Christine Sheddy Case:Murder in Maryland Chapter 6

Cosmic Shear

Pocomoke City, MD– The last time Christine Sheddy’s bestQ friend “Q” spoke to her at approximately 9:30Pm on November 12th she was trying to whisper something to him. He could not hear her. He heard a guy in the back talking about how they were gonna keep her, she’s so good to them, so nice to look at.. You get the picture. Skeeve Meter twenty out of ten. 

Christine put him on the phone with Q as he kept following her around talking in the background. Q describes the voice on the other end of the phone as a red kneck. Definately not JR or Dominick. Justin and Q chat for a few seconds with the regular niceties.

Justin To this day, “Q” is not sure if she put him on the phone thinking it would get him out of her personal space, to make Q think he was “cool” , or to identify him to Q without the privacy to be able to reveal whatever was wrong.  It haunts him.    

At 11am the morning of the 13th Q calls for Christine. JR answers and says he is “out”, does not have many cell minutes left and will tell Christine to call him when he gets back to the house. Lie No.1 out of infinity.

The following are the still shots taken by the mounted, motion- activated camera on the neighbors home, installed following JR stealing a laptop and cell phone and JR and Justin slashing the neighbors tires in October.

The first person to leave the residence at 12:58PM on November 13:


Unsub self-professed hunter/correction officer. This truck had been seen on previous occasions from this footage. This man is stopped because the neighbor asked him who he was. He said he was a corrections officer, and simply looking for a place to hunt. The neighbor asked him why he would not take the two on the roof with him. Jr and Dominic. They were fixing the hole in the roof from  the fire the evening of the 9th. 

Until this article, this truck has never been identified. The mystery CO and hunter is NEITHER of those things. The truck belongs to Tia Johnson’s father, and was driven by Charles Timothy Johnson, Tia’s brother. This is the first vehicle to leave the property on 11/13.

Here is the lovely couple Charles T Johnson and Jennifer Waters Johnson arriving at the party on 11/11, apparently they bring the party with them, or at least the coolers. Why the hunting story? Did he think she may have seen Charles in the field or woods as well? Was it related to Jennifers probation hearing the next day?


1:57PM- Tia’s car, with Jr and Tia in it, leaves in a manner to avoid the camera.

2:06PM– Tia’s car returns, she is alone.

2:08PM– Tia’s car leaves again, unidentifiable driver.

2:36PM– Tia’s car, driven by JR, so fast the witness believed he was going to flip it over.

3:38PM– Tia, JR and Justin leave the farm in Tia’s car.

4–4:30PM– They return in Tia’s car, avoiding the camera. 

5:06PM– Middle aged woman with blonde hair arrives, later determined to be “Nevlyn” , Dominick Von Graevenitzs’ Mother in Law. 

5:08PM– Nevlyn leaves the farmhouse with additional unidentified passengers.

From approximately 5:30–7PM JR begins calling Christine’s family and friends. (yes, I am being intentionally vague on the chronology).

However, it should be noted that JR did all of the calling, and all of the “version” alchemy. An Excerpt:

11/13 6–7:00PM call, recipient witheld–    

On the 13th around 6 or 7 JR left a message on my cell telling me to call him back as soon as I get the message, and it didn’t matter that it was before 9. (editors note: 9Pm is the reduced rate benchmark).

I got the message 20-30 minutes after he called and called him right back. He answered and said that him and Tia went to pick up her kids up from school and when they came back Christine was gone and the boys were there by themselves. My reaction was shock and worry. That just doesn’t happen, and Christine would N E V E R leave her kids by themselves. I was like “are you serious?” JR’s tone was calm and even called me nicknames like “ma”. He said he did not have any idea where she was and he, Tia and a cousin even searched the wooded property because they had a lot of land. He also said she may have went off with a guy she met that worked at Walmart. He said that he was trying to get a hold of my mom so that she or someone could get the boys. He said Christine mentioned to him that she was moving from the farmhouse.

