Lisa Irwin Missing: Cell Phone Call Made From Mom’s Phone At 2:30 AM, Taco Quotes Donald Trump, Kids Under Subpoena

Kansas City, MO- In what appears to be the latest revelation of contradictory information coming from the parents of Lisa Irwin, directly- there WAS a call made from Bradley’s cell phone at 2:30 am the morning of Lisa’s disappearance October 4, 2011.

Megan Wright,  apparently ready for the breakfast Halloween mixer or the Strawberry Shortcake weekend reunion, was caught outside her home by surprise yesterday.

Ms. Wright was interviewed by Kansas City Police detectives at least four times,  and states that she does not know Deborah or the Irwin family and was only “through the neighborhood” with her ex-boyfriend.  It would seem that the former suiter in question has Ms. Juggalette changing her Facebook status from “it’s complicated” to single.

Ms. Wright does not know who called her phone and had a 50 second conversation with whomever called from Deborah Bradley’s phone,  but she certainly did not say it was stolen,  and to my knowledge detectives do not need to interview folks four times if they have no information.

The cell phone call occurs almost to the minute of the dumpster fire a few blocks from the Irwin residence on NE 37th St.

Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Wright has an association with an extended member of the family, but to their knowledge has never met Deborah, Jeremy, or the couples children.

Ms. Wright’s clown family can be found here.


In the words of our affectionately dubbed, double-thatch comb over king,  Donald Trump, Joe Tacopina, attorney for Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin gave Cynthia Short her walking papers.

Citing exhaustion, Ms. Short, before coming up short last night, cancelled a media tour and press conference at the Irwin home at 3620 N. Lister Ave yesterday morning.

Taco then cancelled the interviews of the two young boys scheduled to meet with a pediatric specialist to answer questions about the night Lisa went missing.  Although Bradley and Irwin’s original story was that one of the children was in bed with her,  it has changed to include both boys sleeping in the couple’s bed.

To further complicate matters, Tacopina in a conversation with Judge Jeanine Pirro announced that he had retained the world’s foremost expert on cadaver canines, and was told that a dog trained to alert on human decomposition will also alert on human feces.

Where are Bones and Gerus when you need them, I opine..

What is not clear, is how Taco is practicing law in Missouri in the first place.  He is not currently licsened in the state of Missouri so he would have to be operating via an approved pro hac vice order of a local member of the state’s bar.

Let’s hope he gets up to speed quickly, as he is about to run into a learning curve in the road. has learned that although Taco et al has reported that Bradley and Irwin have consented to allow the children to be interviewed after declining for weeks,  they had little choice.

While not subject to public disclosure,  it is believed the children are the subject of an investigative subpoena.

Missouri is a unique state  in this regard, as it has the power to use this investigative tool in lieu of an actual grand jury if the state sees fit, and has little drawbacks- including the fact that it allows the prosecution to compel witnesses and evidence prior to filing any charges, and in some cases, prior to seeking an indictment.

Taco says he will call police next week to reschedule the children’s appointment for an interview, and buccal swabs.

Images by Klaasend

Contributing Editors:  Jason Mateos,  Jacqueline Beaufort

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  1. wpg says:

    Yeah, here we go, the photos were taken the day Aunt Cindy (marine cousin’s mother) visited:

    (thanks Monkeys)

  2. LaurieO says:

    What the hell is this, Blink??

    This website claims Lisa was just found alive in a cardboard box. WTH? Any truth to this?

    not posting the link, hoax from some assbite.

  3. LaurieO says:

    OKAY, that website was VERY unclear. Apparently, they meant to say that A baby was found alive in a cardboard box, but it was a newborn. Sheesh. If you can’t write clearly, stay out of the blogospere!!

    True dat, very irresponsible.

  4. Essay Kaye says:

    What is with all these young toddlers disappearing from their own homes or while in the care of their parents? It is utterly heart breaking. Is this an issue of increased media coverage or are the statistics indeed rising???

  5. LaurieO says:

    Essay Kaye says:
    December 23, 2011 at 5:42 am
    What is with all these young toddlers disappearing from their own homes or while in the care of their parents? It is utterly heart breaking. Is this an issue of increased media coverage or are the statistics indeed rising???

    Essay Kaye, just my 2 cents, but I think it could be both. We get breaking news from across the world as it happens, so we here about this stuff all the time.

