Suspect In Rape And Murder Of Megan Sharpton Is Arrested- Donnie Frank Jones In Custody For Felony Gun Possession

Donnie Frank Jones, Jr, 37, of Tullahoma, TN was arrested this afternoon after a search warrant at his home revealed the convicted felon was in possession of a firearm.   The elementary school which is also on Bel Air Drive, was in lockdown this afternoon during the search.

Jones is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Megan Sharpton, and is linked to her death via a CODIS match as previously reported on BOC.

Details are still emerging, check back to for updates.


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  1. @Christian
    I am going to need cites for those stats. Before Meg’s case , they would have floored me, now I am not Gus surprised.

  2. Christy says:

    many, many LEO folks I know in our neighboring counties here tell me the majority of calls they respond to are DV.
    siblings, parent/child, spouse/spouse, live ins, etc.

    I know of a father who shot his grown son, (and, pardon me…rightly so) and apparently, the family dynamic was well known to local LE.

    Kelly, thinking of you this week, always do, of course, but this week especially.

  3. Staring at the Stars says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Meg’s birthday is tomorrow. I am placing a star for her, another step toward saying goodbye. It will probably take me a lifetime to do so but I have to start somewhere. Her garden dedication was lovely and we had over 50 prayer flags telling her to be free and expressing our love. We feel and appreciate all your warm wishes and while I will never be whole again, I will fight for my girl and save others if there is ANY way for me to do so. Prayers for the Jones children, and Jessica’s heartbroken family. It’s never easier, just different and the words of kindness help. I hope that as a parent of a lost angel like them, they feel the love I am sending thier way. Peace for Meg and peace to you all.

  4. Christian says:

    Here you are, madam:

    Tennessee Economic Council on Women (2006). The Impact of Domestic Violence on the Tennessee Economy. Report to the General Assembly.

    Department of Justice. (2006). Crime in the United States 2004. Retrieved September 21, 2008, from

    Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Statistics Unit. (2008). Crime in Tennessee 2007.

    Thank you CHristian.

  5. Christian says:

    If those aren’t the stats you’re looking for, tell me a number and I’ll send them.

  6. Word Girl says:

    Interesting information on jailing juveniles. Written/published in 2011, the document weighs the type of supervision and incarceration for youth who have been tried as adults.

  7. Christy says:

    You’re in thousands and thousands of peoples hearts today.

    Shine, Peace and Love…Always

  8. mosaic says:

    Staring at the Stars ~ I send you my warmest wishes today on Megan’s birthday. May the star that you placed for her begin to bring you peace.

  9. bettyanne says:

    Is this allowed now for someone that has not been convicted of a crime; will threats make this better??????? Latest postings on facebook…. Has the murderer been named as of yet???? Has anyone been charged with this crime??????

    Peace for Megan Sharpton

    about an hour ago.

    Do you feel blessed today? I do. I have been given the four most loving hearts ever made. And one has been stolen from us, but those of us left know how blessed we are to be part of our starry girl’s life. She was a gift. Funny, smart, witty, loving to a fault., DJ you will pay for what you took. Megan, I, LE, and this communty will see to it. And all those who “help” you, god have mercy on your souls…Meg would have forgiven you. I am trying my best to live like her…you better pray I can and will…… I love you CcMAW you make the world go around.

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    Peace for Megan Sharpton RTC, BH, RG, GS, ALS RB and all of you who think you are smarter than the system. Jump on it…. I will fight till my last breath for this girl. We are small, but we will eat you alive. Take it to the bank, since that’s all that matters to you.

    about an hour ago · Like · 4..

    Bill Sherborne Take them DOWN!Or aren’t they already down below?Either way….love, dolce

    9 minutes ago · Like..

  10. Christy says:

    the feeling our community had leading up to DJ’s arrest, the tension and anger is building again.
    we know HE’S locked up…but, there are more we want off the streets, out of the contact with any one they could harm. period.

