Missing Soldier Kelli Bordeaux: Estranged Husband Michael Bordeaux Prior Drug Convictions, Froggy Bottoms Owner Denies Sex Offender Holbert Was Employee

Fayetteville, NC-  Missing since approximately 1:20 Am,  Kellie Bordeaux was last seen by patrons at the Froggie Bottoms Bar located less than a mile from her home at Meadowbrook Apartments drinking with convicted aggravated sex offender Nicholas Holbert.

As reported exclusively by www.blinkoncrime.com,  Holbert is required to register his residence or any changes to it, and is currently being investigated for parole violation.  At a press conference Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine said he is not a person of interest in the investigation currently.

Holbert’s tent behind the Froggy Bottoms has been removed.

A Froggy Bottoms bar owner,  spoke to NBC 17  refusing  to give his name and described a scene that Holbert and Bordeaux were together and incurred a $28 bar tab consisting of 4 shots and 4 beers,  but added that Holbert does not drink.  He did not elaborate on how he was aware of Mr. Holbert’s imbibement habits but disputed the account that Holbert was an employee of Froggy Bottoms.

According to Fayetteville Commission records, the bar is owned by Mandy Rai Murphy since February 2011.

Listed as a permit and Bar owner of Froggy Bottoms previously was a Jerry Lee Jarmon, whose license was cancelled and has a previous record including DUI.

Kelli Bordeux is 5’1″ tall and weighs approximately 102 pounds,  if the suggestion was intended by Ms. Murphy or the unidentified male bar owner that Kelli consumed 4 beers and 4 shots by herself,  I would seek to understand The Froggy Bottoms visually impaired or intoxicated policy.

Police Chief Bergamine and deputies completed a search of a pond located approximately 8 miles from the bar,  in Eastover.   Nothing was found and authorities have resumed searching the general area of Ramsey St.

Michael Bordeaux,   estranged husband of the missing medical services team soldier denies rumors that the couple was separated or that he moved back to the St. Cloud Kissimmee area where his father lives on a large rural property on Cardinal Rd.   A permit for the handgun Mr. Bordeaux is seen firing in his facebook photo could not be located in his name.

Mike Bordeaux Facebook


The criminal court records of Osceola County Florida show a Michael Laroy Bordeaux, age 24, with drug possession convictions occurring from 2005 through 2008.

Although Chief Bergamine has confirmed that Bordeaux claims to have been out of town visiting his Father prior to his wifes disappearance,  investigators have not been able to verify his whereabouts conclusively in the early stages of the investigation but point out he is cooperating with detectives.

Army Officials not willing to be identified,  say they were told a text was sent from Kelli’s phone to an undisclosed recipient with the message “got home safely”.   Bordeaux’s cell phone has not been located.

The source went on to say that the vehicle Holbert was allegedly driving Bordeaux home with,  belonged to Bordeaux herself.

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for developments.





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  1. Ragdoll says:

    Is it possible she did get home safely, yielding her final destination to be a possible crime scene?

    This is most bizarre.

    To my knowledge it is possible, her apartment has been searched, but since it was released I would say no.

  2. deetee says:

    sounds like the convicted pedophile was working at the bar off the books or under the table.

    weird as the whole thing already seems, it is even weirder she is driven home in her own vehicle and asks to get out to walk. plus the vehicle was found, but it is not being released as to where.

    i was several states away reeks of a “classic” alibi. just sayin’.

  3. luluroro says:

    did you happen to see the pics on facebook of the husbands tattoos? LIFE 202. I know that area codes are gang identifiers but that is a DC area code, i believe. any thoughts on that?

  4. Ode says:

    Of course anyone could have texted on Kelli’s phone saying I am home safe so that is a mute point to me at this time. The fact it was her car that Holbert was driving makes his story completely unbielvable in why would she say to drop her off somewhere? Take my car and drop me off….no way.

  5. sandyeggo says:

    Wait, so Holbert drove Bordeaux home in her own car, but then she decided to have him let her out and she said she’d walk the rest of the way home…? That just doesn’t jive.

    “Hi guy from bar. Will you drive me home? We can use my car…. Oh here, just let me out now, I’ll walk the rest of the way and get my car back some other time…”

  6. Blink says:

    Criminals hanging out where they are welcome is a scrutiny in addition to the instant matter.

  7. Blink says:

    Keep in mind that is unconfirmed.

