Tracy Ocasio And Chris George Disappearances: What Does Hataway Know?

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*Major Developments in Chris George and Tracy Ocasio Cases On The Horizon.*

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Volume I

A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.

Proverbs 28:17


As brought to you exclusively last Spring by, the unsolved disappearances of Onda “Chris” George and Tracy Ocasio from Ocoee, FL had more than a few commonalities worthy of exploration.

For the last 9 months the blinkoncrime team has conducted hundreds of hours of witness interviews, investigation and research ending in one conclusion:

The disappearances and presumed murder of Tracy Ocasio and Chris George are linked.

In an exclusive 4 part Series as a continuation of our earlier coverage ,we learn how the fated paths of these individuals may have come to pass.

Onda “Chris” George


Trouble began for Chris following the death of his Father in 1997. While he was handsome and charismatic, his lack of ability to cope with the loss found him turning to drugs and a seedier crowd than his siblings and Mother Rachael were comfortable with.

The advantages Chris had over his new peers did not seem to hold him back from spiraling into drug addiction and a few petty crimes.

While rehabilitative efforts worked mildly for periods at a time, it would seem Chris’s deamons would win this battle for now.

Chris was arrested for fencing stolen goods, grand theft auto and related charges and subsequently incarcerated in December 2003 for 4 years.

While in jail, Chris George had no shortage of connections to draw from when he was released on December 30, 2007.

The kind of connections that may have cost him his life.

Kenny KubeckKen Kubeck, was convicted of negligent vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crime in 2005. He negotiated a plea to only serve 2 years in prison and 15 years probation as long as he paid $900 per month in restitution to the children of his victims girlfriend.

Kubeck was alledgedly helping Chris start a vehicle detailing business after Chris was laid off from his job at Custom Metal Designs in January 2009.


Ben Parris, a registered sex offender with convictions of posession and trafficking of meth, stolen property,  and other controlled substances.

Chris lived with Ben the first 3 months he was paroled.

It is believed that Chris purchased a 52” Television on his Sears card days before his disappearance and delivered it to Parris, but sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Parris has told investigators he does not have it ,nor did he receive it.

Jeremiah Hutto

Jeremiah B Hutto, a former aquaintance of Chris’s he had not seen since he was in jail. Chris mentioned to several people that he ran into Hutto at the Walmart in Wintergarden in January 2009, about a month after his release and initially confused him for his brother Paul. “JB” was paroled on felony battery charges 12/01/08 for his assault of Erica McHenry, who died in a car accident during the prosecution of the case and the state had to withdraw false imprisonment charges.

Paul Hutto Facebook

Paul Hutto, lookalike brother to Jeremiah, was involved in an altercation with Tracy Ocasio a few weeks before her death  which resulted in his arrest.

Paul, Jeremiah and Jimmy Hataway all worked for Anthony Zeddes Lakefront Clearing, Inc which was dissolved in September 2009 after only a year of operation for the Annual report. Lakefront Clearing was owned by Anthony Zeddes and Brandi Hutto.


Tyler Watters, was the last person Chris George was with prior to his disappearance. Watters has given inconsistent accounts of the last hours he spent with Chris. Watters was a friend and roomate of Jimmy Hataway

Lynn Easter

Lyn Johnston, was with Chris George for many hours leading into the morning of February 11, the day Chris  was last seen. Chris dropped Lyn off after telling several witnesses he believed they were being followed the prior evening. Immediately thereafter, Chris received a call from Jimmy Hataway to accompany him to Sun Resorts.


Andrew Biddle, was incarcerated with Chris for charges of traffficking in stolen property, lying to a pawnbroker, grand theft and burglary. Although Andrew died of an overdose at his DeBary, FL home on February 7, 2009, an original death notice appeared online to indicate his home was in New Hampshire. Andrew’s viewing service was underway at Banfield Funeral Home during Chris’s last hours on February 11, 2009. Through marriage on his Mom’s side, Andrew is a member of the Hutto family.


James “Jimmy Hataway” was an associate of Chris George’s through the Huttos. He called Chris on behalf of himself, Watters, and two women whose identities I am intentionally withholding as witnesses in this case who have passed polygraph tests as to their knowledge in the cases of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio.

