New Indictments In Christine Sheddy Murder: Clarence “Jr” Jackson and Tia Johnson Face Bond Hearings Today

Snow Hill, MD- In August 2009 began an investigative series on the disappearance of Delaware resident and Mother of three, Christine Marie Sheddy.

Sheddy had been missing since November 2007 following a phone call to her best friend Jimmy Quail who offered to pick up her and her two young sons immediately.

With the help of Christine’s Mother’s dogged determination, the investigative efforts led to the recovery of Christine’s remains buried on the grounds of a Snow Hill bed and breakfast.

Murder charges were filed against Justin Hadel on the day Christine was found, February 20, 2010.

Hadel was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in September 2011.

It was through a failed plea obligation that Jr Jackson was able to be indicted by a grand jury yesterday and is now charged with first degree murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

Tia Jackson,  his long time girlfriend and cousin of Justin Hadel,  is facing accessory after the fact charges in the removal and disposal of Christine Sheddy’s remains from the Byrd Rd farm where she was murdered.

Reached at the home where she and her husband Steve are now raising Christine’s children Haylie, Isaac and Zeke, Lynn Dodenhoff was not surprised in the least.

..”I told you Christine always had one more thing to say..  and today she did.

My family and I look forward to justice being served to all parties involved in my daughters murder..”

Dodenhoff began writing to Christine upon the advice of a grief counselor  and shared her letter from yesterday exclusively:

Dear Christine,

I was sitting in a court room today with a family that had lost their daughter to murder. She was just like you Christine. A mother of three, just like you. Her name was Whitney Bennett. She was killed, stuffed into a trash bag and buried in a shallow grave and not found for 4 months. Her family longed to know where she was, just like we did. But today there was Justice for Whitney.  Her murderer was found guilty of all charges.

So many memories came over me.  I remember when you went missing.  I remember how I felt when I couldn’t find you.  I remember having such a feeling of despair entrenched in my soul that it hurt physically.  I remember knowing in my heart of hearts that God would let me find you.  I cant explain how I knew, I just knew.

Today we got the news that a Grand Jury indicted Tia and Jr. in connection with your murder.   Junior is charged with 1st degree murder, conspiracy, accessory and 3rd degree burglary.  Tia was indicted for accessory and 3rd degree burglary.  We will have our day in court Christine.  I will not rest until everyone responsible for taking you away from us are held accountable.  I promised you many years ago that I would never again let you down.

I hope that you can see that I have kept my promise and that I hope you are proud of me.

I am proud to be your mom and thankful that God let me have you for as long as he did.

We all miss you Christine.  Your children are daily reminders of who you are.  Thank you for giving me 3 wonderful grandchildren.  They will always know that you loved them more than life itself.  You will never be forgotten.

I love you and wait for the day that I can wrap my arms around you and tell you just how much I have missed you.

Until that day comes we will continue to fight for you and keep your memory alive.  You were always worthy of Justice.

Love Forever and Always



A previously scheduled preliminary hearing for April 27th has been cancelled as the charges for the pair are transferred to Worcester County Circuit court.

Check back to for updates.


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  1. sandyeggo says:

    This brought tears to my eyes; thank you Lynn for sharing it with us.

    I think of Christine regularly when I visit BOC. When I read of other parents harming their own children, I think of Lynn’s determination to find Christine and to learn the truth. Christine was lucky to have a mother that cared so much, and I am so happy that those sweet children are being cared for by the same strong, determined woman. Hugs to Lynn, Steve and the children.

    Rest in peace Christine, Justice is coming!

  2. This is the first case i ever read here…I will never forget this lil lady, her life and her devotion to those kiddos…She was not dealt the right hand with these people she thought were her friends. Ever since I met Christine through her case here, I have come to realize there are so many more young ladies going through simular situations. I had not realized until I came to BOC…. Thank you Jesus, Justice is finally coming for Christine, Christine is a easy person to adore, she was a sweet, trusting lil lady. Lynn has been so courageous through this process, I admire her for all of her strength…….I learned alot indeed, Thank you Christine for being my teacher. I have learned not to trust all acquaintances as long time friends….just because you know OF people doesnt mean you know them personally and realistically….I have taken for granted and mistaken that alot..Believe me it happens alot in small local community settings and social groups… Thank you Blink for all you do and being the advocate you are. I come here with an open mind and to learn…I have learned alot through these victims, they have taught us all alot with their lives. BUT, I am also heartbroken it takes the good ones giving their lives to teach and show us through to the bad ones…RIP Christine! Christine your life lives with each of us, I will never forget you either!

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This is a sad case of a young woman making some poor choices regarding people in her life. I feel for her family who must continue their lives without a mom. Grandmother has a tough task to raise her daughters children.

    Thanks Blink for keeping this in our consciousness. All young women need to spend some time reading this as a reminder to be careful regarding whom you choose to bring into your life.

  4. ~M~ says:

    This is a great day!! And Lynn, we are all proud of you!!

  5. Denise says:

    This is great news!! Was hoping these two would be charged. Good job Blink for getting the ball rolling here! Prayers to Lynn and Christine’s children.

