Morgan Harrington Case: Lack Of Leads Frustrates Search Efforts

Posted by BOC Staff | Amy Melvin,Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington,Sara Snead | Tuesday 10 November 2009 12:41 pm

Charlottesville, VA– With Morgan’s disappearance entering it’s fourth week, an eagerly helpful public shows signs of frustration at the lack of information being clarified by both the Virginia State Police and the Harrington Family.


Dr. and Mrs. Harrington will be appearing on Dr. Phil tomorrow afternoon, but at press time there are no scheduled press conferences for them or for Corrine Geller, PIO for Virginia State Police.

Over the weekend, The search efforts coordinated by the Laura Recovery Center had as many as 1600 volunteers scouring the surrounding areas where she was last seen, with no results tied to Morgan’s disappearance or possible whereabouts. The areas designated had been searched previously at the direction of Charlottesville PD and VSP.

Was Morgan At The Concert

Although there are numerous alleged sightings of Morgan, some appearing to be credible, there is not a single image of her caught on camera at the John Paul Jones Arena.

How is it that Morgan goes through three seperate buildings and annexes, at least twice, multiple areas for re-entry, and not a single image of her exists? On the facebook created to help find Morgan, there are a growing number of associates beginning to doubt Morgan ever made the concert at all.

Ticket For Seat #312


One of the quickest ways to tell if Morgan attended the concert with her friends would be for Dr. Harrington, the purchaser of the tickets, to review his account with livenation or ticketmaster, which utilize ticket return and request the scan data for all the tickets he purchased. This would reveal if the tickets were scanned and presented together as alleged by the friends.

According to the livenation policy, the ticket will only scan once at it’s original presentation, even if there is a duplicate bar code.

The timing on Morgan’s ticket scan is critical to the investigation into her disappearance, as is confirming her attendance in the first place. Could LE be looking in the wrong place?


What the Friends Know

The rumor mill has been buzzing non-stop about the possibility that Morgan’s friends may be the key to understanding what happened to her.

We know that Dr. Harrington was told by one of her friends that Morgan’ s car was NOT at JPJ arena. Following her disappearance, one of her friends, Amelia “Amy” Melvin, who was with her and Sarah Snead the evening of the concert had her myspace mood set as “I dont have time for myspace”. It has since been removed. There are numerous pictures of the friends at almost every outing they attend all over the web. Were there any taken that evening? 

What She Was Wearing


We have seen no less than 8 different Pantera tshirt styles on the FB site, and not a single confirmation from Police or the family as to what it actually looks like. No image of the black skirt or black boots to jog anyone’s memory from that night. WHY?  

It was also stated that Morgan was wearing a “distinctive” gold knecklace that evening. Every pawn shop within a 60 mi radius should have been faxed a photo of it within 24 hours. Pawn shops are required to file certain sale reports that would definately list such an item if it had been sold. Has this been checked?

Inside Sources

Sources wishing to remain anonymous, have confirmed to that LE is aware of a woman matching Morgan’s description was visibily intoxicated outside the JPJ arena and was seen dropping her purse and upset while talking on her cell phone. She allegedly engaged briefly with a few UVA basketball players as she was crossing the parking lot.

Why am I feeling like Charlottesville is the new Aruba?

One thing is clear. The fastest way to turn an active case cold is to frustrate the public with inconsistencies and unclear information.

Generating leads is the only way to keep Morgan’s case in the spotlight  and at this point it is this editors opinion there are some serious questions in need of answers in order to progress this case before it stalls. 

Candace Bond and Kate Mills are contributing editors to this report

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  1. jmcville says:

    wpgmouse #250

    Interesting thought. I would hope the roommate would not drive home from JMU to VT alone. If the concert ended at 1am, with the traffic as horrible as it was, they probably didn’t even get to JMU until close to 3am, which puts the roommate back home at VT around 5am (assuming speeding considering the hours and no one on the roads). What an exhausting day, considering the events of the evening and that weighing on one’s chest too. I doubt they would all make the trip from C’ville to VT, that drive is about three hours and basically waste of time for the two from Harrisonburg (who would have no way of getting home anyway).

