Nittany Nightmare Continues Past Sandusky: Former President Spanier Charged- NEW Charges for Curley and Schultz Filed

Happy Valley- PA On the heels of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky’s transfer to his new home,  what most predicted would follow- has.




Former Penn State President Graham Spanier,  fired by the Penn State Board of Trust the same day as legendary late-Nittany Lions Coach Joe Paterno, is facing serious charges today filed by Sandusky’s prosecutors.

Spanier is facing counts of obstruction of justice,  perjury, conspiracy, endangering the welfare of children and failure to report allegations of child abuse.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz,  who were facing perjury and charges based on “non-reporting”,  are now facing all five similar charges as Spanier-  additional filings occurred simultaneously.

Linda L. Kelly stated the men “used their positions to conceal and cover up for years the activities of a known child predator,” on Thursday following the announcement.


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  1. Rose says:

    @drose. Then that’s why Hershey Board
    hired Rendell’s former chief of
    staff to make this go away after
    Kane’s election. and it did.

  2. Rose says:

    @erose. you ring some memory bells.
    Holder is gone. This won’t become DOJ involved on
    discrimination grounds. Better choice was Ed & ADA.
    Holder was a parent in my kids’ tiny nursery school.
    He, wife, kids are the best.
    But his lame duck replacement will have no
    future career apart from federal judge ambitions in a Repub
    confirmation universe. So despite her moxie if
    confirmed, Hershey investigation & reform remains at
    the mercy of State gov imo. But since Wolf is independently
    weathly, maybe he’ll take a second look if petitioned.

    Since in PA, unlike Oregon, the press leads, where is it anyway
    after Kane closed the case?

  3. Rose says:
    “Zimmerman and Corbett have been personal friends and political allies for many years, and the Hotel Hershey – dubbed “Zimm’s Palace” for its luxury …”

    I wish Bagwellesque Joe supporters were not so myopic
    they cannot get the big picture, then break down to pathologic actors.

  4. Steve says:
    “According to PHC’s letter, Kane’s Chief of Staff, Adrian King, is the brother-in-law of Hershey Trust Company vice-president John Estey. The latter served as Chief of Staff under former Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.”

    Estey was hired by the MHS Trust last year, in a move that PHC describes as puzzling. Rendell, King, and Estey are also former partners of the same law firm, creating what PHC says is but another layer of conflict. Rendell has reportedly had designs on an MHS board seat himself, according to PHC’s letter. The letter also discloses that in 2007, Rendell received a $10,000 contribution from a PAC associated with HERCO, an MHS Trust wholly-owned entity.
    “John Estey, the brother-in-law of AG Kane’s chief of staff, Adrian King, has been named as Milton Hershey School “interim president.”
    “First Deputy Attorney General Adrian R. King Jr. told Kane this week that he was resigning. His last day is June 13.”

  5. Steve says:

    “The Ballard Spahr hiring has become a lightning rod in the past week with an increasing number of lawmakers questioning the contract not only because of Rendell’s relationship to Ballard Spahr, but also because two former Rendell aides now are Ballard Spahr partners — Adrian King and John Estey.
    “We have barely scratched the surface of that contractual situation,” Reichley said.
    Estey was Rendell’s chief of staff and a senior adviser until last month and King was deputy chief of staff until 2005. Estey, as chief of staff, recommended hiring Ballard Spahr, according to Rendell’s General Counsel Barbara Adams. King now is working on the turnpike lease for the law firm.
    Estey and King are brothers-in-law. Estey declined to comment, and attempts to reach King were not successful.”

  6. Rose says:

    @Steve. sorry for my attention deficit disorder.
    I did not realize Rendell’s chief of staff was in Board
    rather than being a mere
    attorney repr
    November 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm
    “According to PHC’s letter, Kane’s Chief of Staff, Adrian King, is the brother-in-law of Hershey Trust Company vice-president John Estey. The latter served as Chief of Staff under former Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.”

    Sadly, Dems are in demise in DC/DOJ, so it’s over to Wolf & Corman.
    Imo Corman is trying to distinguish himself from Corbett.

