Christine Sheddy Case Murder In Maryland:Chapter 5

 Do Not GO Gentle Into That Good Night


Christine Marie Sheddy arrived at the Farmhouse the evening of November 2nd. She was murdered there during a party on November 12, 2007. The following is a chronicle of what happened in between.


November 2

After days of myspace messages reflecting a serious breakup between Levi and Christine and the ensuing argument with her Mom, Christine packs up and  makes arrangements for Q and the boys to meet Jr. and Tia. Q met them in the parking lot of the Milford, DE WalMart. It is believed they drove that far to meet her there because Christine had no idea how to give Q directions, approximately a 1.5 hour drive. 

November 4

Levi torsoLevi is still looking for Christine. Christine tells Q she is rounding up tin at Jr and Tia request to sell for cash.

By all accounts, Tia and Christine are chums. 

They were headed out shortly to sell it to a buyer.


 November 5

Christine and JR have an argument, he tells her she needs to pull her weight if she is going to stay there.  He later describes the argumentment.

November 6

Christine calls Lynn for the boys social security numbers as JR has told her if she wants to stay, she needs to apply for Government asisstance immediately and contribute to the household. 

(important note: Christine specifically does not call Levi on this, although he most certainly has a record of the boys social security numbers from the year before where he claimed the kids on his tax returns, who did not live with him, prepared by his mom, Joyce. who got a $4,000 cut while Levi smoked the other $2500. I saw the email where Christine learns of this as she was under the impression that money was for a starter house fund.

November 8


Q is speaking to Christine daily, she is chopping wood outside today for a fire. 



November 9

The Farmhouse occupants are burning wood in the wood stove. Steve Steve MaggMagg shows up. A Flue fire results in a hole burned in the roof, the fire department is called and they put it out, into the early am. A Volunteer Firefighter named Serge later tells detectives during a search on the farm that he remembered Christine the night of that fire. She was crying because there had been puppies and dogs there she was afraid for. 

November 10

Jennandhubby Christine calls her sister Jennifer, explains her misery in the farmhouse, and arrangements are made for her and the boys stay with her and her then fiancee’, Paul.  

 Jr. calls the father of one of Tia’s children and asks if he can keep the child another day due to the chimney fire, and the required clean up.

A direct witness, speaking on the condition of anonymity to arrives at the Farmhouse upon hearing of the fire early evening. He has met Christine previously on the farm.  He approaches the house and noticed Christine had peeked out the window to see who it was.

As he was approaching the door to knock, he notices Christine locks both doors. He tells her who is, reminds her they met, and tells her he wanted to take a look at the damage. She opens the door, leaving the screen locked and they chat for a second before she lets him in to see the damage.

ChrisandkidscarChristine was home alone with her boys Isaac and Zeke, who were sitting on the couch. She was cleaning up the fire mess on her own, and hanging plastic from the walls. Jr and Tia had gone out to a party or club. When I asked him to describe Christine’s demeanor, he told me “She was scared.”   I said, do you mean perhaps she did not recognize you? He replied, “no I got the sense that she was scared of something.”

November 11


Another party at the Farmhouse, day before Veterans day. At about 6 PM there were already 15–20 people there. There was a trough filled with ice and beer set up in the outbuilding, and a fire raging in the burn pit.

JR was filling bottles and cans with gas, ripped pieces of cloth and lighting them and throwing them in the fire making explosions for his amusement while there were kids running around.  (pictued above Jennifer Waters Johnson)

November 12

Possibly, Christine spoke to her sister this day. Q speaks to Christine JRJustin after 9PM. He is concerned and asks Christine if he should come get her. She said Levi is coming. She did not say when, or for what reason.

They say goodnight and Christine bathed the boys and put them to bed. 

Q was due to call her back that evening, he did not reach Christine.  Q heard the equivalent of “cat calls” during their conversation. Very, very loud.

Christine is murdered.


Contributing Editors to this article: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Ryan Tettemer, Lucas Cain

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  1. wymzie says:

    I think it was accidental in that he meant to hit her and hurt her, but didn’t mean to take it so far. Then I think he and all who were there freaked out, and knew that if she was ever able to tell anyone what happened to her they would all go to jail, so that silenced her forever.

  2. Charisse says:

    So does Steve Maggs have a record? Or does Delaware public info laws prevent us from finding that out.

  3. Charisse says:

    silverspnr, I think you are right on. You have said many of the things that I have been thinking.

    JR isn’t the type to do nice things like drive long distances to pick up a friend for Tia or let Christine use his cell phone out of the goodness of his heart.