Through months of extensive interviews of friends, family, witnesses and mutual associates, blinkoncrime can confirm only three common associates that knew both Chris George and Tracy Ocasio at the times they went missing. Jimmy Hattaway and Jeremiah and Paul Hutto.

A Message From Chris George’s Mother:


Blink– Many thanks to you and your team for not forgetting those that have met with tragedy.

Sometimes I’ve entertained the idea that if I knew the future I’d make some alterations to the script of my life. I can guarantee that to have my son go missing at the age of 28 at the hands of some twisted individual(s) that solves his ‘problems’ by murdering people is not even close to how my script would read.

Tragedy is not God’s desire, though he does allow it in our lives. For reasons that only God knows this tragedy has befallen Chris and ultimately his family and friends.

Chris’ case was compounded by the fact that he was on drugs at the time of his disappearance. In addition to the obvious detriment of being involved with drugs, I believe that involvement compromised his case as well. In my opinion, his disappearance wasn’t taken seriously by the authorities which resulted in a less than desirable investigation in the crucial initial stages.

When Tracy Ocasio went missing 15 weeks later and I learned that more than just a few similarities existed between the cases I couldn’t help but wonder if Chris’ case had been thoroughly investigated from the beginning that perhaps Tracy could have been spared. My concern now is…who’s next?

I followed closely all reports regarding Tracy as her story circulated through the media but unfortunately her case has stalled, just as Chris’ has.

For a variety of reasons I chose not to make any statements to the media regarding Chris’ case. The only reason that I am choosing to comment on your site is that you actually care about the cases, and the people involved in them, that you investigate. I did not want to take Chris’ story to a media that I felt was only concerned about sensationalizing a story to get more viewers, listeners and/or hits on their websites. I was concerned that Chris’ drug use and prior record would overshadow the fact that he was a victim of homicide. I strongly feel that regardless of his poor choices, no one had the right to take his life.

My only consolation is that God is in control and with or without media attention, and regardless of whether Chris’ case is ever ‘solved’, God knows where Chris is and at whose hands he was harmed.

My prayer is Proverbs 28:17 “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.”

I firmly believe that, in addition to the killer(s), others know of Chris’ fate and could provide leads that would help solve not only his case but likely Tracy’s and possibly even other cases as well.

I can’t even begin to imagine the level of intimidation, fear and guilt that is keeping these people quiet…it must be unnerving to live under that pressure. I can only guess at the effect that can have on a person after days, weeks, months, years, decades…now there’s a script that would benefit from a revision.

However, I am fully aware that those that are keeping secrets could be just as degenerate as the actual killer and could easily choose to continue to protect the low life(s) that they are covering for and if that is the case…so be it.

I know that God is in control and is much more creative with His script writing than the killer(s) and/or those that know what took place that night.

May HIS will be done. –Rachael

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  1. shadow says:

    it’s sad that because of this guy(James Hataway) a innocent persons name gets drug threw the mud. Due solely to coincidence that Andrew knew Chris. My heart goes out to the family’s involved. But Andrew has know connection to the Huttos or Hataway family’s and never even hung out with them……………..

    You are incorrect.

  2. shadow says:

    no u need to watch what u say bout ppl!u r not given the right infomation andrew biddle did not, i repeat did not know these ppl!!!the most he ever knew of them was when he was brought 2 a b day party at 12!! that was the only time he ever meet any hutto.he was not a bad person he did get in trouble but thats IRRAILAVENT to this case!he has no connection to any of this he was INNOCENT!!he really wasnt even related to the huttos shows how much u really do know!he shouldnt be brought into this! i can promise u he did not know these ppl!please delate anything u r posting on him its hurtful to his family!a real reporter gets her facts st8 instead of going by what loser girls who are jealous over past incidences say!u just keep hideing behind ur monitor!!!!!

    First you said he did not know any of these people.

    He has no connection to these people?

    I am not sure his Aunt Alicia would like your denouncement of her family.

    Although she does have a pic of Greg labeled “child thief” or words to that effect so maybe y’all aren’t that tight these days.

    You do know Greg, Andrew’s Uncle, right?

  3. ex gf says:

    SHADOW SAYS: Everyone you know or knew will have or did have a side they don’t share with anyone or everyone. Blink is very careful about her facts as I have seen and clearly states that Andrew was deceased at the time Chris disappeared and therefore LOGIC (if the reader chooses to use it) says he could not be directly involved in Chris or Tracy’s disappearances.

