Fugitive Cop Shooter David Durham’s House Located In NEW Kyron Horman Search Grid

Sauvie Island and Waldport, Oregon- A statewide manhunt is underway during the last week for a suspected shooter of a Lincoln City policeman.

Officer Steve Dodds was alledgedly shot more than once at close range while the incident was recorded on his patrol car dash cam. Dodds is in critical but stable condition. Dodd’s stopped David Anthony Durham for speeding Sunday evening after he left a co-worker’s party without his date, but not without his dog, Huckleberry.

Huckleberry has been recovered by police with only a minor leg injury.

It is not known what prompted the attempt on Officer Dodd’s life, but according to Durham’s own family members, he has been suffering from delusions and instability following a shoulder injury he sustained in June, 2010, for which he was taking prescription painkillers.

Michael Durham, David’s older brother and a Wildlife Photographer, pleads for his younger brother to turn himself in peacefully:

“I wouldn’t say that was a catalyst for anything,” he said. “You know, my brother has been having some issues with a shoulder injury and he had been on pain medication for the past few months. And we noticed that his ability to perceive what was real and what was not real seemed to diminish.” “My sister, Laurie, my brother Willie, myself and my mother, we love David and we want him to peacefully turn himself into the police,” said Michael Durham. “They assured us that he won’t be harmed if he’s not armed and doesn’t act in a threatening manner.”

David Anthony Durham, a resident of Sauvie Island, for the past six years, was a Sauvie Island Volunteer Firefighter, and nominated himself for director in 2007. Six months ago he was removed from active duty for erratic behavior. Durham is also reported to be an avid landscaper and outdoorsman.

Durham’s home on Sauvie Island, is directly adjacent to a highly publicized sighting from a tipster in the Kyron Horman disappearance investigation named “Chas” who claimed to have seen a woman with long red hair the morning of his disappearance at approximately 9:15AM on his way to work, in a white truck.


Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has cordoned off Durham’s Sauvie Island home and access is blocked by a MCSO patrol car.

There has been a 25 person SWAT team stationed at the base of the street since Monday, as well as a second team at a vacation home in Waldport.

A co-worker of Durham’s at Willamette Blueprint & Printing described her friend as a happy go lucky guy with no emotional problems and has worked there for at least 5 years.

However, Durham failed to show up for work on Friday, indicating perhaps he had concerns prior to the Sunday shooting. In a financial document obtained exclusively by blinkoncrime.com, In September 2005 David Durham claimed he left Willamette to become a full-time college student and that he was receiving unemployment compensation directly to his Portland Teachers Credit Union Account, while seeking financial aid.

It also showed that Mr. Durham was a previous resident on Sauvie Island at another address 2.5 miles South, and directly adjacent to Logie Rd across the channel. New Intelligence Leads To New Search Efforts Today Specifics have not been released, but new intelligence, the first in 9 months, is responsible for today’s new search efforts.

Today, Newly-tasked search teams are concentrated on NW Skyline Rd, south of Rocky Point.

Desiree Young, Kyron’s Mother:

“I have been waiting for this search to happen for some time now,” said Desiree Young, Kyron’s biological mother. “The Kyron Horman Task Force has shared the intelligence information with me, but unfortunately I can’t share that information with the media. I’m excited that today’s search will hopefully bring some closure to this case.”

www.blinkoncrime.com editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. erose says:

    Rodolfo S Estrada (37) possible roommate, associate of Rebecca Anne Dahrens aka Rebecca Anne Poff


    Oregon City Hugh Class of ’04 Rebecca Poff Dahrens
    Poff must be maiden name, Dahrens married name.

    Becky Poff Dahrens FB

    Tina Poff (Tina Williams)
    Becky’s sister?

  2. Rose says:

    And, you know, someone hired that very young sex abuser at 24 hour.

  3. beejay says:

    @Jan: you said, “Maranette Wilms is on Pamela Scott’s FB,”

    Can you give us more details about exactly what was there? TIA.

    All I know is that Maranette is daughter of Dorothe Wilms Jangala; M is a licensed massage therapist in OR. Lives with her mother in Forest Grove.


