Jodi Arias Prepares To Die Or Rot In Jail For The Murder Of Travis Alexander

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Phoenix, Arizona- Today began the first day of the first degree or felony murder trial of Jodi Arias for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Image courtesy Arias

Image courtesy Arias

Arias is accused of viciously stabbing and shooting her former boyfriend in his home after a romantic afternoon which included footage of the couples rendezvous taken on Alexander’s camera.

Alexander broke off ties with Arias  several months before according to his close friends, but not so much- according to cell and other electronic communications shared between the two.   The phrase “He’s just not that into you” and Ms. Arias are apparently strangers.

courtesy myspace

courtesy myspace

Travis was a young and successful entrepreneur with a 5 bedroom home.  Arias was a High School drop out content to take pictures of the two globetrotting on Alexander’s dime.

Arias converted to the Mormon faith in her efforts to win the wedded affections of the handsome upstart she moved to Mesa from her hometown of Yreka, CA for.

Travis decided he wanted a Mormon do-over with a suitable young woman and asked Arias to move out.     Arias returned to her family home (or pretended to) and diligently stalked her way through waiting out the *friends with benefits* routine she was sure to cure Travis of.

When Arias learned Travis was headed to Cancun with a woman he had just begun dating it was clear Jodi was not fond of giving up what she considered her earned frequent flyer spot.

Maria Hall was the first witness for the prosecution.  She testified that although she went on a few dates with Alexander, there was no spark for her and the two decided to vacation as friends.  She was made aware that Travis had a female stalker who slit his tires but never knew her name.  Hall ultimately called police after not being able to reach Alexander for days and she and two friends who had the garage key code found his body.

Images of a deceased Travis Alexander depicting 27 stab wounds and a .25 gunshot to the cheek were seen by the jury while Arias looked down dabbing a tissue at dry eyes.  Alexander had a gaping hole in his throat from ear to ear.

With a palm print made in blood and hair belonging to Arias in blood at the scene,  one would have thought that would have been enough for her to admit her presence to police.

It was not until the images of Travis’s camera, where one can see a shot of the ceiling one second and the next picture shows him bleeding and Arias attempting to drag him,  did Arias update her version of events.  The camera was found in the washer with the bedding but the SD card was unharmed.  The pictures were recovered from the unallocated space indicating Arias had deleted them.   There are pictures of Travis Alexander’s lifeless body including defensive wounds.

It is believed Arias shot Alexander first,  rendering him mostly incapacitated as he tried to fight off her knife attack, although the prosecution has seemed to change it’s earlier findings on the wound chronology.

She now claims she killed Travis Alexander in self defense.  I want to personally thank her for not accusing George Anthony of finding Alexander in the shower and claiming he was dead from some lethal water pressure mishap he found online surfing the web.

This woman,  the prison caroling songstress of 2010, will have all the permanent acoustics she can handle.

“No jury is going to convict me … because I am innocent and you can mark my words on that,” 

“No jury is going to convict me.”    -Jodi Arias

And Ms. Arias can mark my words on this.   You are never getting out of the joint alive.   You know what? I don’t think you care in the least.    At least your crazytown azz does not have to watch a kind and successful young man struggling with the application of his fundamental religious teachings while you invade the mans doggy door and squat at his pad while he is out trying to earn a living.   You just swapped one prison for another.



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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks blink-

    Youre right if anyone of these jurors has any knowledge of still digital cameras even if it isnt the exact model then there could be a doubt…and if the defense can trump the prosecution by bringing in a rep for the manufacturer than we may have doubt-

    Ir seems all the prosecution did was set up his own experts for a fall
    because we know for a fact if the defense presents a case then they will have duling experts…

    And then we have Martinez dropping the camera…I asked is this the glove dont fit moment in the trial- the moment when the prosecution lost…I dont know but I find it hard to believe that this case has been in the works for 5 years-

    Is the State having a hard time because of Martinez- hubris? IDK but it makes me wonder why he rested when he did…was it a mistake was he off his mark was he so pizzed at the witness that he rested
    I hope not but so many things are left to ponder

    It does seem the State has many Achilles heels. perhaps it is their strategy and they are walking the defense into a trap

    Hopefully thats the case….

    It scares me that the defense wants to test Jodis camera-

    Did the prosecution ever test it?
    What will it show?

    I found the manual for this camera- it goes over some of the stuff I went through but it is more succinct and not so disjointed…

    yes I admit it my writing skills are not even good enough for a users manual..


    I got ya’ back Mom 3.0. Let me guess- wireless keyboard? I love mine when I am in my office, but it is one finicky piece of equipment.

  2. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink not Vlink sheesh…
    sorry for the typos

    and JFTR I m not trying to disparage those who write user manuals

    My cont prayers to Travis Alexanders family and friends.

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  4. [...] miss tonight’s show with criminologist Dr. Scott Bonn and Blink from Blink on Crime discussing serial killers and also the Arias [...]