    I know cases like this get emotional or feel personal, believe me, but Blink wouldn’t deliberately run an innocent person’s name through the mud. I believe she is trying to illustrate the strange web that connected all of these people somehow. Maybe you should do some research yourself when Blink clearly wrote “Through marriage on his Mom’s side, Andrew is a member of the Hutto family.” before you attack her work/research.

    Thank you friend, I think shadow is aware by now I know exactly who is who in this scenario.

    Just because I do not publish something, does not mean I am not aware of it, there is a method to the madness in a mp case.

    Blink is simply trying to help these families try to find their kids.

    Thank you for your work Blink, keep the info coming! God bless the families involved!

  4. shadow says:

    well i dont need to do research i personally know them, and alicia was not his aunt!!never was!!!!her family member was never married to greg to connect them in that way!and my whole point is why does andrews name get brought into this he didnt know these ppl just b cuz he was locked up with chris ?chris happened to know the other ppl u spoke off!say i knew one of casey anthony family members and my sister married that person, does that mean i am part of her case!this lady may b doing good but she is not nancy grace!andrew was no way invoved!please just take his info down he was awesome and his name shouldnt b put in it!oh and u guys got the wrong greg thats greg toole not biddle!!!!!check it out!im not being mean i am just hurt 4 andrew!i feel 4 all involved!god bless

    Back away from your keyboard for everyone’s sake.

    So does Carolyn have her kids back these days or are they still with Greg?

    As far as Mr. Biddle is concerned, it is a travesty to see such a young man fall this way.

    His Dad and His Step Mom, whom I understand raised him as his Bio Mom was “incapacitated” seemed like good parents to him.


    You know Carolyn, Alicia’s sister, right?

  5. Dee says:

    B do you know anything about Tracy that you can disclose?

  6. shadow says:


    Ms. Scott- I know exactly who you are, thus why responded to you the way I did.

    It does not bode well for you that your first comments on here are complete lies.

    I have no intention of making this about Andrew, nor were there any statements of ill will.

    I completely understand your pain at the loss of your nephew, so hopefully you can appreciate the pain of the families of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio, who deserve the very minimal decency of recovering their loved ones and laying them to rest as they see fit.

    And I can assure you, these people are quite determined to do so.



  7. shadow says:

    I agree with you on finding justice 4 traci and chris.I also want them to have anwsers,i am not tring to seem heartless,i feel for these families to.I just dont see that andrew could have any connection to any of this other than being related to me,and that makeing him somewhat connected to the hutto family.I mean why does any one need to hear andrews cause of death?i understand u r not being ill ,but i see that as pointless.Thank you 4 understanding my frustation.

    Then I would ask you reserve judgement until the series is published in it’s entirety.

    I would think that you know better than anyone the need to warn others on the perils of addiction. I am not making a judgement, but there is a definite nexus or I would never have brought it up.

  8. Steph O says:

    Hey Blink, long time no speak – I’ve still been reading and following but from a silent distance. Just wanted to say thanks for staying with us through all of this. I’m stunned that we haven’t gotten very far though, considering all of the people involved. Bummer. But in the end I’m sure with everyones hard work and dedication it will be resolved. Also, I’m sorry for all of the pain that this mess is causing everyone, I’m right here sharing it will you. We all have to try to stay strong through this, and hug the people you love – it helps. God Bless to all of the families invloved. Stephy.

  9. J. Maybrick says:

    Could someone tell me what this pissing contest of who knows what about who has to do with the case at hand? Are there any new searches planned? Any new developments? WTF?

  10. t.e.o. says:

    Latest on Hataway’s Seminole case:

    Hataway attorney: Give us records from computer linked to man suspected in Ocasio disappearance,0,2032922.story

  11. Parents of Andrew says:


    I am the Stepmother to Andrew Biddle. I appreciate the kind words regarding our parenting of Andrew. I am addressing some of the issues that have been stated by the original post and the subsequent incorrect information posted by Carolyn. First of all, I have the original death certificate and it does not indicate New Hampshire on it for his place of death. Secondly, to respond to your comments Carolyn, he was raised by Tony for much of his life from the time he was 5 years old. Some of those years did include his biological mom, but for you to state we got him as an adult is incorrect. He also did live in New Hampshire for a short period of time. As for the Hutto’s, I agree with Carolyn that Andrew had no connection through them. Tony is not Andrews biological dad, but raised him as if he were since Andrew was 5. I can appreciate helping other familys try to get resolution on their loved ones but this is purely a coincidence of the parties.

