UPDATE Autumn Pasquale Located Near Home in Clayton- Cops Say Homicide Robinson Brothers Considered Suspects

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Clayton, NJ-  Twelve year old Autumn Pasquale was last seen by her Father leaving their home on her white BMX bike at 12:30pm on Saturday October 20.

Late yesterday, investigators located her remains near her home in a recycling bin.

A preliminary autopsy to officially confirm her identity and cause of death is scheduled for this morning.

Tony Pasquale,  Autumn’s Father, and her mother,  Jenn Cornwall attended a brief press conference led by Gloucester District Attorney Sean Dalton  in efforts to develop leads in her case yesterday afternoon, and announce a $10,000 reward.

Autumn was located about an hour after a vigil held in her honor outside her home last evening at 10PM.

It is not known if her case is in any way related to what almost seems like a rash of both attempted abductions and actual abductions occurring recently in different states of similarly aged girls.

Several failed attempts and a subsequent successful attempts occurred in the Jessica Ridgeway murder in Westminster, CO and an 11 year old girl was abducted and sexually assaulted October 8 in Cody, Wyoming.

Please check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for updates.


UPDATE:  Neighbor Teens , The Robinson brothers , of 312 E. Clayton where Autumn’s bike was located are being interviewed by police and considered suspects.

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  1. lizzy says:

    Just a reminder to ESCORT your tweens and young teens on their Halloween adventures, or host a party or haunted house at your home. If they’re too cool to hang with younger siblings, split the group but make sure that trusted and responsible parents are with your teens.

    I’m pretty sure that readers/posters at BOC are already hyper-aware of this, but let’s spread the word.

    Great advice lizzy, thank you. In NJ, trick or treat is always on Halloween eve.
    I know in PA different counties decide.


  2. redly says:

    No chance it is related IMO.

    Agreed with new details.

  3. Patricia says:

    No 12 year old should be allowed to be unsupervised for 7 1/2 hours. That is how long it was from the time her dad saw her until her curfew. Did she go off on her bike for this amount of time often? My 16 year old, who is driving, has to check in with me periodically and keep me apprised of changes of plans. And my 22 year old calls me from campus when she is walking alone at night, it makes us both feel more comfortable.

    Hang onto your kiddies people, or it may be too late.

    I completely agree.

  4. mosaic says:

    Another girl discarded like trash.

    This is hard to bear.

  5. Cindy says:

    What is astonishing to me is that alot of these abductions and attempts are occurring in broad daylight. These predators are brazen and unafraid. We must not be afraid to teach our children about stranger danger and admit to ourselves that it is happening all over our country, in big and little towns.

    I dont think this will be an abduction, but a peer, neighborhood offender.

  6. Jack says:

    With the little we know so far, it sounds like the person who did this is not far away and will be caught. Leaving her body in a recycling bin and her bike in a house next door? Either those people are responsible or they probably know who is.

    Very young and frightened offender. Brothers are being interviewed as we speak.

  7. twinkletoes says:

    What a shame. She was just a baby.

  8. deetee says:

    thanks for covering this one blink, its the next county over from me. too close to home.

  9. Hummingbird says:

    Prayers for Autumns parents and family.
    Just too tragic and sad.
    When will this end?
    Such a sad day, so many young girls abducted and brutally killed lately.


    I just included updates: http://blinkoncrime.com/2012/10/23/missing-nj-girl-autumn-pasquale-located-near-home-in-clayton-cops-say-homicide/
    I expect these boys to be in custody.

  10. January says:

    Hummingbird says: October 23, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    “When will this end?”

    The day society has the courage to look at what is happening to our children and will say, once and for all, “This must end.” The front page of every newspaper should boldly carry these stories, and editorialists should be demanding change. I briefly mentioned a story about a missing child to a friend of mine the other day.. (Not gory detail, just “Oh gee, did you hear about the little girl who went missing?” type of thing.) She simply replied, “Oh, I can’t read about those stories, they are just to upsetting. Ummm, ok.

  11. connie says:

    What in this world coming to? It seems this horrible things are happening more often.
    Prayers to her family and bless that sweet little girl. So sad.

  12. redly says:

    Rose says:

    Based on Rose’s link, I would look at the kids who lived in the house or nearby. An adult would take her body further away IMO. Sounds like they had no place to hide her so just put her in the trash. Terrible.