  5. Peggy says:

    “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. – To kill is to comitt A MORTAL SIN. Arias violated a very serious 10th Commandment. Mortal Sin meaning hell. No one of any religious faith that believes in the Ten Commandments and The Law should even suggest Jodi Arias is innocent. And/or deserves to walk free. Arias chose to go to her x- boyfriends house at 4:00 am while neighbors were sleeping. (Pre-meditated). She drove a rented vehicle. (Pre-meditated). She brought with her a gun, a knife and possibly duct tape. (Pre-meditated). She tired Alexander out with 14 hours of sex. Alaxander never suspected his LOVER would stab him in the shower or shoot him in the face. He was tired and naked. Naked as God made him when Arias lunged a knife into his heart. RENDERED HIM HELPLESS. He never had a chance to escape the Devil Witches assault. Blinded by soup and water. Bleeding, in pain and defenseless he was trying to save himself from the first blow when she inflicted 30 more life threatening wounds. Pure Satanic rage. She can NEVER BE CONSIDERED INNOCENT! This was never Jodi Arias’s self defense case. Why didn’t she use the damn DOOR AND LEAVE while Teacis was in the shower! ARIAS was never a tied up prisoner of . Travis Alexander did not keep her from LEAVING!!

  6. Peggy says:

    NO EXCUSE FOR MURDERING A NAKED MAN BATHING. IN COLD BLOOD! In the back! Jodi Arias was clothed and armed with weapons. Why didn’t she just take her STUPID ASS out the door she came in? If the weapons belonged to Travis Alexander they would still be in that house!

  7. Mom3.0 says:

    Yes Blink my keyboard is finicky. Thanks for having my back-

    Ive got yours too.

    Remember Lyla asked if Jodi had a gun?

    Well I found this on Scaredmonkeys

    snipped interrogation tape-

    JODI ARIAS: What kind of gun is that?

    INVESTIGATOR: It`s a Glock.

    ARIAS: I just bought a gun.

    INVESTIGATOR: Did you?

    ARIAS: Mmm-hmm.

    INVESTIGATOR: We probably found it by now.

    then we have this

    “That is one of the things I am scared of. [Guns and] public speaking,” Arias told Mesa, Ariz., police detective Esteban Flores during a June 25, 2008 phone interview. “That was one of the things [Travis Alexander] was trying to get me to do — get out of my comfort zone.”

    “I am not shy about sleeping in my car,” Arias said in the tape

    Det Flores answered that could be dangerous and suggested she needed protection.

    “I was thinking of that,” Aria said before detailing her fear of guns. But, she added, “Handguns are expensive [and] not in my price range.”

    So it seems she overcame her fear of guns on more than one occasion and it seems her finances improved also

    Not to mention her fear of public speaking seemed to fall by the wayside too-

    as her press conference shows..and her 48 hrs interviews show and her singing debut shows

    I hope to listen to the show tonight Blink-
    as comedian Brian Regan would say Take Luck


  8. Mom3.0 says:


    I just read this:

    According to Nancy Grace (not sure if info has been verified )

    Police did catch her trying to pack up to leave and she did have a gun-

    Just revealed: police catch Jodi Arias on secret surveillance packing boxes, preparing to flee right before her arrest! And new evidence is uncovered: police found a 9mm gun inside Jodi Arias’ grandparents home & knives hidden inside a box of books.


    I believe the gun is registered to her grandparents and I don’t believe the knives were on her person- but I am certainly open to new information.

  9. Peggy says:

    Jodi Arias played the suicide card. Obviously she plotted to kill her x- boyfriend. But she also gave herself the option of suicude or alabi. Who knows what kind if game she played outside Travis Alaxander’s shower. He looked at her with concerning soapy red eyes through the glass as if she flaunted a gun or knife along side the camera. She could have told Travis she was going to kill herself. Instead she killed him. And decided she could actually get away with the perfect crime.

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  11. susanau says:

    After being corrected regarding someone not having their neck slashed when the person is facing them…then how is it that left handed Jodi was able to slash the right side of the neck of Travis? Looking at the coroners drawings that have been released to the media, the cut was not ear to ear but instead a 3-4″ cut on the right side of his neck.

    Susanau, I am glad that you are able to read responses, I ask that you pick a moniker as requested or sign in with susanau- it is our pleasure to have you, I am sure.

    The 3/4″ measurement you are referencing is the width of the laceration, not the length. Or you are also referencing a separate stab wound. I have seen the macros of this wound- it is absolutely the extent of his throat laterally.

  12. susanau says:

    I can’t believe that a zoom lens was used to take the photos in the shower because they are taken at various angles.

    It can be used on autozoom, but it is true that some of the images have been enhanced by the crime lab- I don’t think it was ever made clear which ones were enhanced specifically..

  13. lyla says:

    @Mom3.0 says:
    January 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    (snipped) ” I just read this:

    According to Nancy Grace (not sure if info has been verified )

    Police did catch her trying to pack up to leave and she did have a gun-

    Just revealed: police catch Jodi Arias on secret surveillance packing boxes, preparing to flee right before her arrest! And new evidence is uncovered: police found a 9mm gun inside Jodi Arias’ grandparents home & knives hidden inside a box of books.”
    JVM reporting the same info. They showed the box of knives and the 9mm gun. Why didn’t the prosecution present this as evidence or are they saving it for rebuttal? Something seems not quite ‘kosher” to me.

