3View Search Services Takes On Christine Sheddy Case

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Lynne Dodenhoff, mother of missing Delaware woman Christine Sheddy, announced late this afternoon that 3 View Search Services, headquarted within Purdue University Research Park, will take on Christine’s case.

Christine Sheddy has been missing from a Farmhouse in Pocomoke City, Maryland since November 13, 2007.

Sean Henady, speaking exclusively to blinkonrime this afternoon:

Our asisstance has been requested in the efforts to locate Christine Sheddy. Our analysts have begun some preliminary mapping and review of the case.

Their have been prior searches launched by the investigative efforts of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation; so we are hopful to asisst in the great work they have already put forward as required.

It is the policy of 3View that we do not discuss search dates, specific locations, technology assets, or team deployments outside of Law Enforcement.

Sean Henady, Co-Founder 3 View Search Services


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  1. Sun says:

    Lynn has been working with the psychic ladies from pittsburgh. The are the psychic vincent sisters. Lynn contacted them in the beginning,they have found things that were sent for dna testing. I know this to be true. The psychic sisters do it all for free. I wanted to correct you statement on lynn using psychics, you can contact the law enforcement too. They have a record of the psychic vincent sisters working with them on Christine Sheddy’s case. They continue to work with them.

    I am very familiar with the work the “Vincent” sisters proclaim to have done on Christine’s case. It is a falsity to suggest they work for free because a colleague of mine put up cash for them to visit the site and they backed out at the last minute.

    This would be a prime example of why I do not endorse the use of psychics. To date, there has not been a single useful bit of evidence produced by their “visions” in this case, and there is certainly nothing they produced that has been sent for dna testing. They are also trying to claim they told Dom Casey where Caylee Anthony was. Sorry, no credibility.

  2. christines mom says:

    The vincent sister have never asked my family for money. They were supposed to come down to Pocomoke but one of them couldnt get off work and they had to cancel. Yes, they needed travel money, they have jobs like everyone else. They also returned the money. They did lead us to items belonging to Christine. They were turned over to LE for analysis. They do have credibility with me.

    As you know I respect your opinion in this regard, overall I think the use of psychics in general is dangerous to the families of the missing, but I most certainly understand the desire to want to use any means possible to help find your child. I really could not think of a more vulnerable position than the one you and your family were in.

  3. christines mom says:

    I agree that there are psychics out there that prey on families of the missing. However, the Vincent sisters never sought us out,and never asked for money. We were vulnerable and they never took advantage of us. I think that speaks for itself.

  4. Samantha says:

    I’ve worked with Suzanne and Jean Vincent on a previous case of a missing person and found them to be very credible, sincere and accurate in wanting to help. They have always volunteered their time. They do not seek out cases but the crediblity that they have with law enforcement makes the family members or law enforcement contact them. Christine Sheddy’s Aunt Karen and her Mother Lynn Dodenhoff contacted Suzanne and Jean in January of 2008 and from my understanding they gave very detailed notes about where Christine would be located at and who the suspects might be and the notes were forwarded to Worcester County Sheriff’s Office.


    trust me when I tell you I have seen private correspondence and their reading. While Lynn has stated that they were helpful, they did not depict where Christine would be located, in fact they said it was on a golf course.

    In a different case, they very much wanted credit, but I only saw the emails from them asking for it, not any that backed up what they said.

    I do not and will not advocate psychics. It is nothing personal, I just feel that there are so few credible ones out there, and many charlatans.

  5. Samantha says:

    Suzanne and Jean Vincent gave detailed information to law enforcement profiling the suspects description and names of some of the people who where involved. The suspects who Suzanne and Jean named where called in for questioning and didn’t one of them get arrested? In previous cases that I worked with them on to my knowledge not only did they use their psychic abilities and they also use methods that private investigators use. Also law enforcement has copies of their notes and email discriptions of where they thought Christine Sheddy body was located at.

    Yes, I have seen it, as I indicated. Respectfully, not even close.

    Do I need to post it? I would think it embarassing.

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