Joran Van Der Sloot: Geraldo Features Mark Fuhrmans Timeline And Uncovers New Details

Geraldos Coverage of The Joran Van Der Sloot Investigation of the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez in Peru featuring Mark Fuhrman.

Discussion tonight on the Dana Pretzer Show, Live at 9PM EST

Guest Include:

Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson attorney, updates recent developments.

Jossy Mansur, from Aruba, discusses recent arrest of Joran Van Der Sloot.

Blink, from discusses the Stacy Peterson and Joran Van DerSloot cases.

Clint Van Zandt, Former FBI profiler (r) author and safety expert discusses the Peterson and Van Der Sloot Cases.

RED, Editor In Chief, Scared, discusses Peterson and Van Der Sloot cases.

Robin Sax, NBC analyst and Former LA prosecutor discusses Peterson, Van Der Sloot cases and the search for John Mark Karr.

Listen To The Podcast Here

youtube upload courtesy of Klaasend

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  1. Kleat says:

    Blink, what do you know, or can find out about the ‘other women’ who this YouTube user claims (watch after 4 minute mark) were marks for the sexual slavery market by Joran, and who were ‘saved’. Not involving Thailand but New Zealand, Finland and Russia.

    Of course this is not an official Interpol source, but what about this allegations about Joran and what the real Interpol might know? Has Interpol been working behind the scenes, and if so, how would this not bring charges against Joran in these cases?

    There are photos in this video of two more women, who are they?

  2. Kleat says:

    Sorry, the ‘three’ (not just two) girls are pictured in the video, at 4:34 minutes…. did Joran actually attempt to kidnap them by travelling to their respective countries?

  3. Babyfacemagee says:

    Foxnews is reporting that Joran is offering to strike a bargain and tell where the remains of Natalie are in exchange for being sent back to Aruba. I highly doubt they’ll fall for that. I agree with an above poster. The Peru authorities should ‘take care of business’ with Joran and do whatever it takes to cough up the details of what happened to Natalie. Frankly, I’ll be the first to believe he simply ‘fell down the stairs’ to explain his bruises and cuts. I certainly would like the Holloways to get some closure, but the first priority is to make sure this *sshole stays behind bars for the next 35 years.

    One question I have is if the potential jail time he would get from the FBI extortion investigation would be consecutive or simultaneous with any jail he gets in Peru. It would be great if he spends 30 years in Peru and then another 15-20 in the US. He won’t get out till he’s in his 70′s…if he’s alive then.

  4. Lee says:

    I read somewhere online…I think it might have been a National Enquirer piece that was posted on another website, complete with crime scene photos, that there were two full cups of coffee on the table in the room.

  5. Kleat says:

    Thanks to Klaasend, a video of Joran transferred to Castro Castro, and put into his cell, answering questions like what is his occupation, he says he does business (tengo negocio). Yeah, we’ve seen him negotiate and broker deals–

    The cell is very small, and yes, there’s just a ‘hole’ in the floor.

  6. Leslee S. says:

    Tonight, it was reported on the Geraldo show that Joran had fired his attorney & his hiring someone else.

  7. chica says:

    sorry klaasend dint realize you posted the link

  8. Ragdoll says:

    I’m curious to know if JVS understands what is taking place in his life at this moment? Does he understand what he’s facing or is he even capable?

    He is used to having protection, enablers, supporters. I wonder if he gets the ‘hate’ and ‘anger’ projected at him from Peruvians and does it affect him…..scare him?

    Thanks for the link Kleat xo.

  9. Ragdoll says:

    ….as for his demands to confess to Aruban authorities, this is a control tactic! He is desperate to get back what he once had. It infuriates, imo, that he has no control now. He’s grasping and I pray Peruvian police don’t oblige to his demands. They have him cornered and they are quite capable of getting a confession from him. They can give him options and if he’s truly desperate enough, he’ll bite.

  10. Starsky says:

    Joran supposedly refusing food because he fears it is poisoned per Geraldo

  11. Sue says:

    Aruba has no charges against Joran – so there is no need for him to leave Peru. There are charges pending here in the U.S.A. for extortion, but that will come in time. Peru may never have to use any of the phony confessions at trial. They have the evidence and according to Nancy Grace tonight, the disappearance of Natalee Holloway can be used against Joran, because Joran is the one who brought the Holloway case up to police when questioned. He stated that an e-mail came up on his computer that threatened him because of his involvement in the disappearance of Natalee, and Stephany reacted to the e-mail, and he ended up killing her because of the e-mail. There will be 3 judges who decide his fate. That will be the trial.

    Joran’s lawyer quit today. Is it because he received too many death threats for defending Joran? Also – Joran is housed in a special housing unit at Castro Castro jail and he is housed next to an inmate charged with being a “hit man.” Little ironic isn’t it?

  12. Sue says:

    Sorry Blink – I hit the button twice. The second one has the correct spelling of the word “quit”. Sue

  13. Kleat says:

    Starsky, didn’t hear that but it’s probably just a rat tail. He figures himself a snake, so that shouldn’t bother him at all.