    I agree that he would have stuck nearby when she used the phone & that he would have come closer if she was trying to whisper.

    Domo’s reaction on this site, lets me know that JR was either the killer or one of the killers. If Domo wasn’t sure JR did it, I don’t believe he would basically be pointing his finger at his brother.

    My guess though is that…. if there were sexual contact expected…. that more than one or two of the males would have been standing in line. Which might be why none of the other males saved her.

  4. Felicity says:

    I just briefly checked a Caylee Anthony blog…they are knocking Sen. Ted Kennedy like he was the worst piece of garbage this country has ever had! It horrified me.

    Blink, again, I am so proud of you. The people on the Pocomoke Tattler love you, girl!

    I truly believe that once someone gets Jr.and Tia to “talk” …Christine will be found. Eventually, one of the party goers will get really stoned and start talking. If the reward money is high enough, I think that will make a huge difference. Someone will start talking…Billy Burke of the Tattler is so brave…I really admire him/her.I pray you are getting more and more answers Blink. You and your team stay safe!

    TY. I am so proud of the work done by my team on this case I am beaming. Truly.
    The only acceptable end to this case is to allow Lynn and her family to lay Christine to rest at the place of their choosing.

  5. WendyLee says:

    The “Cat Calls” give me the heeby-jeebies and reminds me of the movie “The Warriors” with Sean Penn clicking bottles together and screaming “Come out and Play-e-ay”. Silver, you pegged it. That is the conclusion I have been leaning towards. Christine was a very attractive girl and way beyond their reach without the assistance of lies and deception.As far as Tia- I trust Blink has her own conclusions and the facts to back them up and I must say I am surprised to hear that Tia’s involvement is much less than I orginally thought. I would’ve bet the farm (no pun intended) that Tia assisted in the murder itself.

    I do not think anyone has discounted the thought that Tia could be involved in her actual murder, or quantified what her actual involvement is or was, I think we will wait to hear it from her via her statement implicating someone else, or vice versa, but we will know.

  6. boo says:

    The thought that christine was murdered because she was a pawn between Jr’s Lust and Tia’s Jealousy is just horrifying to fathom. What a waste. I guess malignant narcisstic behavior is like a malignant tumor, if you don’t treat it, it spreads. Let’s bring christine home. K, Domo?

  7. silverspnr says:

    WendyLee #255

    As I stated, IMO, Tia is, at the LEAST, an accessory to Christine’s murder.
    Difficult to be less involved than that.

    The good news is that this lady I know, named KARMA, can be (one HELL of) a Bitch.

  8. silverspnr says:

    DOMO, can you hear me?
    Can you feel me near you?
    DOMO can you see me?
    Can I help to cheer you?

    **sing above to the tune of “TOMMY” by the WHO

    (boo-uncharacteristic of me, but this one was for you– you’ve definitely made an impression)

  9. boo says:

    #259 silver….that’s so cool, thanks. I understand christine liked all kinds of music. Also, I now want to see “tommy”.

  10. boo says:

    Ok I watched The Who “Tommy” on ..very pretty. Thanks silver. Hey DOMO, you should check it out.

  11. PamTX says:

    The hammer in the Farmhouse video that Blink states was taken into evidence is just nagging at me, so I have to ask; Was there any evidence found on this hammer that points to human foul play?

    The reason I ask is because a hammer to do one harm just does not seem to me to be a weapon that a man would use against a woman. Especially such a tiny woman. IMO, most abusive and aggressive men choose the “hands on” approach to physical violence. They choke, kick, throw you, beat your face in, break your arm, etc.,…the violence is very up close and personal (imo). It’s like a mad dog marking his territory! On the other hand, a hammer or something similar appears to me, to be a weapon that a female would use to over-power another female.

    But if the hammer is found not to be related to this horrific crime, than I guess it matters not.

    After 4 days of doing my own time-line, it is more than obvious that November 9/10 were critical days for Christine. That is time period that Steve Magg (Levi’s cousin)shows up and the flu fire from the stove. I believe it was the 10th that Christine allegedly called her sister to say how miserable she was….then she was scared…then she was trying to whisper something to Q….then she was gone.

    To Christine’s family: I personally never had the chance to tell my parents/siblings how sorry I was for all the pain I must have caused them as I was learning about men and trying to grow up. I never had the chance to tell them thank you for always rescuing me when I called hysterically or showed up unannounced with a black eye. I never had the chance to thank them for still loving me after breaking their hearts so many times and still being strong when I was not. 30 some years later, I am professional woman with a great family, a mentor, a volunteer, at times a speaker, and a street-smart mother (with a really crappy abusive past). Yes…I was like your Christine at one time….these “thank-you’s” are for you.

