Nittany Nightmare Continues Past Sandusky: Former President Spanier Charged- NEW Charges for Curley and Schultz Filed

Happy Valley- PA On the heels of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky’s transfer to his new home,  what most predicted would follow- has.




Former Penn State President Graham Spanier,  fired by the Penn State Board of Trust the same day as legendary late-Nittany Lions Coach Joe Paterno, is facing serious charges today filed by Sandusky’s prosecutors.

Spanier is facing counts of obstruction of justice,  perjury, conspiracy, endangering the welfare of children and failure to report allegations of child abuse.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz,  who were facing perjury and charges based on “non-reporting”,  are now facing all five similar charges as Spanier-  additional filings occurred simultaneously.

Linda L. Kelly stated the men “used their positions to conceal and cover up for years the activities of a known child predator,” on Thursday following the announcement.


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  1. J. J. in Phila says:

    @Rose, could you connect the dots. I’m missing the connection.

  2. Rose says:

    @JJinPA not the right week for me to scroll the web (just past eye surgery) , but can get to it. but Abom was prominent a couple years ago at the time of the County Comm-Glantz-Catorna-McGraw-Shubin fracases alleging SPM & judges texting, & Ruest forgery, were to the detriment of their clients & violated ethical standards. as I recall he was a member of the leadership cabal to include that Simon whatshisname with PUFR or whatever the antiunion creation of Simon’s that he morphed into anti SPM. Iirc they hobby horse rode foia of DA /Judge texts, and Abom was one in leadership whipping the horse. I remember wondering why he got involved in the Centre County cabal and noticed way backthen he and Cantornawere PA rugby coaching mates.

    Jalene was the woman SPM imo rightly put away, & Cantorna was allegedly emotionally entangled with Jalene, thus quite distraught atthe verdict and sentence, & promptly thereafter in a County Comm meeting public comments accused SPM of… S McGaw’s motivation to scalp her speaks for itself after his termination as an ADA. Shubin, who hired McGraw after his ada termination, apparently has used “bent” sources (ie Dellinger) for awhile to pursue his ends. A coule of those bent le were in State College police when Gricar was done away with—maybe by one of their tippeesabout some case then under investigation.

    Rose- please heal up quickly and tell me if I can do anything!! Prayers for a speedy and increased vision quality recovery.

  3. J. J. in Phila says:

    @Rose. I hope you are feeling better. Okay, I see what you are getting at. :)

  4. Rose says:

    Bernie got what he wanted on the case that set him after SPM.
    imo Williamson got the voters’ message:

  5. Rose says:

    JJinPA. My thinking is unformed & unreasearched, however as I’m at a keyboard, not phone, I’ll type a few musings. My interest lies in Gricar at this point. And, of course, justice served in Centre County as to the adjudication of justice by the executive and judicial branches of local govt.

    A (State) grand jury began investigating Sandusky in 2009. Sean had been an ll year defense attorney at that point, iirc, and quite devoted to his job–even to attending a Gerry Spence regional trg seminar. Yet, he joined the DA office in 2010. At that stage of his career, imo it was not for trial practice or how tos. I am curious whether SPM or her predecessor hired him. It was a catbird seat to get the names of victim interviewee names, whether panning out or not, during the period 2009-2011 when he was charged. Shubin garnered a few as clients. One can’t tell me his pursuit of “tips” began in 2015. And, of course, Sean left to practice with him in 2013.

