Nittany Nightmare Continues Past Sandusky: Former President Spanier Charged- NEW Charges for Curley and Schultz Filed

Happy Valley- PA On the heels of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky’s transfer to his new home,  what most predicted would follow- has.




Former Penn State President Graham Spanier,  fired by the Penn State Board of Trust the same day as legendary late-Nittany Lions Coach Joe Paterno, is facing serious charges today filed by Sandusky’s prosecutors.

Spanier is facing counts of obstruction of justice,  perjury, conspiracy, endangering the welfare of children and failure to report allegations of child abuse.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz,  who were facing perjury and charges based on “non-reporting”,  are now facing all five similar charges as Spanier-  additional filings occurred simultaneously.

Linda L. Kelly stated the men “used their positions to conceal and cover up for years the activities of a known child predator,” on Thursday following the announcement.


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  1. Rose says:
    GJ report.
    My conclusion is that SPM has better judgment than her predecessors (ie not letting Albro loose,
    inviting his atty to the signing) and is very detailed oriented. She also exhibited forethought by giving a
    subordinate running for office a cy of “the rules.” Imo L Glantz should be fired. The Commissioners
    and local PD are a hot mess. Many private attys are seeking to profit on that. imo Shutt was determined, whether
    talking to HR or others, to sink SPM’s ship after her departure, and she & Masorti deserve each other in an
    employment relationship for life. Or Shutt should just continue reading her romance books and aspiring to dress like
    a reality tv star.

  2. Rose says:

    J McShane cannot even get minimal facts right on his own firm’s blog post.
    Here his writing is copied to his colleague’s CIOC, a Stacey stalking site:

    ” The McShane Firm, LLC
    Either outcome is unacceptable. You either have a DA who ordered a subordinate to forge a judge’s signature and have it filed with the Prothonotary or ….”

    The allegation was SPM herself signed, not that she ordered a subordinate to sign.

    (Hint, if one signs into CDT articles by clicking ghru CIOC, one can read it free without being blocked as a nonsubscriber.)

    Across the board, the level of unprofessional-ism amongst sworn officer’s of the court is pretty startling. I am also pretty surprised Nathan Boob was not called to testify, but there would be no way to know for sure if he did or did not based on the report. I am flabbergasted that a Judge, signing (allegedly) 3 separate orders for what amounted to a criminal investigative sting ( I called this defense Rose, lol) to include amending true and correct records located within the clerk CANNOT REMEMBER the conversations leading up to, during or after, nor can she remember signing what I would presume to be the warrants for the pen register/trap/trace in the first place. I would have to check case law but I am pretty sure that would violate the four corners rule- and why would none of such interaction be confirmable via schedules/dockets and emails.

    Shutt committed professional suicide or you are correct, she has a life long employment gig with Masorti. SPM came out swinging and after I have read this report, while I do not agree with some of the tactics and those should be reviewed individually as it relates to proper criminal procedure- I do think in her role as the DA this was an organized smear campaign over some sort of balance of power. Disclosure: I have a relative in an investigative and supervisory role within the PA State Police in this jurisdiction- who has no involvement in this matter whatsoever.

  3. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    @Blink, in fairness to Judge Ruest, she said she could not recall that, but that she also could not recall signing a court order to wire a PSP Trooper going undercover in the case. She signs a lot of stuff and the judges in the county have been known to sign without reading.

    @Rose, Pipes has the situation “bad legal advice” and is planning to call for Glantz’s resignation at the next meeting.

    J.J.- I don’t doubt that- but I should tell you that they are required to substantiate such actions and keep such scheduling appointments on their calendar. Additionally, the investigator is required to keep a detailed journal on the chain of evidence. Was Richard ever charged? Can you imagine a defense attorney quashing these warrants and effectively suppressing all the evidence? There is a very high probability that could happen- there is case law on both sides.

  4. Rose says:

    @JJinPhila. Recently on coic someone linked the Cty Comm mtg video in June when mary lou whoever, ins atty, gave a full report on case postures. iirc Pipes was not only passive but silent.

    If Pipes takes that tack with Glantz, he’s not only engaging in political grandstanding for what ultimately were his votes & participation. Client County needn’t have followed its contract Solicitor’s advice, he’s also inviting 2 more suits from Glantz on the County–defamation & wrongful termination.

    Glantz has always had a year to year contract, regardless of performance.
    The CC need to give him notice of nonrenewal, advertise the position, & let the new Soliciter recommend what’s next–and keep their mouths shut on personnel performancepublically til that occurs. I get Pipes wants to be reelected, but thinking folks need to bullet vite for the credible new Dem on the block.

    Eventually the CC can evaluate its malpractice options with the new Solicitor.
    But, the Cty’s current problem is the CC’s and Boyde said in open mtg the County needed to indemnify Glantz wrt suits by SPM and hired Abom for him. Can’t back out niw…

  5. Rose says:

    looks to me like the OAG hired an exemplary forensic firm

  6. Rose says:

    I wish she would dump on why and how McGraw left her Office and was
    another apparent Masorti rescue job. I’ve noticed Sloane has been
    Comment-silent everywhere wrt this Report. What is the McGraw ulterior
    motive she refers to?

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