Blink On The Dana Pretzer Show- Scared Monkeys Radio Discusses Natalee Holloway and Kyron Horman


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  1. NancyS says:

    Please share about what was talked about on the show as I can never listen to this show for some reason, dang it.
    I am also wondering how court for Ron Cummings is going to turn out tomorrow? so much going on Blink.

  2. Eloise says:

    Oh, nuts, missed it again. Look forward to the link when out. Thats what happens when you have certain threads linked I guess. I’m sure you were right on target!

    Very emotional Show, E.
    Will post podcast tomorrow.

    Peace, love and hope to Beth, Dave, Natalee, and their families.

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    I tuned in too late to hear your insights Blink. I will wait for the podcast.

    Emotional? I did hear Red’s comments, and I could tell he was very sad & out of sorts. Did Dana play the interview to which Red was referring? If so I missed that part also.

    Lots to listen to tomorrow.

  4. krowdkat says:

    Dana didn’t replay the interview as he didn’t want to give it anymore air based on my understanding of his comments. I never heard the original interview, either.

    It was good to hear Blinks real voice so that I can tie it to her writing voice. I’m impressed with her caliber and the concerns she and Dana brought up inre to Beth’s plight.

    Although I didn’t hear Tim Miller say what he supposedly said, I will say that I do believe we are all human and he should probably apoligize to Beth and then we all need to let that go and move on for justice sake.

    I am not sure it came across how much we respect and love Tim. If you have never met him, I have often described him as “walking pain”.

    He has had a brutal childhood, a murdered daughter, and the accompanying demons of same.

    I have crossed rooms and fields to hug him for no reason other than he was just standing still for a second.

    I am disappointed in him because his words were rash, unfair and untrue about Beth Holloway and I know she was hurt deeply by them. That is not easy to do when your soul is already carrying the kind of pain hers is right now.

    It is appropriate to provide the link to the interview with Steph Watts we are discussing, but I just cannot bring myself to post it on my site.

    I would like Tim to apologize to Beth because he knows that is the right thing to do, and so we can put this behind us and continue the “good work.”

  5. Word Girl says:

    Sometimes I have to save the best for last. It’s 11:30 pm on the west coast on Full Moon night. Work is done, all various job emails checked.
    Now…time for Blink.

    Justice for Natalee and Bring Kyron Home! Can’t wait to hear the pod.

  6. JR says:

    I always miss the live show too and impatiently check and check and check again til the podcast finally available the next day. Anyways, sounds like this will be another good show – worth the wait. The quality of coverage to evoke emotions as well.

    I will post the podcast as soon as it becomes available.

    You don’t wanna miss the show where Red calls someone an assclown.

  7. Kleat says:

    Missed it too– any way SM can post a notice earlier in the day or so?

    Remembering Haleigh too, and with her father’s sentence, will MC finally finally get it through her head she’s not going to get ‘drug court’ so could continue to ‘deal’ her lies?

    My bad actually- will let y’all know when the podcast is up

  8. Mom3.0 says:

    Thank you for letting us know more about was included in the radio show.
    Thank you Blink for sharing that story of Tim Miller and walking up to him to give him a hug, just because he was still.

    I will pray for both Tim and Beth. Again, I have not heard the interview, so I can’t give my perspective. (I don’t think I want to either.) Although I am sure both are hurting tremendously. I hope Tim and Beth will work it out.

    Podcast is Up, thanks for your patience all.

    Special thanks to you Mom 3.0 for your Switzerland-ish-ness.

    Sigh, yes I am very fond of Mr. Miller.

  9. Jeff D says:

    Caught the end of the show last night and I must say Ms. B you are certainly knowledgable and a confirmed insider. Good job. And you talk like you write…sounded just like ya…

    lol, yes my ADD follows me in all forms of communication :)

  10. deeindvl says:

    Wow, I listened to Steph Watt’s Bash Beth Bash… It was so sickening, what was the point? Was it necessary? Does he consider himself a journalist?? To listen to Dana and Blink, the professionalism they conduct themselves with and then the pure crap that comes form Steph makes me want to puke. Tim seemed to realize (too late) what he let himself get caught up in when Watt’s mententioned looking at books for Beth’s foundation…HELLO it’s a 501c3!

    Never mind getting mad all over again…gonna take a long hot soak.

    Blink, Dana, good job there guys.

  11. Saramom says:

    Yeah! Been waiting all afternoon for the link. Wish we could have heard more from you, Blink.

    Tim Miller is fortunate to have you as a friend.

    So sad to hear that Kyron’s case is taking the long way home, but hopefully that dragnet will catch lots of crap.


  12. Mom3.0 says:

    Your welcome Blink.

    I just finished listening to your segment. I thought you did a superb job of telling it how you see it and trying to spare everyone’s feelings. Not always an easy job.

    IMO Tim, Beth, and Dana are lucky to have you on their side.

    I was very sad to hear you voice your thoughts on Kyron, yet I so appreciate your insights. Thank you. I can’t believe that numerous countrieS could be in play.

    I too wish you could have talked more on each case.
    Thank you for sharing ‘something nice’ about Leonard Padilla. I am glad to know that his heart is in the right place.

    As always Thanks for providing the podcast.


  13. Kleat says:

    Thanks Blink. Listening to it now.

    (btw, what did Hornsby, as guest of Steph Watts, call his host on that same program? The worst interviewer in the universe?? Something very close to that. Sorry that SW is Canadian).