    To the George family, I am very sorry that you have to endure these difficult times. Loosing my stepson was the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with. Today would have been his 25′th birthday and it hurts to think he will never be here to celebrate it with us. May God bless you in your journey through the toughest days ahead.

    Mrs. T-
    My sincere condolences, I apologize for meeting you under these circumstances, on this day of “all days”.

    While I can respectfully appreciate some backing off the Hutto familial connection, as Carolyn, Andrew’s Aunt, was married to Greg Biddle, Andrew’s Mom’s brother, and she is Alicia Hutto’s sister, I would respectfully submit they are aquainted/ associated.
    In-law yes, but definitely relation.

    I have read your distraught words for Andrew, heartbreaking.

  12. ex gf says:

    Thanks for the new link T.E.O. I hope you are doing well.

  13. Steph O says:

    Justice is far reaching. We can and will wait for however long it takes us to find justice for our niece and cousin. We will continue to use web sites to keep her name alive to search for the truth of what happened to her. We will NEVER forget her and we will never stop looking for her and to bring her killer and anyone associated with him to justice. If anyone thinks Joe and Liz are alone in this they are mistaken. We are a very large family, living in many countries. We are united as a family in finding her killer. Linda, Reynaldo, Stephanie, Christopher, Vanessa, Anthony Ocasio/Diaz

  14. Denise says:

    I first want to pay my respects to the families of the missing children. I AM the NATURAL BIOLOGICAL MOTHER of Andrew Biddle and I WILL be his voice. NONE of you have the right to print ANYTHING regarding MY SON Andrew. ALL but what HIS STEPMOM had to say in here is ALL HERE SAY. I was NEVER questioned nor was his step dad or step mom about ANY of the crap in here. WE ARE NOT IN ANY WAY SHAP OR FORM related to ANY of the parties in here. My SON is gone and I DO NOT APPRECIATE ANY OF the GARBAGE that is being said. Circumstances and coincidences DOES NOT give ANY ONE of you the right to say what has been insinuated here. I will be doing MY OWN INVESTIGATION for an incoharint person I AM NOT but anyway, I WILL get to the bottom of this!!!!!

    First- my condolences on the loss of Andrew.

    Second, and I ask respectfully, have you read the mere paragraph about Andrew which has been validated?
    No insinuations at all. Only facts. Your very handsome and troubled child overdosed. Do you feel at least a tad compelled to warn others of the pitfalls of addiction?

    There was no garbage said, of any kind. Have you read the postings of your ex- sis in law?
    You may wish to do so.

    That said, I felt the respectful thing to do was to address your comments-

    However, going forward, the concentrated discussion will be about the victims of homicide in this case.


  15. lily says:

    Thanks for the new article Blink. I hope it stirs up some movement in these frustrating cases.

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    My condolences to all involved. Blink thank you for always working for the victims. Nobody ever said it was going to be an easy job.

    Everyone is someone’s loved one. No matter what a child grows up to be, no matter what choices a person makes, right or wrong, at one time every child was just an innocent baby, and if they were lucky, they had parents and family that loved them and wanted the best for them.

    Thank you to each family member that came here to voice your concerns- and thank you to Blink for addressing those concerns head on, and with compassion.

    I hope you will all find peace

    Seeking truth and justice is not always easy. I hope this article helps unravel the mystery. Thanks Blink

  17. Judi says:

    Again, thank you Blink for all that you do.

    Chris’s mother says it perfectly – “Blink– Many thanks to you and your team for not forgetting those that have met with tragedy”.

    And, in Christine Sheddy’s mother’s words – “When Blink and her team became involved in Christine’s case we were at a dead end.

    Thanks to Blink’s efforts, public awareness was raised to a level that forced law enforcement to take a second look at her

    Christine, my family and Blink have endured many personal attacks we never deserved.

    As we await word from the medical examiners office, we ask that you please pray for our family and the entire Blink team.

    Without the tenacity of their work Christine’s case would never have received the attention she deserves.”

    Just thought we needed a post in here that THANKS Blink and her team for what they do and they good that they do.

    Thank you for the kind words. I am praying for resolution for Chris, Tracy, and their families and loved ones.

