James Hataway Convicted of Attempted Murder

Posted by BOC Staff | Chris George,Colt,James Hataway,Onda Chris George,Rachael George,Tracy Ocasio,Tyler Watters | Friday 1 April 2011 7:02 pm

Seminole County, FL-  After a brisk trial, the suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio, and suspected accessory after the fact in the disappearance and death of  Onda Chris George,  James “Jimmy” Hataway has been convicted of attempted murder and burglary this evening.

Hataway has been found guilty in the attempted murder of Rachael Clarke.

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  1. OhioSheryl says:

    Just read at WFTV the article that the remains have been identified as those of Chris, and now read Blink’s comment that Rachel is planning the memorial.
    Thankfully there is closure.

  2. Statingtheobvious says:


    Looks the medical examiner disagrees with the “he was good clean kid starting a business and was killed for money” theory… Oh well, looks like enough time has passed that the press can just make up its own facts like “was last seen with Hataway…”

    Kid was on drugs, kid ran off and drowned probably hallucinating as people on methamphetamines tend to do…

    I wonder if you owe a monster an apology perhaps?

    Excuse me?

    Do NOT profess to quote me, as in, I never said anything you just said.

    I NEVER said Chris was last seen with Hataway, in fact the opposite, I investigated this case with the potential that Hataway was not involved.

    That’s called not pre-judging, which, btw, had I done, I would have treated you like the punk you wanted people to think you were cause it was cool then.

    YOU felt Jimmy was capable of murder, or did you forget that part?

    Chris had been using earlier that day, which was in my piece on the case, nobody disputed that.

    Does that make it ok to murder somebody?

    Let me say this, and I am at full tilt at this second, let’s make sure we all review the medico legal investigative notes this ME relied on to form his conclusions.

    If they are “short” I have plenty to add.

    The water was deeper in 2009?

    Ok, I can accept that, except this area was searched a dozen damn times.

    People that drown, that go into the water and drown FLOAT.

    No trauma to bones, no animal activity- really?

    And by the way how is this an article without releasing the report as the source?

    Deep breath and curse words.


  3. lizzy says:

    O my dear Lizzy-

    I have reviewed the COD portions of his report for 2 days, the MOD report has not yet been filed, but I have been told what is intended to be in it. Hopefully extreme diligence is being applied to a crime scene that was searched no less than 12 times and not reliant upon a witness who covered up the event and stole the man’s truck for a few hours, among other things.

    The COD report is straightforward, but it is devoid of the necessary medico legal contribution, which I presume will be included in the MOD report. I have never seen a partial report released like this, ever, so I am not sure what is going on.

    What I will say, is there is ancillary evidence in this case which had better make the report or I will be busy assigning staff to do nothing but FOIA the case file, page by page.

    Chris is home, and his Mom, family, and loved ones said goodbye today to this gentle and conflicted soul. I am thankful for that, for them.

  4. Eloise says:

    Prayers to you Rachel and to your family. You too Blink.

    Thank you kind lady.

    I am in awe of Rachel and Chris’s GF strength and resolve.

  5. Chris' gf says:

    The memorial for Chris was yesterday and the ceremony was beautiful. It was good to have so many people come together in love and support to honor Chris’ life and mourn his passing.

    Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you Blink for your tenacity, and for your amazing dedication to doing your level best to ensure that justice is served and that these souls have a voice.

    O woman you hit my bullseye.
    You are the best thing that ever happened to Chris, and I beamed at the pics of you and he together.

    The rest of my feelings about you are between us.
    Kiss that mini-sized walking future pantene commercial quietly on the head, just from me.

  6. Ragdoll says:

    My thoughts and prayers. No mother should EVER have to bury her son.

    Love Love Love <3

  7. ex gf says:

    Have there been any new advancements in Tracy or Chris’ cases?

    Not since the undetermined status in both Chris’s cause of death and manner of death. The police file has not been completed to date.

    Not a peep in poor Tracy’s case.


  8. Tracyscousin says:

    Any updates B on my cousin’s case? Please email me in private you know anything you cant disclose to the public.

    Unfortunately to my knowledge, there are no updates. I wish there were as you know.


  9. ClassyGal says:

    I heard a new search has begun for Tracy. I have no details on it though- do you?

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  11. TEO says:

    Thank you for your continued support and keeping Tracy’s name alive…one of these days God willing we will find her and bring her home…God Bless

    God willing indeed, I ask him routinely.

    In support-


  12. ex gf says:

    TEO, I still think of/pray for you and your family. I check back here as well as other sites for possible updates. You have my email as aol.com but you can use it at gmail.com if you need to contact me directly for anything…same with you Blink.

  13. Edward says:

    It is amazing Tracy has not been found yet.