    @rose: of course, RS to Pam; maybe P2P file sharing??? IDK. I hope Blink is on her white horse rounding up all of these kinkos into one disgusting ball. But I fear getting my expectations too high! I’m really afraid of what we might be looking in the face of. And who all.

  4. puzzled says:

    IMO, Godinez sounds like “goodness” . . .
    godinez-me = goodnessme ??maybe??

    isn’t “goodnessme” the poster who commented on knowing RS and what he had to say about TH being in a unhappy marriage, etc.?

  5. Bumble says:



    That Kids Club is located across the river in Vancouver, WA. It is a place for kids to play and they offer various activities. Coincidentally, they have a large figure of a red eyed tree frog, but that is all it is, a coincidence.

  6. justice23 says:

    Maybe this is why things have been so hush-hush … many of us here have opined that maybe there were some heavy hitters involved in this which is why so many agencies involved and why MCSO didn’t say too much in the beginning. Maybe we were right … doctors, layers, cops and even a Navy commander were indicted. Wow … no words.

    ‘Dreamboard’ Child Pornography Bust Brings Down Doctors, Lawyers, Cops & Navy Commander


  7. justice23 says:

    Here is the list of the 72 people accused. Correction in above post … doctors, lawyers, etc were accused, “some” indicted.

    The list of the 72 people accused in the Dreamboard bust are listed below:

    David B. Lindsay, 31, Midvale, Utah (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Shane M. Turner, 32, Roy, Utah

    Timothy Lee Gentry, 33, Burlington, Kentucky (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Michael Thomas Biggs, 32, Orlando, Florida (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Michael Lee Childs, 49, Huntsville, Alabama (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Charles Christian, 49, Titon, Illinois (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Jeffrey Rodriguez, Aurora, Colorado

    Scott Lewandowski, Pueblo, Colorado

    Anthony Paul Sowders, 28, Middlesboro, Kentucky (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Edward Oedewaldt, 48, Arcadia, Louisiana (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Benet Schmidt, 36, Cohoes, New York

    Christopher Luke, 31, Kenmore, New York (Delego Balckbart indictment)

    Todd Stumpf, 60, Buffalo, New York

    Eric Karl Myszke-Francis, Redmond, Washington

    Joseph Matthew Wheeler, Buena Vista, Virginia (former high school football coach)

    Rush Frank Blankenship, Westfield, Massachusetts

    David Michael Whitten, 53, Lynn, Massachusetts (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Kevin Richard Casey, 38, Palos Verdes, California (lived around corner from elementary school)

    Stephen Fairbanks, 35, LaVerne, California

    Jason Simon, 42, Glendale, California

    Stephen Perez, 23, Santa Ana, California

    Jerry Wright, 55, Santa Ana, California

    Larry J. Ridley, 32, Anaheim, California (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    William A. “Billy” Jewell, 42, Burbank, Illinois

    Desmond T. Meredith, 34, Freeland, Maryland (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Richard Chandler, Kingsport, Tennessee (police officer until he got busted)

    Kevin Kaller Wright, 44, Santa Monica, California

    Michael Pharis, 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Daniel Murphy, 53, Millville, New Jersey

    Paul Challender, 54, Big Rapids, Michigan

    William Ho, 39, Hacienda Heights, California

    Roger Lee Loughry, 58, Baltimore, Maryland

    Thomas Lenti, 43, Brooklyn, New York

    William Gregory, 57, Chester, Virginia

    Jonathan Hans, 38, Woodstock, Georgia

    Charles Werenczak, 47, Jamestown, New York

    Kevin Harkless, 53, Copper Hill, Virginia

    Patrick Jansen, 28, Lockport, New York

    Robert Joseph Olson, 54, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Franck Gilbert Pion, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Thomas Ruhland, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Douwe Marcel Van de Laar, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Jamil Lamar Mosley, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Mohammed Jashimuddin N. Meah, Chittagong, Bangladesh (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    William Barton, Kent, Washington (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Henry Hand, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Stephen Kinney, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Matthew McKee, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Rush Frank Blankenship, 26, Westfield, Massachusetts (Delego Blackbart indictment)