    Kane appears to be cotton candy, not in control nor independent

    I would like to see Zimmerman collect his desserts,
    but imo Hershey Trust parasites will feed on.

  7. erose says:

    Exactly, Rose. Steve, thanks for the info getting me up to date.

    I remember from way back finding (and posting) a case in one of the surrounding counties where a doctor was using drugs and alcohol to lure underage boys. He got busted, but the sentence was light, if at all. It made me suspicious of the judge.

    Anyway, if you ask a bunch of drug dealers if they are syndicated they would answer no because they do not see themselves that way. They are just out for themselves, they don’t attend meetings or plan conspiracies, but they do socialize, attend parties. It’s all in the vocabulary and perception, imo. Probably true of pedophiles as well. They are out for themselves and only use each other and I assume protect each other because it is their own best interests.

    Rose says:
    November 18, 2014 at 12:23 am

    I wish Bagwellesque Joe supporters were not so myopic
    they cannot get the big picture, then break down to pathologic actors.

  8. Rose says:

    Hershey Board hired Estey, former chief of staff to Rendell, as its Gen Counsel in 09/11 to conduct negotiations with OAG which opened an investigation in 2011.

    Apparently the Mondesire case is not the only one Kane reviewed prior to her “oath of office”

    Her Exec team at the OAG includes King, her chief deputy and Estey’s bro-in-law

    Settlement with the OAG occurred in May 2013, 4 months after Kane entered office, and shortly afterwards, in July 2013, Estey takes over running the School itself.

    the Trust would win if either party’s candidate were elected:

    Hershey Trust has been selling more real estate investments lately, perhaps in need of liquidity?

    Estey is a Harvard grad. the incoming US AG Harvard grad is unlikely to mess with the Hershey Trust with him at the helm of the School.

  9. Rose says:

    self-correction, Estey is a Univ Pittsburgh JD

    Why would he give up being a partner in a Philadelphia firm to go live in Hershey, now as Exec VP of the Trust as of this summer?

    he can visit Phil. for other Board member meetings
    blurbs on the political history & child outcomes.

  10. Steve says:

    “Kane appears to be cotton candy, not in control nor independent”

    It appears it’s game on for her.

  11. erose says:

    The trial for alleged child abuser Christopher Lee of Boalsburg has been delayed by 60 days.

    Lee was originally scheduled to go to trial on December 1, but last week the federal prosecutor in charge of the case asked the court to grant a continuance. According to court documents, the extra 60 days will give the FBI time to finish its forensic analysis of computers and hard drives seized from Lee.,1461744/

  12. Rose says:

    Fina seems a man for grudges.
    (iirc the Federal Court said whether FF was ethical or not, didn’t require
    Federal intervention in a State matter)
    Why was Fina determined to “get” Spanier? This blog alludes C & S were
    charged merely to induce their testimony against Spanier.

    I suppose it would come back to Fina’s closeness to Corbett.
    no child porn = no criminal charges for Fina.
    However, any man who sends out porn on a work-owned computer
    to numerous colleagues to include State investigators & judges should
    be summarily fired. one wonders what the Phil DA has on some of his
    work site computers? Are press asking about whether the Phil DA has an
    inhouse computer forensics investigation?

  13. Rose says:
    Who is PSU’s Board Counsel these days? Inhouse PSU GC?
    Yudichak’s legal take should have been proactively considered & discarded in the BoT minutes.
    who is Brunhilda standing behind Masser? (Does he need
    spoonfeeding, or was she protection?)

  14. Rose says:

    OT from nittanynet sandusky:
    I have been a true believer that the Fed had independent (if at times
    dumkoff) seat holders.
    And here comes 2 Pennsyl probably party donors.
    political appointees who are not economists.
    So if Surma will join the Fed & vote without underlying
    competence, why not the same wrt PSU?

  15. Steve says:

    It seems as though ever since it became an elected position, the PA attorney general has created more problems than they have solved. I’m leaning more and more towards have judges not be elected.