That call was made AFTER he had already spoken to Q with the same story.

I asked Q– when did you KNOW something had happened to Christine; something was very wrong? He replied: “When Levi and his Mom picked up the boys, I new something was horribly wrong and something had happened to Christine. She would never in a million years let those boys go with Joyce. ESPECIALLY Joyce AND Levi. Never…”

8:08PM– Nevlyn returns to the property with passengers.

8:38PM– security check

8:50PM– Joyce Hall, mother of Levi Hall, and Levi, arrive on the property.

9:26PM– Joyce leaves the property.



Truck on left is Steve Magg’s. Truck on right, Jon C. Waters.

Enter Heaping Bonfire in the Bean Field closest to the woods late that evening.

Surveillance Stills from Security Cam, 11/13/07:  

11-131258PM 11-13-07-1 11-13-07-2 11-13-07-3 11-13-07-4 11-13-07-511-13-07-6 11-13-07-7 11-13-07-8 11-13-07-9 11-13-07-10 11-13-07-11 11-13-07-13 11-13-07-14 11-13-07-16 11-13-07-17


Contributing Editors to this article: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Ryan Tettemer, Lucas Cain

Audio/Video/Images by Klaasend 

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  1. lily says:

    Here’s one thing that just bugs me – Levi was not loyal to this band of buffoons. If anything, he would have resented them because that’s who Christine turned to when she was in the process of leaving him for good. I’ve read several times that Christine loved Levi – and many have said he ‘loved’ her still.

    What is his motivation for covering/protecting this illiterate bunch ‘o creeps?

    He and his mother-of-the-year had the kids at the beginning after Christine went missing. What did the little ones say to him (I know can’t be answered)? What did Levi and mom see at the farm? Now that they don’t have the kids, why aren’t they trying to help?

    Joyce has actually made up sightings of Christine in the past. It is not impossible once that can be proven that an obstruction charge could surface. I have to be honest, I resent that woman’s behaviors tenfold. She defiled Christine and put Lynn and her family through hell, on top of their Hell.

  2. Felicity says:

    Hey, Red R….it’s still not too late for someone to

    And, maybe CANE DA’ AZZ TOO!

    He would havta SLEEP STANDING UP FOR A

    Felicity? Way Borderline, that was your feebie :)

  3. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I could swear I read something recently about the old landfill being “capped”… this is the one that is to the NE of the property.

    What does “capped” mean in landfill speak? If these are well-like items which are physically sealed, have these been checked?

  4. puhleez says:

    198 – There is no swift moving water of any kind there that I am aware of. I have been on the property.

    Puhleez is correct, however, the only possibility of that are some creekbeds that have the potential to fill up, and even then you would be hard pressed to call them “swift”..

  5. Charisse says:

    My understanding of a capped landfill.

    Capped means they basically put something over it – dry climates have simpler caps, but wetter climates need something more complex with more layers of soils, clays and geosynthetics of some sort. Basically, there is a barrier layer (preventing water in) a drainage layer (allowing water out) and a liner of some sort to cover the whole thing.

  6. Red Ranger says:

    I am a fan of our LE and judicial system doing the job they are paid to do. I am also a fan of using common sense. Sometimes the two collide. When Levi beat Christine up, had she broken his ribs, arms, legs, or irreparably damged his “unit”, I would not have found her guilty. A friend of mine is a big fan of “paying it forward.” I believe Levi was paying it forward, each time he hit her. Even though he lives a mean, meager existance with bad family ties there still has to be some tremendous evil coming his way. Karma’s pendulum always swings back.

    At this point there are steps being taken to find Christine. It will take hard work and some luck on the part of many. It also takes determination and cooperation between those with the toys and those with the authority. I reckon it’s all meshing now.

    We’ve got good seats to watch the pendulum swing back.

    You have such a way with snark I just adore me Red Ranger..