    Kelly has to know that justice is coming, she’s owed that.
    Well…she’s owed a ton more than that, but, g*# #!+**#….get the creeps who helped DJ in any way off the streets.

    I know it takes time, but… I can’t imagine the waiting for Megan’s beautiful family.

    again, someone save the kids, I can’t get them out of my mind.
    Tennessee CPS, please keep close vigilance.
    DA Taylor, show us you’re moving this along. these monsters could not have been THAT smart.

    sorry y’all, I am frustrated and plain pissed off.

  11. Queenie says:

    There’s no known connection here- I think that would create one?

  12. TTowner says:

    I don’t understand the hold up! Why hasn’t he been charged with this crime too? There is hard evidence already. It’s been weeks and then more weeks for evidence to come back. I thought there were other federal charges coming…Has that happened? What about Naomi and TG? Why isn’t this moving on???

  13. staring at the stars says:

    @bettyanne, not sure what you are saying here. Are you implying I am threatening an innocent of a horrible crime? I hope not but in the odd and bizarre case that you think I am no entitled to my opinion of this monster on my own page, STAY OFF OF IT. It’s mine. I am frustrated with the lengthy progress that is happening all around us. I buried my 24 year old daughter. Who was SLAUGHTERED, RAPED , and BURNED. and I have those visions in my head constantly. I wont battle you for your opinions but if you don’t like mine, stay off of Megan’s fb page. You have no business there if you don’t want to know what my broken heart is feeling every single day. If I have misinterpreted what you wrote well forgive me, I am a little distraught at the brutal murder of my beautiful child.

    I completely agree and I do not understand if she took offense why she posted it here.

    The wheels of justice sometimes move more slowly than it seems we can bear- and nobody, and I mean nobody knows your pain that has not lost a child to the vicious and senseless act Meg was a victim of.

    You know you are loved and supported here my friend. Praying for swift justice for Megan and the path to healing and peace your Meg wants for you and her family and loved ones.


  14. Queenie says:

    Thank You, and more power to ya.

  15. Christy says:

    Kelly’s page, she can post whatever she wants and if I could have ‘liked’ it a million times, I would have.

    EVERYONE knows who did it…even who did it knows he did it.

    She was expressing frustration, and I have to say…she has held back a hell of a lot more than I would.

    I have never seen such a complete cast of miscreants in over 500 cases.

    I know a witness who is getting calls in the wee hours from someone connected to Gifford ( I know the name, has posted here) screaming into the phone that he is the devil, lol. I chit you not.

    If he was the devil, I presume the assclown would be smart enough to know that pressing *67 on a burner phone is only effective if LE is NOT monitoring the person and does not want them to know. With kids in the home at the time as well.

    I have heard the recordings, and if the caller was not a meth head with a shake and bake degree, it would actually be hilarious. This case needs a leach field for these dregs.


  16. bob h says:

    ok looks like we at a atand still on this one.

    No sir. Much going on I can’t write about, this case is progressing with other charges to follow.

    I will update immediately when I can.

  17. Christy says:

    meth is bad folks, drugs are bad.
    like I. said before,DJ is most likely being looked at for ‘serial’ acts.
    his Mrs most likely too.

    the others who helped need to just stop, put down the pipe and give up.

    It takes a cursory glance over a couple of dummies Facebook friend list to completely profile said individuals.
    you are the company you keep.

  18. Rose C says:

    I am so happy to read that this is still progressing, looking forward to charges and justice served for Megan. Too many woman that ‘disappear’ or meet violent ends, with no arrests, it makes me so terribly sad and fearful.

  19. Rose C says:

    I agree with you, have been discussing for a while, will email you.


  20. Christy says:

    I know not much happens on the weekends as far as justice wheels….but I’m praying for this site to have tons of new news in the next few days.

    Kelly, you and your family is forever in my heart and always on mind.

    This is going to shine Megan’s light on all the bad. No hiding, no more. She will be the one to do that.