    Brandon William Lane, 26, Kingston Ontario, Canada (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Brian Musomba Maweu, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    John Wyss, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Robert Sprague, Ferndale, Washington (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Daniel Deschenes, Terryville, Connecticut (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Robert Edward Cuff, 48, Fort Bliss, Texas (Naval Command Master Chief)

    Michael Van Thompson, location unknown

    Paul Graham Fry, 54, Waterloo Ontario, Canada (Delego Hawkeye indictment)

    Rey Vilanova-Delgado, 31, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Felix Javier Gonzalez-Morales, 29, Canovanas, Puerto Rico

    Zairo Ramos, 29, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

    Felix Rodriguez-Acevedo, 32, Caguas, Puerto Rico

    Roberto Encarnacion Ruiz, 32, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Navy commander Robert Edward Cuff was one of many prominent individuals ensnared in the federal government’s smash-open case into the “Dreamboard” child pornography network. Article here: http://blogs.star-telegram.com/crime_time/2011/08/navy-command-master-chief-accused-of-child-pornography.html

    More information on the Dreamboard bust: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/2011/08/03/feds-smash-dreamboard-child-pornography-ring-is-prescott-valley-arizona-next/

  8. Rose says:

    Looks harmless at first pass, beejay: http://www.facebook.com/people/Becky-Poff-Dahrens/1789535616
    think she went to Bullwinkles’ birthday (see interests)?

  9. NelMel says:

    (NelMel adjusts her bifocals and cracks her neck)

    Am I seeing here in the last day or so on BOC that there are genuine reasons to now believe that Kyron was abducted into kid trafficking?

    DY’s words about TH have never included “she murdered him” (to my knowledge). Her phrasing has been softer. She has said she believes that TH could have “harmed” Kyron “in the worst possible way.”

    “Harm” is a world that is much less impacting than “kill” or “murder.” It suggests all sorts of things — bad things, but it stops just short of death.

    Poll: Do DY and KH — despite their separating as a single force for the cameras — believe that all this time, Kyron was shuttled into child trafficking?

    The searches — I know that cadaver dogs were used on some of the searches, but…Are they looking for Kyron’s body? Or someone else’s associated with the case?

    Are they also looking for some sign of a “place” where a “hand off” occurred? Where there might have been a physical confrontation of sorts?

    I’ve asked myself: I am searching in the woods near Skyline, or within a 90 minute radius or so. I am not looking for skeletal remains of a child. I might be looking for the body of a murdered accomplice to the crime. I might be looking for a site that reveals deep truck or car tire tracks, left undisturbed for months after June 4th, 2010. I might be looking for clothing, debris, something left behind at a “hand off” location.

    KH has said that Kyron “needs to come home.” DY has said this too. Language from the parents, and from LE, has been nearly poetic.

    And children trapped in this kind of hell are all over the world and the world is a very, very big place to find one now 9-year old boy.

    I have taken a look at Interpol’s website. So many missing children on it. Kyron is not listed.

    Should he be? If he isn’t, does that mean something?

  10. Kimberly says:

    @ WPG,
    40. WPG says:
    October 3, 2011 at 3:37 pm
    Puzzled and I and others worked on this several months ago.
    I personally have drove by the “salon” (thats never open) many times.
    The building has offices for several business’ including a clean up type!
    Here is a link to the building, if for some reason it doesn’t work,
    just do a google street view of 7th street, oregon city oregon, the building is rust/brown color, and has the music advertisement on the front.

    Also , the people with the clean up crew were in question as associates the last time we ventured to this topic.
    Hope that helps.

  11. beejay says:

    Right age to be brother of PKS:


  12. Kimberly says:

    919 7th St
    Oregon City, OR 97045

    Estillo Salon shows very well on google street view.
    I don’t think the link above will work, so just type the address

  13. Kimberly says:

    Also, if you do an aerial view, you can see the white truck I found several months ago when driving by.

  14. WPG says:


    Thank you so much.
    Yep, did the google drive.
    Salon has never been open?
    How strange.


    beejay says:
    October 3, 2011 at 9:03 pm
    Right age to be brother of PKS:


    Oy . . . creepy with creepy questions.

