Morgan Harrington Case: An Appeal To * You Know Who*

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Charlottesville, VA–The disappearance of Morgan Harrington, missing since October 17, 2009 is exhibiting the potential to reach a temperature that is currenlty encompassing the Northeast: VERY COLD.


Through the thousands of posts at and numerous articles covering Morgan, it is clear that frustration in the lack of lead generation and ambiguous statements from the Virginia State Police are causing some to lack conviction Morgan will be found.

 In a recent press conference by VSP, LE provided NO NEW information or progress regarding Morgan’s case. In a shift of posture by the Harrington family, Dr. Harrington has begun participating in online chat and sponsored an additional facebook site to help the efforts to find his daughter.

In fact, for the first time in 2.5 months, we know what kind of camera Morgan had with her the evening of the Metallica concert from his research. 

AmymaggieIn contrast, we have viewed footage and photos of her dear friends that have clearly moved on without the knowledge of their friends plight.

Girls will  be girls you say? Before one person comes on here to tell me I am being too critical of these young women you should know that due to a fortunate Facebook update, describing these girls as Morgan’s friends is entirely generous. 

Furthermore, if you happen to be one of the parents that has provided booze for underage minors captured on digital for all to see you may wish to take a peek at what is on your daughter’s social sites.

Have you thought about what it would be like to be Gil or Dan while your linin’ it up and throwin’ em back WITH your kids?

Fortunately, this is not the focus today. I do not feel Morgan’s friends did anything to directly cause her fate.  They are more “ME” than frienemy, that is evident.


Gil Harrington, posting on the families site, wrote one of the most eloquent and courageous posts from the Mother of a missing child I have ever read.

The snowfall is beautiful but still disturbing – melancholy.  Wonder if Morgan is cold – is snow falling on her face – or is her face covered by leaves in a shallow grave being hidden by the snow.  I glance out the window and see the crimson blaze of a cardinal at the bird feeder – my heart leaps for a second at the beauty – then I think its feathers look like blood in the snow.  Is that what Morgan’s blood looks like in the snow?  See how the pitfalls are everywhere – even at the bird feeder.

In a somewhat angst-ridden moment, a poster on suggested any and all witnesses in this case should be subject to repeated Barry Manilow songs until they confess.


It jogged a memory for me that reminded me that I am proudly my Father’s daughter. Morgan is Dan Harrington’s daughter.

Maybe someone, somewhere, has just not approached that perspective.

In response to the MAN-i-low dis-

Blink prefacing below to say: yes, off topic, and yes, I am on cold meds, but y’all went after the “MAN ilow”.  < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

Barry holds a special place in the heart of my family. When I was a kid I used to play dress up with my Mom’s clothes. If a pair of her way-too-big-for-me heels was “done”, she would let me cut off the ankle straps and dance around in them as slides.

One afternoon, when I should have been doing my homework, I was blaring Copa Cabana in my Parents study dressed like a thriftshop showgirl and  when ” Who could ask for more…at the Copa” part came on, I kicked like a 12 year old Rockette and launched my “slide/RPG” into the ceiling.

There it stayed.

I threw everything I could find at that shoe to dislodge it. Nothing.

Except for the new marks on the scalloped ceiling.

Later, when unbeknownst to me, my Dad was reading his 12 daily newspapers in the study, I thought I might try another idea.

I jumped as hard as I could at the spot upstairs above where the slutslipper was lodged.

It worked on the 3rd try.

How do I know?

I heard a “S o n o f  a …..”  , then something that sounded like a combination of my first and middle names with a swear word interjected that was rising in tone and volume, and now coming my way.

As I hit the hallway to head to the other direction or squeeze myself unnaturally under something, there He was

My Dad, evidence in hand, smiling wryly form ear to ear.

“Yours I presume, young lady,”  his forearm outstretched gently with the nail to my coffin in his palm. 

I responded .. “What makes you say that?

Could be ketchup or mustards..”

(Lame editors note: do NOT ask, my sisters and I had bathing suits that matched when we were little that were red, yellow and white, respectively, it stuck to this day, I was Mayo)

He replied .. ” Because I know, this weekend, when you fish out your overalls and help me fix the ceiling before your Mother notices, you would rather do that than whatever she comes up with  so we can be all done here. The End. ( Blink dad making the wipe hands clean gesture)

She has been talking about repainting the Family room for months, I would LOVE some help with that…”

“Yes Sir.”  I muttered with a matching grimace.

“Can I have it back?” I asked.

