UVA Lacrosse Teammate Arrested For Murder of UVA Woman

Charlottesville, VA– Following a 2:15 am 911 call regarding a possible alcohol overdose, Charlottesville Police have arrested a UVA lacrosse player, formerly of The Landon School Team where1 of the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse team played in High School and 4 others were on the Duke roster.

George Huguely

George Huguely, from Chevy Chase, MD, has been arrested and charged with the first degree murder of fellow Lacrosse Player and UVA senior Yeardley Reynolds Love.

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity, has confirmed to blinkoncrime.com that Huguely is a member of the UVA Fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Yeardley Love

Love, a 22 year old Senior at UVA, was found by EMT and Charlottesville Police upon responding to a 911 call at the apartment she shared with team and room mate Kaitlinn Duff. It is not yet known if the call was made from the apartment or another location.

Yeardley and Kaitlinn

The apartment they shared at 14th NW is one block from where the Pantera shirt, confirmed to be that of murder victim Morgan Harrington, was found in November 2009.

Police have not yet released a cause of death for Ms. Love, but say her body showed signs of physical trauma.

Huguely has been committed to the Albemarle County Jail without bond pending his arraignment.

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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Justice, thank you for posting that article. You are right it is a good read and gives a somewhat insiders view/opinion into the world of GH and Lacrosse.

    Here is a blast from the past for you-
    it turns out NK must have followed Lacrosse as well as football and basketball. Following the links in the article you posted- I came across a comment by NK to the article regarding the sad, untimely death(ruled a suicide) of Will Barrow, a lacrosse player.


    Regarding my previous question, although there are conflicting accounts on whether or not GH and Yeardley had in fact ended their relationship, I did find a reference to the time frame as to when their dating relationship began- It was between 12 and 15 months that they were a couple.

    Observer, you are most welcome. Thanks.

    BlackPearl- glad to see you again. Thank you for sharing your personal insights. I am sorry to hear about what happened to your friend.

    MarchmellowWI, I wondered about the possible real estate connection also. It has been written that GH had a job awaiting him in his family’s real estate businesses. It has been reported that his family is coined as having built the DC area. I could not help but remember all of the real estate/land issues around Virginia and AF. Thanks for asking that question.

  2. Slowroller says:

    fwiw, i think this terrible tragedy has UVA, their LaX team, and their entire sports program under the microscope, and perhaps deservedly so, however, this “problem” is hardly confined to the UVA campus. I can tell you as a former college athlete(baseball), that it is the NORM, to party, and party hard. I would stop short of saying anyone i knew actually competed while intoxicated, but it was a measure of your manhood if you could compete while totally hungover for sure…meaning the ole, “i am not partying tonight because we have a game tomorrow” excuse, was in fact, not an acceptable excuse at all amongst peers…”that’s weak” and “come on you p***y” would rain down on you so fast that it almost wasnt worth it…in fact, i mastered the OJ and SevenUp(which is very good BTW) disguised as a screwdriver because i cannot function hungover…

    this is not a UVA problem people, it is an epidemic at universities across the nation, and while i say it is unfair to UVA, i only mean to single them out, because it needs addressing for sure!

  3. lizzy says:

    Go to #1. If your not satisfied, go to #2, after telling #1 that is your agenda.

    If still not satisfied, request a meeting with #1 and superior asking to speak to a detective.

  4. Keeley says:

    UVA has a real problem they need to address- they were sued by a young woman who was brave enough to come forward about her rape by a fellow student and was made to feel like she did something wrong. this also happened to me at another college when i reported a stalker/rapist – it was made to seem like i was just trying to create trouble and i was eventually asked to leave the school, as if i wanted to stay. they called the police on me for trespassing because i had brought my boyfriend with me to support me when telling my story YET they never called the police on the person who was stalking me and said it shouldn’t be a problem for me to go to class with him because it is part of life to be around people you don’t get along with. i know in my heart this has happened to other women.