  14. lyla says:

    NG also reporting Arias family is selling Jodi’s artwork on Ebay….raising the money to provide Jodi more nutritious food while in prison. I wonder if any of the jurors are “peeking” at the news.

  15. Malty says:

    So much of this stuff seems far out
    If TA treated her with out respect after she stalked him and slashed his tires
    If she did this stuff who would treat her with respect
    I am sorry JA but If you behave like this Asking respect is just to much

  16. Malty says:

    I can’t see how the jury can let this JA off But to be honest most of my info comes from watching NG
    So maybe I am missing something here
    I never ever watched NG before because I didn’t like her until now

  17. Malty says:

    Hanging here waiting to see if Jody is going take the stand
    I hate all this stuff about Travis and sex

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  19. janice says:



  20. janice says:

    i agree with peggy on probability of how killing may have occurred…in the most evil angry revengeful stalking way…i believe there is forgiveness for all sins except blasphemy; yes, even murder……that forgiveness is possible and not up to us…of course, that forgiveness will never even be considered for the hereafter unless she, well, seeks it in the true way of Jesus Christ (that was, after all, his purpose).

    Has anyone considered that she says more than once that Travis called her “Pollyanna”. I know most think of pollyanna as meaning positive thinking and too strait laced and the sterotype of the braids and such; however, it also sounds eerily like “apollya”, which is clearly stated in Revelations as name of antichrist. no, i’m not a religious nut. Just saying she may be evil and clever enough to play a game with public at trial with this pollyanna comment which he prob never said anyway.

  21. janice says:

    if she should squirm her way off working the system as is popular these days, it will be a large slam to our justice system as a whole & won’t help the country …..i don’t think it will happen, but public media mixing with court system and politics may not be such a good thing…i think the good ol days of private court hearings was best.

    it’s very entertaining tho!! :)

  22. janice says:

    arias was very cocky/aggressive on cross exam/enjoying every minute of argument…whole other side to her meek soft spoken game…made it easy to picture the hold she had on travis…he never had a chance against her use of sex, aggressive highly intelligent games and stalking (stroking his ego in process).

    he saw it toward the end as said in his texts which called her sociopath, evil, good liar and as “very good at ruining his every day”. he asked her clearly to stay away. he saw too much good in all people and she used sex against him (practiced at that) to keep him from seeking outside help. like blackmail….she is a very bad egg with a pretty cover….she found easy prey with travis…there will be justice one way or other.

  23. pharlap says:

    I sure hope the juror’s have common sense & brains. Can see the last 2 days of her on the stand,very calculating person. Could see it in her eye’s.

  24. janice says:

    evil personated…..”apollya” means antichrist in revelations believed by christians to be name antichrist will go by (as stated in revelations)…her repeated efforts to get in that travis (God rest his soul) called her pollyanna was weird and deliberate .. so what if he called her pollyanna?? (is that abusive; pollyanna can normally mean a demure positive person).

    unless she said it for a broader public game of manipulation and to show how “smart” she is in her dangerous psychotic ways…….. most of us would never correlate that to apollya, but she likes to “PLAY” and play she did when she slaughtered the young man from foot to head like a hog…but she did it slowly unlike a humane butcherer of animals

  25. janice says:

    another….had it not been for her sexual prowess and experience, she could never have lured him to the brink of death and beyond (better place no doubt, but before his time)….she clouded his judgement because he WAS an intelligent intuitive man

    What does lured him to the brink of death and beyond mean?

  26. janice says:

    did i already say this…..killing is not a mortal sin….there is actually forgiveness when sought in correct way……maybe not in man’s justice system, but in one that matters ultimately

    that said, blasphemy isn’t…she is so crafty…this is why she continually refers to travis (God rest his soul) as bopping her in his religious garb (this would be a form of blasphemy)…which is most likely not truth, but she keeps putting it out there

    she knows this will hit “home” with family and defame him as nothing else could….she is in essence “killing” him a second time by trying to make others (who know that blasphemy is only mortal sin) think he went straight to hell…..

    she is evil and if not evil, twisted, personified….hope i’m wrong but it is what it is

  27. greta says:

    A couple of corrections:

    He had 29 stab wounds. At first the ME said 27, but he found two more.

    He was not shot first because the bullet shell was found in blood. The ME also said if he had been shot first, he would have died. He was stabbed, then his throat was slit, then he was shot.

    Welcome Greta. I would love to have you join the conversation but I would recommend that you read the old comments first before correcting things. I can promise you the conversations here are uber current.

  28. greta says:

    Also, she never officially lived with him. She rented a room in another house.

    She did not move to Mesa until after they had broken up, which is scary as hell. They continued to see eachother on the sly. A few months after that, TA said he never wanted to see her again so she moved back to Yreka. That was the last time they saw eachother until the day of the murder, although they continued to keep in contact via phone, text and email.

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