Ocoee, FL-In the latest development in the case of missing 27 year old Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, Orlando Police want to talk to James Hataway about what he may know about the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse.


Yesterday afternoon, Drew Kesse, Jennifer’s father, upon learning the last place Ocasio was seen leaving with Hataway, The Florida Taproom, he requested the OPD question Hataway as to what he might know.

In the past week, disturbing accounts of brutal violence against multiple women victims have been linked to Hataway with one common denominator: a ride home ends in violence. Hataway is incarcerated in the Orange County jail and was the last person to see Tracy Ocasio alive.

Recent reports indicate that Ocasio’s abandoned car was found unlocked with the front seats pushed forward and down. Her cell phone made an outgoing call at 4:30am the morning of May 27th; police have not released any further information on the identity of the call recipient.

RClarkeRachael Clarke, 22, the alleged female victim of Hataway last August, has been reinterviewed by the Seminole County Prosecutor but no decision to file charges has been made as of press time.

As previously reported on, James Virgil Hataway has an extensive criminal record which includes kidnapping causing bodily harm, numerous traffic offenses and drug possession.


Seminole Police have also linked Hataway to yet another missing person, Onda “Chris” George. GeorgeOnda In February, an Apopka Patrolman came upon what appeared to be an accident of a car breaking through a barbed wire fence on Apopka and Ocoee Rd. Hataway, Tyler Watters and an unidentified third man were found wondering the woods on the scene, allegedly looking for George, the owner of the abandoned vehicle. George has an open warrant in Seminole County for trespassing on a construction site.


Watters was re-interviewed by Police this week following Hataways arrest and Police are looking for the 3rd witness from the scene but have not identified him publicly. There is no missing person report on file for Onda Christopher George, but police say he has never been found.  Real niggas woc

A source inside the investigation has confirmed to that the trio admitted to “Shrooming” that evening, but maintain George went off on his own while he was under the influence of the hallucinogenic and they have no idea what happened to him.


Possible Kesse Link



Jennifers parents, Drew and Joyce Kesse have said their daughter frequented the Florida Tap Room; the Orlando Bar where Ocasio was last seen with Hataway. Jennifer Kesse worked in Ocoee and lived there prior to purchasing her condo in Orlando two months to the day of her disappearance on January 24th, 2006. Jennifer’s car was found parked a mile from her home on January 26th and video of the OPD only known suspect captured an individual parking the car and leaving the scene. The area is well known for the drug “fringe.”

If that is not enough to compel further investigation for some, read on.

Jenn was a former member of the Cardio Club, next to the Florida Tap Room. Blinkoncrime has learned from a source speaking on the condition of anonymity, that both Greg Toole and James Hataway worked as personal trainers on occasion there. According to Jennifers family she was known to keep her gym bag in the trunk of her car. It is missing along with her purse, keys, cell phone and briefcase. Both men also have extensive tattoos and multiple piercings. Jenn had recently gotten a small shamrock tatoo that even close friends were not aware of until after the Kesse family developed pictures from Jenn’s camera missed by police. Could this be the link?

Jennifer went to High School in Hillsborough County; Hataway lived with his Aunt for a time when his parents separated in between stints in and out of the juvenile detention system in Tampa. Had she met him in school? Did she know his kidnapping victim there? They are the same age.


Both Hataway and Toole are in the construction and debris removal business. Hataways Dad and he regularly dredge ponds and other bodies of water under contract. I can confirm that Toole was incarcerated when Jenn disappeared, Hataway was not. Both Toole and Hataway were recently arrested within 3 days of each other. Toole 4/16/09 for failure to register as a sex offender, and Hataway 4/19/09 on a criminal mischief felony charge appearing to be vandalism or graffiti to a business. Anyone wonder if maybe a little trouble in paradise set in for these two?

Did Toole, Hataway, George or Watters work on any of the construction renovations to Jennifer Kesse’s condo?