  14. Starsky says:

    You made me giggle Kleat. :0)
    Blink, any new Morgan developments?

    Not that I am aware of.

  15. Lovely says:

    Guys, sorry to post this here, but the Morgan thread has run off the page and I want to make sure that everyone sees this and remembers to be safe.

    MR. & MRS. HARRINGTON, if you are reading this, I want you to know that because of Morgan, I was alert and aware at a recent concert I went to.

    Two weekends ago, I went to a big hip hop concert that I was really excited about! ofcourse, I knew I would be drinking, puffing, and having a good time, but because of Morgan, I also knew that I needed to keep my wits about me.

    1. I made a pact with my friend that we would NOT separate for any circumstances, even to go to the bathroom. We would go together.

    2. I told my friend that we would not speak to or leave with any guys, no matter what they said. You can always give someone an email address – if he likes you, he will contact you. We were not going to “party” with anyone.

    3. We would not accept any drinks or drugs from any person, no matter what, even a woman.

    4. If at any time during the concert either one of us felt uncomfortable, we would leave with no questions asked, no matter what, even if it was only halfway through the show.

    We made these rules and stuck by them the entire time. I was happy to be going to such a great show with a great friend.

    But here is the CREEPY part:

    At the beginning of the show, we took a wrong turn and ended up in a MOB that was packed toward the stage. We had great seats, but this was way up in front and you could not MOVE. It literally took about 45 minutes to wrangle through the crowd that was about 10 deep, and once you were inside this mosh pit, there was no way out, so you really had to breath and have your wits about you or you would have had a panic attack from the claustraphobia.

    In this crowd, being that it was a big hip hop concert, was A LOT of weed. And I mean A LOT. Whats more, the security guards were everywhere, but they were not stopping it – which is fine, because people should be entitled to have a good time and the crowd wasnt vicious. Im not going to get in a debate about marijuana use :-)

    I had packed two joints and my friend and I stopped in this crowd and decided to smoke one. Just as I took my first puff, I saw a security guard looking at me. I quickly dropped the joint and turned my head, pretending I wasnt doing anything. I didnt want to get kicked out so early in the show. When I looked again, he was gone, so I picked up the joint and started smoking again.

    That was when I felt an arm come around from behind me, around my WAIST and his gross, hot breath in my ear. The security guard was literally holding me, and he said “Be a good girl, now” and kept his arm around me.

    I will tell you, there were tons of people smoking all around me, way more than I was, and no reason for the security guard to approach me out of all the people there in the crowd.

    I moved away from him, and in hopes of keeping things light, I laughed and said “I’m good, I’m done, I’m done.”

    He walked back to his post and proceeded to literally stare at me for what seemed like hours (prob a few minutes)…like he wanted me to be some fawning girl and go over to him and try to get closer to the stage. Seriously, I think thats what he wanted.

    I didnt say anything, but was VERY uncomfortable. When my friend said, “Dude, that security guard likes you…he is really creeping me out” I said ‘Oh thank god, its not just me…lets move!!” She agreed, and we quickly forfeited our AMAZING seats close to the stage and moved toward the back. I said, “If we see him again, no matter what, if he comes looking for me, I want to leave.” She said ofcourse, that was the deal.

    Luckily, we did NOT see him again (too far back at that point) but I was thinking of Morgan all night long.

    Ladies – never in my wildest dreams did I think that a security guard at a concert would treat me that way or make me feel uncomfortable. But after the Morgan story, I am less trusting, even of people in uniform.

    Please be safe and careful and have rules that you do not break!!

    Before Morgan, I probably WOULD have flirted with the guard, tried to get back stage, etc. I am a trusting person by natures, and I enjoy being in the spotlight.

    But after reading this board and becoming aware, I knew that he was a creep and I hope that he did not get close to some other drunken, stoned girl who had her defenses down. My fingers are crossed.

    This CAN happen, no matter how safe you are. Even security will not protect you.

    Again, I am sorry to post this on this thread – I have been meaning to post it since the incident happened because I was so shocked at the parallels to the Morgan case and that I was experiencing it myself.

    This is important information for ALL to know.

    Thanks xoxo

  16. Lovely says:

    And a comment on the Kyron case –

    Parents – a good way to make sure your child feels safe is to give them a “password”.

    My parents have been doing this with me and my sister since we could talk. We have a password.

    They did this, so that if anyone we did not know ever came to pick us up from school in an emergency or they needed to get a message to us somehow, we would know it was legit if they said “The password is —-”.

    I am 30 now and we still use this communication. Recently, I had a friend stranded in another country in Asia, where my parents happen to live. I told him to contact my Dad and tell him to wire money to him. I said he would know it was legit if he used the password, and gave it to him. My friend called my dad, told him he was stranded, that it wasnt a con, and said “Your daughter said to use the password ——”

    My dad immediately knew it was legit, and sent the money and my friend got home safely.