    Here’s the problem with that ( although on many days I feel similarly) once we “appoint” it still runs political lines with little ability to remove them.

  16. Rose says:

    idk who writes the briefs for Paterno estate, but he’s good.
    NCAA’s litigation strategy will just make this litigator
    know the devil in the details so well by trial that he
    can’t lose on the fact presentation, imo.

  17. Rose says:
    In the Exhibits, NCAA leverages the moment by giving Omar McNeill (Freeh drone) a template to investigate
    “institutional culture” followed by specific questions. P 71 finds the dismissed & bitter V Triponey doing everything she could to steer the Freeh investigation away from role Sandusky and his victims played in the football
    program and school, about which she knew nothing and had no contribution, to questions of
    school culture about which she had a megaphone. Fat chance she’ll get that subpoena quashed.
    After a depo of who did you talk to & what did you say, and the same with her counterparts, some had better
    hope with kncongruent depos perjury charges don’t come back to haunt. If these depos & discovery go far enough, perhaps Freeh’s route to Federal Court will be testifying to a Fed Grand Jury.

  18. Rose says:
    Any PA attorney have a comment?
    Looks to me like the Consent Decree was a valid
    contract with PSU Pres & BoT acting after
    consulting their own counsel. On the job only 8 days, it appears
    this Princeton/Yale inhouse gentleman was deferential to his
    corporate bosses’ management preferences such that entering the Degree
    was not based on legal advice but management judgments.
    The “duress” factors
    Erickson & Gene refer to: rush, arbitrary deadlines, hints
    penalties could worsen, hints of broadening the football
    program investigation, even the “hold all the cards”
    attitude, do not rise imo to the type of duress that would void a contract because
    PSU could have gone down the regular NCAA adjudication path, termed COI
    in the email. Minority Elements of PSU BoT simply have buyers’ remorse.

  19. erose says:

    By Dwight Perry /

    The Seattle Times

    Talk about targeting an ineligible receiver.

    Penn State’s athletic department, in sending out computer-generated letters seeking renewal of football season tickets, somehow mailed one to Jerry Sandusky at his State College residence.


  20. erose says:

    ‘Murder in the Stacks’: 45-year-old Betsy Aardsma case intrigues author David DeKok

    Read more here:

    Q: The Penn State Police still have not closed the Aardsma case Why do you think they would keep the case open with all the new information that has come to light in the past few years?

    A: Some of the state police are still quite definitely in Camp Maurer (Larry Paul Maurer). As recently as 2008, there were conversations between the state police and then-Centre County district attorney Michael Madeira about convening a grand jury. Didn’t happen.

    Read more here:

  21. erose says:

    Q: The Betsy Aardsma murder is not the only case in the State College area that has gone unsolved. There’s the murder of Rachel Taylor in 1940, the Dana Bailey murder in 1987 the disappearance of Cindy Song in 2001, not to mention the disappearance of former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, who has a connection to a couple of the aforementioned cases. Do you think there is a pattern or is it a matter of circumstance?

    A: With the students, the pattern is that they occurred in a college town, where a lot of people come and go. That makes murders harder to investigate. Students live here but their roots are elsewhere. With Ray Gricar, who knows? That one has as many theories as the Kennedy Assassination.

    Read more here:

  22. Rose says:

    @erose. glad to see centredaily write on these, ty for sharing.
    wrt “Do you think there is a pattern or is it a matter of circumstance”
    imo the status (unsolved) speaks mostly to the training, competence, supervision,
    & drive of the assigned investigators in each case.

  23. erose says:

    And don’t miss the part about the state police wanting a GJ after 40 some years (back in ’08) and having Madeira say no. Geez, if I were DA, I would send the evidence to the GJ just on the efforts of a 40 yr. investigation. Rose, I am beginning to think the really messed up cases are due to a two fold problem, LE and DA’s. If you have one strong and not the other you have a shot, if both a weak justice is screwed.

  24. Rose says:

    @erose. hah, Mult Cty.
    But imo Madeira was weak & generally litigation
    averse all on his lonesome. My guess is there
    is plenty more to come–just based on
    his handout job from psu.

