Nittany Nightmare Continues Past Sandusky: Former President Spanier Charged- NEW Charges for Curley and Schultz Filed

Happy Valley- PA On the heels of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky’s transfer to his new home,  what most predicted would follow- has.




Former Penn State President Graham Spanier,  fired by the Penn State Board of Trust the same day as legendary late-Nittany Lions Coach Joe Paterno, is facing serious charges today filed by Sandusky’s prosecutors.

Spanier is facing counts of obstruction of justice,  perjury, conspiracy, endangering the welfare of children and failure to report allegations of child abuse.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz,  who were facing perjury and charges based on “non-reporting”,  are now facing all five similar charges as Spanier-  additional filings occurred simultaneously.

Linda L. Kelly stated the men “used their positions to conceal and cover up for years the activities of a known child predator,” on Thursday following the announcement.


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  1. Rose says:

    probably had the vehicles wired for sound

  2. Rose says:,1430196/

    ” She signed a “proffer letter,” a device the prosectors and criminal defense lawyers use to permit off-the-record statements by persons who are at risk of prosecution”

    any fool knows when she signed a proffer, she was a prosecution target & did so to escape charges
    imo Dershem/Exarchos had to adhere to support of Glantz’ lousy advice as to do otherwise was to remove their own, and the County’s, suit defenses.

    Glantz looks worse & worse, the more is divulged.
    Pipes should Pipe Down, and campaign relentlessly. I am rather tired of him myself.
    JJinPhila. Imo Arnold’s BOC testimony today has zero to do with the benefit of a County investigating grand jury looking into Gricar, looking into a drug connection (imo a no brainer due years ago). It has everything to do with her political party. And maybe the SPM brouhaha fomented by her party colleagues has her thinking of running for DA again when timely.

  3. Rose says:

    Lee’s Federal trial was supposed to be this month..

  4. Rose says:

    this is interesting

    So Baldwin’s presence in the GJ room itself is
    proof she represented to all participants she had
    dual representation.

  5. Rose says:

    Ridiculous that Judge Wm Carpenter has a protective order concealing
    from taxpaying public salaciioys porn race religion emails sent by State
    employees on State servers on State time.
    So, until he lifts it, I find Kane’s argument plausible.
    Why isn’t the Press panning (now and then ) that Order?

  6. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose The e-mails were not illegal. They may have violated a work rule, but that is all.

  7. Rose says:

    The 8/11 BOC mtg unfortunately lacked the ability to FastForward, therefore while on dim sound to get to areas of interest I heard enough to feel tortured by this inefficient anachronistic County system of govt management by Commissioners.

    One by one County employees came up asking this or that bill to be paid, or contract to be renewed. What a waste. The County Admin Boyde sat at the table (Solicitor not present of course. my tiny Town has Solicitor there each mtg. these BOCs don’t get their $ worth.)

    Everything these 3 did (check run etc) should have been handled by a County Admin or Mgr. I confess I felt these such dimwits, I stopped at 14:25.
    The media:

    from memory, 12:30 – Pipe’s on Glantzgate recommending his termination (2 years late)

    14:10 or so, Escargot’s stare down of Pipes (tip of the hat to Berner)

    14:20 Escargot grandstanding

    14:23 Escargot says to Pipes “You’re wrong on a number of counts.”

    that easily-bullied and
    subservient boy quips “Sure.”

    14:22 Pipes seems to have an s-m dependency relationship with Escargot

  8. Rose says:

    @JJinPhila. Imo no one has suggested off-color emails on govt time & property were illegal.
    Which makes it even more puzzling they were shielded by Carpenter from RTK disclosure

  9. Rose says:

    btw JJinphila. Did you see the “porn” was not merely stills but included 45 videos.
    My bet is not just Fina but Corbett was a member of the email chain.

  10. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Grand jury authorized in Centre County:

    CIOC howling mad. :)

  11. Rose says:

    How could he not?,1465063/
    Go SPM.
    drugs & Gricar intersect imo.

    Carpenter is a joke. He says porn emails are not a part of his GJ’s testimony.
    So why the stop order at Fina’s request.
    imo if KK is going to jail, why not for
    violating a protective order by dumping it
    all out there?