    They are in custody now, the Robinson brothers of 312 E Clayton. Dumped her in the recycle bin, and kept her bike and backpack in their own house. Being charged with first degree murder and she was lured there.


  13. Jack says:

    How old are the boys? Were they friends? Was one of them who she was texting that afternoon? Was she lured there for the purpose of doing her harm, or was this an accident that went terribly wrong? When you say they’re charged with first degree murder, that means we think they planned this??

    15, 17. Yes, one of them is being charged with luring.

  14. GriffyMom says:

    No one became concerned or looked for Autumn for SEVEN HOURS??? Come on, parents, wake up! Our children are too precious and they deserve better.

    On the rare opportunity that I let my 13 year old daughters go take a walk with friends or hang out in the neighborhood, they have to check in by cell phone every 20 minutes. Call me crazy or over-protective; I don’t care. It’s every 20 minutes or they don’t go. They know if I don’t get a call or text I’m going to call them. By the grace of God they have never encountered danger but had they not checked in I would have been beating down doors and calling the police.

    I know I may get a lot of criticism for saying so, but Autumn’s parents failed her. It is our job, our duty, and our obligation to protect our children. This precious girl’s disappearance should have sounded an alarm long before 8:00 p.m.

    I am just completely heartsick. What has happened to parenting? Teen boys killing the girl next door? Parents not caring where their child is so long as they get their free time? Something has to change. I am so angry and heartbroken for this child I never knew.

  15. Jack says:

    In the comments to one of the articles on NJ.com, someone indicates that this occurred because the boys wanted her bike or bike parts? Is there any truth to that?

  16. Jack says:

    This article also says the mother turned them in based on something she saw on one of their facebook pages. For once, we have a parent who did the right thing and isn’t covering for her kids.


  17. mosaic says:

    I applaud the mother of the boys for doing what was right:

    “The boys’ mother played a part in cracking the case involving Autumn Pasquale, Gloucester County prosecutor Sean Dalton said at a news conference. She came forward with information about a posting on a son’s Facebook account, leading police to the boys, Dalton said.”


  18. Word Girl says:

    It looks as if there is a mother and father of the boys at the address. There is also a 25-year-old associated with the address.

    Any more information about that family structure, about the partying?

    The lure was through Facebook? I haven’t found the boys’ FBs, but probably Blink has!

  19. Word Girl says:

    Regardless of the means and method of the lure–we know Autumn had a cell phone with camera–a 12-year-old girl would not get my permission to hang out with 15, 17 yo boys, regardless of the reason.

  20. Word Girl says:

    Ugh, it was the 15yo charged with luring.
    Both are charged with the five other felonies.

    “The boys, ages 15 and 17, are charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposal of a body, tampering of evidence and theft. The 15-year-old boy was also charged with one count of luring, Dalton said. Both were in police custody.
    Clayton NJ residents face grisly news – missing girl’s body found
    Police believe the boys lured Autumn to their home, promising her parts for her BMX bike. During their investigation, the mother of the teens contacted police regarding postings on a Facebook account of one of the suspects, according to officials.”


  21. mommystop says:

    To all those parents out there who let there children have a facebook account you need to cancel it immediately. We have a rule in our family or no facebook, twitter, or intagram account until our children are 15. Children are not prepared for the amount of information a predator can gain from such an account. Looking at these pictures of Autumn, my mommy flags are going off at an alarming rate. I seem to get the feeling that her use of social media was not as well supervised as it should have been. One of my daughter’s friends (She’s 11) posted her SCHOOL SCHEDULE on facebook!! The friend had NO Privacy settings so any predator could see that information. I called her mother immediately and asked her what her daughter would do if a strange man walked up to her daughter at lunch and said “I work with your mom, Jill. She told me you have Math class next and she doesn’t want you to miss that, but she’s been in a car accident and I need to take you right away. Your brother, Jack, and sister Brittany are already waiting in the car (This info was also avail). I’ve already cleared you through the front office.”

    With that much PERSONAL information don’t tell me for a minute that an 11 year old child wouldn’t hop in the car with them. Children are not prepared to deal with the lack of privacy that Social media creates. If you have friends or families with tweens you should question if they should have them at all.

    I have extended family member who posted her actual drivers license on FB the day she got it. Her Dad is a CPl in the State Police. Oye.


  22. Eloise says:

    RIP Autumn. I thought of you today while at working- hoping you had made it home. :(

  23. Cadillac says:

    I agree totally about monitoring FB accounts for young people. But I am not seeing where FB had anything to do with this tragedy? Was she lured into this trap with FB? Or was she just in the wrong place in the neighborhood at the wrong time?