    There is a record of marriage and/or divorce between an Oregon PKS and ACV, 8th listing down:


  15. WPG says:

    puzzled says:
    October 3, 2011 at 6:06 pm
    “isn’t “goodnessme” the poster who commented on knowing RS and what he had to say about TH being in a unhappy marriage, etc.?”

    You mean the one who stopped posting, IMO, after replies were left regarding a romantic relationship between RS and TH?

  16. jan says:

    @ Rose says:
    October 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm
    Reason for BB’s 24 Hr firing is untold.
    Somebody knows.
    Anyone dare to speculate why BB fired?

    @ beejay says:
    October 3, 2011 at 5:49 pm
    Maranette Wilms is on Pamela Scott’s FB.
    M. Wilms FB is buttoned up like Fort Knox; similar to most of Pamela’s friends, but one can get a weird vibe at a glance.

    MW photo is of a woman’s lips only, with 4 piercings, top/bottom of bottom lip left/right sides; one small mole side upper lip.

    Anyone wanna go get their nails or hair done in Oregon City, join a gym, get a massage by Maranette and get these people talking?

    There’s another nasty hidden Dreamboard type underground out there –a bunch more rats nest of John Doe’s; one of them grabbed Ky.

  17. jan says:

    Has anyone researched how the eGold works, wouldn’t that be traceable, eventually.

    Who takes and gets away with all these hundreds of videos, thousands of photos.

    Note agencies involved, for example, on one Dreamboard West Coast guy involved investigation by:


    These are the same agencies in Ky’s case.


    ROBERT D. SPRAGUE, 62, of Ferndale, Washington, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to 15 years in prison and lifetime supervised release for possession of child pornography.
    SPRAGUE was previously convicted in Whatcom County Superior Court of two counts of child molestation (1994) and one count of possession of child pornography (2002). At sentencing, U.S. District Judge Marsha J. Pechman told him,
    “You like to watch people do violent things, you like to watch people rape children…. You’re creating a market for people who like to torture children.”

    According to records filed in the case, SPRAGUE first came to the attention of federal law enforcement during the course of a national investigation of child pornography websites accepting payment from an online currency called E-gold. The investigation revealed that SPRAGUE was one of a number of defendants purchasing child pornography with E-gold.
    In September 2007, agents with the FBI and with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement served search warrants at SPRAGUE’s Ferndale home. They seized computers and multiple hard-drives in the bedroom of the residence.

    Analysis of the computers and hard-drives revealed hundreds of child pornography videos and thousands of photos of child pornography.
    In his request for a 15-year sentence, Assistant United States Attorney Nicholas Brown noted that a long sentence is necessary to protect the public since SPRAGUE has repeatedly shown he is a danger to children. Despite his prior convictions, he continues to seek out and possess child pornography. “The nature of the crime is such that with the push of a button or the click of a mouse, the victims are repeatedly traumatized and re-exposed to ridicule, embarrassment, and shame. Images of child pornography are depictions of crime scenes, with a real and tangible impact on the victims,” Mr. Brown wrote in his sentencing memo.

    The case was investigated by the FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
    The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Nicholas Brown.

  18. jan says:

    @ NelMel
    Another reason DOJ involved:

    WASHINGTON – E-Gold Ltd. (E-Gold), an Internet-based digital currency business, and its three principal directors and owners, pleaded guilty to criminal charges relating to money laundering and the operation of an illegal money transmitting business
    procedures created an atmosphere where criminals could use “e-gold”, or digital currency, essentially anonymously to further their illegal activities.

    Specifically, …E-Gold operation provided digital currency services over the Internet through two sites: http://www.e-gold.com and http://www.Omnipay.com.

    Several characteristics of the E-Gold operation made it attractive to users engaged in criminal activity, such as not requiring users to provide their true identity, or any specific identity.

    E-Gold operation continued to allow accounts to be opened without verification of user identity, despite knowing that “e-gold” was being used for criminal activity, including child exploitation, investment scams, credit card fraud and identity theft. …

    “This case demonstrated that even the most sophisticated criminals cannot escape the combined resources of the Secret Service and our law enforcement partners. The Secret Service is committed to our mission of safeguarding the nation’s critical financial infrastructure and we will continue to pursue criminals seeking to use the Internet and new technologies to commit crimes.”
    Case was investigated by the U.S. Secret Service, IRS Criminal Investigation and FBI.