  8. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Whew, very glad to see Blink is on this one. Have been glued to our local webnews/TV since this broke on Monday (F’ville is about 2 hrs from me). Here’s the latest update from her brother, hinky discrepancy with the “estranged” hubby mentions, not just in Blink’s piece, but in local pieces as well, hmmm:
    “Brother of missing soldier: ‘Nobody’s losing hope’”
    Snipped: …”Her two-year marriage to Mike Bordeaux also was solid, ((brother)) Henson said. Mike Bordeaux, who isn’t in the military, was in Florida at the time of his wife’s disappearance.”….

    I come here every day to see all your insightful comments about that little fella from Oregon and tear up when I see the comment numbers climb, with the disappearance anniversary approaching and still no Kyron home with his mama…

    Thank you, Ms. Blink, hugs from NC.

    Hugs back. I have to say, as long as I have done this work, it never, ever, gets any easier investigating, analyzing or covering it.

    As I wrote previously, as expected, Holbert has been detained for violating the terms of his required registration.

    O/T My little tree frog dude. O my heart for the little man stuck at one of the favorite ages of my own son.


  9. Sundrop says:

    Nicholas Holbert was not on parole. The crime happened back in 2003 and he served about 2 1/2 years. What they arrested him on is failing to notify the State of NC of his new address after his mom/dad threw him out of their house. As a registered sex offender he must notify the State of any new addresses.


    welcome to BOC.

    Your information is incorrect, please read previous posts.

    If you are referring to Ms. O, that’s fine, but understand regardless of the circumstances Nick is required as a condition OF HIS PAROLE to register within 10 days of living at another address.

    That was his obligation and choice not to. That is the kindest way I can say that before going into my untreatable sex offender speech.

    I do not think this is the worst for Mr. Holbert.


  10. SouthernMom says:

    I understand Blink’s reporting the source’s info on the car Holbert drove Kelli home in as being her own is unconfirmed.

    However, if this is the truth, IMO LE likely have the right perp in custody regardless of how they are keeping him.

    I find it hard to believe a woman who is out drinking would agree to a ride home in her own vehicle (acknowledging she is too intoxicated to drive) by a “stranger” driver and then ask to be let out before reaching home. However, if her “internal danger alert system” was flashing HUGE red flags during the short drive home, I could understand those actions. BUT, if that was the case, Holbert is very likely the perp (IMO) and followed her home anyway in the most concealed way possible. MOO!

    It is still conceivable to me that a neighbor or “acquaintance” of the couple, who was aware of her husband being out of state and knew where they lived, was present in the bar and took advantage of the situation.

    Great work Blink, you never cease to amaze me with your reporting.

    Prayers for Kelli and her family.

  11. osu says:

    Is there any information as to her condition when she left the bar? Was she able to walk on her own, or even slightly wobbling? Mr. Holbert’s story doesn’t add up and he seems so cooperative. Maybe because he knows they won’t find evidence in the car or home because he took her elsewhere. I hope le looks in all directions because Gilbert seems so obvious and if it wasn’t him then the trail could get cold.

  12. Meg says:

    Two comments.

    1) do you think kyron is dead now? I’m just curious since you referenced him being stuck at an age? I thought you believed him to be alive previously?
    2) have you looked into the possible serial killer in Bremerton, wa? The FBI had started to investigate shortly afterwards two more woman hot stabbed. One (gregette guy) was across the street from my house in west Seattle. The other north of seattle in Monroe. According to local media the police are staying pretty mum.

    I have been on record since the beginning that I sadly believe Kyron is deceased and was very shortly after his abduction.

    If the 3 murders you are referring to are even connected to each other, I would still say that the offender does not match the MO or this crime.

  13. GeorgiaDad says:

    Although most likely Mr. Holbert is being less than factual, it is possible that he was in fact driving her home in her car and that before coming up on her house, she recognized a car in the driveway (husband or other) and didn’t want this man driving her car up to her house. Unless there was another car following behind them, the most likely reason a man would drive her home in her car would be if he were planning to spend the night.

    Although the story we are hearing makes no sense, it is for that reason that I will give this guy the benefit of the doubt. If he were just to make up an alibi, he most likely would have made up something simpler. For example, “I dropped her off at her house and went home and was going to bring the car back the next day.” The only possible explanation for creating a story like he has told police would be if he doesn’t know where she lives and was afraid LE would pick up on that.

    Until her husband’s alibi is confirmed, it is quite possible that he was unexpectedly at home for the weekend and there was a major confrontation when she returned home after partying until 1:30AM.

    I suspect what GeorgiaDad is saying is what is likely on everyone’s mind.

    Until he is cleared, we all know that there is a 90% chance the spouse is involved from a statistical probability perspective.