  24. mosaic says:


    I am heartbroken for this girl too. And I feel the same angst.

    But I do not blame the parents for letting their 13-year-old daughter stay out in their neighborhood all day on Saturday. I believe the sole person to blame for her death is the offender(s).

    In our neighborhood, it’s entirely appropriate and common for tweens to teens to be out playing ball, walking to the park, riding bikes and hanging out all day and into the evening. At dinnertime, we send a text to our teenage son saying dinner is ready. Are we irresponsible? I don’t believe so.

    For generations teens have grown safely into adulthood with MUCH less supervision than ours are getting.

    We should be mindful of the risks that growing freedom will bring for teens but not be paralyzed with fear….and educate, educate, educate them.

    From what I understand, this murder was an anomaly in her area. Not a predator at large (like in Westminster, CO).

    My opinion is that there are other areas of greater risk where parents are “failing” their children: letting them ride on lawnmowers when they’re little, buying them a muscle car when they turn 16, keeping guns unsecured in the house and not supervising their swimming. To me, those risks to their safety are much, much greater.

    I thank you for sharing your opinion, which I respect. And thanks for reading mine.

  25. Survivor says:


    The only reason I have a FB account is because one of my children has one and I watch EVERY post. Privacy settings are in place and personal information about which she is allowed to post is severely restricted. This isn’t about Facebook.

    We have a rule in our house. If someone attempts to pick up any of my children on my behalf that isn’t pre-arranged, a password is required. My kids and only my kids know that password. If it doesn’t pass, they don’t go. No questions asked. They have cell phones. They are escorted to school by family only. All schedules are coordinated. If there is a sleep-over, conversations with the other parents are required no matter whether my house or theirs.

    The world is a terrible place in some ways and I want to protect them. I also want them independent, responsible and able to handle situations on their own. I will not be here forever. They will have to grow up.

    Your example is a good one. We PRACTICE situations at home. I don’t just preach and provide examples. I require them to practice. I am a little different in that I am a youth sports director and have seen at least two potential abductions as they were happening. It gives greater insight. PREPARE the kids. We cannot protect them forever. I would never want to be Autumn’s mom, Desiree or a mom of any of the other kids whose stories we follow here and I pray for safety and protection of my own. We just cannot protect them forever and arming them with the information and ability is a great way when the day comes that they leave out on their own.

    @Blink – I had a friend’s son post a pic of his passport. I couldn’t CALL her fast enough to get that information pulled offline. Kids feel they are invincible and we must educate accordingly.

    All MOO. Grace and peace to Autumn’s family. This is absolutely awful for all of them.

    Absolutely. Practice. Our childrens password is still being utilized as recently as last week when traveling, it is sort of our joke as they are older. Point is, it continues to pattern them, and sticks in their minds for safety. I bought a new vehicle two weeks ago, and our first order of business was to explain the security, safety and emergency features.

    Obviously one can never say with certainty what their kids will do in such a situation regardless of what they have been taught, but I feel strongly that we do enough drills around here that the basics will stick.


  26. A Texas Grandfather says:

    We have two teenagers that do not live in the real world. I feel sorry for the parents of the victim and those of the perps.

    Both of them need to be charged as adults and removed from society for the rest of their lives. The oldest one should be elgible for the death penality.

    We cannot correct what happened here and reset the clock. I just am curious as to how these teens knew one another.

    Did Autum often ride alone? If so, this should be a warning to all parents to more closely monitor their girls activities.

    According to an AP report, the boys learned of the girls Bx bike from a facebook posting and decided to contact Autum with the idea of getting parts for it. The real motive was to steal the bike and sell parts from it. Crazy teenage thinking. Probably what happened is when they decided to keep the bike Autum resisted and the oldest boy strangeled her and the two of them disposed of the body.

    I am with you Mommystop. There is no reason for a person under 18 years of age to have a facebook or twitter account or any other social internet account. The sooner parents realize this, the safer their children will be. Tweens and most teens don’t have enough real world experience to handle a social account.

  27. A Texas Grandfather says:

    We have two teenagers that do not live in the real world. I feel sorry for the parents of the victim and those of the perps.

    Both of them need to be charged as adults and removed from society for the rest of their lives. The oldest one should be elgible for the death penality.