“I would say your dancing days are on hold, dear daughter, for the foreseeable future, as are your TV privliges.”

“Anything else? ” I asked.

“Why yes, there is. If you choose to dance through the house with wreckless abandon, next time, do it when your homework is finished and in your tennis shoes. And can you please try to be more like your Mother and less like me?”

“Doubtfull Deets, doubtful.” 

With that carefully measured tween rhetort I skipped down the hall, crisis averted and I am still Dad’s fave.

I can live with the painting. Wonder if I can pick the color??


I chose to share this very personal exchange with my Daddy because it dawned on me that maybe someone that reads this does not understand what Morgan’ s Father (and family, but this reference is strictly male) needs from them.

He was her protector.   He is her ceiling fixer.

You have to give him back what you took so he can fix it for her and their family.

He does not care who you are or what you may have done. 

You can do this for them now. Have faith that anything can be fixed. Anything.

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  1. ohiomom says:

    Chad, I followed your links on the Omaha case and then read several other articles and comments. It’s so sad that such a horrendous case has gone cold. FWIW, it did seem like some sort of professional hit to me too.

    Observer, somehow I missed your last post, but after a significant search, I found it. I hope you realize that everyone here offers you a sincere apology. I know I really rely on your wisdom and insight to nudge us all back to more productive reasoning. I pray that as your see fit, you’ll continue to offer us your guidance. I know that I look eagerly for your new posts and read and reread them. Please continue your invaluable contributions. Your wisdom is something we can never have too much of!

  2. Judi says:

    I really think the Harringtons are trying hard to tell us something with this October-November thing. It is something that they have said multiple times now – must be for a reason. I think they are getting frustrated, want Morgan found, are trying to seek the help of the public (Gil posted a few days ago something to the effect that they tried the rule of the law and it ain’t working), but at the same time don’t want to jeopodize the case in any way.

    I also thought it interesting in Gil’s latest posts where she talks about being time to stop protecting Charlottesvlle’s image

    And, yes, Blink, I agree about the way Gil worded it about still be tere in November and the way Dr Harrington worded it.

  3. Chad says:

    To Omahamom, or mom of a college student: I believe you are one in the same:
    I will only take a few moments for my post, and yes, blink, I want you to post this:

    We have a man, dressed in a suit, with a brief case, that is seen walking up to the Hunters door. He is also seen, as witnesses describe as driving thru the street , stopping and going as if looking for an address.

    If the “hitman” was going to kill just the house keeper, and the boy was a by product, why didn’t he come soone to the house before the young man came home? Oh, perhaps a hit man might be late for a killing? She was there at the Hunters house all day long until the boy was dropped off by the bus.? Also, she lived alone, why not kill her at her own home? Why did the killer come to the home right after the bus dropped off the Hunters child?

    I believe your “by product” theory my be changed around my Omaha friend. I believe that house keeper was a by product of the child. I believe the child was the target, and they did not account for the housekeeper to be present.
    She lived alone,in her own home, and therefore, there was plenty of opportunity to kill her at her own house, additionally, if not kill her when at the Hunter’s house when no one was there? The child was in school all day, while she was there. Afterall, she was there at the house, several hours before the boy came home school on the bus.
    Omaha, you seem defensive,and somewhat disturbed by my post. Because your family lives near by, and because you are a life time member of living in Omaha, does not make your opinion of the case “correct” or with more merit than my said speculations, which is different than assertions by the way.
    You mention money, in your post…..there was no randsom note, or demand of money as far as the public goes? What was that statement all about? The house keeper and the boy were stabbed to death. Where does the money come in??? The Hunters had the monies to settle a drug deal? Bloody knives were left, not a randsom note. Your opinion of this case makes no sense, and also, I really resent your arrogance that you have displayed on this board. I have been a very avid poster and advocate for Morgan since day one, and never once have I ever seen a post from you until now after 90 days, and to be it, you did not even comment until it had something to do with the Omaha case. WTF? Are you here for Morgan, or are you here for your family that lives within a mile of the murder scene that happened 2 years ago Omaha that you think is about a drug deal? It was a target, plain and simple. OK? Housekeeper or boy? There was plenty to steal, jewelry, china, money, etc….NOTHING was taken. NOTHING.
    This was NOT random. No one, I repeat, no one, in the middle of the day, walks up to a house , with a briefcase, (mind you) walks quietly up to a house and knocks on the door, rings the door bell, and suddenly murders people at random at a specific house at a specific time of day. It was a target. They were targeted! HELLO…..
    I am finished with posting with this case, and responding to this poster. I had to get that off my chest Blink. REALLY. Omaha poster, you were one for one, but I have a better count. I’ve been posting here a hell of a lot longer than you have, (Omaha) He/she says she has followed Morgans case since day one, but yet to have seen one single post. Interesting, one appears, or maybe 2 only in refernce to the Hunter case just recently, and NOT Morgan’s case, NOTHING. . Either omaha poster is a relative, or is a newbie. I’m OK with that either way.
    No, the decision to eliminate/terminate a student from the medical school program is not a choice made by “One” person, but perhaps may be reccomended, or encompassed by one or several collective teaching professors that the student is not meeting the goals/expectations of the college to become a DR. Perhaps their name was placed and or mentioned in the exit interview for the failing student to exit/ interview with or go over evaluations with. Perhaps they lead the exit interview. Which would be a focus for blame on one entity of the collection of professionals for the rejection of that student.
    I am not making a comparison between Morgans case and this case, they are so very different, but due to the posting, I felt neccessary to stand by my words. And I do.
    If there is anything related to this case, that MAY bring Morgan home to be reunited with her parents, it is so worth it. That is my only goal, and the ONLY reason I brought up this case.