    it scares me so much that not only are women scared to come forward but that they are actually discouraged from coming forward. administrators claim they do not want to ruin the accused’s life but their actions did that for them so a fair investigation is not too much to ask. they are so concerned about keeping the reputation of their school but it looks a lot worse when a gorgeous outgoing athletic young woman is murdered right as she is about to graduate and compete in the game she was so looking forward to.

    i am begging other young women not to rely on campus support- go directly to the police if you are threatened, harassed, raped or beaten. they are the only ones that will make an actual record of your complaint instead of just throwing it in the garbage despite the fact that schools are required by law to report crime stats. if they throw away the record of the crime, it does not exist. you do not have to feel like you overreacted- there is no overreacting when you feel something wrong was done to you by another person. I have given up the fighting and the filing of complaints but I know if I had just stayed with going to the police, this person would be in jail instead of being allowed to return to school. I would have my teaching certificate. The school even told me they were not sure if the situation warranted refunding my unused tuition. That’s how cold these people are and how out of it. If Yeardley had just listened to her mother and gone to the police, maybe people would realize how serious it really was. Apparently if you trust your school to protect you, they will try their best to keep themselves looking as clean as possible.

    I am hearing that a young woman has spoken with police, but does not want to go public.

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    Twinkle Toes thank you for sharing your story of survival.

    Radiogirl I am so sorry to hear about your parents. I agree with you and Morgan’s mom- there is a disconnect regarding these issues and what needs to be done in order to stop the violence.

    First time- I whole heartily agree, that we need to remove the stigma for mental illness and its treatment. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story in the hopes it will help others.

  6. lilbugs says:

    first-time: Why do you mention that Huguely may have a mental illness? It’s easy to say that most homicidal people are suffering from mental issues because actually wanting to kill someone, or see them substantially suffer, is just whacky. Anyone who fails to recognize the value of a human life other than their own is certainly a cultural anomaly, as most of us are not murderers. It’s important to note, too, that those with mental illness are no more likely to commit violent crimes than those without. That said, the criterion for insanity is the inability to distinguish right from wrong and Huguely presumptively could. He might have Borderline Personality Disorder or chemically induced psychosis, but the effect of his actions are the same and it really makes no difference to me (or the justice system, I believe) as long as he could distinguish between right or wrong.

  7. Justice says:

    Why is it that GH was allowed to “withdraw” from UVA? All colleges have written withdraw dates and if one doesn’t meet the deadline for the official withdraw or audit the class before the written date, they fail all classes for that semester. Why hasn’t UVA officially kicked him out of school?

    From past experience, when a student is kicked out of college vs withdrawing, his/her GPA reflects this, and it’s impossible to attend another university, even an online university in order to get that “university graduate” status. In order to finish a degree, one would have to attend a community college or such to get the GPA back up before being allowed into another university. With GH’s status listed as only a withdraw, couldn’t he attend classes while in prison and finish his degree without the repercussions that a normal “failed” student would incur?

    That was a bit of a self serving statement by his defense team, which btw, I am hearing will be increasing by one shortly. He “withdrew” prior to being “booted”

    This might not make a difference to most because most likely GH is going to prison. But what if he somehow gets off on a lessor charge, or worse, he gets some sort of mental defense and ends up back in society? He is one semester short of having a prestigious UVA degree, that we know of. Of course for all we know he could only be 1 class short of the required credits to graduate. Will this be reflected when he gets out because UVA allowed it?

  8. xcoastal says:

    The Lexington officer said GH had no memory of being tazed. No matter how drunk one is I take it that the experience is remembered. I believe the officer stated that she had never experienced anyone unable to remember being tazed. I read one of the reasons Miss Love broke up with GH was because of an attack on her that he had no memory of. His blackouts might be more than just alcohol induced. Maybe GH was also taking roofies. It is not unusual for teens and college students to mix these drugs purposefully with alcohol to get a faster and better “high”.