  12. Rose says:

    It may be “outstanding” Jacobs that Centre County is entering the mainstream judicial age, BUT soft on crime Kistler, a Republican connectee to Escargot and Doughboy, is the GJ Judge. I long for Hard On Crime Lunsford.
    It is clear some folks aimed to break up the hard on criminal judicial bloc by any allegations.

  13. Rose says:

    Finally. An erudite comment from Masorti:

    CIOC must be another nom de plume or pfur’s Brit, Campbell.
    Becase he says GJs have no Judge.
    What State Bar member would say that?

  14. Rose says:

    Stewart moving on from asset forfeiture (getting spm some funding)
    to special investigations unit
    imo something was in the crosshairs when Stewart was hired.

  15. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, he is the PJ, that is pretty standard.

  16. Rose says:

    nice piece

    after finding the Western Turnpike (OH – Breezewood) in worse than ever life-threatening construction hell
    (with no construction workers visible) I think the fbi ought to get after every Turnpike authority administrator back decades. However, for the first time ever in years on that piece, I saw several state police actually on the Turnpike (and writing tickets). If that is Kane’s doing, or Wolf’s, it’s a drop, but something. I have never ever seen ANY LE on that stretch in years, and truckers drove slightly more sane.

  17. Rose says:

    A centre county grand jury was guaranteed because
    SPM realized the role of Presiding Judge would be irresistable to
    Kistler on the grounds of vanity and of padding his PA Supreme Court
    Candidate resume for another bite at the apple.

  18. Rose says:

    Perhaps Pennlive referred to PA Senators in the leadership Doyle & his son Jake C.
    Was Jake’s attempted apptmt of Kistler to the PA Supreme Crt some form of a
    political patronage apptmt? for what, one wonders.

  19. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Kane under FEDERAL investigation.

    It just got much worse.


  20. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, no doubt that Corman used hid newly found influence to get Kistler’s name put in nomination, since her would a virtual veto over anyone from his district.

    That said, it deals with patronage for Turnpike jobs and supplies. I’ve actually met Rubin within the last 18 months. I think I was the only person in the room NOT a target of a federal investigation. :)

  21. Rose says:

    a comparison of Fina to Nifong in the matter of Fina
    planfully charging Curley & Schultz with a motive to disable
    their potential testimony in the Sandusky case. They were
    contemporaneous possible impeachers to McQueary’s vivid testimony.

  22. Rose says:

    major misuse, yet minimal penalty.
    Bill idle since March?

    “Payne’s bill, which has sat idle in the House State Government Committee since its introduction in March, would make knowing misuse of a state computer, network of cell phone to display, to view, transfer or access pornographic material a third-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and $2,500 fine.

    It would exempt this conduct if required by official duties as well as anyone who viewed the offensive material without knowledge of its content provided they didn’t forward it to anyone and alerted their immediate supervisor about it.”

  23. Rose says:,1465126/

    JJinPhila: June 10 2015 is the date the PA Supr Ct (what a joke that group has been as individuals) reinstated Corbett’s last minute OOR 6-year patronage appointment, Erik A, former Senate aide to Corman, after a 6 month battle by Wolf, as Director.

    I have no doubt the 2 opinions are in conflict (in this case the words of the application are not a tecnical matter of statutory construction). The ussues are identical: who generated the records? To whom us their content attributable?

    I also have no doubt Opinion 1 was online, & Erik irdered it removed. Love to see him deposed. Blame a nameless staffer indeed.

  24. Rose says:

    cioc’s admin today posted plaintively about Lunsford’s part-time job.
    then she commented on her own post.

    her comment on her own post:
    –reads like a female wrote it (sentence 1)
    –is grammar-poor
    –has factual errors about Lunsford’s case load.
    So I am wondering if Shutt is the cioc admin maintaining the sute for masorti et al?

  25. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, the opinions are quite close and the second opinion provides a “back door” to get around the first. It is close which could go either way.

  26. Rose says:
    no one else around
    Idk if Steve = Sloane, as Steve is intact and pithy here.
    Sloane is otherwise elsewhere online.

    You know, if I were SPM, I’d dump each and every
    text in a massive data dump.
    & Let the chips fall.

  27. Rose says:

    and cioc drones on.

    More from cioc site:

    Elizabeth Hunt Celikbilek
    This is very sad news for a number of reasons. I respect the opinion of everyone associated with this page, but I must say that Judge Lunsford is one of the absolute best judges I have known in my six years of clerking and practicing law.

