Tracy Ocasio Case: Breaking Developments Cast Doubts on Hataway – Explores Hutto Circle

Ocoee, FL– Tracy Ocasio has been missing since May 27th following an Tracy1evening at the Florida Tap Room where she was last seen with person of interest James “Jimmy” Hataway. In the initial days of the investigation, there were multiple reports that Hataway was a suspect in Ocasio’s disappearance, a suspect in the disappearance of Apopka man Onda “Chris” George,and as many as 5 other assaults on women.

To date, only one of those allegations has resulted in new charges against Hataway. In Seminole County, Hataway is facing charges for his alleged assault against Rachel Clarke, 23, for a Casselberry, FL incident  last August. Rachel Hataway is charged with Burglary of a conveyance with a battery, robbery, false imprisonment and battery. Uncovered exclusively at, there is new inside information on this pending case. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Jimmy Hataways’ closest friend told blinkoncrime police actually entered the residence he shared with Hataway shortly after the incident and cuffed him, thinking he was Jimmy. Once it was determined he was not and that he did not know his immediate whereabouts, police left the home.

Although they continued to reside in the same location for another 2 1/2 months and police had Hataways cell phone number, police never contacted Jimmy Hataway about the alleged incident. They did not interview the roommate either. In the almost 10 months following the alleged battery against Rachel Clarke, investigators never interviewed the suspect in a case which now carries a bond of $250K and a lengthy prison stint if convicted. 

Other than Jimmy and Ms. Clarke, there is only one other known witness in this case whom LE also elected not to interview until after Hataway was arrested on the paraphanalia charge in Orange County. Where did they find this prospective witness almost 10 months later? Across the Pod from Jimmy Hataway in the Seminole County Jail; he is attempting to cut a deal to get out of charges stemming from his chronic crack cocaine addiction.

April 15 The Florida Tap Room Bar

DanielHuttoPaulIn the early morning hours of April 15, 2009, Paul Hutto was arrested on a battery charge for knocking Tracy Ocasio to the ground during an altercation outside the bar. Blinkoncrime was able to confirm this through Orlando Police Department, however, a request for the actual incident report has been denied thus far pending release from the State’s Attorneys office. Also, the charge does not appear on Hutto’s record.

How is it that the man gets arrested, spends the night in jail, and as of today there is no charges filed in the incident? If there are no charges pending, how is that not subject to public information requests? HuttoSlide5

Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that the woman involved in the confrontation resulting in Tracy Ocasio dumping her drink on her head, is Lori “Lo Lo” Branic, pictured in the middle with her “lollies” Cheryl Doan and Alicia Hutto.

Lo Lo is the wife of Paul Branic, sentenced on April 27th, currently incarcerated in Lake County since May 21st on a driving with a revoked/suspended license charge and violation of probation. Interestingly, Paul Branic was detained by the Bay County Sheriffs Office on 5/26/09 following a plea deal conference call the same day before returning to Lake County to serve out his sentence.

Was Branic with his wife the evening of 4/15? Is it a complete coincidence that Tracy dumps a drink on his wifes head and on the eve of the day he cops a plea deal Tracy Ocasio goes missing? There were several myspace messages on Jeremiah Huttos myspace back and forth between him and Lo Lo where she finally tells him in the early evening of 5/26/09 “no more texting,lol ” that have since been deleted.

Holy Hutto Houdini

Not all of the Hutto family has the Houdini gene, apparently, there are a few that are not have fared as well as their kin. In fact, you can find a few on Jeremiah Huttos myspace page with pride. 

Brothers Paul and Jeremiah however, seem to have the escape trick down. JeremiahHuttoOrange JeremiahHuttoSeminol1 JeremiahHuttoSeminol2 PaulHuttoOC

Jeremiahs battery conviction was for the brutal beating of Erica Henry, an Ocoee Mother of 2. I was contacted anonymously by a family member of hers and told that it was not the first or last time Ms. Henry was assaulted by “Jbizzle” or the last. Ms. Henry died on April 27th, 2008. At press time, efforts to request Ms. Henrys death certificate as to cause of death have not been returned. 