    After Dellinger left the State College force, he apparently relied on two insider LE employees to provide tips used in the practices of Subin and other defense attorneys. We can infer Sean was at least knowledgeable as a partner, and that Catorna because SPM said he’d have to recuse himself from prosecution of the two the GJ charged has some kind of involvement rising at least to “knowledge” of. It is highly unlikely Dellinger just began working with Shubin after he left the force in a miraculous change of heart from when he was employed in State College PD. Since iirc Dellinger and one other of the three were on the SC force as far back as l998, it is likely Delliger was dishing “tips” to defense attorneys as far back as that but at least during the Gricar disappearance era (what that 2005?). He and the other two did not confine themselves merely to State College investigations but to whatever their PD system could access from other County investigation forces. So, in looking for Gricar’s vulnerabilities, one wonders if it was possible to look back at cases int he investigation stage in the months prior to his disappearance, not yet charged, see if Dellinger or the other person the GJ mentioned on the force then was the investigating officer or had access to the info, identify what defense attorneys were representing in those cases and whether the names cross reference with any attorneys, Shubin and others unnamed but known to the CC DA and to the GJ, in the current corruption case. From there, one might get possible suspects who learned via their tippee attorneys, and tippor LE, what Gricar had on them and what his plans might be. That could even include Sandusky and associates with an interest in protecting him.
    What I’ve learned about cataract surgery after the fact. A surgeon might be brilliant but fundamentally flawed with a personality disorder. If one learns facts (from staff) in the first visit suggesting that–gross narcissism, paternalism, misogeny, one should look for a surgeon who is as competent but normal. My #2 eye will be done by the latter. Merely one incident was confusing me with a woman of my age who checked in 50 minutes early, and before me, thus dishing medication intended for her, without explanation (dumb me for taking it). Second example, expecting me to say whether my vision had improved or not l5 min after covering was removed, in the office, before I’d read, driven, doffed glasses, saw colors in his black/white office, saw sunlight, etc., which it was quite blurry. (He clearly wanted to document I myself said I was A OK for CYA purposes). When I said I didn’t have enough data to respond, he was miffed and punitive. Curious to his attitude, I googled of course and learned with the first hit that nearsighted patients may not improve vision, in fact be worse, if the measurements are done on a certain kind of ultrasound, which he uses. I also learned with proper measurements, astigmatism could be corrected (He had told me after removal of cataract mine would likely recur and be worse.) I learned lens are not prefab but are measured per patient, and so when he said do you want the basic and you’ll need glasses or the deluxe and you won’t, he wasn’t referring to the lens quality, but likely his measurement quality and methods. So, dummy me opted for the basic. Didn’t know his ultrasound measurements could make my nearsightedness worse, so now I’m glad I didn’t “be pleasant” and tell him what he so badly wanted to hear (improved vision). So, I didn’t obey my inner satellite, Blink. Glad the med mixup did not prove to be significant in impact.

    o/t: First and foremost (and it sounds like you have already done this) find a diff surgeon. Document and alert medication error to Physician office Admin with a copy to your Insurance provider. Significant or not that can’t happen. Thank you for sharing this story, although I am heartsick for you. I am also guilty of the occasional ignorance of my satellites- analyzing and learning from our imperfection helps us hone them, imo. Speedy recovery to you my dear Rose. xo

  6. Rose says:

    2015. Shubin was present & told Commissioners to “be vigilant” re SPM.
    Imo coconspirator w/Cantorna re his Shutt presentation. What timing, after
    he became entangled w/a GJ local LE corruption investigation.

  7. Rose says:
    Shubin-McGraw were attorneys for Shutt wrt her 1/15 forgery accusation against SPM.

    SPM calls out in Daily Collegian interview DAs Cantorna/McGraw for not recusing to State AG the Dellinger/Ferron/Shubin/other defense attys indictment & no filing of charges as he did w/frat case tho there was no need to there,

  8. J. J. in Phila says:

    McGraw was an ADA under Parks Miller 2010-13. I think Shutt was a contemporary

    Yes that is the same Madeira. He is very devout and I think active in his church. His undergraduate degree is from Bob Jones University; that was brought up primarily in the 2005 campaign.

    It is not unusual for former ADA’s to start a defense practice. arks Miller was a top notch defense attorney prior to being elected.

  9. Rose says:

    McGraw was all in as a defense atty for 11 years before his comparatively brief ADA sojourn.
    While many crim def attys start out as an ADA for training, few do so after 11 yrs in practice which shoukd be far more lucrative than an entry ADA job, and after a Gerry Spence regional trg seminar, and embkem of defense devotion. Unless of course a megacase with many vics is in the Grand Jury process with charges anticipated to be brought soon and huge civil settlements for vics virtually guaranteed from a public entity. And, one’s law partner found his way to several of those anonymous vics.