  7. lily says:

    I understand way more now Blink after doing some more searching and reading the heartbreaking comments sis & mom about 5-6 weeks after Christine was missing on another site. After reading Joyce’s disgusting, vile and – ugh I just can’t say what I want to say – but after reading those I have a lot more insight into the wickedness of her mind.

    Boy this makes me look at their trip to the farm and their actions the first couple of days/weeks afterwards with a whole different perspective. Joyce was bright enough to try to blind any security or cameras with her headlights – obviously helping Levi hide whatever he was doing. There was/is some sort of leverage or agreement between Joyce/Levi and Jr.

    But Joyce didn’t want the kids – that’s not her motivation. There was no life insurance that Levi was going to have to split with her somehow. There has to be a motivation for Joyce to be involved unless she is just protecting Levi – its confusing. She’s a witch who extorts money from Levi via taxes, rides, etc. . . yet she is obviously paying a price by protecting him. She is defensive to the bone about any bad comments that might reflect badly on her either directly or through her kids.

  8. kew17 says:

    mjh is thinking the same way I am…..

  9. boo says:

    Jeff Foxworthy says “you just might be a redneck if: You get stopped by a state trooper. He asks you if you have ID and you said, ” ‘Bout What?”

  10. larosebud says:

    Don’t you think she wanted the money from the government she would be entitled to for CHristine’s children if she had custody. Also I think if a parent dies, her children get money from social security till they are 18 don’t they? That would be motivation enough for her.

    I can tell you she was trying to do just that behind Christine’s back in August/Sept of 2007. I am not referring to SS, I am referring to Govt asisstance. The kids were not even living with her and Levi had not seen them in months. I have heard from members of this own woman’s family about her antics, shocking.

  11. columbia res says:

    Something about the 1:57 departure time is bothering me- what if it wasn’t Tia and Jr. What if it was Jr and Christine (propped up in front seat). One person came back. It’s risky, but been done before. If this is the case the body could be anywhere in a couple minute drive.

    Of course I could be waaayyy off on that- but that’s bugging me quite a bit

    Pam (Columbiares)

  12. Kaz says:

    Comment 199 makes sense to me. They were probably pretty tired from the hard partying, and took their time the next morning squabbling about what should be done. Maybe Domo didn’t want any part in disposing of the evidence, and so agreed to fix the roof with Jr., both as lookout and as a sort of diversion from the pursuant coming and goings.

    Either Charles or Tia might have driven the body out, but it seems like Charles might have agreed to scout out an appropriate site, and called someone when he did. He could have already started digging, and Tia drove Jr. out because they didn’t want to leave a car where it might be sighted.

    Jr.’s hasty return might have been due to fear of being pulled over and found with shovels or other suspicious items. They could have spent an hour gathering whatever final things they might have decided were required to hide the crime, and then Tia, Jr. and Justin could have returned to the burial site and finished everything by 4:30. It seems like cell phone records during this time might paint a clearer picture? Do you think the vehicles will be tested for DNA evidence?

    My guess would be the highbeaming by Joyce would have been done because her and Levi had been told some story (if not the truth) about Christine’s demise, and that Joyce didn’t want them being observed there. Maybe she hoped she could say only Levi was there if things went south. And then the bonfire to burn everything else. :(

    I agree they would have been lazy and arrogant enough to bury Christine on the farm, but I also suspect there’s a good chance they were too paranoid for that.

    I am of the opinion they would have been way more paranoid to move her in front of all those people, and have it caught on the camera, or seen directly by a security guard. That said, at this point it cannot be ruled out.

  13. Crest says:

    Hey, just got some interesting News, Jr and Tia are having a big Party at his trailer this weekend, in TN…..

    Source, please. You can be vague, but I am pretty strict about rumor vs. fact.