    Case was prosecuted by … with assistance from the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section.

    Source : http://www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/2008/July/08-crm-635.html

  19. puzzled says:


    that would be it … thanks WPG

  20. January says:

    NelMel says: October 3, 2011 at 8:30 pm
    Interesting NelMel. This may also explain why Kaine keeps doing little kid events for his fundraisers. A lot of us here thought those were kind of odd.. Maybe, he hopes to attract a person who is not only interested in little kids, but also connected to Kyron. This would be putting children at risk I suppose, unless LE was around to scout.

  21. erose says:

    Address on David Elmer Hunter known associate of PKS (see #9)

    STARKS, SARAH K (Age 33)
    HUNT, JARED L (Age 36)
    HUNT, ALLEN M (Age 36)

    Possible Roommates / Associates:

    REAP, DAVID ALLEN (Age 55)
    CASTOR, MATTHEW E (Age 48)


    SEUMALA, KAISA (Age 32)


  22. erose says:




    JOHNSON, CLARE L (age 58)
    SCOTT, QUEENIE T (age 34)


  23. erose says:

    Nationwide search of MMK, yeilds only 6. Of the 6, only one is 54. Seems MMK has a few aka’s and lived in a few states. I thought I read the community knew her, but now I wonder if she lived in Waldport or was just visiting, or what.



    MIMS, FL

    MARKOW, CARL A (age 58)


    Malty says:
    October 2, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    It seems to me Margaret Mary Kohler and Pam Scott
    Look alike


    oye to da vey she does.

  24. beejay says:

    @WPG: so, looks like PKS married Alberto in Nevada sometime before 2005. Um, NOT her brother, then (one hopes). If it’s the same man as in my link, he’s in the dating game again. His photo is there if anyone needs it. Nice work, WPG.

    @jan: TY; I saw the photo of MW. Very fashionable. I don’t do facebook, so what is the connection? Did MW sign on as Pam’s friend? Or the reverse? If some of these folks are into something illegal with each other, nobody’s gonna talk. I’m still going for the innocent “witnesses” who saw/heard one of the players, or tangential players, do/say something.

    Jan, I couldn’t figure out from your post who was FB friend of Max Schnell?? Also, is max a male? There’s a Maxine Schnell on some databases. You said:

    “Her friend: Shelby Dvorak likes Missing Kyron Horman page
    Kayla Briggs Peppler refers to her as her aunt


    Her friend Max Schnell has Sex addicts anonymous as main FB photo”


    Estilo Salon: IIRC,i ran across someone saying she went there and didn’t like the snobbish atmosphere. If it matters, maybe someone here can track that down??

    I do believe Pam has grown children and grandchildren.

  25. beejay says:

    Yes, and I passed it on to prosecutors. I have serious concerns about her mental health so I am not posting that link here. Additionally, I have been advised that conversations like that, can act like a “how to” to offenders if you catch my drift. Thanks beejay.


  26. Rose says:

    My reading of one page of an OLS forum, whose link I won’t profer but it comes up in google search of PKS’ “handles,” indicated she has an adult son she is cincerned out, she had and dumped a boyfriend as he was an apt-living poker addict despite a long term
    good city job. She was looking for a financially secure male. She also intwined her in person social life with strangers met on OLS who lived near her, and I believe indicated gay relationships but could be wrong.
    I infer she did file sharing from comments on a tech page she was on because they were discussing Comcast’s new limits and someone said it’d be bad for pornographers.

    @NeiMei. There is no indication I can see Scott& Basom knew each other, or anyone in Kyron’s circle. There is no indication they had any notion of child trafficking. There is no evidence I can see Kyron was taken by anyone for that purpose. There is a profile in which he was snatched by a SO for his own use. Some believe TH was the prime mover who brought Kyr to the attention of the SO, or planned it. I don’t read child trafficking into that. I also see no evidence Kyr had been previously used for porn images. I think if LE had one, the photographer would have been arrested

  27. kimberly says:

    @ WPG
    I probably shouldn’t have said “never open”! However; I can tell you that whenever I have drove by, ( and its been on different days and @ different times) they have not been open.