    I remember once feeling a moment of doubt that we would be able to locate Christine. It was a profound weight I could never articulate.

    I learned it was our lesson.

    Please keep the George and Ocasio families in your prayers.

  18. Camsmom says:

    Thanks for the article Blink. I thought it was well composed and for those of us who are not directly involved gave us some insight. I think what you do is wonderful. You and your crew are a voice for ppl who do not have one! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the continuation of this article, and hope it will bring peace and understanding, and also rest to those who are searching endlessly for their missing loved ones. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to be in their shoes. I will pray for them, and also you, so you have the strength to keep doing what you are so wonderful at. Thank you again Blink, and looking forward to the next article.

  19. Marci says:

    I am so confused by the comments being so old?? Am I missing something??

  20. Phyllis says:

    Oh My! What a great letter from Chris’ mom. She is the very image of
    a devout christian. My prayers for her and her family as well as Tracy’s. I am a christian but I am not sure I could be that strong if it were my child. I guess I won’t know until I walk in her shoes. But I do know that God’s grace is sufficient for our every need, and there will be New Grace for tomorrow. God bless you Mrs. Rachel. I love that name. My daughter is named Rachel.

  21. Mom3.0 says:

    Marci – I did not notice that- IDK, I would venture to guess that Blink maybe sent a copy of this article to family before she posted it? I am not sure but thank you for pointing that out- shows me I need to be more observant.

    Again, My prayers to all those involved,& to the George and Ocasio families.

  22. sandyeggo says:

    Marci, this is an old article that Blink has republished. That is why some comments are dated way back before today. If you look back at the beginning of the article, Blink bolded some comments about new details emerging in these cases and therefore she is republishing an old article. Volume 2 should be posted soon. Hope this helps.

    On a side note, I too am reminded of Christine Sheddy and how long it took to solve her case. It is amazing how much time and energy went into figuring out just what happened. But eventually the answers were revealed and I know answers will also come for the George’s and Ocasio’s. Hopefully sooner than later, but have no doubt, they will come.

    Sending peace & love to the Ocasio and George families.

    Ty Sandy.

  23. Boz says:

    Quick comment Blink. About the connection of Hataway to the Jennifer Kesse dissapearance. I put a couple of things together yesterday. What I’ve read and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it detemined the person of interest walking away from her car was between 5’3″ and 5’5″, right. Hataway is 5’9″. right? Well, I went to the site of that pic last night, measured the fence he walked past and indeed the estimate of the POI is very good. IMO, the person could have even been shorter than 5’3″. I’m the same height as Hataway and my head was way above the bar that was above the head of the POI. That person could not have been Hataway. How tall are the Hutto’s?

    Actually Boz, I have seen a commissioned report that puts the POI height at 5’10″. There is some discrepancy depending on who you ask-

    Hutto’s are shorter, yes.

  24. Boz says:

    This is bugging me. I’m going back tonight to see if I can find the exact spot. After double-checking again now, I don’t think I was at the correct spot last night. I was in a hurry. I won’t be tonight. I’ll check in tomorrow.

    Delete my above post please, I don’t want to start rumors. Thanks. Sorry!

  25. Boz says:

    You know blink, the more I think about this and seeing a comment like you posted about my comment…

    Actually Boz, I have seen a commissioned report that puts the POI height at 5’10″. There is some discrepancy depending on who you ask-

    Why in the Hell would there be any descrepancy on this. Haven’t the cops reproduced this exact picture with an actor to determine this POI’s EXACT HEIGHT! That doesn’t seem very hard to do, does it?


    I agree, but it is a CCTV Image, b&w, and not to scale, walking by a vertical gated fence.

    For me, I took one look at his feet and knew he was not that small. Keep in mind, while this individual absolutely needs to be interviewed, he could just be playing valet for the bad guy.


  26. Christy says:

    ever since you put up this article on Tracy Ocasio earlier in the week, I have gone back and read all you’re other article’s having to do with this case and all the posts! I have finally finished and I wanted to ask you about one thing I read on one of the threads. Someone asks you or states something about a third party following Tracy and JH out the door of the taproom that night! Was there ever evidence that this actually had any significance in this case?

    Are you certain that is the 3rd person reference? If so, it has not been determined as to whether or not it is related.

