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Port St. Lucie FL– An Amber Alert  has been issued for a 7 or 8 year old little girl abducted by 2 hispanic males driving a white van on her way to school in the area of Pinero and Midtown Roads. She was last seen wearing a blue shirt and pink or purple skirt. There are many conflicting details regarding whether the shirt and skirt color are transposed, so both combinations should be considered.

FDLE considers the caucasion child with dark hair to be endangered.


The abduction was witnessed by 2 boys also walking on their way to school. There are multiple law enforcement agencies in the area for training by coincidence, and there are currently 15 bloodhounds on the ground involved in the search. The alert was issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Anyone who may have information related to the case can call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5000, their local law enforcement agency or 911.

Follow the case here

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  1. lily says:

    I just can’t stand anymore abducted children horror in Florida! The state needs a special task force put together to respond – yesterday.

  2. Duder says:

    Sadly lily, Florida is even MORE effed up than you think. This state is pretty good at keeping things under wraps due to the tourism industry.

  3. Momof3 says:

    Is it just me or do these kidnappers seem to be getting bolder. Scary
    Praying for the safe return of this little girl. MO3

  4. Boz says:

    Thanks for posting this so quickly Blink.

  5. chitown lady says:

    What and the hell is up in Flordia? They have some pretty bad problems. The State is under seige from predators…Forget the tourism….Do something to save your children from these animals. Yeah Flordia is effed up alright..Sweet Jesus…..I pray for this child’s safe return……

    anyone ever see the movie DEATHWISH? just a thought….

  6. dddeerma says:

    Thanks for the link. It is such a relief to have this one turn out to be a hoax. Those boys have a strange sense of humor.

  7. suz says:

    A hoax? Well, thank goodness.

  8. CG says:

    PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — Port St. Lucie police have called off their search for a young girl who was reported abducted Wednesday morning.

    Two boys, walking to their bus stop at the intersection of SE Midtown Rd. and SE Pinero Rd., say they witnessed two Hispanic men grab the girl and put her in a white van. This happened around 8 a.m. The boys claim the girl was kicking and screaming.

    After questioning the children, police determined the boys made up the story. Investigators do not know why,

    Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols said, “We have utilized the resources now on a hoax.” “At this time we don’t have any understanding as to why the boys would make such an elaborate hoax… we don’t know why they did it.”

  9. Boz says:

    Just what we need. Stupid kids. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess we can thank the ‘balloon’ family.

  10. CG says:

    No kidding. My brother and his children live in Port St. Lucie, so I went to the news site immediately. Unreal.

    Lol, no chit. I had an editor there as well. Ridiculous.

  11. flamom says:

    This occurred approximately 4 miles from my home. The irony is that for the past several months, there has been a white van with a hispanic male in that area that has attempted to lure several children..

  12. CB1 says:

    I hope someone, parents or LE have the where-with-all to not be PC but shake these two until their bones rattle. Cannot tell you what my parents would have done to me. Then, after a deep breath figure out what was going on in their minds. Am I way off base here?? CB1

  13. CB1 says:

    Sorry for the above post, this really got my hackles up and left me steaming. CB1

  14. mjh says:

    Yes, sometimes kids can be stupid. Depending on how young they are, they may not realize what they have just put everyone through. But, Thank God there is not another little girl missing.

  15. Mandy says:

    I know two boys who will be getting a “time-out.”

  16. Susan says:

    Little twerps. :O) Kids this age don’t always understand the rammifications of what they do. But I am so relieved it wasn’t real.

  17. PamTX says:

    To say the very least, principals in each school were most likely scampering around trying to get a student head count from teachers and relaying that info. to LE. What a quick response by LE and others.

    Personally, the age of these boys matters not to me. I would hope at the very least, they would get a complimentary tour of the courthouse, followed by some community service.

    This one did have a “whew” at the end, and that is a good day.

  18. Sheila says:

    Wow! I know kids do some stupid things, but, hopefully something will be done by Law Enforcement and then taken care of more at home. It’s easy to think that this was no big deal and no one was actually taken. Thank God! But, people are and were affected by this without many even knowing. My home was broken into recently and my personal belonging stolen and it has cost us a fortune to replace things and make our home more secure. I actually saw the Police out int he area while visiting family and they were in his community. His home was not locked, dogs were barking, Police going through back yards and I was stressed out to the max. And, all a Hoax, thankfully. But, it should be a wake up call and the word needs to get out to the community by Law Enforcement and we need to have our eyes open ALL THE TIME! Be safe and pay attention.

  19. Mandy says:

    Yes, thank goodness we can breath a sigh of relief that this was not a true instance of harm coming to one of our children.

    However, I did want to weigh in a bit more on this because I think it brings up some important issues. Obviously, the boys did something completely inappropriate and need to be made aware of the consequences of their behavior. A crime was committed and it will be up to LE and their parents to decide what that consequence is.

    I know my opinion on this will probably be unpopular, but I think maybe the more important question here is why these boys did this instead what their punishment will be.

    Often when children act out in a way that causes panic and/or upset in adults it is because they are very frightened of something and are trying to deal with it in a way where they are in a position of control. I often have to remind parents, even absolutely great parents, about keeping tabs on what their children are exposed to. We all know that children cannot process things the way adults can, and the line between real and imaginary are often blurred. This is why most parents have the good sense not to let their young children watch horror movies, etc. However, one area that parents are infamous for not regulating is a child’s exposure to news. They watch it while the kids are playing in the same room or listen to it on the radio on the way home from school but unfortunately we live in a world were the current news is horrific, at best.

    I do not mean to say that we should let our children live in a bubble and leave them completely ignorant of the real world, but news shared with children has to be presented in a way that is age appropriate. I think the majority of the time the parent should be the one to give a child news, especially in instances where they can use the stories to highlight safety or teach valuable lessons, etc.

    This is just my $0.02 but if I had to take a guess about these boys we heard about today, it would be that they are scared to death of the highly publicized cases such as Caylee, Somer and Shaniya. And if they are acting out by making up stories then that needs to be dealt with at the source, IMO.

  20. martha says:

    I’m with you Pamtx—those boys would be in a world of trouble. and I think a nice visit to the courthouse, etc is in order. Not only what they did but that le and others spent time and money looking for the girl when they could be really helping someone else. In my book this is serious.

  21. Susan says:

    Mandy, Post 21: I totally agree with you. I think kids are terrified by what is so widely publicized lately. There are a lot of very real boogymen out there these days.

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