    Give your kids a password that strangers must use when engaging with them!!

  17. A Texas Grandfather says:

    to Lovely Says:

    By taking a proactive position regarding behavior of those around you and sticking to it, you may have saved yourself and your friend some grief. This is exactly how you should behave at an event of this type.
    I consider all rock and hip hop concerts to be dangerous places for young women. There are simply too many guys that attend these events looking to take advantage of a woman alone and not in complete control of their faculties.
    Who would have thought of a security guard? If these are not off-duty LE then all security is suspect.
    A case in point was a 22 year old woman on spring break in Florida who was kidnapped by a hotel security guard, beaten, raped and thrown from a sixth floor balcony when he was through with her. She was lucky and landed on a canvas awning that broke the fall and she survived.
    I asked the question about the guards for the Metalica concert at JPJA in regards to Morgan. If these were not certified LE, then all are suspect in my mind.
    I have no clue as to your age, but smoking pot kills brain cells where alcohol merely paralizes them and they can recover. Smoking pot will eventually affect you ability to reason. It is your brain and I respect your right to choose your habits.
    I am just glad that by reading these posts you were able to make some good decisions prior to attending the concert and as a result you removed yourselves from potential danger.

  18. Judi says:

    Joran now saying he “dumped” Natalee in the Bubali Bird Sanctuary and her dad wants to go search and Aruba is asking/telling him to “hold off”.

  19. Kleat says:

    This is something– IF the translation is accurate, it’s recognition of a problem in her son by Joran’s mother, Anita.

    It may be a decision to go this route publicly, to try to create a defense by mental illness and a ‘snap’ caused by the pressures of the Holloway case, but if Joran is a psychopath, that would imply that he didn’t just ‘snap’ and wouldn’t be phased by emotional stress of Natalie’s disappearance, but the effects would be all about him.

    This might just be a very clever tactic. Playing it a ‘Cindy’ way, would not work, Joran has set the stage for the type of defense, and the mother is assisting, it seems?

    Also, Joran had access to his cell phone during the time he was fleeing to Chile and that trip gave him time to not only cool off and think, it gave him distance and a chance to get away and it also gave him time to talk to his lawyer or other advisors about his situation and best way to handle it. They may have advised him to turn himself in and advised him of the best type of defense to play. And of course, to cry. (there is also a crying scene when Joran talks about how Natalie died in the fall off the balcony– could it be that this is what actually happened to Natalie and that Joran was crying because it might be useful to him to do so with the ‘real’ account of her death, or at least the balcony and the ‘fall’ part would be true? He cried in the confession in Peru, apparently. Seems he’s parallelling one of his last confession tactics– so does it give a clue to which Natalie scenario might be closest to containing true facts? Maybe.

  20. Kleat says:

    This is the Joran ‘crying’ confession scene, the story/video is posted on June 13, 2010, but was this part of the Holloway ‘confession’ as it seems to be? Or is the video more recent?

    Someone able to read this and help out please?


  21. Kleat says:

    Re post 22, the first part of that article reads: (thanks to Babelfish)

    “Joran van der Sloot gave a fourth version on the death of Natalee Holloway.

    The Dutch citizen confessed that the young American fell of a balcony and that with a friend they hid the body in a marsh.”

    Right– her fault, she ‘fell’. This scenario seems closest to the type of scenario we see with Stephany, that might involve ‘his room’ and rage and physical violence, and also the need to hide the body because of it’s evidence. Maybe his other confession scenarios were to cover for the real version, or one with some aspects that were based on truth.

  22. Ragdoll says:

    The legendary liar won’t discuss his case with the judge assigned to his case AND has recanted his confession. No surprise there.

    Effwad. I have a herculean dislike for this creep.

    Apolly to readers.

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Kleat, for the amount of times the slaughter man has changed his story about Natalee, I’ve conclude he’s demonstrating refined fabrication skills at best. Unless he’s psychologically evaluated, there’s no telling WHY he changes the version of stories so often …..but…… me thinks it’s an addiction to the button pushing controls. Even behind bars, he’s suggesting he still has some control over the facts. For now, I’m just grateful he’s behind bars in a harsh system.

  24. Ragdoll says:

    I thought for sure someone would comment about Van der Sloot’s possibility of getting away with murder…AGAIN. How can this be? How can he manipulate a Peruvian murder trail, for which he is the accused, to a complete halt? What…or who…does he know?

    This proves that oozing in slime and mucous can get you out of stealth charges like murder ….twice (that we know of). He is not human and say it isn’t so. :o (

  25. cosmo says:

    drinking alcohol makes you stupid and smoking pot does not.

    O I cannot even believe you wrote that.

  26. Gary Giordano was in Aruba when both Holloway and Gardner went missing. Flores is collateral damage in the persecution of an innocent man.

    LOL. I was waiting for the moonbats to offer such nonsense. You forgot to say the Cowpoo brothers are his second cousins once removed.

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