The Jerry Sandusky Verdict: Denial Of A Pedophile Funded The Second Mile- Preview of Upcoming Piece Interview With Host Dana Pretzer LIVE TONIGHT (Podcast Added)

Editor In Chief, S. Christina Stoy “blink”, Editor In Chief, discusses the latest developments in the Jerry Sandusky case and previews excerpts from her upcoming article.

 Listen To The  Podcast HERE

Podcast Courtesy of Klaasend

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  1. annals says:

    I enjoyed the interview. So; you’re taking a course in sex criminology. I have a question.

    The axiom goes; Pedophiles NEVER admit to having had sex with kids. I know from my own experience and research that this is true in general; they don’t admit to it. But is it absolutely true; as in; no convicted or accused pedophile has EVER admitted it?

    Here’s why I’m curious. In the Costas interview, Sandusky seemed to relish telling, in some length, about his attraction to kids. I have, myself, heard pedophiles speak of kids in a very similar way. It’s terrible in it’s creepiness; that talk. It’s as if they can’t HELP but talk about it. But, then they never admit to sex with kids!?

    I understand about self protection; why admit to anything that will cost you….since your morality and soul is already compromised anyhow. But among every other kind of criminal; there are examples of those that have unrepentantly admitted to their crimes; rapists, murderers, torturers….

    But never pedophiles? Or is that a myth?


    As soon as it left my mouth, I thought, I am going to have to clarify that in my bio, and I shall.

    Because my post grads are not in “sex criminology” in total, they include a gamut of forensic and criminology work, some overall risk assessment and security, but my specificity is in motivations in homicide, and the sexually motivated offender. Subsets are pedophiles and sexual sadists.

    My abbreviated answer, as it could easily be a thesis, is the following:

    1. It is a myth. Pedophiles will admit to crime, but they will never admit to doing anything wrong per se, at least not to themselves. They will do so to feign treatment, or to manipulate a victim or avoid detection or punishment, but at no time do they think they did anything inappropriate. I am referring to the Adult Criminal Pedophile.

    2. You are exactly right about Sandusky relishing his tales of his “victims” which are not “victims” as he saw them. Jerry Sandusky is sexually aroused by pre-pubescent boys. Discussion of same will arouse him.

    I would like to say that I have obtained some level of education that could explain Sandusky’s ability to lure, maintain, secret, and exact these heinous acts for well over 15 years in the instant matter, but mark my words, there is more to come. The reality is, the bigger issue and the bigger problem is how he got away with it and who covered his ass at the expense of these children.

    As a profile, he is garden variety creeper. There are 1200 of him as we are about to see in the red file. As a criminal eluding detection, he is somewhat of a public agency and LE black freaking eye, which, btw, I intend to darken.

    The fact that he adopted 6 kids in the middle of this, is astounding.

    It took 4 grand juries to indict him, with all of this.


  2. Starsky says:

    Blink!! You have a name! :)

    Lol, I do.

  3. Word Girl says:

    Oh, Pooch. I missed the live show. Will hear podcast tomorrow.
    Thanks Blink.

    Podcast is up at the link, mon frier


  4. Rose says:

    TY. been waiting patiently! was at a baseball game earlier.

  5. erose says:

    So much I want to comment on, because the show was so interesting, but what is left in my head at the moment, is your Niece and Joepa “up there” rootin’ you on.

    erose, you hit my bullseye. She is a true beacon. Thank You.


  6. Rose says:

    Dana Pretzer said: “How She Does It is Beyond Me.”
    Good interview.
    I’m interested in the tie back to Gricar.
    Enjoy the courses.!

  7. Jane says:

    OT…Blink, WTVR (Channel 6, Richmond) is showing a developing story re the lead singer of Lamb of God being arrested for a past murder in Prague. The victim was not Morgan BUT maybe worth revisiting?

    No relation to Morgan’s case whatsoever, he is charged with a manslaughter of a fan he got into a fight with on stage in 2012.


  8. Jane says:

    I hope some of your contributors can pull LOG videos and even look around for “Sketch”. They are a Richmond based band, familiar with a lot of areas and also tour internationally.

  9. Rose says:
    I’m wondering:
    does David share Jerry’s dentist?
    did Jon play football?  where and when?  Not a close resemblance there  

    Couldn’t find Jon Grine listed with David on veromi. Another name?
    Grandfather Edward E age 97 of State College is there. Am wondering what he did.  If he knew Art in retirement?