  14. krowdkat says:

    Private if you want it to be: Blink both your’s and Dana’s love and respect for Tim Miller was beautiful during this conversation. Just the fact that you didn’t post the link to the interview tells me where your hearts are. Kudos for not being sensational but rather human. Speaks to my soul inre to your characters.

    Thank you. This hurts my heart for him. Tim is by no means a malicious person. Emotional, very.

    I sincerely hope he apologizes for his remarks and chooses his interviews more carefully. I have always told him he is far too accessible, and for him and his line of work, that is a liability and distraction he does not need.

    I once tried to talk him out of doing a Nancy Grace appearance both in the car on the way there, and on the phone while he was in the makeup chair, lol.

    I guess you can see he does NOT take orders from me :)

    Lastly, Beth and Dave Holloway will always have my support in finding answers to what happened to Natalee and hopefully recovering her. Five years of hell on earth is beyond torture.

    Love and Peace to all-

  15. Carolyn S from Maryland says:

    Toward the end of the program, when a lady from Texas was on, one of her last comments was that she hoped Peter DeVries was investigating… and I couldn’t understand what she said. Could someone explain this for me?

  16. Diana says:

    Just listened to the podcast. Great show and Blink, wonderful job as always. I’m so glad you are SM’s sister forum! Love having you there too. ;)


  17. Annals says:

    Steph Watts said he is writing a book; The Cottage Industry of Murder.

  18. Cricket says:

    If you feel Tim Miller should apologize to Beth Holloway Twitty Holloway you are basically calling Tim Miller a liar. Tim Miller may be a liar for all I know, but I doubt it.
    There were several statements that Tim Miller made that did not reflect well on Ms. Holloway. I can’t remember each and every detail but it went something like this:

    ~She was a no show for at least one reception to honor Texas Equusearch Volunteers but told Tim she didn’t come or would not come (can’t recall) because she now received a fee for speaking engagements. Two plane tickets bought, not used, and, money wasted. Tim Miller said that was what happened.
    True or False

    ~She should not have gone into confront Joran Van der sloot. A first month paralegal student could have told you that. DUMB!
    Isn’t Beth Holloway Twitty a victim a criminal action against van der Sloot for extortion? That would be witness tampering in most US jurisdictions. Who knows with Peruvian laws. She went with cameras this video will be shopped and someone will make big money.

    + Steff Watts is an absolute toad.
    + Dana Pretzer is even more of an absolute toad. He asked a vague question to an investigator, gets them to give their opinion, hangs up, and then, and only then, has the nerve to say what an idiot they are. He is idiot and a cowardly one at that. I did not like him one bit.

  19. SouthernMom says:

    I have to say what I love about Blink’s site is her allowing everyone to express their true opinions. On many sites, Cricket’s post would have been blocked or deleted. I think we can all learn from everyone’s ideas and points of view, whether we agree with them or not.

    Thanks again, Blink

  20. fish says:

    Blink On Crime

    In your words…

    “I’m honored that you let me hang out here”!

    You have healed me in ways you will never understand.
    You are a woman with integrity and in my book, that goes along way.

    your friend, fish

    Thank you my friend, but I think that credit goes to Miss Morgan.

  21. Cricket says:

    Thanks for allowing my opinion to be posted blink. I have read your blog on and off for a while and have read the others some. This missing and murdered blogorama as grown legs of its own and has teams that that tend to take sides against each other like looking for murdered children is a sport like pro-wrestling. After I made that post yesterday, I read and I read some more. ( I have a broken ankle so I get to be lazy without guilt for a while)

    I am not sure how to take some of this. I am not sure how anyone acts when their kid gets dead by an idiot crazy guy with a sharp tool. Do you go crazy, go back to work, or on tour? There are no easy answers. Well, there is one. You don’t make it of the backs of murdered
    children, our own or anyone’s. We never allow allow that.

  22. Cricket says:

    We don’t make *money* on the backs of ANYONE”S murdered children. There’s that we know not to do! RIGHT?

    I am not sure I followed you cricket?

  23. zeus says:

    SouthernMom says:
    September 28, 2010 at 11:15 am

    I second what Southernmom said. The fact that you don’t censor opinions is what earns my respect. I sometimes get angry reading some of them-but ultimately, I often learn something too.

  24. gayle sasnett reed says:

    has someone posted a time line with the associated arrest in reference to kyron hormon disappearance ? has a link to trafficing been established?

  25. Keefer says:

    Hi Ya Blink! I am up surfing the net and saw an article that stated a jaw bone with tooth intact had been found in Aruba, near the swamp that freak sitting in jail in Peru stated he put Natalee, it was found by tourists and turned in. My question is WHY the Dutch get to do tests on it to determine the identity and NOT the United States? Will Dutch and U.S. share information? I mean, he has gotten away with soooo much because of his late Father’s contacts and who is to say they won’t ‘return the favor’ and misplace, alter, in other words ‘screw up’ the evidence in favor of that freak? Thanks! P.S. Sorry, I have been to your site often, but I get way toooo upset over the arrogance of these criminals and the ineptness of some investigators who use ‘procedures and protocol’ to not bring forth justice.

    My partner at is covering it, praying.

  26. IMOIMO says:

    I am hoping & praying that bone belongs to Natalee… well I’m really hoping that she’s been a runaway all these years and will come back to Alabama with a helluva tan but since everything points to that not happening, I hope that this will help to solve the mystery, bring some closure to the family and help keep Joran where he belongs….rotting in jail.

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