HuttoSlide6guysSources inside the investigation into the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio have confirmed to that Jeremiah and Paul Hutto were cleared immediately by detectives after only their initial interview although they were also at the Florida Tap Room  and then Gators the evening Tracy went missing.

 Joe and Liz Ocasio, Tracy’s parents, were told by detectives that they were cleared of any involvement because of how angry they got in response to detectives questions. Wait for It… Neither Hutto brother was asked to take a polygraph or provide a DNA sample. None of their homes and properties have been searched although police have been relying on Paul Hutto to show them sites where he worked with Jimmy. HuttoBros

As discovered exclusively at, there was an abandoned 911 call at approximately 6:04 PM the day Tracy Ocasio went missing, from the Hutto home at 1002 Wyoming Court. This call follows a shots fired call in the area of Cullens Ct at approximately 5:43PM. To date, no information has been released about either call, or it’s possible connection to the Ocasio case.

I have interviewed over a dozen known associates, self proclaimed confidential police informants, and some of Jimmy Hataway’s closest friends that have known him, lived with him, and yes, in some instances been in trouble with him throughout his life. Every single source told me the same thing– If Jimmy had any involvement, of if he knows anything at all, you need to talk to his brother, he would tell him anything, and be his first call. I have. His interview will be featured next week exclusively at

Contributing to the research of this report for Red Ranger, Kate Mills, Candice Bond, Lane Brandt

Images Courtesy of Klaasend

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  1. Charisse says:

    The claim was written by someone on one of these pages, who gave his first and last name, but isn’t verified as a real source YET. Though I am hopeful that, if he is real, he will come forward, because if the witness who did come forward is a cocaine addict, it would be nice to have someone not in prison come forward.

    The person claimed to know Jimmy and said that Jimmy laughed to him about the Clarke case back near when it happened, saying that Jimmy said he didn’t remember much about the incident, because he was on meth when it happened.

  2. Charisse says:

    ex gf, very curious about the details from your situation with him.

    Don’t answer unless you want to, but I am wondering things like:

    How did you end up taking him home from the bar? Did he offer pot or perhaps offer to buy you drinks in exchange for a ride? Or did he just flirt with you at the bar and the ride came up at the end?

    Where did smoke pot back then – at home? in the car? outside in some secluded place? at a particular friend’s house or just whereever it happened to be convenient?

    Curious about whether he had any friends nearby whose house he might have ended up in the middle of the night.

  3. ex gf says:

    I met him at a bar in Seminole County, we met, had a lot laughs and I wanted to continue hanging out. I drove him to my house and we listened to the entire Mitch Hedburg comedy CD. I do not smoke pot and I don’t think it even came up that night although he may have asked at some point. We ended up dating for around 6 months and he mainly smoked at his house (in Longwood, FL at the time). He would smoke at friends houses or where he knew he wouldn’t get busted. He never smoked at my house or in my car. He could go for long periods without smoking but he was a daily user.

    He drove for a little while but did not have a proper tag on his vehicle (he once used a boat plate) and got busted by either Longwood PD or Seminole County but I don’t think they charged him with anything because he played dumb and he promised to park the vehicle. He would not drive that vehicle again after that for fear of going to jail.

    We split up shortly after he started hanging around with the Neo-nazi types you’ve seen in some pics. I never got along with them and felt that they were trying to sway Jimmy into drugs and fights (which they did..cocaine). I never liked Colt or McSaki (those are the only names I remember, McSaki was half Japanese and half Irish so that was they name they gave him.)

    He had a lot of friends. I remember meeting Greg Toole several times but I think I knew him from the bar I worked in even before I met Jimmy. It is possible though I honestly don’t remember who was at the bar when I met Jimmy.

    Charisse, I don’t mind the questions. My story may confirm or disprove some behaviors or “habits” people are speculating. If you find some of my other posts you can see some of the examples I’ve given especially #89.

    I want to find out what happened to these missing persons. I also would like to know if I’m just lucky (as many fellow posters have claimed) or if Jimmy is still the man I knew that wouldn’t hurt a woman and is innocent.

    AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU BLINK, RR AND TEAM FOR THE RESEARCH AND ALL YOU GUYS DO! Thank you as well for the forum to share even the slightest detail or possible scenario with others.

  4. ex gf says:

    Sorry I meant it is possible that Toole was with Jimmy when I met him. He may have introduced us but I really can’t remember.

  5. Charisse says:

    ex-girlfriend, thanks.

    For being honest and open. You answered a lot of my questions and I appreciate it.

    My heart breaks for the families of these missing girls, but…well, I guess I’ll say it, but it might not be popular.

    My heart also breaks for the people who grow up to become perpetrators.

    I am not saying that I condone their behavior, but there are pathways to get there, just like everything else in life.

    Some common environmental factors are often things like poverty, child abuse, lack of strong parental figures, mental illness, high crime neighborhoods – with rough peer pressure, and addiction.

    Years ago, I saw a study of how many prisoners had been abused as children and a separate study of how many of prisoners had addiction problems and were under the influence of a mind-altering substance during the perpetration of the crime and in both studies the numbers were so high that it was utterly startling. (I can’t remember the exact number, so I won’t give it, but it was very high.)

    When I think about the fact that 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused as kids, not including other types of abuse and neglect…. and that 90% of young people admit to at least exposing themselves to drugs… there are a whole lot of powder kegs out there.

    Combine those things with porn addiction and you add gasoline to the bonfire. A few years back, a study of college library computers was done and, across the country, nearly 75% of searches were for adult porn and nearly 25% were for kiddy porn. Only about 1% was for education. So, yeah, porn addiction and what I call “evil fantasy” (fantasy about controlling people/hurting people, etc.)is a HUGE societal problem!

    I don’t know how these cycles can be broken, but I do have compassion for the people who are caught in the midst of it.

    If Jimmy didn’t couldn’t drive, because of poverty, and if he lives in a drug fringe neighborhood, and had a history of abuse by a parent, and heavily uses alcohol and drugs, and is into “evil fantasy” and has bad influence friends… it doesn’t excuse any crime he may have committed, but I do have compassion about the path he was on that got him there.

  6. ex gf says:

    I see your point, it’s just hard to imagine the possiblity and/or probablility that Jimmy could ever go that far. Add to that the other “characters” in this twisted play of events and their backgrounds and it just gets weirder. I truely hope that LE is following Blink’s lead and looking into the Hutto’s etc.

    Side note, I was in FL for the weekend and my mom told me she called Crimeline and told them to check out this site.

    lol, tell your Mom Blink says thanks. They have known to click on the site now and again :)

  7. Jon says:

    What are the chances that Jimmy and Tracy made a pit stop, at Jimmy’s request, for maybe a drug pickup or something, that went horribly wrong and out of Jimmy’s hands. Perhaps he returned alone in her car? Are the police protecting a crime or drug ring that is perhaps larger than life? All very bizarre. I pray something new turns up soon. I read that Tracy’s phone made a call at 4:30am the morning she went missing. Does any one know who was called? Can verizon identify the tower the call was made from aand a radius from which to search?

  8. ex gf says:

    Reminder, Crimeline is completely annonymous, they do not have caller ID, they are polite and professional and all information goes into a data base for police to research the leads. They gave my mom a case number to use as a reference if she comes up with any more information.

    PLEASE…If someone is out there, and knows something that could be useful in finding these missing people, call 1-800-423-8447 (TIPS).

  9. Jon says:

    Following the cell tower information: A0.21 mile radius from the cell tower just south og Jimmy’s place overlaps Ocoee Cemetery.


  10. Lynn says:

    DNA not Tracy’s boot

  11. howard says:

    Is there any connection between Hataway and the rape/battery at Longwood Mulligans in Late March 2009?

    Not that I am aware of, he was not in Longwood in March, of that I am sure. You have a link?

  12. renandrj says:

    The Ocasio’s do not believe Paul Hutto is a suspect

  13. passionflower says:

    Some of the Ocasio’s extended family members believe that Paul Hutto had everything to do with Tracy gone missing. These ugly punks think they got away with murder, but someday their turn will come up, and they will pay dearly. Thanks Blink for keeping Tracy’s unsolved dissapearance alive.