  28. lawsarelaws says:

    October 4, 2011 at 8:48 am Rose says: I also see no evidence Kyr had been previously used for porn images. I think if LE had one, the photographer would have been arrested

    What if the photographer was TH or DS??? Things we know that we wish we didn’t. Just sayin.

    If pictures of porn existed of Kyron, and an origin could be established that individual would be arrested regardless. There would be a John Doe filing and the indictment would be sealed, but there is no way with a mp case of a child that would not occur.

  29. Malty says:

    Well I get it we are surrounded by these awful people who use little children for intertainment
    What I am interested in is are these children ever recused
    And I am not finding much

  30. Rose says:

    Here are the two posts of goodnessme:

  31. Ode says:

    lawsarelaws says:

    October 4, 2011 at 11:52 am

    October 4, 2011 at 8:48 am Rose says: I also see no evidence Kyr had been previously used for porn images. I think if LE had one, the photographer would have been arrested

    What if the photographer was TH or DS??? Things we know that we wish we didn’t. Just sayin.

    If pictures of porn existed of Kyron, and an origin could be established that individual would be arrested regardless. There would be a John Doe filing and the indictment would be sealed, but there is no way with a mp case of a child that would not occur.
    I think the key word “known” in Stanton’s statement is being overlooked. I am so sure in my heart that the things they wished they did not see had to do with child abuse that is shown in images. The fear that later than June 4, 2010 images of Kyron could exist. TH is not shy about her body. If she was involved with adult p… she could well have crossed path with someone involved in child p…

  32. constance says:

    I’ve laid off posting here as I don’t agree with most of the theories and also because it is hard to get through all of the links and articles posted to so many other crimes, therefore have nothing to add…but I wanted to say that I don’t believe the task force would be down to one or two people, whatever it was last we heard, if Kyron was thought to be part of some international or even national or local ring involving pedophiles, etc…or any Mexican cartel, etc…just my opinion, of course. Seems to me the task force would have increased 10-fold instead…

  33. Rose says:

    @ Constance. I think Kaine (an LE mouthpiece) said Terri was one of the people who could not be ruled out, but he did not cap the no. of others not ruled out.

    The only thing I myself take to the bank, as it were, is the SZ profile as it makes sense to me.

    I tend to believe the SZ had some loose affiliation or familiarity with Skylinr school.

    And I believe he will strike again in the target market (say, 6-10 yo males).!

  34. Malty says:

    I kind of agree with you
    As much as I care about these other children and want these crimes stopped
    I feel Kyron is not one of them

  35. Riverpearl says:

    River- I keep my eye out, and had no issue with that, in fact, I agreed.

    I appreciate your diligence though, as always.


  36. erose says:

    So it is possible one exists.

    If pictures of porn existed of Kyron, and an origin could be established that individual would be arrested regardless. There would be a John Doe filing and the indictment would be sealed, but there is no way with a mp case of a child that would not occur.

  37. erose says:

    I feel the same way, and it is comments like this that seem to perpetuate my feeling. Then there is the multi-agency involvement, if not child explotation of some kind, then WHAT?

    One of the last known images of Kyron taken the day of his disappearance… http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1102/04/ng.02.html

    Ode says:
    October 4, 2011 at 12:45 pm

  38. T. Ruth says:

    SouthernMom says:
    October 2, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    @TRuth – regarding the post about the gym…very possible she sent it to her entire friend list which would then make this unappropriately timed post seem somewhat normal. Just a thought.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.


    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Who sent what to their entire friend list?

    The post seems to be directed to Terri Horman, it is (if I’m reading this right), posted on the Sunday after Kyron went missing:

    Lori Harris Bianchini Yes. The new 24 Hr Club, along with other things, has motivated me to make it in a little more frequently than I have over the last 7 years. I hope all is well for you and your family. Lori

    Sunday at 2:52pm · Comment · LikeUnlike


    I don’t see anything that indicates someone asked her (Lori) a question, and yet she says “Yes.” Are there posts missing form this (Terri’s) FB wall? The post prior to that is listed @ 2:17 and the one after by James’ stepmother is at 4:46. So unless something is missing here, this post seems to make no sense.