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  1. steph says:

    hey lc – sorry i’m a day late on this – but your right – how many towers are in his direct area – up here we have about three just around my town. i like the way your thinking, i don’t like how the fuzz down there doesn’t cooperate with each other, or us. they act like they aren’t regular people like us – yah they’re trained, but for us ocasios – this is personal, and my family is getting restless. we have enough manpower to scour all of orlando and ocoee, at this point finding her is our biggest prayer. how can we find out what he was doing??? does he have a cell?? other sites on the web maybe?? who else was at the house, and what clothes were in trayz back seat?? the ones she wore at the bar or others?? we have too many questions and nuffin muffins for answers. i saw a beautiful purple sky tonight and started crying because i don’t know if she’ll ever be able to see something like that or even enjoy the worst days at work. this sux. and i’m sorry for going ape dank banannas on your page B, i just can’t take this wondering anymore. my heart is shattered.

  2. JBHunter says:

    The more I search….and I’ve searched a few days now….the more I’m convinced that the spot to search for is a well….a deep well, with a large enough opening, and one that’s somehow accessible to Hataway…..if he’s got such a spot somewhere, I can understand why the bodies haven’t been discovered (Kesse, and now possibly George and Ocasio)…

    Does anybody know where to find a map of deep wells in the area, particularly around Clarcona-Ocoee Rd, Ocoee-Apopka, Lust Rd, that whole area up by Forest Lake golf course?

  3. Lilly says:

    Steph, I hear you and I understand exactly what you are talking about with the lack of cooperation. Keep calling and keep asking questions. The parents should go to the PD everyday. jmho

  4. One who cares says:

    I agree with the wells idea. But does anyone know if they have dredged the lakes in the area? If they have not, what are they waiting for? We are talking Florida, and we have alligators, I think you know what I mean!! These parents are heartbroken, and need closure. Never finding anything IS NOT CLOSURE!!!

  5. gary says:

    In regards to the Jennifer kesse case, the guy in the video by the gate is a spray Painter that planned the kidnapping of Jennifer at her apt. complex around 7:30am that morrning, he’s wearing spray coveralls, with the top tied around his waist, he looks like a latino
    and wearing a black rag around his head, with his hair in a bun, in his right ear lobe, he’s wearing a ear ring, in his right hand he’s carring an igloo type cooler, in his left hand he’s carring a pair of paint shoes one is pointed toward his butt the other toward the camera. they just arrested a guy in Palm Coast, Fl. that is a Painter,him and his wife were into porn, he fits the profile of the one that took Jennifer, his name is Maldondo, he should be checked out. this guy was returning to her complex to work..

    Gary, I see you posting this all over the place, with no links or proof. Is this your opinion, tell us how you know.

  6. gary says:

    Sure, I’m looking at the survellance pictures that were posted,I have cameras myself, and don’t have a problem looking at these. I use to spray paint cars at one time for the big three, the coveralls are made from a synthetic material, such as Nylon, Raylon, ect. and very baggy, the legs are taped, they also wear a rag around their head, but put a shower (plasic cap) on, this also explains why the dogs followed her scent back to the complex, her scent was on him, and he was going to work. as far as the guy I told you about that was arrested,that’s in the wed. paper, The Daytona News Journal, I guess that’s in my opinion, just telling you what I seen..the picture I used, was the one the right side of the gate..

  7. Hannah says:

    The Orange County Property Appraiser website shows that the home James Hataway, and his Father Virgil Hataway, lives in is owned by the grandfather whose name is Ernest G. Hataway. However, the property is in care of a man by the name of John F. Gervasoni who lives in Sebastian, Florida. It appears that John, and his wife Elaine Dahlquist Gervasoni, used to live in Orlando. The probate document on the Orange County Clerk of the Court shows that John Gervasoni was a friend of the grandfather, Ernest G. Hatway. The probate document for Ernest G. Hataway shows that he is the legal ward for his son, Virgil Hataway. Also, a lady by the name of Lauren Motcheck is the legal guardian for Virgil Hataway. In view of the current events, I would certainly hope that police are talking to the guardians and caretakers of Virgil Hataway (James Hatway’s Dad). It would be absolutely essential for these people to not only be notified, but questioned, with regard to Virgil and James Hataway. By the way, this is all public record and can be accessed via the Orange County Clerk of the Court and Property Appraiser online. That is where I found it.