  14. Dee says:

    Tracy your out there you’ve got to be if anybody reading this knows anything about her or if she may at all get a chance in hearing or reading what is put on the net about her please remember that your mom dad brother and cousin Dee love you very much and we will never stop looking for you ever. Good or bad like uncle Joe says we want you home period.

    I love you Tracy I always have even when I was missing I thought about you all the time in good times and in bad times I thought of you who’d ever thought that you’d end up missing like I was for years.
    I have an idea now how how you must have felt.

    It hurts to close my eye’s because I see you always when I close my eye’s and then when I open them your not there or no where to be found.

    Whoever has her if someone does even if you escape the justice of man you’ll never escape the justice of God no body escapes His justice ever.
    People of Ocoee please help find Tracy this could have happen to anyone’s else kid in Ocoee God forbid if it had happen to a kid that belonged to a big wig in that town everybody would be hard on the case night and day each day until the kid or young adult was found.

    Please don’t let our Tracy be swept under rug like nothing happened God rewards people who help others just as He punishes those who hurt others. Please people of Ocoee do on to others to on to Tracy as you would want others or our family to do on to you.

  15. sandyeggo says:

    has this case just gone cold? i feel like nothing has happened in months and hataway obviously isnt talking. are they working behind the scenes? have LE questioned the huttos yet? this is crazy how long Tracy has been missing. So sad, I think of her often and pray for her family.

  16. Kate Mills says:

    I feel so sad for Jennifer, Chris and Tracy today. Please know that I have not forgotten, and these cases have not gotten cold in my mind. We will find them, no matter how long it takes.

    Yes’m. We will.

  17. Dee says:

    B hello I hope the new year is treating you and yours with only the very best God willing. I wondered if you have any new info on my cousin Tracy.

  18. Cynthia says:

    ok, I feel kinda funny writing this but I have to. Last night I had this random dream about some sort of dance competition at some dance hall. I remember there being two girls, one heavy set one and the other being slim. Anyway, the one that won was a girl that I remember looking just like Ocasio. She didn’t look happy though. Shortly after she won, somebody held up a white poster with some writings and I distinctly remember seeing the name Paul in the center of it. I remember asking myself, “what’s with Paul?” Then i woke up. It wasn’t until i woke up that I realized that the girl was Ocasio.
    For the record, I haven’t been following the story and the last time I saw her image was probably last year when she first became missing. But i do dream a lot and I tend to remember things in great detail. I had to write this b/c after I googled her name and then paul, i saw that connection and it kinda freaked me out. Maybe just a coincidence.

    Keep dreaming, there may be something to that.

  19. justcause says:

    just wanted to post something because today marks the one year anniversary of Chris’ disappearance and though we have not found out what happened to him he has not been forgotten and he will always be missed. i hope that eventually we find out what happened to chris, tracy and jennifer and we can all have some peace. god bless.

    We are working on a 3 part series to highlight what happened to Chris, and the connections to Tracy and possibly Jennifer as we speak. Contributing Editors Candice and Kate have not stopped working on his case since this summer. We believe strongly that it will bring answers forth.

    God Bless and Peace to you and Chris’s family.

  20. Kate Mills says:

    I will never stop looking for Chris, or for justice for him, never.

    One of the reasons I heart u.

  21. Dee says:

    B anything new at all?

    I dont know how to answer that, are you following Hataway developments?

  22. Blink says:

    John Doe-

    Can you give me a little more direction? Will keep it private.

  23. Marissa says:

    Wow….what an amazing site, with such amazing people doing great work. I am floored by the similarities in Kesse and Ocasio’s disappearance. Or even it just being the same town…
    I recently finished reading a huge book, Misbegotten Son, by Jack Olsen. It’s a huge, encyclopedic book of the killer Arthur Shawcross. He had lots of problems with his mother and was completely insane. He also continued to kill women and go under the radar.

    It’s made me realize how serious it is that we have several women, or two in the case of Jennifer Kesse and Tracy Ocasio, missing from the same town, both having frequented the same bars. Very disturbing. I will continue to follow this case. Thanks for all you do.

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