  10. Rose says:
    yesterday’s SPM post compliments J Cleland’s trial mgmt. She belongs on a County bench.

  11. Rose says:

    Sorry, JJinPA, Subin-McGraw-Shutt ties in 2015 too strong to be coincidence, &
    quite something at the concommitant time SPM convenes a GJ to investigate in part the
    State College PD-terminated Erich Dellinger
    (like Shutt, a Boalsburg homie) to Shubin “tip” pipeline.

  12. Rose says:

    That’s Kessinger to correct last name.
    Shutt not in Boalsburg;
    however someone in the brouhaha was,
    and I thot they might’ve gone to HS together.

  13. Rose says:

    Shubin at this juncture repped 5 of 11 settlement vics, none known to each other, know to defense bar, and one not acknowledged to be known to prosecutors. How’d he then id ten of those clients but for tips from govt investigators or prosecutors?

  14. Rose says:

    Cantorna at his best:
    Last sentence is amusing; so serious about his 2nd A,
    he shoots at the ceiling regularly.

  15. Rose says:
    kinda dumb to put the hearing board’s ethics on trial

  16. J. J. in Phila says:

    I missed the story and decided not to renew my CDT subscription.

    Can you give me a summary?

  17. Rose says:

    The Washington Post: Judge dismisses most serious charges against Penn State frat brothers in Tim Piazza’s death

    A “the Earth is Flat” Judge.

    These were matters of fact for a jury, not matters of law.

    GJ indictments against insider tip officers & tippee def attys has been buried by Cantora apparently. Unsurprising given his hiring of involved def atty.

  18. Rose says:

    Sinclair’s “prior bad acts.”
    pity he outlasted parks & Mistler.

    this County’s voters get what they deserve.
    I just counseled my neighbor to pick Columbia
    or NYU admissions over Penn State.

  19. Rose says:


  20. J. J. in Phila says:

    Yes. I am disturbed that Cantorna recused himself without explanation. Maybe his reasons are completely legitimate, but he owes the public at least a general an explanation.

  21. J. J. in Phila says:

    The explanation for Cantorna’s recusal was just released. He provided legal advice to one of the defendants in the Piazza case.

  22. J. J. in Phila says:

    I am going to go back to my original stance as one who works in the legal field and whose licensure requires adherence to the rules and responsibilities of the same bar association the Atty I am working for (jurisdiction of matter) is. Exparte communication with Judges in active cases is a violation of ethics rules and you can bet your bippy if any one of those defense attorneys had done that and Parks Miller found out they would be sanctioned by the bar at a minimum- at HER request or complaint.

    That said, I am fond of some of work, but when that work is also “the calling out” of other LE personnel not playing by the rules, she can’t operate above the law either, even if for some misguided reason she thinks it stops and ends with her in that regard.
    I am long on the record that prosecutorial actions and behavior are only subject to absolute immunity (which btw, there are many exceptions to that) if they are in scope of the office. I cam floored her atty wrt the violations filing deadline missed it and she did not fire them. Truly. Nothing to mess with. The trend (especially since Kane) in PA is to make examples of those in the higher levels of law enforcement in the state be held to the standard that an office with absolute immunity should have.

    She’s in trouble on this one, and unfortunately it is just. This panel is also notoriously conservative in disciplinary actions so perhaps a rebuke or suspension? It seems an agreement is not possible.

  23. J. J. in Phila says:

    There was an article today in the CDT were they are talking about 3 month suspension, it looks like solely to ex parte communication.

    I would not say weak, however. In one case, someone was suspended for a year for asking a District Judge to change a verdict.

    Some of it was ridiculous, IMO. Certainly law enforcement can use fake ID and set up fake internet accounts.

    Other than that, Spanier’s initial appeal was denied.