  6. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Just heard the outcome of the bond review. Both jr and tia are going to continue being held without bond

  7. melissab says:


  8. Sister says:

    I couldn’t be more happy for Christine’s family. I will forever believe that Junior was involved in Christine’s death.
    Sometimes, in all honesty, I pray and wonder if I will live long enough to see the prayers answered. Our gracious God has given me the sight of a miracle, for I believed it would take a miracle for this to happen.
    Blink, thank you so much for your diligence and Lynn, Steve, and children, may our merciful Lord continue to pour out His blessings on your family.
    Oh happy day!

  9. Carol says:

    I too have tears in my eyes reading this letter from her loving, determined mother.

    Lynn, (if I may), I am amazed by your strength, determination and love. I hope today’s news brings some peace to you. You deserve it. Christine will always hold a spot in my heart. Take care of yourself until you meet again.

    Blink ~ Thank you.

  10. PEYE says:


    i along with everyone else had tears in my eyes!
    i can’t even imagine how lynn has held up through all of this.Then again i guess i can because she is such a STRONG loving mother/grandmother who never gave up.I know Christine is proud to have you as a mother!

    May god along with his new angel Christine shine the love down on Lynn and the family.We miss you Christine!!

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    I am so glad that this story has a happy ending- thanks for updating us Blink.
    I know Christine and her mom hold a special place in BoC’s heart- if not for your work Christine would still be “missing”

    Christine can now rest in peace knowing her children are taken care of and justice is on its way.

    I stood exactly where she was murdered and I knew it then, I don’t know how to explain that, but I am just very thankful that finally there appears there will be justice for Christine.

    It will never leave me what a Hell on earth that farm was.


  12. Beard says:

    Lynn, your letter to Christine was beautiful. Don’t you ever doubt for a minute how proud she is of you. We are all proud of you. There is no doubt in my mind that there is nothing in this world stronger than a mother’s love. Christine’s love for her children has placed them in a safe and loving environment with you and Steve. Christine’s love of children has not only saved her own children but she has helped to protect other children as well and you know who I am referring to. I know that Christine learned a mother’s love from one of the lovingest mothers that I know. Christine will have the last word just as you have said all along. Justice is coming for all involved and Christine will absolutely have the last word.

  13. twinkletoes says:

    Excellent work from Blink and Christine’s mom!

  14. SouthernMom says:

    Prayers that Christine’s life and death can be the sign another young woman needs to “do the right thing” for herself and her children. There is more support out there than you can imagine. There are many loving persons who want to help you escape the terror you feel from those who wish to harm you. Trust those who are willing to help you and shield you from harm. It’s scary to make the first step, but knowing what you know from this and other stories, please be courageous enough to stand strong for your children. I promise you will never regret taking action today to protect the angels God has blessed you with.

  15. SimplyCaustic says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard/read of this case, so please forgive my ignorance. In trying to catch up, I reviewed the five part series here. Can anyone direct me to somewhere that the motive is discussed? I don’t doubt for a moment that they are all guilty – and will be found as such (as Justin already was). But…I’m curious as to WHY they did this (although I do believe that sometimes, there is no motive other than sheer monstrosity on the part of the perpetrators.) Thanks in advance.

    It is my personal opinion that Christine realized that JR was involved in a arson for hire scheme after her boyfriend Levi failed to show up at the farm because he was with another girl.

    I believe they figured out she was going to turn them all in by going through her bag and finding her goodbye/thank you note.


  16. twinkletoes says:

    Blink I had the most disturbing and real dream last night. It was that sonar had picked up the shape of a human head under water while searching for Sierra LaMar. Horrific.

    While it is sadly possible that Sierra may end up being recovered from a watery grave, side scan sonar is not likely to depict that image. For the most part, it is used for waters with depths that would preclude that. It will of course reflect anomalies.

    I realize I have nothing to say to make you feel better except if you are a praying person, that always helps me.


  17. Sister says:

    I hope the motions hearing is tomorrow and the trial next week.
    Continued prayers for the family.

  18. Sister says:

    According to my calendar, the trial(s) were suppose to start yesterday. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend in person, although I am praying diligently.
    Haven’t seen anything in the local media.

  19. Sister says:

    Would someone kindly tell me when this has been scheduled for trial. I am computer-illerate — I don’t know how to look it up.
    Thank you.

    July 13 is next scheduled court appearance and is a motions hearing. Sister- you are more than welcome to always ask me as I know if things get rescheduled and are not pending, I am not the most diligent at updating given my caseload.

    And btw, heart u my friend :)


  20. Sister says:

    just trying to get re-registered.
    Hope to be there Friday morning.

  21. Sister says:

    Not able to make the Motions hearing.
    Lots of prayers headed that way.

  22. Sister says:

    Have seen absolutely nothing in the local papers. Do you know if the motions hearing happened.

    Sister, postponed until August. Will advise.