  21. Christy says:

    thank you kindly.

  22. staring at the stars says:

    All energy toward those who are helping and solving this case. All positives to those who are holding us up when we cannot stand alone for another second. All peace to the community that gains answers and some sense of safety from this monster are coming. All blessings to those that Megan, our starry girl saves. We need an army of positive thinking and energy and light toward answers for Megan and our town. Toward the men and women who keep fighting so fiercely for her and any others that were meant to follow…and all thanks to those who have been doing this continually. This friday will be four months. All my energy on this day for good things to start happening quickly. Lighting a candle (star shaped one of Meg’s) she left at the house on my porch til the wind and Meg’s energy take it away with them and built it stronger. Strength in silent numbers….

    I blow peace and hope on the wind back to you mon frier.


  23. Christy says:


    We are close- r, lol.

  24. Word Girl says:

    Back at ya :) Thanky.

  25. TTowner says:

    Does anyone know where Naomi and the kids are at this point? Are they still in the same house, have they moved, are the kids even with her anymore? Just wondering what she’s doing since DJ has taken up a new residence.

    She is in Tullahoma. I am intentionally not discussing the status of the children, for their own safety and well being. I would say that I am under the impression that there have been some tweaks to her alibis the night of July 1.

  26. centergrovemad says:

    Bettyanne – Why are you following Megan’s facebook page? Obviously not for support- so scram. You need to check up before you dare question what a victim posts on a page intended for support. It’s obviously not a gathering place to make you and the rest of Donnie’s family and friends feel better. Last time I checked, Tom at Myspace was eager for new members. Get you some of that.

  27. concerned parent says:

    WTF???? I just got a notification that DJ is now out of custody…. back to fearing for our loved ones again. When will justice be served?

  28. Shea says:

    It saddens me to say that Kelly, Megan’s mother has ended her pain caused by the loss of her daughter

    With a very heavy heart, I can confirm that Kelly Hale Sharpton took her life on November 8.

    I cannot adequately express how much I grew to love and respect this woman and I am devastated by this news. I have worked with dozens of families that have had to endure the cruelty inflicted upon their very souls due to the evil of others.

    Kelly worked tirelessly in the face of that to insure her daughter’s murderer was brought to justice- but it never gave her an ounce of peace. While I definitely understand that- I desperately wish it was not so.

    I remember getting off the phone with her one time and in a conversation with someone shortly thereafter, I used the phrase “I am fixin’ to..” I burst out laughing and texted her that drawl was rubbing off and she told me she hoped my “Jersey” accent did not rub off on her. LOL.

    I would ask that those of you that do- please pray for Kelly, Megan, and their family and friends feeling this ADDITIONAL loss today.

    I am so sorry she lost this battle with her inexplicable pain and I look forward to seeing her again some day. She was as brave as she was kind and I broke my own rule and loved her. You could not help it- she was that amazing.


  29. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Oh my….This is heartbreaking, Ms. Blink. I can’t even type for the tears flooding my eyes :( . I cannot imagine the horror Megan’s family and friends have endured. Bless Kelly’s heart (said in my surprisingly non-Southern NC accent ;) ) for her bravery and effort on her lovely daughter’s behalf. They are together again, for sure, holding each other tightly. Thank you for being there, dear Jersey girl! I’m here reading every single day, immersed in the efforts of you and your Blinksters for Kyron, Megan, Holly, Lisa, and too many others. Hugs from NC

    Hug back THG :(

  30. January says:

    May God bring some solace to the Family of Megan and Kelly. I cannot begin to empathize with the pain of how much Kelly’s death must add to the Family’s already broken hearts. I too am so sorry that Kelly lost her battle of pain surrounding her daughter’s unspeakable death, Now, however, I pray for the family who must get through this next lifelong wave of pain. May Kelly rest in peace, and may her family members and friends, find comfort in the “light” Kelly always described. :( so sad.

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