    I think that is a fair punishment for her- like it or not, had she been a criminal defense attorney and guilty of the same, I can promise you she would have been the first to alert the bar and press for far more serious sanctions. She was an elected official and in a position of public trust and the standards of that office must be sacrosanct. I could go on, lol, like I think several Judges who opted to retire and not face other potential reprimand or sanctions were equally “wrong” or unethical.

    There is a definite “trend” (floabw) since our country is facing such an enormous exoneration rate of prior convictions toward increased best practice and ethical oversight in pros and DA offices throughout the US. I cannot talk about my personal case work, but in the abstract I have worked on a case where there was evidence discovered that the DA had a significant conflict of interest that the DA tried unsuccessfully tried to hide by expunging a civil court record. I mention this because if anyone thinks such behavior is victimless- it is definitely not. Thinking about the fam that had to face that impact on a capital trial, and it prolly added at least a year or more. I am being intentionally vague, but you get the gist.

    Did you see that Curly/Schultz previous counsel is facing her own set of discipline? Not to appear as to rub salt, but I said then that was going to come back and it definitely has.

  24. J. J. in Phila says:

    No, I didn’t, in regard Curley/Schultz.

    Yes, Ms. Baldwin is facing her own issues- I am remiss for not checking the current status though.

  25. Rose says:

    look at July 13-14 & Aug 8.
    Sorry but it reminds me of the current Federal scene.

    I have no idea what her end game is. If she is actually authoring that page it reads semi literate at best- not a good representation of her as an attorney, imo.

  26. Rose says:
    Penn State’s employment of Baldwin reminds me of OSHU where those with political clout are parked administratively when they need to get gotten out of a job setting yet keep a lucrative income.
    If Schultze had had deep pockets, he’d have won a suit againt the U and its then lawyer Courtney.

  27. J. J. in Phila says:

    Parks Miller getting a 3 month suspension:

    It is notable that they did NOT give any punishment with the undercover things. They thought that she should have checked first and maybe shown a bit more prudence, but that acted ethically.

    In her role as a LEO she does have (did) have broad power for investigative tactics, however, there was no injury per se- that is the ONLY reason she escaped any real rebuke for it. Actions like that for a prosecutor run the risk of compromising a criminal prosecution- there is plenty of examples of it- that is/was my concern over it. I will say that particular region is a “hot bed” in the area of legal practice all the way around right now- very contentious.

  28. Rose says:

    Stumbled on Shutt’s Twitter.
    Her suit was thrown out by 3rd C early this year.
    Follows a variety of fighters & tweets re fights.
    Followers are quite strange apart from Masorti Law.
    ie “BDSM erotica writer”
    & another, “dirty book author.”
    Can’t imagine who’d want to read her tweets.

  29. Rose says:

    hadn ‘t remembered this

    on point & kick A..

    wonder who was Shutt’s hapless Appellate atty?

  30. Rose says:

    My opinion on Kane is all over the place, lol, except to say if one lies under oath, most especially in an elected office and position of public trust- you had better be prepared to deal with the outcome you have imposed on others for acting similarly.
    Misplaced hubris will win the day every time, imo. As I say about my failures often (obvs not criminal lol)- God is telling me to put my humble suit on for a while. Truth.

  31. Rose says:

    despite ethics failures (tho the men in question did not get suspended law licenses) she made strides in a fundamentally govt-corrupt County & was an aggressive DA.

    How do you miss your own deadline to respond and then blame the Supreme Court for not hearing your case? That’s ridiculous. Maybe she will be competing for paralegal jobs with her former underling for the next few years- because it will take her over a year to get reinstated if she does. Im sorry but man do I hate to see such a waste of talent and such an abundance of hubris. Be humble and Stay humble people- its where its at.

  32. Rose says:

    DA Cantorna proves a boone to County Defense Bar & a challenge to public
    confidence in Centre County LE & the local Court:
    Timing is doubtless bcz Miller has finished her Bar discipline &
    has the potential to challenge him again. Cantorna is like a Barr on a microlevel.

  33. BOC Staff says:

    All I can say is it is a common crim law opinion rn that jurisdiction is a hot mess.

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