  23. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    So far the trials for Jr. and Tia are still a go.
    Tia………..Oct 10 & 11
    Jr…………Oct 16,17, 18

  24. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Tia and Jr. will plead guilty in court tomorrow oct. 11th. They will also be sentenced.

    Ma’am- been a long journey you and I took together- hasn’t it? Much longer for you and Christine’s family.

    Thank you for your trust, your friendship, and the infamous chin up email, lol, I will never forget it.

    I wrote this on SM:

    I know it’s late, I know you’re weary
    I know your plans don’t include me
    Still here we are, both of us lonely
    Longing for shelter from all that we see

    Tomorrow will be the final prosecutions in Christine’s case.

    Clarence “Butch” Jackson and Tia Johnson are pleading for respective sentences tomorrow in the death of Christine Sheddy.

    I cannot say enough about Lynn Dodenhoff, Christine’s Mom and now the guardian of her children.

    I cannot underscore the vitriol we experienced during the investigation into Christine’s disappearance- even by those who professed to care.

    I stood over this young lady’s execution site and knew it- when investigators kept saying it was not a crime scene.

    My deepest and heartfelt praise to all those that asssisted or supported this case in any way.

    Most importantly, to Christine- atta girl. We find what we need, don’t we? In this life or the next.

    God Bless You and Rest You, C.

    Lastly- you can tell your Mom to stop riding my ass now. She could not have worked harder for you and your babies.

    I know, y’all have ONE MORE THING TO SAY.

    Heart u, and congrats on quitting smoking- that is the best thing in the world you could ever do for yourself and for Haylie, Zeke and Isaac.


  25. Christian says:

    Thinking of you guys…Be strong today.

  26. Sister says:

    Just heard Clarence got life inprisonment with all but 30 years suspended.
    Tia Johnson got 15 years with half suspended.
    I know I had hoped for more time, but this is better than nothing.
    Thanks to Christine’s family for never giving up and to Blink for being such an abiding force!

  27. Gypsy DD says:

    Hmm..I am very happy that Tia and Jr were sentenced to whatever..notice I say whatever..because my heart feels that whatever was not enough. Tia, should never have gotten such a light sentence nor, Jr..they both participated in happened on their property, while she was a visitor..with their full knowledge and coverup..7 years for Tia ..really..that’s all one gets for turning a check while another woman is murdered at your house and you help dispose of the body..and lie to police and the family..really..7 does that defer anyone from crime………I am heartsick at the judge and will be writing letters won’t do any good..but at least someone will know others were outraged. I have just about given up on justice for this crime no one involved should have ever seen the light of day again…7 years..I pray my granddaughter never runs into a friend like Tia who proposes to help her out of a bad spot.

    Christine paid with her life and would not have been on that farm at all if Tia and Clarence Jr..had not pretended to be her friends. They were looking for a housekeeper, a sexual slave and anything else they could throw into the mix. And although Christine might have seemed street savvy to some ..this group was not the street they were the sewer..she could have never anticipated the wrath and deception this group had inside themselves.

    Just pissed..when in hell will the good guys win and actually win to the full extent..not just piss ant 7 years in jail for Tia..and Clarence..he should have life..not 30 years,, life.

  28. ~M~ says:

    The important part is that all 3 of these people were finally held accountable for their actions. It may not be satisfying to all the amount of time they did get, but they could have never been charged at all. And for awhile I was more concerned that they would never pay for what they have done! I hope that this allows Christine’s children and family to move on and that is what is important in my eyes! As a friend on this long journey, justice was served … finally!!

  29. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    You have been my hero since our first chat as you know, thank God and Christine you always have one more thing to say.

    I love that pic of Christine and Haylie.

    Love you much ma’am.


  30. Sister says:

    Blink, didn’t know where else to post this.
    Mike McDermott has been soundly defeated as Senator in the Maryland legislature.
    All in God’s time!
    Think of you often.

    True dat Sister. You are never far from my heart and prayers to you my friend.

  31. Sister says:

    just read that ID Discovery Channel will be doing a 6-part series about Christine. Release is 2017.

    think of you so often.

    THEY ARE!!!

    Me too Sister- you were always such an advocate for Christine- I thank you and I hope you are well. I am forever grateful to have met her and for her guidance- and I wish to be clear- Christine Sheddy was her guide. I don’t feel like she felt she had that sort of control on Earth- but I am here to say she absolutely did in her death. xo

  32. Sister says:


    Will be very curious how Mike McDermott will be portrayed!

    I am well – finally retired — George passed last September. He is free!

    I am so sorry to hear Sister, He is home.
    I am under the impression the series is going to be supportive of LE, and will probably not cover some of the experiences we went through to get where we did. Unfortunate if true, because in my view it was yet again an injustice to Christine.

  33. Sister says:

    Just watched “6 Degrees of Murder” which featured Christine’s story. They do an okay representation, even included where they thought she was a run away. Showed Lynn as being a force to reckon with — I loved that part.
    Hope all is well with you and the blinkettes.

    I agree with the “okay representation”. Agreed on Lynn.
    We are all great Sister, hope all is well with you and love to you.

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