    BTW, Terri & Kaine went to the gym the morning of Wednesday, June 9, 2010. She posted on her FB June 8, Tuesday, “hitting the gym tomorrow”. Does anyone know for sure WHICH gym they went to that morning? I just re-watched the video and it doesn’t really say, just says “a local gym”. Terri usually worked out at the Beaverton 24Hr gym, correct? Kaine worked/s out at Beaverton xtreme edge, correct? So, I wonder how often they worked out together and why they chose to that morning. OR were they there for some other reason?

  39. Malty says:

    The thing is Kyron is so high profile that I just think these
    RATS would not really be posting or downloading Him
    Thanks to this case and his parents
    People would notice
    Plus I always thought some LE watched these sites
    Maybe I am wrong
    I doubt if even the dumbest Rat wants Kyron on their computer in this way

  40. hervness says:

    Oregon City Hugh Class of ’04 Rebecca Poff Dahrens
    Poff must be maiden name, Dahrens married name.

    Becky Poff Dahrens FB
    @beejay: Becky Poff Dahrens graduated in 1994. This is a name that is familiar to me. Was there something more than Veromi listing that tied her to Sanchez?

  41. constance says:

    Rose I meant the size of the task force being reduced to around 2 people…not a suspect list…
    I think there would be a huge task force if this was believed to be part of a crime ring, etc…

  42. WPG says:

    The “hate emails” that DY has referred to are still on my mind, and could be one of those things that Staton said we would be surprised at.

    DY has said (to the best of my recollection), in addition to the emails showing TH had a severe hatred for Ky, that TH wrote what she wanted to do to him. DY also has said these are not things you say about a child.

    Cannot even imagine the contents, but if it’s so vile in nature, coming from, imo, Ky’s primary caregiver and an outwardly loving and caring stepmom and mom, that would be a shock to my senses. Perhaps Staton carefully chose the word “surprised” over “shocked”.

  43. jan says:

    @ beejay says:
    October 4, 2011 at 7:27 am

    I wonder if some FB pages are fake.
    Info FB shows Max Schnell as friend on PK Scott’s friend.
    FB assumes it’s a man, “send HIM a message.”


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  44. family thx says:

    justice23 says:
    October 3, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Maybe this is why things have been so hush-hush … many of us here have opined that maybe there were some heavy hitters involved in this which is why so many agencies…

    @Justice: I have scarier thoughts then even heavy hitters… I’m thinking they’re being quiet because they’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg.I would’ve never imagined in my wildest dreams that there could be so many immensely disturbed twisted animals who walk amongst us impersonating human beings. People who derive pleasure from willfully and consciously hurting children are some other life form to me – some perverted homonid minus sub humanoid. Rant aside, it is hugely disturbing to think that any one of us might have neighbors who are Dreamboard purveyors. Lord, I feel like I need to go bathe just thinking about it.

  45. moonstone says:

    @ constance- finally the voice of reason just what i’ve been thinking.

  46. Harleycolt says:

    @family thx: It’s unbelievable to even think stuff like this. What is this world coming to ? May God help us all !

  47. constance says:

    Maybe I will turn out to be wrong (assuming any truth is ever known about this case) but I seriously do not think MCSO would have shrunk the task force to almost nothing if this was part of some huge network of pedo and/or drugs crimes…just my humble opinion. That makes zero sense to me. One, two people tops, involved in this case, as far as I am concerned.

  48. erose says:

    6 days into this investigation…

    Blink June 11, 2010 at 9:52 am: “The likelihood that this is an employee or volunteer of this school is very high, I am choking myself out of not just coming out and saying “the suspect is the man that has not been on the job since early this week.”

    Twinkletoes says:
    June 11, 2010 at 5:21 pm
    Blink, re #27, I mean BESC, not BCES. Pardon my acronym. I am not even sure what the BESC stands for but they do appear to be the provider of janitorial services for Kylar’s school district.

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