    Is it happening more and more? I personally think so. Look at how many kids are raised by drug addicted parents who care nothing about the children but only about their drugs and texting their next love interest. Many prisons are overcrowded-and many of the inmates are parents. Families are just less stable and I personally think it leads to a ton of problems. Don’t get me wrong-I don’t assume every kid raised in a less-than-perfect family is going to be a criminal. There are no perfect families, but some people do not care and do not handle things like a divorce well. Who pays the price? The kids. I have seen kids whose parents divorced and the kids did well because the parents did a good job parenting. That is great.

    But how many situations are such that Mommy or Daddy is too pre-occupied with getting another bed partner and the kids are just an obstacle? Waaaaaaay too common. Just my opinion.

  6. wpg says:

    No, no, NO . . . I was so hoping little Ayla Reynolds was being hidden away.


    Posted: 7:39 pm EST December 30, 2011
    Updated: 8:24 pm EST December 30, 2011

    Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey said Friday night that investigators believe foul play has occurred in connection with the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds.
    Massey said detectives based that conclusion on evidence gathered during the past two weeks.

    On Friday, a shed in the back yard of Justin DiPietro’s home was roped off and investigators, wearing gloves and boots, were in and out of the house. At one point, they removed a paper bag from the house. It is unknown what was in the bag.

    I know wpg, did we have any doubt given the silence of the Dad? My prayers are with this sweet cherub and her family. Ayla deserves to be found, and I beg anyone that knows where she may be to do the right thing, it is only a matter of time.

  7. wpg says:

    re, Ayla Reynolds

    I watched the interview that Susan Candiotti, CNN, did with Ayla’s paternal grandmother 4 times yesterday.

    While the grandmother did not make me feel uncomfortable like her son JP does in all his video-interviews, could still tell she was not being truthful in some of her answers regarding that night.

    About 30 minutes ago I happened to catch Susan Candiotti giving an update to Don Lemmon – - – grandmother wanted to clear up some things about her interview:

    She (grandmother) was NOT HOME that particular night and that she immediately had made this known to LE, and LE knows where she (grandmother) was.

    Just checked, the CNN video-interview is NO LONGER available, although the written article is.

    So sad.

  8. wpg says:

    Article on the updated/corrected information given by the grandmother of Ayla Reynolds:

    “New details emerge as search for missing Maine toddler enters fourth week”
    By Susan Candiotti and Ross Levitt, CNN
    updated 10:55 PM EST, Sun January 8, 2012

    If that were my baby, and I knew who was in that home when she went missing, I would take a full page ad out and contact all national media with their names, images and contact information.

    If she truly was abducted by one of them, you would find that out in about an hour.

    If she was not, you would know that after a polly with the Dad, period.

    Shades of Haleigh Cummings case.

  9. wpg says:

    Original video-interview available here:

    (Have not forgotten about little Lisa Irwin . . . perception of deceptions is overwhelming)

  10. LaurieO says:

    Blink and everyone, why has nothing happened in Lisa’s case? Statistically speaking, she should have been found by now or someone arrested or SOMETHING. It is so discouraging and obviously, a true criminal is still on the loose.

  11. wpg says:


    The silence by ALL of Lisa’s family members, imo, is unflippinbelievable.

    Jeepers, is there not one resident investigative journalist in that city?

    Maybe the custody hearing will yield some information (not for the public, though).

    As far as LE, maybe they’re still waiting on toxicology results.
    I presume they retrieved items like the most recently used diapers and the bottle Lisa was allegedly given that evening.

    Would like to know more about the bug bite located under/below Lisa’s left ear as listed in her missing information . . . that bothers me.

  12. wpg says:

    snipped from January 12 interview with Ayla Reynolds’ mom Trista:

    “She rolled over at less than 2 months old, crawled at 9 months and walked at 11. Trista said her favorite time of the day was around 6 a.m. when Ayla woke jumping up and down in her crib and reaching out for Mommy. Trista would bring Ayla into her bed — along with her son, Raymond, who is 11 months younger than his sister — for cuddling. Then they’d dance and sing with the radio while they made breakfast. ”

    What jumped out at me was the WAKE UP TIME OF 6AM.

    Honestly, I am surprised some of the children in these environments make it this long.