  9. lilbugs says:

    Just to follow up on the last post, I do want to say that I think treatment for mental illness is important and relevant. But, again, I want to underscore that research shows that _people who have mental illness are no more likely to commit violent crimes_.

  10. osu says:

    @ Twinkletoes:
    I know well the pain of which you speak. As I posted before, my step-father was abusive. I often wondered why my father, who was a police officer, never fought for custody? But then it was the 70′s and domestic violence didn’t happen right? I have seen things that no child should ever, ever see. Even now, so many years later, I am still haunted by it, sometimes I fall into my hole of depression over the past, am determined to change the future, at least for my children. My mother never left him, he eventually took off but she died at age 34 due to liver failure from being an alcoholic, at least that is what I was told.

    I was also “raped” at a Big 10 University and I was so ashamed by how it happened, must have been my fault right? I was ridiculed by the other girls because he was a popular frat boy, why would he have to rape anyone, I ended up quitting and moving home.

    I live in a town of about 13,000 and just on Tuesday, a man drove here from three hours away, found his estranged wife and outside in an apartment complex, 4:30 in the afternoon with her family, several other people outside, he said he wanted to talk to her, she said no so he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head then turned the gun on himself. All this in front of many other people, her PPO sure didn’t help her. This violence against women and children, be it by a stranger or the ones who supposedly love us has to end. Domestic violence is unacceptable and we need to educate our daughters to speak out and our sons to be gentleman again. Yeardley did not and should not have died. There were signs and once she knew, she had no way to escape him, he should not have been at the University nor should he have been and idolized figure.

    Well, TGIF and now I will crawl back into my shell… Thanks again Blink, perhaps we can bring awareness to these issues and start change.

  11. acho says:

    TwinkleToes: You are an inspiration. GO FOR IT. You have so much support, right here, and you are who I will think of from now on when I try to explain to my children what it means when I say “you just have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps.” (I am forever on the lookout for opportunities to teach them about self-reliance, so they’ve heard the expression several times; it always puzzles them.)

    Cadillac: So funny you posted what you did. That Jackie Kennedy quote is *always* with me. It’s all I need.

    Mom3.0, you are doing a great job! I have been feeling completely gutted by this Yeardley news, and I am glad to see you and others, like Saramom, are so “on it” …

  12. ChicagoJudy says:

    Why didn’t anyone (parents, friends, teammates) notice that this 22-year-old young man was a raging alcoholic? From what I’ve read, he drinks, gets violent, and occasionally blacks out. I’m guessing that he was an ok kid when he was sober. Would like to think that there were happy times in his relationship with Yeardley. I’ve known a lot of people over many years who turn into absolute monsters when they drink. They lose any ability to act with any normalcy. And it looks like that’s been his behaviour for quite some time. And no one bothered to say or do anything about it. If that’s what being rich means, then I’m glad I’m poor.

  13. xcoastal says:

    Ok.. it’s finally coming out.

    University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely attacked a sleeping teammate last year, leaving his face bruised in an altercation that took place after a night of partying, according to four sources with knowledge of the incident.

    Lol, Xcoastal, you might read my new post friend :)

  14. xcoastal says:

    My tripometer clocked .3 from Morgan’s t shirt bush to GH’s apartment.

  15. xcoastal says:

    George Huguely attacked U-Va. teammate last year, sources say

    By David Nakamura and Christian Swezey
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, May 7, 2010; 4:48 PM

  16. Hummingbird says:

    Keely and Osu very brave posts I am so sorry you suffered so my prayers go out to you and my respect for you as survivors.
    I know the feeling, it is so scary to open up and out oneself about having been a victim of violence, or having grown up around it and witnessed it.
    But if one doesn’t feel one doesn’t heal and wounds need oxygen.
    It takes a lot of courage to share ones story and it can leave one feeling so vulnerable.
    The impulse is to climb back under a rock and hide which is understandable.
    But don’t stay under that rock too long, you are safe here at BOC and we/she needs you.
    Victory for the Victims.