    “city fathers”together going back:
    p 8 Jon Grine, Elk “Chaplain”; Amendola Elk “Justice”
    p 2 Amendola actively brings in members
    Other pp: Pic with Jerry, loving hands on his shoulders, Elks support Second Mile

    recused this Wednesday?  Perhaps he grew up with the 4th TSM suit plaintiff that just filed in Philadelphia?
    http://www.collegian (dot)

    did you find Jon’s early years, Beejay?  I’m wondering if he was a young lad in TSM.  

    PA judiciary:
    (a Sitting State Supreme Court Justice)

  10. Rose says:

    Jon Grine playing football for Bellefonte HS Red Raiders 1990 (Sr year?).  I’m wonder if there were TSM boys playing football for Bellefonte he brought home  to dinner? I’m wondering if Jon was a TSM boy whose football skills Jerry helped develop? Undergrad & grad at Penn State.  Did he play football at PS in the 90s?

  11. Rose says:

    I had missed TSM ceased foster care operations in 1988
    Therefore it could not have been the Court ordered custodial foster care placement conduit for Matt.
    So who had temp custody of Matt during placement with Jerry?

    I had not realized Rakyovitz was there from the start. I don’t think his salary unusual given his education & experience. He probably had many an opportunity cost in other job possibilities. Did he play football at PS? in Bellefonte?

  12. Rose says:

    @Blink. Bet the foster home supervisor in that Cty “Resource” Unit did those Sandusky adoption home studies.
    Btw after 1985-86 adoptions out of foster care (btw a Judge had to put the kid there there in the first place to tap in)
    were financially incentivized. I think financial govt payments have been underrated in the press re Sandusky schemata.

  13. TallyHo says:

    Excellent interview Blink! I had a question regarding something that you said in reference to the creepy “love letters”. You mentioned that you could see in them evidence of ritualistic and manipulative behavior. I absolutely understand/clearly see the manipulation but I was just curious as to what you meant by the ritualistic behavior. Thanks for educating folks like me – I am the mother of a fantastic 15 year old son, and the thought of him ever encountering a person such as “Jer” is enough to keep me up at night!

    In short, ritualistic behavior has to do with patterns that are constant practice for an offender. It has nothing what so ever to do with cults or anything like that. A persons “rituals” as they relate to serial offenses.


  14. Rose says:

    re “who coveredhis ass”?
    Rakyovitz was there dating to 1983, per colleagues he held info closrly.
    His degree & statite provided cover

    A Robert Stewart had his hand on Jery’s shoulder in the Elks pic above.
    Is he an attorney?
    Jon Grine & Amendola were right there in that 2007 Club too.

    I don’t think it Spanier thoughhe has many flaws.

    Has to be the Penn State AD, but I expect acting under direction.

    Had to be one or more in post Gricar DA’s office and doubtless he was known in State College investigators’.

    Looking forward to more revelations in the pursuit of justice.

  15. Rose says:

    rituals equals patterned behavior?
    Gotta be more letters out there!
    If only on email these days.

  16. Rose says:

    sorry for typos. at a pool. hot.

  17. erose says:

    The family Bible than Jonathan was sworn in on by his father belonged to Jon’s mother’s (Nastase) side of the family. Karen, David’s wife seems to be daughter of Bellefonte’s beer distributor, Sam Nastase. I’m guessing with all the tailgate parties, games and ARD’s, the beer guy does pretty well. One side of the family sells it, the other side convicts you for it.

  18. Rose says:
    Says Curley knows PS athetics “from the ground up” as he
    grew up in State College & attended PS.
    He married a Washington PA girl. I guess if anyone knew,
    he knew. am without electric (brown out) or a/c. Just this cell.
    Even the car’s a/c died today. Bad day; might as well read Sandusky.

  19. Rose says:

    Arena in the article below is 7 years younger than Jerry.
    Same high school & milieu:
    looking at the temperature of the town in 1963 or so.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I finally got a break and was able to listen to the radio show.

    Great job as usual Blink and I am like Dana regarding how you get it all accomplished. Super mom would not be adequate. Still taking courses to improve your skills. One never gets too old to learn.

    The fact that JS was not caught and prosecuted long before now IMO had to do with the fact that he played the part of an overgrown teenager. I also believe that the community had suspicions but could not bring themselves to make the necessary decision to declare it to be a crime and create the process to bring it to an end. It is beyond my understanding how a court could take a child and force placement into a situation and then not monitor closely the activities.

    I also believe that an indepth investigation needs to be made of all the activities of Dottie Sandusky over a period of years. IMO she knew what JS was and because she wanted the lifestyle available from JS she simply deluded herself into ignoring all the ugly activties.