  25. erose says:

    I remember when we had high hopes…though the title is misleading.

    Kathleen Kane no longer is able to remain as Pa. attorney general

    Read more:
    Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

  26. Steve says:
    “The court is wary of taking unwarranted action which may result in a lengthy delay of the trial”
    “The lawsuit by Corman and Treasurer Rob McCord began as a way to enforce a state law requiring the fine to remain within Pennsylvania. It has since been widened to address the legality of the consent decree.”

    Wasn’t this the law which was passed after the fact? Wouldn’t it be applicable only to those situations which occurred after the new law was passed?

    Technically, yes, however, the NCAA seeks to have that law declared unconstitutional, and apparently there was some mediative (unofficial) dialog that they would be easing the fines so it looks to me this is really a negotiation where hard-lines are really about $$.
    I am a PA resident and I have to be honest, without an extensive proposal with Federal oversight, I do believe requiring a fine it incurred for a system that could be argued was significantly flawed should not be paid back to that “community” who was asleep at the wheel or worse. I have no faith anyone learned their lessons, at least not without specific metrics indicating same.

  27. Rose says:

    The parties previously negotiated in a Court-run program & failed.
    Plaintiffs’ offer to “do it again” was mere posturing imo. Covey
    said in effect we won’t waste the Court’s resources & time but you are
    welcome to negotiate privately & settle before trial as in any other case.
    I actually think the only important issue is the validity of the Consent Decree
    to which the after-law’s passage is irrelevant, but the 2 State plaintiffs have to maintain the fiction
    they spending State resources to defend the public purse.

  28. Rose says:

    The PSU Board minority-9 must be coached by Counsel,
    as it appears they are incrementally building a record for an ordinarily
    difficult Board minority suit on fiduciary grounds. Ordinary business
    judgment is a fine defense, but by boycotting a Board meeting the Maj puts 1 more
    nail in a reasonable board member standard when there is a
    history & availability of phoning in.

  29. Rose says:

    wrt Masser’s pious plaint of “inordinate amount of time on one issue”
    when the “one issue” is costing the University $60 million,
    in addition to victim payouts and other sanctions, it is not small potatoes, and triple
    the time is probably not enough. It sounds like the same old Board
    attitude of “sweep it under the rug,” “ignore the thorny problem,”
    “move forward,” that got the Board & PSU in trouble over the Sandusky matter in the first place.,1462029/

  30. Rose says:

    did a Board majority with deliberation authorizeErickson to sign the CD?
    and, was that deliberative decision driven by duress or unconscionable behavior?
    It is my guess little more Documented business deliberation was given to the CD by the full Board then then was given to debating litigation posture now.

    imo since Corman & Auditor were not parties to the CD,
    their suit is likely to be dismissed, if only on appeal, for no standing.

    Therefore it was critically important PSU, a party contractee, join plaintiffs.

    it seems to me this suit may be dismissed for lack of standing, then the BoT minority
    sues wrt bus judgment wrt majority. The majority of BoT did the work for the
    minority by not appearing,
    even by phone as a min member actually did to deliberate.

  31. Steve says:
    “University counsel Steve Dunham then come on the line to say that university papers state the Erickson was well within his rights to sign the consent decree on behalf of Penn State without full Board approval.”

    I guess we have to wait and see.

  32. Rose says:

    @Steve. imo U counsel Dunham is right, which is why
    PSU needs to be on plaintiffs’ side
    with the 2-3 BoT members Erikson consulted trstifying
    in unison they felt under some sort of duress or
    were subjected to some sort of inducing fraud.
    If the Auditor & Senator even have standing. Imo this is all
    sort of ridiculous as the relevant BoT members do seem
    to act from self-interest rather than as fiduciaries.
    Ann Covey seems determined to
    push boundaries to get transparency thru litigation.
    Otherwise, just like decades of
    Sandusky & Lee, the culture
    remains look the other way.
    I would like to ses more out there
    about Baldwin’s activities.

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