  8. Blink says:

    I am holding off on posting your comment until I can run it down. I will put it back when I can. I do however have some corresponding info that I have not put out yet so I know your correct.

  9. WhOoOO? says:

    I have been folloeing the Kesse case, and now the Ocasio case. When mentioned that the two may be linked to James Hataway as well as possible others, I got to thinking I AGREE.
    Ive done some looking around on numerious web sites.
    And here on Blink, I looked at more pics of Hataway, with a HAT on…
    & looked BACK at the POI pics in the Kessa case, and I STRONGLY believe, theres an 85% chance that Hataway is the POI photographed. I believe that at the time of her dissapearance he was working somewhere nearby Jennifer’s condo. I read that he has worked at Starbucks & some other grocery type store (cant recall the name, sorry), as well as dredging ponds with his father. He could have been doing ANY of those job and had to be in UNIFORM; such as the white outfit seen, and if you look closely at the POI photo, and I MEAN CLOSELY, I KNOW that wasnt a person with long hair! THAT WAS A PERSON WITH A BLACKKKK BACKWARDS HAT ON! -Maybe not backwards FULLY, but off to the side backwards. Because clearly that part of the head is darker than the rest, Hataway is known to wear hats (although not backwards) & that would prove why in 1 of 3 of the POI photos the BLACK mark on the head isnt THERE…I belive he swtiched it from facing forward, to the back of his head, which can be done with 1 hand in a split second & can change the look of a person as well!
    Also, if you do research on dredging you’d be shocked to find out its known for picking up and getting rid of waste, as you could call it, in one instance, and it doesnt particularily require someone to throw something OVERBOARD, but on large boats, there is a station area below the deck, and you can just pull a lever and the load will dump! & to whoever mentioned about DNA in a garbage truck?? RIGHT ON!
    THE POLICE need to get RIGHT ON IT, they need to get ahold of Hataway and his fathers vehicles, boat, work clothes, work equipment and do a THOROUGH background check on his WORK history.
    He also, could have been working at Kesse’s apt. comlex, under the table! and maybe never did file paper work????
    If he DID dump his victims in a lake, pond, ocean, whatever nearest to his home, he has all capablitities to know WHERE is the deepest, darkest, places to do so being as how he “dredges” his familiar bodies of water….he may have anchored them down??
    Sad part is, he probably did it in a VERY large body of water, that by now the skeleton remains have sank down to the bottom, and no one will drain them ..or CANT.
    But these vehicles? Jennifer, George & Tracy? Why is he leaving them behind & un locked?

  10. Hannah says:

    After reading the above post, another similarity came to me. In the Kesse case, as well as Tracy’s and the others, there is no sign of robbery being the motive. In the Kesse case it was clear that the POI did not attempt to take anything; not even the electronic player in her car. There was never an attempt to use her credit cards or anything. This seems to be the same case with Tracy and all the girls he has victimized. No one has mentioned any attempt to take personal belongings or money. I just thought that might be interesting to note.

  11. Charisse says:

    #55 – I am hoping that the people investigating the Kesse case would try to duplicate various theories of outfits and head gear – hats, towels wrapped around the head, “hat head” hair styles, etc. Having people walk in front of the same gate and examining footage from the same camera.

    If the same camera is mounted there, at a similar angle, I would think some experimenting might narrow things.

    Is that one of the ways they tried to figure out the height?

  12. LuckyLou says:

    What was the follow-up on Gary’s lead?

  13. Derrick says:

    or just go on the height of the post?!

  14. Oldross88 says:

    its simple they have the suspects dna in kesse case, so go to the jail and get James Hataways dna

    There is no “suspect” DNA in Jennifer’s case. Hataway’s DNA is on file as per Fla law.

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