    Either way, the three of them had a chance to clarify their alibis on the ride home…

    Also, another random comment: I don’t think it’s weird that someone else had Morgan’s keys and she didn’t have them in her purse. Morgan offered to use her car but didn’t want to drive – young people do this all the time (sorry parents). Maybe she was the only student with a car? (I didn’t have a car at college until Spring semester of 3rd year – parking at UVA sucks – I borrowed cars all the time.) Anyway, there absolutely had to be someone sober who was in control of the keys. The trip from JMU to UVA from 81S to 64E is curvy and hilly and a death trap for anyone under the influence, not to mention all the 18-wheelers on the road too. So what I don’t understand is why this sober person didn’t go after Morgan when she got locked outside and try to speak to her and tell her to buy another ticket to get back in (I would have paid for any of my friends to get back in if their bank account was overdrawn– by the way — not terribly weird for a college student to overdraft…)

    Is there proof that Morgan’s friends answered the phone when she called them from outside after being locked out?? If one of my friends were EVER locked out of an event, you’d be sure I’d be searching for them (while still staying inside) and once I saw them on the outside of the door, I’d plead with a security guard to let me open the door and communicate with them, then I’d scramble for a way to find another ticket for my friend to get back in. At the LEAST, why did no one try to find Morgan and establish a meeting place/time for the end of the concert? Why did no one firm up who she was catching a ride with? I understand everyone is questioning how good of friends they were but I’d say they had to be more than mere acquaintances. Morgan trusted them driving her car and she and her roommate went out of the way to get the two people at JMU – JMU is not a simple pit stop on the way to UVA from VT. Also the fact that Morgan had tickets bought months in advance shows intention – she didn’t get tickets spur of the moment with people she barely knew.

    B, do we have proof that Morgan DID speak with a friend after she got locked out? Also, is there any camera footage that might show one/some of her friends walking through the concessions area right after the time Morgan called saying she was locked out, to see if someone went to find and speak to her? (Since maybe the media isn’t releasing this..?)

    Another thing… Copeley Apartments next to the bridge where Morgan was last sighted house many athletes (close to the stadiums) which makes sense why she ran into them. I could not find Copeley Bridge. I have never even heard of it, but I’m assuming it’s a bridge over train tracks. Did Morgan deliriously start following the train tracks hoping they’d take her home? I’m assuming these areas have been extensively searched, including bushes around the tracks? There is always the possibility that no one hurt her and she wandered into some wilderness by the tracks….?

    Ramble, ramble.. sorry.

    jm- I assume in your above post you meant JMU, not VT as the roomies went back to JMU in Harrisonburg (Snead). There is proof she spoke to the friends via cell at 8:48PM, was outside the arena, and she texted back and forth to an unknown male up to 9:20P.

    I think the roomates had an expectation they would find her outside with her car, imo.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry Blink should have made my post clearer.

    I am asking “Is their any video or pictures of the friends that accompanied Morgan to the concert going into or out of the stadium. Were they caught on any cameras or cell phone pictures? that night at the concert?”

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Well Blink me thinks this is coming to a sad conclusion. The blogs are slowing way down. LE is tight lipped. Family sad but hopeful. No searches planned. Almost treating it like a runaway?????
    I think this case will die a slow death unless..something happens soon.

    Well Elizabeth, I hope your wrong. I am not thinking runaway is even in the minds of LE

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Seems like I am the only one here. Shall I shut off the lights?

    lol, no psychiatrist is still 5 cents

  5. Jane says:

    I would guess at Ms. Harrington’s age that the one and only thing that could pull her away from her friends/concert would be a YOUNG MAN. I would also guess it’s someone whom she knew, flirted with and someone who was a real player – bad boy, if you will. I would also imagine all her friends would be aware of him and maybe her infatuation/interest in him. So, like so many, I feel all the answers hinge on what her friends have to say.

  6. Dunno says:

    Gonna need you to post it here first, will stay private.

  7. Jane says:

    Another thing that I was wondering…does anyone know what rumors regarding Ms. Harrington are swirling around VT’s campus. I would think there are many and a few could possibly be leads. Also, if there’s a VT radio station, is it still pushing for leads in Morgan’s disappearance and have a number for a tip line? I have heard zip mentioned about what is going on in Blacksburg.

  8. M. says:

    Well, shoot. Looks like I was wrong about the “alive” part. Poor girl :(

    Can I ask you to change your “hat”. We have a M. already.

    Also, I read your very disparaging comments re the Harrington’s. I have since deleted them. I felt what you said was very unkind and would like to understand why you would do such a thing.

  9. FightingIrish says:

    This is M.

    Changed as requested.

    As far as disparaging remarks, they are what I know to be true. I have worked closely with them at St Albans in Radford and know a lot concerning that family. This goes back over 10 years.

    I will be careful with my comments now that the State Police believe they have found Morgan, but it does not make them any less true…. just in bad taste. Accept my apologies.

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