  17. Hummingbird says:

    For Twinkletoes.
    Thankyou for such an amazing and inspiring post of what you went through growing up.
    ( Deep breath) I applaud you for never giving in and never giving up and you are right you are a wonderful writer and having survived the horrors of domestic violence,alcoholism and abuse you are well equipped to help many people break free of compromising situations and fear in the future.

    I am sure you will do it. Reading here on BOC and Blinks example and Observer and Mom3.0 have inspired me as well. I am a writer, a songwriter and all over my songs I now see evidence of standing up for the underdog or victims of any kind of injustice. That has been my calling , my voice so to speak , but now I like you, I want to “step up” my efforts in this area and figure out how to make more of a difference in an area I know about firsthand, having suffered myself.
    Funny you said it well, that you felt about ten years behind your peers due to your setbacks. I too have felt that way, what tends to happen is that survivors of violence tend to become “late bloomers”
    I am one for sure ( blooming all over the place can’t hold me back!!) and feel more and more passionate every day about actively addressing violence towards women and children in this world.
    I feel for Gil Harrington in her latest blog where she states that she feels sad and overwhelmed by the hugeness of the problem and thought she just needed to find Morgans’ killers only to find she needs to take on the infrastructure and institutions or lack of that created them.
    Daunting indeed. I heed her prayers for direction and strength.
    One day at a time. I will keep you posted of what this looks like for me as I manifest a way to go forward and help victims and help prevent future victims.
    I heart you Twinkletoes and feel excited and encouraged by your words and intentions.
    Prayers to the Loves , Prayers to the Harringtons. Victory to the Victims.
    Observer so good to have you back. Skyler we miss you.

  18. mary says:

    This is absolutly disgusting, that all these young people are to scared to report it. It’s time for this to come out in the open. Don’t
    let this poor girls death be in vain. Don’t forget Morgan, the police
    should know everything, it’s obvious that school officials are not
    going to do anything but cover up. If not local officials then the
    FBI. If the Love family and a few other families got to-gether and
    start raising hell, maybe something would be done. I’m sure her family
    is just waiting till after the funeral till their rage comes out.
    God bless this family.

  19. bev says:

    My daughter’s roommate in college had partied once with a group at UVA. George was there that night and all she remembered was how he cussed out every girl who refused to “hook up” with him. He had the “its all about me complex”.

  20. Redrock says:

    It may all be about him. And he may be in a complex.

  21. George says:

    Blandemar Farms, which begins only a few feet north of where Morgan was found is really a sub-division for wealthy families. Maybe not as wealthy as Chevy Chase, Maryland, where GH is from, but still very comfortable. Maybe there is a connection between GH and a family who lives in Blandemar Farms? Just an odd thought, as the rich tend to stay together.

    Oh, I forgot; the VSP said there is no connection. Silly me.

  22. Gypsy DD says:

    My bet..he gets off with 3rd degree manslaughter. No treatment plan..and when he gets out of prison he’ll do it again if he doesn’t lay off the booze and drugs. The third degree will be if she consumed any alcohol that night..doesn’t matter rather they were together or not..rather she was drunk or not. A jury is going to say this kid went overboard, but didn’t mean to kill her.

    I don’t agree with it..nor did I when that was what the family counselor got that murdered my cousin. He was drunk..she had also consumed alcohol, but wasn’t drunk. Her daughter called her from college, then called 911..they never came. She called her the next day ang got no answer. She drove home and couldn’t get the door open..it was barricaded. She called the police again..this time they came and broke the door down. He was laying on the living room sofa so drunk he didn’t even wake up when they broke the door down.

    My cousin had been so brutally beaten that we couldn’t have an open casket. He kept drinking and beating her even though she had gone to the bedroom and locked the door..he broke it down. Yeah..that is justice. Even his own children came to my cousin’s funeral..they don’t visit their dad in jail.

  23. Gypsy DD says:

    To Gil..I understand your feelings. I worked in social services for many years..it was like lighting a pin hole in the darkness when I wanted to hold a torch.