  14. PamTX says:

    Blink: This is the craziest thing. Steve Magg is missing from the Auto Dealership sales staff page WTH! In Chapter 5, on August 29 at 8:02 p.m. you clarified for me that Steve Magg was still working for the auto dealership in Hurlock, MD. His picture was there for sure under the first section “Sales Department”. Today, September 2 he is no longer there. So….in 4 days he is no longer at this dealership? WTH? Did he get scared after reading your articles and jack-rabbit out of town? WTH? If you look at the internet page it still has his name listed….but when you click on their site, his pic and info. is no longer there. Well….isn’t that something?

    Copied from internet search:

    1.Preston Ford Staff – Annapolis Ford dealer in Hurlock Maryland – New …
    Meet the staff of Preston Ford, a Ford dealership servicing … Steve Magg. Sales Consultant. Phone: 877-834-3396. Email: Aimee Bradley … – Cached

    See how his name still appears….but click on this site; and “poof” he’s gone. There 4 days ago; Gone today.

    Yes, thanks, we caught that too, I would think given the circumstances his employer did that.

  15. Shae says:

    MJH, I would have done the samething that Christine did passing the phone to Justin so he could talk to Q to let him know “I am talking to a man that really cares about me, so back off!” Without saying it directly to him! No doubt in my mind I would have tried it if I were her! Unfortunately, it didn’t work and maybe even provoked this sleaze bag more knowing that Q wasn’t there & had no idea how to get to her but it was a chance she had to take! So, I think you are right on the money with that theory. Oh how I wish it would have worked for her but I know in my heart they won’t get away with this because of Lynn’s persistance & the attention Blink has brought to this case, she will be found & those lowlife’s responsible will get what’s coming to them, I just know it!

    I believe that strongly.

  16. mjh says:

    How sure are we that Levi did not show up on the 12th? We know that Steve Magg showed up on the 9th, and discovered that Christine was there. We also know that she went there to “hide” from Levi. This seems to be the day that she became afraid. Maybe it was because Steve called Levi and told him that Christine was there.

    Levi already had another girl on the side. But, he still wanted to be in control of Christine. I’m sure he had the “If I can’t have her, nobody can” mentality.

    Maybe Levi talked to her, gave her a hard time, and told her he was coming to get her. She knew how angry he could get, and on the 10th, when the stranger came by, and she was afraid — she may have just been nervous that Levi was coming, and she knew she was going to get another beating.

    Christine told Q that Levi was coming. I just can’t get the thought out of my mind that — maybe he did.

    I know there was video surveillance and all. But, I can’t think of any other reason for Levi not to say anything, and not look for Christine, and for Joyce to keep covering for Levi, giving “false sightings”, false statements, and slandering Christine. Why would she do this unless she knows her son is involved somehow?

    I hear you. However, I believe if there was a scintilla of a way these freaks could have put him on the farm the night of the 12th, they would have.

  17. coney says:

    Has anyone attempted to recreate the bonfire to determine how far the illumination would be carried into the woods? If the fire was being used as a light then it would be simple to build another of the same intensity and at the same location. Then stake out the portion of the woods that is illuminated to determine where they hid whatever.

    Coney, that field is actually farmed at the moment, way to think outside the box though.

  18. mjh says:

    Shae #213
    “I know in my heart they won’t get away with this because of Lynn’s persistance & the attention Blink has brought to this case, she will be found & those lowlife’s responsible will get what’s coming to them, I just know it!”

    I agree.

    Blink, RE: 214

    I cannot see a group this big staying so quiet unless they were ALL involved. If they say Levi was there, then he can also implicate them.

    I would bet money that Levi was there that night. Were there any other cars coming or going that have not been identified?

    No unidentified cars.

  19. mjh says:

    Oops, now #215 and #216. Sorry! The numbers keep changing.

