Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Josh Childers,Joshua Childers,Missing Child | Wednesday 6 May 2009 6:54 pm


ST. Louis– Josh Childers, 3, missing for almost 50 hours, was found within 3 miles of his home in Mark Twain National Forest. Details of his condition were not immediately known; he was taken to an undisclosed Hospital.


Check back to for updates.

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  2. Deenie says:

    YES! Thank God he is Found and Is Back with his MOM & DAD – that’s Beautiful News.
    This News just made my Day.

  3. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I agree – I was so happy (and shocked to be very honest) to hear this news.

  4. Kleat says:

    St. Anthony does come through!!! This is the best news everyone and it’s great to have a nice story on BlinkOnCrime too… no crime, no loss, great outcome.

  5. Karen Lee says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL PIECE of news tonight!

    A child SAFE … and relatively unharmed. Thank you baby Jesus. Let’s hope this bodes well for the other Hispanic boy in San Bernadino who was taken by those awful home invaders. Let us pray he is rescued.

    Short note to parents of young toddlers (& older):

    GET ONE OF THOSE VERY LOUD “bells” or BUZZZERS that ring/buzz WHENEVER your door is opened.

    do NOT consider your home SAFE without such a device. The LOUDER the better.

    AND KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED AT ALL TIMES (regardless WHERE you live –how SAFE you THINK your neighborhood IS)>

    We are NOW living in a society turned UPSIDE DOWN and the victims are DEFENSE-less kids.

    NOBODY should think they (or their kids) are SAFE. If you love your kids –DO NOT turn a blind eye THINKING it could NEVER happen to YOU.

    I survived as a (formerly) exceedingly attractive single mother who lived in some of the biggest cities –and i never took ANYTHING for granted. I walked with purpose, and never “ambled aimlessly.” I had all my doors belled and took every precaution. When I moved into any property I did a THREAT ANALYSIS myself. Factoring in every aspect of an intruder, fire or other natural/man made disasters.

    If you don’t want to BE a victim: you have to prepare in every way conceivable. Still, evil may find you -but at least you won’t FEEL like a helpless victim; knowing you did ALL you could to avoid a stupid encounter that could end in tragedy.

    These days you cannot AFFORD to drive with your windows all the way DOWN -nor with doors UNLOCKED. Home invasions are happening TOO FREQUENTLY now that we are in the midst of the WORST DEPRESSION ever –PEOPLE are desperate.

    LOOK at your own home as a FORTRESS –and plan FOR an invasion –taking every precaution to be PREPARED in case of one.

    DO NOT exit your locked car until you have checked EVERY angle surrounding you; keys in your hand –ready to open your door or car door. If you are driving INTO your garage (night or day) DO NOT UNLOCK your car or TURN OFF the IGNITION until your garage door IS SECURELY CLOSED –and you have examined every bit of the garage interior FROM THE SAFETY of your locked vehicle. THEN, turn off your ignition because (obviously) should someone have SNUCK into your garage to catch you off-guard YOU CAN PUT your car in REVERSE –and STEP ON THE GAS to drive yourself OUT of harm’s way.

    KEEP 911 on the FIRST SPEED dial of every phone. Keep LOTS of phones in your home –or keep your remote WITH YOU at all times.

    Keep a tire iron, heavy screwdriver, etc in your car close at hand.

    Make it your business to find out every security precaution the professionals suggest you take. This may be the UNITED States of America –but too many crazies are AMONG us. And MAKE SURE your children NEVER GO ANYWHERE by themselves & always indicate WHERE they will be.

    This is a siege mentality. Read the newspapers for the latest crime events. Informed is alarmed and alarmed means you stay on your toes to survive. Teach your kids ALL THESE RULES and be sure they KNOW why. They have to be TAUGHT there is EVIL out there -and how they can help avoid it,

  6. sweetpea says:

    Thank God! Bless the children.

  7. Poetica says:

    Wonderful news!

  8. KellyBear says:

    this is amazing :) and AWESOME!!
    I can’t imagine the excitement & happiness of everyone who spent time searching for him. I hope his physical condition/health is ok….can’t imagine 50 hours lost?!

  9. Red Ranger says:

    CNN is reporting on their website that this little rascal is home now and craving hot dogs and milk.

    Does a three year old vagabond now believe there’s no place like home?

  10. Annals says:

    Thanks for that, Blink. And thank God.

  11. PamTX says:

    With all of our missing little ones, I can only imagine the feeling when he was found…this is a welcome rarity for this little traveler. With much joy and elation; I would assume he won’t be wandering again anytime soon. This family was truly blessed with a miracle that won’t be forgotten and can only hope and pray they have received a valuable lesson out of what could not have been a second chance. Thanks for the update!

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