  24. Judi says:

    I know my posts usually don’t draw a lot of responses, but I am really curious about your feedback on this one…

    I don’t know much about the brotherhood of these frat’s, but I can’t see Morgan being at a party with lots of other people and no one saying a word.

    Morgan was walking away from the arena with the MIB.

    I do not believe she was HHing, as we all mostly agree, but rather “signaling” someone she already knew.

    So…My prime theory is that Morgan did leave with the MIB, or at least one of them, which I believe was in fact an athelete, and I am betting on a LAX player. Still not entirely convinced it wasn’t GH himself. Morgan’s shirt found .3 mi from GH place, but I believe this is also an area where other college students live, correct? This person being an athelete, a fellow college student, probably charming and good looking, and from well means, Morgan trusted him and she went to their place, not far from the arena, possibly thinking he was taking her to a bigger party where more people would be to party for just a little while until the concert was over. Also, if Morgan was upset, that too may have made her more likely to say “F*** it, sure why not”, even if she did get a feeling of caution. Turns out he takes her back to his place, no one else there, they have a couple of drinks, he tried to make advances which Morgan rejects, he gets angry and the rest is history. He probably got angrier yet and blamed her after he realizes what has happened, thus inflicting further injury. Then, calls up someone who “owes” him and that person helps him get Morgan to AF, where they believed she wouldn’t be found. He keeps the shirt however, possibly as a trophy or left behind by accident in the midst of all that was happening. Someone finds it, seemingly a woman being it was neatly placed on the bush, I believe wanting it to be found by LE with the hopes that it would lead LE to him without them having to directly go to the police and actually tell them what they know (maybe thinking this way was safer). How he seems to have evaded being caught this far, I simply cannot understand. I think there has been no arrest for the simple fact that LE has nothing to make an arrest on, I don’t believe they have a POI. I do believe that they have a general idea of what happened, and have it narrowed down to a much more specific pool of people than we do, but I think that is as close as they’ve got. They are knocking at the door, they are close, but not there. I am hoping that GH is opening that door for them, letting them into the living room, if you will. Either with GH himself or another UVA athelete, is where I believe the answer to Morgan’s killer will be found. I believe that if his accomplish hasn’t spoken up already by now, I doubt he will, at least on his own. Maybe if LE finds their way to him and then it becomes a matter of saving his own ass, then he’ll speak, but I don’t think until then. I think he is too scared and Morgan’s killer has more pull and power then him and is also intimidated by that.

  25. Judi says:

    Out of the many “unanswered” in this case, there are three that I am most curios about….

    - Was her card used or attempted to be used? And, if so, at what time, where, and was it found back in Morgan’s purse the next morning?

    - What did the BB players say? What did Morgan tell them and what was her demeanor when speaking to them?

    - Who were the MIB, have they been identified, are the LAX players, and what color are the LAX practice clothes?

  26. Olivia says:

    Like many of you, I have felt a terrible anger at GH. I am so angry at him, at his parents, at the coach, at other authority figures in his life who must have sensed what a danger he might be to others. The more I’ve thought about it, though, the more I’ve decided that the single most important factor in his violent behavior is ALCOHOL. Sure, he probably had a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which followed from his extremely privileged and narrow upbringing, and possibly from a rather stunted relationship with his parents (thus his “family” became a group of partying, stick-wielding, same-sex peers); and he was very likely a misogynist. But my main point here is: I’ll bet he was a very “mean drunk.” One of my best friends (beginning in middle school, as soon as she tasted alcohol) became crazy, irresponsible,and unpredictable on any sort of alcohol–and it would happen very quickly. She would disappear for hours, black out, and have no memory of anything. She wasn’t violent but she could be destructive. She was far too small to do any real harm to the men she usually felt angry at, but she threw things and “vented.” She wasn’t conniving or devious, as sociopath or psychopath is, and she didn’t reach for knives or other serious weapons. She simply had physical/emotional outbursts. But GH was incredibly strong and big–when he got out of hand, it was bound to be very bad news for those around him. Sure, he had deep-rooted emotional problems–no question about that–but the alcohol and alcoholism resulted in violence and murder. He needed help badly. It’s sad that no caring authority figure around him understood that.