  14. TEO says:

    It looks like the Discovery Channel under a show they carry called “Disappeared” is going to feature Tracy’s case. They are coming down next week to film the show. We hope it helps give her case life and maybe someone that knows something comes forward. Once I have details on when the show will air I will post the details.


  15. Donnie says:

    Was it ever released, or is it known how Chris George was secured to the bottom of Lake Carter (rocks, weights etc.)? There had to be some sign of that when officials drained the lake. And also how far from shore Chris was located? I’m going along with the thinking that if (and I’m using the word if very lightly) Hattaway did have something to do with Tracy’s disappearance and hiding of her body, he would do it in the same manner as Chris George. He had to know that if Chris hadn’t surfaced in 3 1/2 months, he probably wouldn’t. With that being said, why would he not hide Tracy in the same manner?

    With lake levels here in Central Florida being very very low right now, I believe it would be a good time for LE to conduct some searches along the banks of local lakes. I’m headed out this weekend to look around a few myself. Tracy needs to be found, and she’s not going to find herself.

    I am a bit on a short lease on this one as the case is still pending.

    To answer your question, yes, I know every detail of how/when/location/what was found.

    That body of water was searched 12 times with sidescan sonar, just sayin.

  16. watchingpois says:

    Has anyone noticed that one of the Hutto brothers that was a POI in the Ocasio case has been arrested several times by the Ocoee police department for drugs, robbery, armed with a weapon, grand theft and other crimes, but somehow mysteriously gets out of jail within days and in some cases hours of his arrest. Also, there is absolutely NOTHING in the Orange County Clerk of Courts to say why he was released, bonds or anything? It is believed by many that he is an informant for the Police Department not sure what City/County/Federal agencies. Any thoughts… One more thought, his girlfriend known as “Ariel ?” was said to be missing in the last week? just saying?

    No, he is an informant for the MBI, have you had a chance to read my work on the Chris George case?

    Whose girlfriend is missing? Do you have a link?

    These two freaks and half the family are felons and former strippers. Not kidding.


  17. Joe Ocasio says:

    Our daughter Tracy Ocasio’s case is going to be featured on the show called “Disappeared” on ID Investigation Discovery channel. It is Season 5 final episode. The air dates are April 4th at 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM and repeats on April 6th at 10:00 AM.

    Always hoping and praying one of these days God willing we can bring her home and give her a proper burial.


    Joe- I pray for this for you and your family as you know, and I pray for this for Tracy.

    Please watch everyone. Tracy needs to come home.


  18. Joe Ocasio says:

    Good news we received a revised air date and time for Tracy’s case being shown on Disappeared on the ID Discovery channel (Brighthouse channel 143 or HD1246). It is now scheduled for Easter Sunday at 8:00 PM which will give her case a prime time slot on a holiday…it only takes one person with knowledge to come forward to help break her case!


  19. Luckylou says:

    Body with a boot found in lake baldwin today??

    Link? I saw the body found, but that’s it.

  20. LuckyLou says:


    The part about the boot is from a local resident. She said she went to see what was going on – she was told (not sure by whom) that a man went fishing, and he saw a body and a boot? Why hasn’t there been more information released?

    No idea, I could not find a thing today, sources hearing nothing.

  21. Classy gal says:

    Wow a name from the past……http://m.wftv.com/news/news/local/windermere-police-search-man-accused-ripping-elder/ngrPn/

    Actually 2 names from the past in a few case,…. Det John Allen.

  22. SomeGuy says:

    Rumor has it Jimmy is back in court. Haven’t heard exactly why. Long time, B.

    Geeze is that you? I’ll say. I will take a look, thank you. I pray you are well.

  23. SomeGuy says:

    How is it that after all this time, no one has slipped? I’ve always maintained that Jimmy would never talk, but how have these other chuckleheads not caught a charge and coughed it up?

    Also, hello, B. I’m still kicking around down here. This case still keeps me awake many nights. Hope you are well.

    Hey friend!! You were always right on Jimmy of course- and he has zero incentive to talk because at the end of the day he is also one of the prime suspects in Chris George’s murder. We agree on the Huttos as you know.

  24. SomeGuy says:

    Jimmy is back in Seminole County fighting for a new trial.

    Another young girl went missing from that shithole Ocoee. She’s just 17 years old. Truly frightening and sad.

    He is, and as I said when it was at trial- the very things that should have been raised then and were not- and frankly, in my view, leveraged to learn Tracy’s location and what actually happened to Chris Onda -were ignored. He may get that new trial.

  25. Survivor says:

    How can I contact blink on this?

    How can I help? You can respond post and I will keep it private- nobody but you and I will be able to see it.

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