    There is also the point of money and cronyism that played a part in this cover up. The web simply grew bigger and bigger until those in power realized they had stepped over the line and had implicated themselves in the crime. We cannot guess the reach of this crime into the life of Penn. State and its athletic programs or into the State College community. I can see this taking up to ten years to find and ajudicate all the issues.

    We have several federal issues and all the civil issues yet to be recognized as well as what the NCAA will decide regarding the athletic programs.

    There is definately a problem with some of the judges and other members of the legal system in regards to their close ties to Penn State.

    I am looking forward to your next piece regarding this case. I am not pushing as I know you have a big load.

    Thank you ATG, much appreciated. I intend to take the makeup off this clown.


  21. Rose says:

    Out driving to charge the cell; numerous trees down & streets closed.
    No juice at home for a couple days probably.

    I first saw this report above a couple hours ago. Sorry Blink, I expected it.
    It seemed to me JP called the AD shots. I’ll be honest: after seeing it I spent awhile
    looking to see if small cell had an hiv link. Hate to confess that.
    Keeping an open mind, but imo letting Jer retire meant Joe was already protecting him.

  22. erose says:

    Ken is Grine’s Uncle, and I am assuming Grine’s father is Burnett E Grine.


    He is survived by his loving wife of 48 years, Barbara W. Grine of Satellite Beach; nephew, The Honorable David E. (Karen) Grine of Bellefonte, PA; niece, Barbara (Stanley) Sheaffer of Deland, FL; brother-in-law, Henry M. (Jerry) Waddell of Cocoa Beach, FL; and sister-in- law, Mrs. Burnett E. Grine of Stuart, FL. Ken was preceded in death by his stepson, Charles.

    Ken & Bobbie Grine – Kennedy Space Center
    They were connected to DOD, NASA, McDonald Douglas and MSM.
    (very interesting, but nothing to do with the judge)

    Burnett is pictured in the 1943 yearbook of the 20th Ferrying Group, based at Nashville, Tennessee. Their duty was to transport aircraft from the United States to the Allied front.

  23. erose says:

    David Grine’s grandparents Eugene Earl Grine and Beryl Allen Best

    William H Grine & Anna A Kennedy

  24. erose says:

    The other thread is still active. I am so confused, and I don’t just mean where to post.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:


    As sad as it is, I have to agree that JoPa protected JS for a number of years. IMO he began protecting him at least fifteen years prior to JS retirement.

    This reminds me of a fire. It usually starts small and could be extinguished with little effort and very little damage. However, if one runs away and does nothing it will destroy everything.

  26. connie says:

    Rose- Our electricity was out for 2 days, and when it came back on –Oh! I am not complaining about Apco bill rates/hikes for a long, long time. I never thought I would wake up my kids and state-
    ‘guess what it is only going to be 98 degrees today’ Talk about my hot flashes.
    Sorry to get off topic but I am playing catch up.

  27. Anja says:


    please Blink team, can you please take on the case of missing Brittney Woods? It’s getting so little media coverage…


    Ms. Wood (no s) is in capable hands. I have worked with Captain Arthur of the BCSO on an unrelated case previously and he is top notch. This case is heinous, but it will solve.


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  29. [...] reader and case follower.   In her last  email to me, she reviewed my work in the case against Jerry Sandusky while lying in Oncology Intensive Care via her Blackberry that she smuggled in under her [...]

  30. Ray says:

    Maybe you need to repeat that class you were taking in sex criminology. Did the class teach you anything about examining evidence or checking facts?

    This statement you made is completely false: “Jerry Sandusky is sexually aroused by pre-pubescent boys. Discussion of same will arouse him.”

    If you had constructed a grid with the ages and the crimes committed by Sandusky, you would know that Sandusky was attracted to teenagers, not pre-pubescent boys.

    I read through the comments here today as part of my research into the case and am amazed just how wrong you and the rest of the commenters were about the Sandusky Scandal. I hope you’ve benefited and learned from the information that has come forward over the last ten months.

    Sir, you are completely wrong and if you are researching this case I suggest you review the ages of the boys when the abuse started AND in some cases, when it ceased. I don’t need a grid to know the difference in pre-pub sexual attraction to children is pedophilia- with underpinnings of other paraphilias. The interactions he had post puberty were part of his victim maint program.

    I will also give you a research reference for an opinion. I have no idea if he will speak to you or allow you to quote him, but the world’s expert in Sex crimes against children- Kenneth V Lanning, FBI (r).


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