    Debbie Hummel-Brown
    We love Judge Lundsford and his family; and he will always remain honorable to us
    Edited · 1 · Hide · 4 hours ago

    Elizabeth Hunt Celikbilek
    I tried to post this comment on the main page, but I have confirmed that Judge Lunsford will be at work on Monday.
    Hide · 3 hours ago

    Ellen Black
    That would be great, and it would be even better if he confirmed it here as well

    Elizabeth Hunt Celikbilek
    Given the fact that the entire post is incorrect and Judge Lunsford has not resigned, it’s easy to see why good people choose not to run for office. I know I couldn’t handle this type of misinformation and stress.
    1 · Hide · 3 hours ago
    If I were the attorney-employer of the ever-attack Lunsford & SPM dog paralegal or secretary Ellen, she’d be gone.

  28. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, she’d be out if I was in charge.

    I think they are getting push back after their previous “Forgery Fiasco.”

    SPM probably could not dump the text because some are, no doubt, confidential.

  29. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Kane officially bound over for trial.

    Lunsford seems to still be a judge.

  30. Rose says:

    unlike SPM, Kane chose a bumbling
    attorney (imo) and has
    a weak defensive posture.
    Her likelihood of jail time is quite high.

  31. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    And, there is actually evidence Kane did it.

  32. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Disciplinary board is recommending emergency suspension of Kane’s law license, which will force her from office.

  33. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Parks Miller suing the commissioners, the defense attorneys, Shutt, Glantz and Boyd for defamation.

    The complaint via the BOC is going to go down in law annals around the US as “bad faith” personified. She has to sue them. It also tells me the evidence from Shutt was apparently flimsy at best. Maybe Dicks is hiring.

  34. Rose says:

    So JJinPhila, your pithy analysis?

    In my opinion the CIOC Admin is an attorney (rapid access to docs, content of comments).

    In my opinion, she is not going for settlement and will disburse monies to local charities (after paying Castor) to aide crime victims as her next campaign promo down the road.

    In my opinion, her goal is depositions under oath. There is much to be learned.

    In my opinion, she should have left munchkin Michelle out of the suit. A mere mentally-challenged, and perhaps appealing to some men on the jury, distraction from truly venal targets.

    In my opinion, outside of the scalawag attorneys, Exarchos is the real financial deep pocket, with Dershem’s business being able to pay too. She will look for a rapid trial to influence elections.

    Kistler per SPM’s facebook FB blurbs is outrageously soft on bail and sentencing, odd for a Republican. I hope Lunsford is rehabilitated soon.

  35. Rose says:

    Glantz finally commented, and is posturing.
    imo he, his partner Cantorna, and Exarchos are the biggest flies in the ointment.
    And imo Kistler has had a behind the scenes nonpublic role.
    Exarchos and Boyde got Kistler to communicate to his fellow judges last fall to save the County prison bed budget by softer bails & sentencing. imo they have a hold on him. It’s called wanting a Republican side Suor Court nomination in the offing, mediated by Corman.

  36. Rose says:

    a Lauren Boob kerps commenting on CIOC; the wife, JJinPhila?

  37. Rose says:

    Kane, suspension?
    works for me. and the citizens.
    but imo legally they can’t do it before conviction.

  38. Rose says:

    @JJinPhila. have you a link to the filing?

  39. Rose says:

    found on State College site; I love Counts 8 & 9.

  40. Rose says:

    very righteous suit. as long as the Judge isn’t Republicans Wm Carpenter or Kistler.
    can’t see County ins paying defense except for counts against county.

    more spending from County coffers for personal liabilities, and the
    State OAG will have to bring criminal charges too.

  41. Rose says:

    the US rain is not going where most needed.

  42. Rose says:

    I wonder if any partner at Stover, McGlaughlin, Gerace, Weyandt & McCormick, P.C.
    ever reads their Secretary’s prolific comments for months in the local press calling for the DA to be removed from office. While claiming she is employed in the legal field, she is often clearly erroneous as to facts and law, as JJinPhila
    usually points out.

  43. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, there are several Boob families or branches of the family in the area. I don’t know the connection.

  44. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Rose, yes, they may suspend Kane’s law license even if there claim of a criminal violation. It happened with Don Bailey about a year ago.

    I am not sure I understand why they would at this phase but I know that Bar chapter to be uber conservative.

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