. Yes, the family wanted the deal. Yes, it was premeditated, Clay dug the hole the day before. He texted Jacque with nice comments so she would let down her guard. After a divorce meeting he lied to Jacque and said she could pick up their son from his house and the child wasn’t even there. He beat her in the head then strangled her with his forearm and full body pressure. The hole he dug was on an island in the Mississippi river and was 6 feet deep. Searchers stood practically on top of it and found nothing. She probably would have been missing forever. Clay never showed any signs of remorse only signs of complete narcissism. His defense team approached the prosecutors with talks of a deal. Prosecutor stuck to the 20 years when his defense team asked for less. They do not believe Clay had an accomplice.

    All officials were vague on whether or not the Feds could persue a charge against him for “kidnapping and transporting a body across state lines”.


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