  27. Ragdoll says:

    #26 Olivia

    I fully agree with you! Being 22, I’m sure most just brushed off his personality change after drinking…….’he’ll outgrow it’. If someone had brought it to his attention, that his drinking is becoming a problem, not just for himself, but for others around him, he may have gotten help. I do not believe for a na no second that people don’t react to alcohol. I’ve seen mean drunks. My grandfather was a ‘happy’ drunk. All was fine if he had a glass in his hand. I never met him. He died long before I was born due to alcohol related issues. Having outrageous outbursts, making threats, physically harming anyone everytime you drink is a SIGN!!!!!!!!

    I’m guessing someone must have tried to talk to him. GH probably laughed it off because he didn’t possess the responsibility and accountability to change. In GH’s case, I’d say alcohol turned him into the hulk. It affected HIM a great deal on many levels.

    As for the parents, well, you reap what you sow.

  28. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry, my above comment is sloppy in thought. I was distracted.

    Basically I’m saying, alcohol was the catalyst that lead to Yeardley’s death. GH is every bit responsible and should have known from past experiences that alcohol has taken him to some very dark places within himself. Someone must have tried…at least 1 person, to talk to him. If not, GH simply intimidated the masses he associated with. He strikes me as the bully type on campus. That being said, a very large intervention should have occurred. A life would have been saved.

  29. Ragdoll says:

    1.Mom3.0 says:
    May 7, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Hello sweet friend!

    You are correct that the Huguely family has been a huge contributor to the development of the DC area. George Huguely did indeed branch out into real estate but quit because of too many bad deals and lawsuits. The link below indicates, ‘the family money is rooted in a lumber business nearly 100 years ago’ (Galliher and Huguely Lumber and Building Supply company).


    http://www.galliher-huguely.com/ <—– company website

    Hope you don’t mind the supplement to your post Mom. As always, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly xo

    Anyways, I hav

  30. Mom3.0 says:

    Hummingbird thanks for saying that- You are such a kind person.

    Olivia, thank you for sharing your personal story regarding your friend

    Ragdoll, thanks for that info- glad to see you by the way- and thanks for the links

  31. Olivia says:

    Ragdoll, thanks for your reply. You’re right that he’s still responsible and should have known how dangerous he could become. Assaulting a police officer until tazered is far beyond normal and he should have had a serious “intervention” THEN by his parents and others.

  32. Open Your Eyes says:

    Ragdoll: I agree with absolutely everything you have said. So, what do we do? The parents turn a blind eye or dont have the balls to punish high school underage drinking. Some even encourage it with “parties at our house-but everyone has to spend the night” and consider it a rite of passage.

    The universities most certainly don’t control it. The cops? forget it. They would have to arrest everyone on campus. And do you think partiers are going to confront another partier? Well, I think we know the answer to that already. They might pull him off the girl, but no one will kick his ass.

    RIP in Yeardley, sweet girl. I fear you, too, will have passed in vain.

    Nice to see You OYE:
    No way. You have my word.
    I dont give a rats ass what silence anyone thinks money can buy. And I am pretty sure the clerk will not be autonomously filing anything anytime soon.

  33. Ann says:

    I’m sure GH was in a blackout when this horrible situation occurred. Alchohol is the culprit. He’s from an area, where I live (I knew his parents a bit who were nice, but submerged in this environment), where it’s all privilege, entitlement and self-destructive behavior and drinking. All this is accepted and promoted, unfortunately. Role models to question his drinking and behavior would be difficult to find. It’s extremely sad for everyone. It seems like he had a Jekyl-Hyde personality when drinking, which happens for many people. The alchohol totally distorts the true self to madness in certain individuals who are sensitive to it. A true tragedy for everyone.

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