    We cannot correct what happened here and reset the clock. I just am curious as to how these teens knew one another.

    Did Autum often ride alone? If so, this should be a warning to all parents to more closely monitor their girls activities.

    According to an AP report, the boys learned of the girls Bx bike from a facebook posting and decided to contact Autum with the idea of getting parts for it. The real motive was to steal the bike and sell parts from it. Crazy teenage thinking. Probably what happened is when they decided to keep the bike Autum resisted and the oldest boy strangeled her and the two of them disposed of the body.

    I am with you Mommystop. There is no reason for a person under 18 years of age to have a facebook or twitter account or any other social internet account. The sooner parents realize this, the safer their children will be.

    Tweens and most teens don’t have enough real world experience to handle a social account. Not only do they put themselves at risk, they also put the rest of their family at risk for publicly posting information that should be confidential.

  28. Word Girl says:

    WG- I am trying to process this in the spirit of which it was offered, but I checked my settings, so I am at a loss. I am pretty diligent in that area, but as you said, we can all learn to do better.


  29. annals says:

    I am not buying robbery as the murder motive.

    Me either.

  30. mayhem says:

    My gut tells me that Autumn’s murder was simply due to the boys wanting that bike. The boys were known for stealing bikes, and that afternoon their game plan changed. They wanted her bike, they lured her, she figured out she wasn’t leaving with her bike so she got angry. Since she knew she couldn’t overpower them, she probably threatened them with sending her dad or older brother over. I think that’s when the boys paniced and attacked her. I think this was the first time they attempted to steal a bike with the rider right there, and they had no plan. Yeah, I think they’re that stupid and it’s that simple.

    This explains why the prosecutor was a little odd during yesterday morning’s presser. He was in shock and saddened because he KNEW they were investigating two neighborhood teens.

  31. peg says:

    I take back my thoughts about murders needing to “work up” to killing a person.
    Sick,stupid…. They must have never been taught that actions have reactions,but the Mom NOT trying to hide what her darlings did says she had been trying.(IMHO)

  32. susanm says:

    i was just wondering -what was the motive- she accidently texted -”dont be like that” -to her friend,according to one report. the manner of aftermath ,seems ,remedial.what was the boys behavior during the time she was missing?

  33. twinkletoes says:

    What the **** were these kids thinking? I seriously think people’s minds are rotting right out of their heads these days. Does anyone live in reality anymore? When you kill someone, they are gone forever. They don’t come back to life when you stick another dollar into the console. Brain rot. Sorry for the rant. Speaking of reality, I have no facts to support my inferences here. I am just so tired of the complete lack of humanity I see in our people these days.

    Early in my analyst career I worked on a case where a young man with autism spectral disorder was killed for his XBOX. Although I broke the case open because the investigators lacked current technology and gaming acumen, I can still tell you when he was located, and it was learned he was killed for that XBOX, I was floored. I wrote the affidavit for the warrant based on the electronic data I uncovered, and one of the detectives made the decision that they would rather watch the suspects for a while and that warrant would tip them off.

    Because of his disability, he was the easiest of targets, he was a kind person who had no ability to hurt a soul and he was preyed on for it. I often think that was an intentional wake up call for me and probably a fortitude litmus test.

    I now subscribe to the belief many times there is no discernible motive and I never focus on it until I have a completed case analysis- it can direct thinking which is a no no.


  34. Redbeet says:

    Long time reader, first time poster, enjoy reading here very much. I am beyond sad at the senseless evil that continues to take lives across our country. It is heartbreaking. Regarding the probable murderers in this case, I read that the one is 15, the other is 17 and attends Bainbridge Developement Center in Sewell, NJ. I did not provide a link as it included their names. My thought is having looked at Bainbridge and the curriculum and students there, I think the younger brother was likely the impetus behind the whole event and the brother went along. The article also stated that Autumn had “liked” a BMX bike on the 15 yo Facebook in August so they have had prior contact, at least online.Apparently the brothers both attended the candlelight vigil before Autumn’s body was found. The 15 yo posted a message of support on Autumn’s brothers Facebook, in return Autumn’s brother posted to the 15 yo Facebook promising retribution on Tuesday after the brothers turned themselves in. All this for a bike? Really?
    Thanks Blink et al for amazing work! Red

  35. Cindy says:

    So if not for the bike, then what?

  36. MandyVZ says:

    I am reminded of the Cassie Jo Stoddart case. Those boys killed her essentially to see if they could get away with it.