  12. Charity says:

    Pam, you made me cry.

    Glad you made it out.

    I have been thinking about the hammer, too.

    But, more, I have been wondering about the shovel that was mentioned previously. Did they ever find a shovel on the farm? I am thinking that is where the DNA would show up, if there is any DNA left after this length of time. I also wonder about the carpet. I know they cut some carpet out, but not the whole thing, right?

    I am wondering if the whole carpet was ever removed – looking for traces of blood splatters and drips, etc.

    Yes, I know, I have already moved on to the wanting enough evidence for a conviction part – and utter frustration that the investigators didn’t do a thorough job back then.

  13. Charity says:

    Mostly, I am waiting for Chapter 6.

    And also hoping to hear some good news about a high tech search taking place soon.

    Monday !

  14. KCJ says:

    PamTX, Thank YOU!

  15. PrivateEYE says:

    Hmm take a look all i don’t know if you have seen his myspace or not

    hmm calling himself an inmate?

    Thanks PI, we had, but I think he changed the title at one point. Says there he is still in Md, but my sources tell me he is in Tx?

  16. larosebud says:

    God Bless you Pam.

  17. PrivateEYE says:

    Blink i think they are trying to throw everyone off on his location.

    IM ON IT!!! :)

    Well then PI, we look forward to your report :)

  18. larosebud says:

    I have been wondering why DOMO has gone to such lengths to lie about little things like laundry and cleaning. What do you think about this…Christine’s DNA is at DOMO’s house. That would explain why he is making up all these lies about laundry, etc. If her body was at his house and/or they laundered bloddy clothes with her DNA at his house, then her DNA would be there. Maybe that is why he made up the whole laundry, cleaning scenario. Maybe that is why he is so desperate to point the finger elsewhere….

  19. larosebud says:

    spelled bloody wrong…

  20. wymzie says:

    McDermot told me that they had taken lumin lights to the farm house, and the carpet had not been removed.
    I told him that I was told the carpet had been cut out, and was burned.
    He told me I was getting misinformation and the lumin lights would have shown any blood in the house.

    I asked him how long it was before they took the lumens to the house and he said two weeks!

    He said what I failed to understand was these people simply had a house guest, and she dissapeared. Why would they be guilty just because she left.
    He asked how I would feel, if I had a houseguest that up and dissappeared and then the cops come knockin at my door and wanting me to take a poly, and are insinuating you had something to do with it?

    He said this is America, and we just can’t do that.

    Funny, he didn’t feel that way when he had MY computers and camera’s seized from my house, not the man whom he filed a criminal complaint against.

    Oh but I forgot…It’s America!

    I am aware of some of the misinformation swirling about, but I guess I am not understanding why he would tell you or anyone else such an important piece of information in an active an open investigation?

  21. Felicity says:

    Blink, Bully Boy Jr. and his “Chick” are obviously “getting spooked”…haha! I love it! THEY CAN RUN, BUT THEY CAN’T HIDE! You and your great team are doing a fantastic job! It’s just a matter of time…in the meantime THEY ARE SCARED SILLY! THE HEAT IS ON!!! YEAH! YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE REMARKABLE!

  22. silverspnr says:

    Domo OFFERING that Christine’s bloody clothing was washed at his place is quite revealing.

    It wasn’t Christine.

    So, Domo…
    WHO did that??

    CAN YOU FEEL me near you?

    Christine’s family deserves to know where she is, and Justice demands to know what happened to her, and by whom.

    Do the right thing now, before its too late.

    I applaud Domo’s reach out, it is slightly less self serving than the last one. I am ok with that. The problem you are going to have is nobody is going to give a chit who did it, not really. First in, is the story everyone goes with, case closed. If its not you, sucks to be you. You know exactly what I am talking about but you know what has gone on last week. You can feel it.

  23. wymzie says:

    Blink, I have no idea why he would tell me that or anything else he has said.
    He wanted me to kill the story. He didn’t want anymore bad press for Pocomoke, as the Tattler in his mind and all the other Boss Hoggers make Pocomoke look bad. My answer to that argument is “FIX IT” and the Tattler will cease to exist.
    During his 37 minute rant on the Steps of City Hall he admitted to many of the accusations that we have leveled at the city government and it was when he found out that he had been recorded making these admissions and they had been forwarded to the States Attorney, the Attorney General and the Governor he had my husband arrested and siezed all of our electronics, thinking that we what…hosted the Tattler in our kitchen?
    During the same rant he ‘outed’ a confidential informant as well.
    I don’t know why McDermott says the things that he says, be he feels quite self righteous in doing so.
    So you tell me Why do you think he would tell me these things?