  4. Holly210 says:

    I just got back from a campus tour of UVA this past Saturday with my daughter and her friend. After reading for many months at BOC, I was curious as to the exact setting of the place where Morgan disappeared. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way because I find it so horribly sad, but I was literally right there at JPJ Arena. The girls wanted to see the indoor track space for workouts and the building is right next to the arena. While they were looking at the pool and track, I chatted up the college students checking people’s i.d. cards for entrance. I talked with a beautiful young lady and asked her her thoughts about Morgan disappearing basically right where she worked. She seemed somewhat how shall I say, nonchalant about it. I am very upset about this case and she just kind of shrugged her shoulders. It was strange in my opinion. Now, they did have a very big poster of Morgan at the entry way where they were checking i.d.s (which made it a more logical conversation to a college student from a mom). I mentioned this website and some of the theories floating around like the BG attacking girls with blonde hair, in particular the kids at the park killed in the car from VTech. She hadn’t even heard about that! Her attitude perked up when I mentioned this other killing that has also gone unsolved of a blonde-haired student, especially since she has blonde hair. Hopefully, this will start more conversations on UVA’s campus. I think the students have to keep this conversation going. It’s their world, their campus. It makes Gil’s statement re Charlottesville’s image more understandable. If the adults, professors, etc. stop talking about it, then it’s okay. It’s not okay until she is found!

    On another subject, I asked the tour guide about security on campus (not a favorite subject on ANY college campus). She talked about how there is more police presence now than ever before since Morgan went missing. She said she NEVER walks alone around UVA at night. One more thing, totally off this subject. When I saw Gil interviewed on TV, she was way too calm for me. There is no way I could function in a calm way if my child went missing.

    Last thing, promise. The bridge dedication site to Morgan is very moving. We drove over it twice and I wanted to cry. I looked down at the railroad tracks (read about them here) and thought about the theory that she fell onto a moving train. The girls in my car thought that was totally silly. Okay, I lied, one more thought, I don’t want my daughter going off to school in such a desolate location. The only life around this area is the school (or at least this is how it appeared to me). Colleges need to be pressured to do more to protect their students, females in particular. Even though it is a truly beautiful school, it really is plunked down in the middle of a cow field. Also, there is no way that I would ever trust the UVA Police Dept. or any police dept. attached to a college. There is a conflict of interest with the school’s recruiting department, image, etc. I am sure any information ever released about on campus crimes goes through their public relations department.

  5. Paula Stringer says:

    I have noticed that no one has stated that Morgan Dana Herrington has been found. Please pray for her family and friends. Don’t cause problems, or be counter productive as I have seen in some of the statements. Morgan should be loved, and her family suported at this time.

    Read on, ma’am.

  6. St.Anger says:

    yeah I saw a video of sarah snead talking with a local news reporter about morgan’s disappearance. It was from months ago right after MH disappeared. Sarah seemed to me to be really non emotional about the whole thing but I hope that was just her way of coping with things? Praying for justice for Morgan and her family…

  7. Connie says:

    Dear Blink, Did the police use tracking dogs on Anchorage Farms the day Morgan’s body was found? I admire your team and BOC blogs or forum. This is just a thought and may have been answered already.

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