    I am not loving that after 8 days Chief is saying they are at square one.


  14. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Wow, Kelli’s story has totally dropped off our 3 major network news sites here in central NC in 8-9 days, so sad AND scary. GaDad makes a great point about Holbert’s story. Her DH is still definitely a “statistical probability” in my mind. I can’t find the video, but I saw a live sheriff update on the news mid-week. A reporter based out of the F’ville area point-blank asked the sheriff did they consider Holbert a POI, the sheriff stared him down and did not answer the question. I believe on Blink’s 1st piece on this, someone commented about the quaint and seemingly safe name of the bar, Froggy Bottoms. A comment on a local news website indicated the bar is in one of the seedy parts of town, can’t imagine anybody living in a tent behind any of the “uptown clubs,” assuming they have any there. There’s has been absolutely no mention of her condition leaving the bar, except for the printed news that her tab was the drinks & beers and that Holbert didn’t drink. Is that typical for LE not to comment on things like that?

    OT, Blink, your Etan piece was tender and tough and wise, all in one. Every time I have seen his smile through the years, I have been bedazzled at his handsome little face.
    Hugs from NC

    I believe they are mum on the details because announcing them is in a way, either corroborating or excluding something they may have been told by a POI or eventual suspect.

    I do not believe that Holbert did not drink, and I think that comment from the bar owner was self serving. I am very concerned that whoever harmed Kelli had 48 hours with which to hide a crime.
    I just updated this case with new post:



    o/t thank you kindly. I sending all my energy through the Lincoln tunnel that they find him, finally.

  15. Freeshice says:

    Monday 4/23 Bar owner arrested for 2001 failure to appear and non payment of child support in Mass.

  16. Tar Heel Gal says:

    DOH! Spoke too soon, this just in Monday AM, area jails getting kinda crowded down there ;) :

    Froggy Bottoms bar owner arrested on outstanding warrants
    Posted: 31 minutes ago
    The owner of Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville, where a missing Fort Bragg soldier was last seen, was arrested Monday on outstanding warrants unrelated to the soldier’s disappearance, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.
    Steven Cantrell, 49, of the 300 block of Lynn Avenue, had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in a Cumberland County courtroom on a driving while impaired charge in 2001.
    FBI agents also had warrants for Cantrell’s arrest in Boston for failing to pay $400,000 in child support payments to three different women, sheriff’s officials said.
    He was being processed in the Cumberland County Detention Center. His mugshot and possible bond information were not available.
    Cantrell’s business, Froggy Bottoms bar on Ramsey Street, is the last place Pfc. Kelli Bordeaux was seen on April 14. Officials at Fort Bragg reported her missing to Fayetteville police two days later when she didn’t show up for duty.
    Since then, police have questioned those who might have seen her at the bar, and her family has made several pleas for information through the media.
    Fayetteville police said they are treating Bordeaux’s disappearance as an active missing person’s case, but added that they have “grave concerns” about her well-being.
    Police have set up a hotline, at 910-433-1114, for people to provide leads in her disappearance.
    Web Editor: Kelly Hinchcliffe
    Copyright 2012 by Capitol Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Child support (or not, snerk) to three different women?! Yikes! Busy boy. Interesting discrepancies about bar ownership, hmmm?

    lol, there’s more coming, I just updated.

  17. deetee says:

    i am also thinking she must have been familiar with holbert prior to this too. that bar is close to her home, so given her age, it was probably not her first trip to that place.

    in fact, she and her husband could have been regulars and both familiar with holbert.

    Holbert’s bond was set at $100K.

    Cantrell is not showing he is in custody yet.

  18. maryp says:

    At luluroro above regarding Michael Bordeaux’s “Life 202″ tattoo, the tattoo is actually an ambigram (it reads something different when turned upside down). So, the tattoo actually says “Life for Death.” I posted a link below for a picture of the same tattoo. The only difference is the “for” is not in the picture below.


  19. Flo says:

    I think they (police) should also check:::

    a large rural property on Cardinal Rd. A permit for the handgun Mr. Bordeaux is seen firing in his facebook photo could not be located in his name.

    Who knows, whoever did it could plant her body there so as to blame it on husband.

  20. [...] Kelly Bordeaux, an Army medic with the 44th Medical Brigade stationed at Fort Bragg, NC  had been “going [...]

  21. ray herbst says:

    i don;t beleave holbert he prays on 5 year olds there the problem what eles do the police need to now he will probaly go free sick f… thats what wrong with this counthy no back bone for humand life and i dont mean holbert he,s scum may you burn in hell ;)

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