  20. PamTX says:

    #214 Response – Thanks for not letting anyone slip under the radar in this case. How your team is able do that, is beyond my comprehension. Picture removed or not…one day he will face his own camera so-to-speak, for the alleged role he played in this tragedy. Should’ve left his picture up, if he was innocent…not a very smart move…but that is just my personal opinion. Or did that company not want to be bothered with questions and phone calls about a murdered daughter?! Corporate image over a murdered daughter?! Makes me sick. But that’s just me just venting and rambling and does nothing to help find her (my apologies). However, it does speak to the well-deserved attention Christine’s case is getting. Thanks to you and your team for not missing a beat! :)

  21. pcityrez says:

    Maybe someone can suggest to the owner that Maggs take a poly if he wants to keep his job….just sayin

  22. spot on says:

    When are they (LE) going to start arresting people?????
    When they are ready.

  23. boo says:

    I think IT’S back today singing the same old song. I have my advils with me. Bring it.

  24. christinesmom says:

    boo, I believe you are correct.

  25. lily says:

    When you say ‘its back’ – are you talking about the split personality comments that keep creeping in here and there? I think I’ve gotten so used to the high quality and clean house Blink keeps here – that these sketchy comments just stand out like a rotten tomato.

    I’m sure I don’t know – but I have a couple of guesses about what’s going on. I think with tracing IP addresses, and so much more that Blink knows.

    At the end of the day – it doesn’t matter. Small and low yes – but making any difference, no.

  26. boo says:

    Creature from the black lagoon, saw it on sci-fi channel, YAWN!!!!!

  27. seekingjustice says:

    #224, #225, #226

    I am very confused by these posts. Can you please clarify? TIA

  28. seekingjustice says:

    Boo – are you BooMonkey from Scared Monkeys, if you don’t mind me asking?

  29. boo says:

    #227 seeking justice I don’t't mind and no. I read @SM but have never posted there.

  30. Bearly says:

    I am wondering if someone drugged her drink while she was bathing the kids, to make whatever was going to happen (rape) easier for him. Since she was petite and not an addict, and historically, they were, they could have put too much in there for her system to handle.

    Boo, do you mean here or somewhere else? I have spent oodles of time trying to keep up, but I am sure I have missed some things, as I see things talked about that I don’t remember reading.

    Lynn, I admire you for being so persistent and Blink for being so vigilant.

    I am hoping to have an unobstructed view, Red Ranger!

  31. boo says:

    #230 Bearly ….it posted under the 3 view search piece #64 but the post has now been moderated by blink.

  32. Crest says:

    Funny how a little comment can bring things to a halt, it just lets ya know that the eyes are a watchin…

    Im afraid I did not understand what your referring to.

  33. Felicity says:

    194: The DEA should be involved in this, don’t you think? The concerned citizens of Pocokemo should start a “letter writing” campaigne or SOMETHING. Druggies, especially crackheads, can be extremely dangerous when they need a fix. I hope the good people
    of this little town get the help they need to get rid of these
    dangerous people.

  34. curious says:

    Nevelyn does not live in Snow Hill. She actually lives in Delmar, Maryland. She and Cheif Daughtery would definately protect their own children. Any parent would do that. Since he is the Cheif..go figure!

  35. jon c says:

    look i don’t know what facination you all have with my 2004 dodge ram that i just bought and paying payments it isnt even the same year so please get your facts straight thats the problem with this case now everybody has to stick there nose in others peoples business when they don’t have the facts so get a life and further more my last name isnt waters i am not scared of anything unlike others on here i use my real name i have nothing to hide so get a life

    Yes, then what is it? Johnson?

  36. jon c says:

    and i mean no disrespect to christine or her family just to the editor and others


  37. jon c says:

    cathell duh

  38. jon c says:

    actually i don.t even know christine or her family i heard from one of my friends asking why there is a pic of my truck on here so i checked it out and you all have been talking smack since .and i don’t even know why

  39. [...] fact, one of the primary witnesses in this case was not interviewed until Fall of last year after I interviewed him twice and our series on Christine was on it’s fifth [...]

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