  24. boo says:

    If Domo can’t feel the heat by NOW, well then he must be really dumb…err numb…umm both?

  25. boo says:

    Domo read defination of your response or lack thereof

  26. Felicity says:

    I wonder if Christine will “make herself known” to the people that hurt her….at least until she is finally laid to rest? I have read where that happens in some instances. In this case, I sure hope it does!! I hope alot of these cowards, and their “Mothers” are sleeping with the lights on because of things that go bump in the night!!


  27. boo says:

    I fought the law (lyrics by The Clash) ….Robbin people with a six gun….I fought the law and the law won, I fought the law and the law won….I lost my girl and I lost my fun….I fought the law and the law won.

  28. boo says:

    More Lyrics from Mad World (Gary Jules)……….Children waiting for the day they feel good, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday…….And I feel the way that every child should, sit and listen, sit and listen…….I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take, when people run in circles, it’s a very very Mad World****************Christine’s children need the truth, they need a place to visit Mom, talk to her, a place for her daughter to place her wedding flowers on Christine’s headstone, to share. A place in Deleware.

  29. PamTX says:

    Blink: – Does Steve Magg still work for the car dealership in Hurlock, MD?

    Boy, I bet he could help me re-paint and re-title my car if I ever needed it!

    He does.

  30. spot on says:

    Now that Myspace page lists “cumberland MD” as locale.

  31. boo says:

    I have been studying the picture of Levi above, staring and trying to get a sense, (also, get a chance to objectify HIM) and oddly, instead of my heart going Ba BOOM Ba BOOM, my stomach started roiling and churning, hmmm, luckily I found some Tums.

  32. boo says:

    In addition to getting indigestion, the only sense I got from staring at Levi’s picture above is that he is knee deep in knowing AND that Levi is a TOOL.

  33. KCJ says:

    Boo, I know what you mean. I hope his kids were not scared of him. I hope and pray that Lynn will never have to hand them back over to Levi or Joyce.

    Lynn, You are amazing! You and your family are in my prayers.

  34. silverspnr says:


    For all we know (or will hear from someone else who was there), it was Domo who murdered Christine (and then washed the evidence at his place).

    In this case, it just depends on who is first to start talking.

    Absolutely. The Hour of Now, not How.

  35. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Reading all of this, I’m beginning to wonder if the animals who did this to Christine really NEEDED a reason?

    RE the song mad world, it’s so sadly true. We’ve moved away from everything that truly matters and what do we have? Children who are robbed of their innocence and grow up bitter (how can we blame a child for resenting those who mistreat them?) What a vicious circle we’re spinning. Even those of us who want to live a good life aren’t immune. Somehow, somewhere we’re scarred.

  36. suz says:

    Not only does his MySpace list Cumberland, MD as a locale, but he friended a Cumberland, MD bar called The Wonderbar.

  37. Gypsy DD says:

    Can’t wait till Monday for Chapter 6!

  38. boo says:

    They’re Coming (Lyrics by Napolean XIV)***I cooked your food, I cleaned your house and this is how you pay me back for all my kind, unselfish living deeds?!! HAH!*******Well, you just wait they’ll find you yet and when they do they’ll Put you in the ASPCA, you mangy dog!!!

  39. Bearly says:

    6 hours and 3 minutes and 5 seconds!

  40. boo says:

    Houston, we have a problem!!! And the countdown commences..100, 99, 98…….

  41. Gypsy DD says:

    The clock is about to stop ticking. You are about to run out of time..and your best options are fading fast.

    Make the call to LE , or email Blink so she can help you walk through this.

    The other alternative is JR will have beaten you to the punch..and once again you will be your little brother’s bitch.

    Do you really want to face the death penalty or life in prison for Jr..that sorry sack of shit.

    He already knows DD. The heat is in Salisbury. Yep Domo, I am calling you out from under your pebble, there is never shade for the shady mon frier.

  42. SuzeeB says:

    #156 Christinesmom

    Quote “I wonder how they knew that her wisdom teeth and one other molar had been pulled? They are correct.”

    Lynn, this is bothering me. Why are you surprised about this?

    She was not surprised, she was surprised they knew that. It is correct.

  43. hj says:

    i think levi paid the mystery man to kill her when he came to “look at the damage” i think his mom had something to do with it to. christine was a very strong women an had b eeen through alot an levi was scared an didnt want her to leave or pay child support so i think he paid someone to do it. he needs to be in HELL!!!!!

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