  37. Redbeet says:

    Will first chance I get, and fyi, nobody but you and I can see that, so no worries.

    However, I have to adjust your hat. There is only one Red here, lol, literally and figuratively.

  38. MackiezMom says:


    Someone on the Jessica Ridgeway thread mentioned that the names of the perp were not being released. Here is a new article, which lists both of their names.

  39. TLS says:

    Re: Survivor (post 26) — Your post brought me back to when my son was little — we used to practice how to handle situations if a predator tried to lure him — I guess he was about 3. I would say “what would you do if a man/woman said ‘I lost my puppy, can you help me find it?’” He said, in his very stern 3-year-old voice “NO! YOU ARE NOT MY PARENT”!!!! We went thru a few scenarios and he always did the right thing. Until I said “what would you do if someone offered you some candy (I was a bit of a sugar-nazi), and he said “one green yollipop, please?” — I immediately got him a bunch of candy. My heart breaks for this poor girl. And all kids that are growing up in this world — what is wrong with these boys that they thought this was a fair trade? Her life for a BIKE?!?!? What is wrong with them? At 15, I wouldn’t have killed a bug. I still don’t. I swear, some days, when it feels like the blackhats are winning and pouring over the hills enmasse, I want to move deep into the woods and bury my head in a tree hole. But then I remember I’m a city girl who doesn’t like to camp.

    RIP Autumn. You are close to my heart babygirl.

  40. Word Girl says:

    TLS, loved your post about your son. Your voice comes through very well! (And lol to camping.)

    Have we seen the actual Facebook exchane here yet? I’ll post it for those who haven’t.
    It appears that Autumn initiated the contact with the boys. I’m sorry that she would be doing that and using the internet without supervision. A little advanced (in not a good way) for a 12-year-old to call a bicycle, ‘sexy.’

    “”Is that ur bike?” asked Autumn, a BMX bike enthusiast.
    “Yeupp,” the 15-year-old suspect replied.
    “Thts sexy!” she said.
    “lol thxx,” he replied. “… yes. cme 2 my house.”


  41. Survivor says:

    @TLS – You are very right! I have had these scenarios happen too. My (now) 12 year old girl asked to give a ride to a lady who is known to have mental issues/violent streaks while we were in a neighborhood convenience store about four years ago. I was in the store with her and missed this exchange which was bad enough. It was one more reminder to her that stranger danger is or can be very real. It is definitely hard to come up with all of the scenarios that one might encounter as these vicious beings among us are creative. We live in a rural area which brings some comfort and much fear sometimes.

    One of the youth sports situations I witnessed was the 12 year old son of friends of ours who was walking to an out-of-place (parked sideways across parking spaces) white van in the parking lot. I asked him what he was doing. He said they guy in the van told him he is handicapped and asked him if he would go get him a Snickers from the concession stand. He was walking to the van to get the money from him. As soon as I interceeded, the guy took off. Another young lady was sitting in her car listening to music during a sibling’s practice when a truck parked next to her and asked her to get into his truck. She told him no and tried to ignore him but he was persistent. She went to her mom who happened to be next to me and told her about it. I immediately went to the parking lot. When he saw me walking with her, he started his engine. I followed him to his house and called the police on the way. Upon follow-up, I found out that not only him but his father are both registered sex offenders. We have made it a policy if we notice those we do not recognize to ask who their player is. If they can’t tell us quickly, they have to leave. No questions asked. We also have a policy in place if a child happens to go missing during one of our sporting events that locks down the facility, stops all games and requires all coaches & umpires to be involved in the search. Fortunately, we have only had to use it a couple of times and both children were located in places within the park. Nobody complained about being locked in and parents are very understanding but it takes a lot of vigilence to make sure our little guys and gals are safe.

    I have a child who looks much, much older than her real age. To say that she is naive is a severe understatement. It terrifies me. She is never outside watchful eyes of friends or family outside of school where she is dropped off and picked up. I know her friend’s parents and anyone new for party or sleep-over invitations has to undergo a full interrogation! I won’t apologize for it! I need to know who is in the house, gender, age and other friends. I hate that it has to be that way as my childhood was nothing like that. I can’t imagine putting her on a bus or leaving her anywhere alone in public or at home or sending her to a “friends” house without vetting everything I can. It is definitely a scary world these days.

    I feel so awful for this family. It is so horrible that this world is not a safer place for our young people.

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