    Makes me sick, so sick for them. God Bless.

    Hmmm . . .

    JdP said he went to check on Ayla AT ABOUT 8:51AM.
    Hmmm . . .

    So did Ayla’s sleeping habits CHANGE where she wasn’t waking at 6am but sleeping longer?

    Is JdP being truthful about the 8:51am time? (Impression is he didn’t do too swell on a poly.) Man, he comes off, imo, as a bit of a smart-alec, double-talker. Could Ayla have “disturbed” “sleeping” adults earlier? (Please, not another case of parent-sleep or adult-time . . . please, no.)

    On the other hand, if someone knew Ayla wakes at 6am perhaps someone came into that house and got her BEFORE 6AM.
    Gosh, I hope so, and hope Ayla is safe with family.

    Blink, “Shades of Haleigh” . . . yes, you are right.
    Even the Oxy’s have come into play with the arrest of JdP’s girlfriend’s
    sister with nearly 1,000 of those in her possession.
    Hope this is only “Shades”, though.

  13. OSUfan says:

    Hi Blink,
    I really thought this case would have been solved by now, with DB being charged (and possibly JI). Their behavior makes me sick to my stomach-so many things just don’t make sense. Anyways, I’m curious to see if your viewpoints have changed any since October? In the beginning it seemed pretty obvious whom you thought was guilty (DB) and that you did not believe in the whole kidnapping theory. I was just wondering if after all this time maybe you’ve learned something that might have changed that or put doubt in your mind? For instance, it’s in Lisa’s best interest for them to stay out of the public based on who they think might have taken her (assuming she was kidnapped)?

    I guess I feel kind of like a hypocrite (sp?)…I follow the Holly Bobo case as well and have always felt that the Bobo’s remaining quiet was for reasons not known to us but in no way do I related that to some kind of guilt on their part. However, with DB and JI behaving the way they do, it outrages me!!! Makes me wonder if maybe there is a possibly something else is going on that we don’t know about? Hope I made sense here….I’m having problems conveying my thoughts this morning, lol. Look forward to your viewpoints on this, thanks.

    I do not think the Bobo’s are hiding anything, I think they have trusted people they should not, have nowhere to turn in terms of a professional. I also think there is some concern that what happened to Holly may have been brought on by behavior by an extended family member- so there is that can of worms.

    Lastly- As ridiculous as this sounds, I have learned something along the way in my work that may sound strange in this situation.

    I have learned that sometimes people can only handle what they can handle and they are perfectly willing to not know something that will end the world for them as they know it.

    Frequently, family members and loved ones are not even aware this is going on.


  14. OSUfan says:

    Got ya… thanks for the response. I agree with everything you said…especially your last 2 lines about “people can only handle what they can handle….”- definitely relates to this situation, unfortunately-so sad!!

  15. OSUfan says:

    Wow! I almost have to laugh at this one….no wonder they stopped talking-can’t keep their story straight!!. This is only 1 of their many, many stories that keep changing. I soooo wish that someone would finally stand up and tell the truth for Lisa!!

  16. wpg says:

    Woah . . . this fellow appears to be seriously shaking the trees for Lisa Irwin:

    Those parents infuriate me. They are being paid, that’s why they are excited about Dr. Phil.

    Dr. Phil can keep his checkbook as far as I am concerned- I will not watch.

  17. wpg says:

    This is the police dash cam video responding to the 911 call from JI.

    Am I seeing things wrong . . . or are the main lights of the living room and the kitchen NOT ON when police arrive?

    Around the 4:51 mark – - after pausing, stop and starting the video multiple times – - I see the front of the Irwin home with the computer room/screen window brightly lit from within and the outside porch light on – - BUT NO brightly lit kitchen double windows or the large living room window.

    If I’m seeing this correctly, then what the heck?

    If you are searching the entire house for your missing baby wouldn’t you TURN ON ALL the lights (BOTH INSIDE AND OUT) and LEAVE THEM ALL ON for the police?

    Uh-oh’s . . . a few BIG UH-OH’s, imo, if only certain lights were on when the police arrived.

    Something else:
    DB said she waved the police down.
    In the video, I see 2 figures standing on the porch right in front of the door. JI on the left (dressed in his black hoodie with hood up), and DB in her cardigan sweater and plaid pj pants on the right.