  27. Christy says:

    Hey Blink,
    Ty for answering my question! The poster who wrote about someone following Tracy and JH out of the taproom almost made it sound like she had viewed the video tape from that night. I was wondering if you have ever been able to view it? I’m pretty sure I read about video footage of them exiting the taproom! Is this correct that there was video?
    Keep up the awesome job you’re doing!
    Thoughts and prayers for all the families involved

  28. susanm says:

    i am glad to know the girlfriends passed polygraphs

  29. ex gf says:

    Christy- There is video that I’ve seen a portion of. It clearly shows Tracy (wearing a baseball cap) and Jimmy leaving the Tap Room. I did not see enough to show if anyone followed them out.

    There were 2 versions initially. One was extended, but there was no evidence the person leaving had any affiliation.

  30. ex gf says:

    I’m sure a lot of people left after the Magic game. You can’t rule out someone following them but you can’t prove from a video any affiiation. It’s a public place, I’ve personally been there.

    For those who may not know, there is a police station within the same shopping plaza as the Tap Room. I can almost assure you nothing happened in that parking lot, even if they were followed.

  31. Christy says:

    I was reading different articles on-line about this case and read somewhere that a recent search was prompted by a text that Tracy had sent a friend the night she went missing, right after she was seen on the video, she texted ” gone to the lake.” this article was dated Oct.18, 2010 on Chat house news.
    Blink was this the same area one of her boot’s was found at?

    It is not, and we are not disclosing the location of the “lake” for now.

  32. geauxtigers says:

    Blink – I know you are very busy but do you any idea when you will be releasing Volume II? I went back and read everything about these cases after your last update and now I am hooked. Thank you for all that you do.

    Recent developments in this case has us working overtime- projecting next week.
    Thanks for your patience.

  33. ClassyGal says:

    I’m sure you are aware of this.–New-search-planned-for-missing-woman

    Dear God- please let this info be credable so these poor families can have closure.

    We are, thank you.

  34. ClassyGal says:

    Info on the search…

    What an example of the grace shown by the families of missing loved ones.

    They have our full support.

  35. Deborah Thomas says:

    What you have done by including Mr. Kubeck in your article is patently wrong. The way you referred to him as a possible connection to Chris that may have caused him his life is absurd. Aside from Mr. Kubecks criminal record your journalistic accuracy is a whopping 0%.

    Ms. Thomas, we disagree.

    Considering your significant other was in court last week for a reduction in the child support obligation of over $162K that won him a fatly reduced sentence for killing his friend Rodney Bone, your are feeling good about defending Mr. Kubeck?

    With your help, he can afford a new home, but not pay restitution as he pledged?

    I suggest your have more conversations with Kenny. This is not going away.

    I never bullshit in criminal matters.

  36. Deborah Thomas says:

    What exactly is not going away?

  37. Val says:

    I am assuming she means the Blurb about “kenny” .

    I think if he cant pay the 900 he agreed to (paltry amount in exchange for a life if you ask me..) his ASS should be thrown back in jail, PERIOD, and any body related, friends of or dating any of these CRIMINALS, needs to realize this is public knowledge and thats what you get for hanging out with the people YOU choose to. Thats right embarrassment etc..If you dont like it, choose your company wiser..NUFF SAID!

    Thanks For all this website does!

    He was facing 30 years. He did 1 in exchange for the “restitution” he has welched on.

  38. Deborah says:

    Blink, You have published a photo of James Hataway at a bar (he is on the right)with three friends (one, on the left, has his arm on the bar). Is it possible to identify who these people are, left to right/right to left? Thank you.

    For what purpose?

  39. Deborah says:

    To match faces to names. So many characters. Difficult to keep up without knowing who is who. But then again, perhaps they are not part of this.

    Not relevant to the case, no.

  40. Denise Biddle says:

    I am Andrew Biddles biological mother and this is all a bunch of crap (putting it nicely} As far as my Son, I was with Andrews stepdad for 10 years. I raised Andrew ALL His life.I just came across this sight and I am sorry for everyone in the story but Andrew & I are not and were never related to the Hutto family. Greg Biddle is my brother and he was with Carolyn for many years. They never married and theyhad children together. How that makes my Son or I related is beyond me. Get Ur facts before printing shit. Thank You

  41. Survivor says:

    Can we kindly dispense with the mysterious- who are you and how can I help you?

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