    It is JI that can be seen going down the steps to meet the police, not DB.

    I don’t know, maybe DB suddenly moves from her static position atop the steps and rushes past JI to “wave down” the police – - – but the police car has already stopped at the Irwin home as seen in the video, so I’m not getting the need to “wave” them down. No one was visible on the street as the police cars were arriving and both JI and DB were standing on the steps.

    The dash cam video of the initial interaction between the arriving officers and DB/JI has not been released, so I can’t say for sure . . . but, I’m having some doubts.

    And where were the 2 boys when DB “waved down” the police – - – alone in the house . . . the house where their sister had just been “kidnapped”?

  18. wpg says:

    Blink, just a thought on your belief about the landfill scenario you talked about on SM’s Radio.

    Drats, can’t find the active home-sale listing that I read a while ago . . .

    Anyways, fwiw, there is a house directly behind the Irwins that was up for sale (I think shortly after Lisa disappeared), that had gone through a lot of remodeling. The active listing description said that an area (I think the basement) was still going through renovation/remodeling and would be completed for move-in. Also recall seeing many interior and exterior/backyard photos with the listing.

    (house where the beige vehicle is parked on the street),+MO+64117&hl=en&ll=39.16008,-94.526908&spn=0.000507,0.000571&sll=39.160037,-94.526535&layer=c&cbp=13,106.41,,0,20.22&cbll=39.16008,-94.526908&hnear=3623+NE+Cypress+Dr,+Kansas+City,+Missouri+64117&t=h&z=21&iwloc=A&panoid=8h6W8VEQAQd_dZRrpBYNIg

    Reno work was being done before, after and at the time Lisa went missing, which had me wondering if there were any commercial garbage/waste bins on site.

    Did manage to find this, though – - – a video interview with a neighbor from behind the Irwin home.

    In the background is what appears to be the driveway of the remodeling house (3623 NE Cypress Drive) with a black vehicle parked in it. Behind the neighbor is a commercial bin (don’t know if it was for #3623 or not, or if it was present Oct3/4).

    Interview was done on October 5 at 11:25am.

    Again . . . the above is fwiw, not knowing, Blink, what your thoughts are on the originating whereabouts before the landfill site.

  19. Blink says:

    So these folks have now reached the double helix of statistical improbability:

    1. To have a random stranger abduct a baby from a window nobody can get in or out of on their own, let alone with a live baby with the family 20 feet away.

    2. To have a stolen cell phone call people that have been in the neighborhood and that is shared amongst 7 drug addicts in a home they get kicked out of, some arrested.

    3. Jeremy ” I am really awake and I just look like I do not give a shit” has his debit card number ripped off, and it is by cosmic or telepathic chance that it is used once, and attempted 2 other times on a site allegedly renaming babies. Oh and yeah, if we tell you what the url is a whois search will leave our asses out to dry.

    To wide windsor: wth are you doing? I mean seriously, and don’t give me the everyone needs a zealous defense crap

    To Deborah: The next time you appear in an interview, you should know, not putting on mascara when you are looking to cry for the camera gets around the makeup artist room lickety split.

    To Jeremy: Lisa was your baby. You were her Daddy. Shame on You for today and every day that you bought any of this ridiculous BS a third grader reading Nancy Drew for the first time would know was utter bunk. ( no offense to any third graders, the adults are just talking about adult issues here.)

    I find it physically painful to look at this beautiful childs little eyes these “parents” make me so nauseaus.


  20. radiogirl says:

    DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lizzy says:

    radiogirl says:
    May 22, 2012 at 10:59 am
    DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The “quick-and-easy change-your-baby’s-name online for a simple fee” thing has me dumbfounded.

  22. lizzy says:

    The strange parallels between this case and that of Isabel Celis wake me up at night. All the children are older in the Celis family, but still. Screen issues at an improbable/impossible window. Two older brothers. Some apparent/possible substance/alcohol abuse issues. One parent and both siblings in the home at the time of disappearance. Possibly other adults around, but that’s not clear.

  23. Essay Kaye says:

    Almost one year later and the police still seem focused on mother:

    As do I. Thank you Essay Kaye for advocating in many cases.


  24. Liam says:

    I am doubtful this is baby Lisa but it is encouraging that answers are being sought.

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