Morgan Harrington Case: Separating Fact From Fiction Part I

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Thursday 19 November 2009 2:48 pm

Charlottesville, VA– Just passing the month mark, the disappearance of Morgan Harrington from the John Paul Jones Area located on the UVA campus, leaves us with more questions than answers.

Morgan prom dress

The lack of clarity and verifiable, factual accounts regarding the day Morgan seemed to vanish is staggering.

In an attempt to sift through the garble and streamline information to progress her case; we visit the list of inconsistencies.

The Purse And Cell


 I am at an utter loss as from what I can tell, there is a report of a purse S T O L E N from a vehicle from the Park section of the lot minutes after Morgan is allegedly seen at the opposite end of the campus. This appears to occur at 9:30PM, however the report indicates the theft occurs at 5:38 PM.

This call status ends up suspended, but when? Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a UVAPD insider expressed shock when I called it to their attention. “That almost never happens” I was told.

Could it be connected to what happened to Morgan? PoliceLog3

Could this call to Campus Police be the reason they are asking if anyone knows if she borrowed someone else’s cell? If that call came directly from a blue box phone, it dials directly to UVAPD.

Do they suspect this was Morgan?

Adding to the above obvious confusion, Morgan’s purse was not found in the Lanigan Lot as stated. Included in the UVAPD’ s own logs, it was found in the CAGE lot, which is on the opposite side of Copley Rd than the Lanigan Lot and accessible for parking only by athletes and UVA Athletics Donors such as season ticket holders.



According to Corrine Geller, VSP, they lose contact with Morgan, based on sightings and cell phone activity at that exact time; 9:30 PM. According to Gil Harrington, Morgans’s mom, there is some texting to an undisclosed individual that ceases at 9:20 with no further activity on her phone.

We know that Morgan interacted with UVA basketball players in this area, which through their spokesperson, refuse to comment on exactly which players were involved.


Newspaper Delivery Lady “Parson”

“I know what I saw,” says Norma Parson, a newspaper delivery woman who believes she saw Morgan– or an incredible lookalike— coming out of a room on UVA’s West Lawn at 3:45am October 18, six hours after the last confirmed sighting on Copeley Bridge.

“She was tall and thin,” says Parson, who says the woman’s high black boots had heels making her appear taller than Morgan’s reported height of 5’6&Prime and that she wasn’t wearing the black hose or tights police have described.

“I thought, ‘What’s she doing out here dressed like that,’” Parson recalls. When she learned of Harrington’s disappearance two days later and saw photographs of heavy mascara- and eyeliner-wearing Morgan, “I knew immediately it was the same girl I saw,” says Parsons, who credits art training for teaching her to examine facial details— even those she sees in passing. “I never had a moment’s doubt,” she insists.

Ms. Parsons seems to be somewhat upset that LE is not taking her tip seriously. Could it be that in the interest of disclosure if you have a relative working in the art department on staff of “The Hook” it is good to lead with that information if your concerned about credibility. I am not implying Ms. Parson does not believe her statement, but readers should be made aware if someone is an employee of their paper.

To be Contined in Part II

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  1. MsL says:

    #149-If heading toward the intersection of 250/29 from Copeley Road, the apartments would be on the right. I’ve always assumed residents are mostly students, but do not know for sure. Could be owned by the University, or privately owned and rented mostly to students.

  2. Georgie says:

    J2K, that is an interesting theory, indeed. What time did they get to C-ville? I think too, they were partying before the concert either tailgating, or, at someone’s place close by the arena. I also think this is perhaps where the seed was planted in the BG’s head, or possibly a plan even before the trip to “hang” with Morgan, but things somehow or other went terribly wrong later that night. The purse and cell phone in the parking lot is an issue for me, it doesn’t fit in with the “supposed” timeline. DID the perp/s go back later and drop it off there? That wouldn’t make sense unless maybe it was someone very familiar with the area, and knew it might throw LE off, that there would be plenty of others looked at for her disappearance. Is it possible she called the BG from one of the BB players’ phones, and she TOLD him who’s phone she was using and from where? A desperate guy might think like that, and put it there later.

    On this Thanksgiving Eve I think of Morgan’s family and the emptiness they must be feeling.

  3. mosaic says:

    #150 J2K…this makes a lot of sense, MH returning to wherever they might have been before the show. It explains why the bb players didn’t give her a ride (she already had one coming). It explains the hitchhiking (thumb out to make it easy for her ride to see her, if in fact someone was sent to get her). And, it explains her direct route heading southwest away from the arena regardless of whether it was well-lit or not (could mean she knew exactly where she was going).

  4. localcvillegirl says:

    MsL (#151), your’re right…I was thinking only about the apartment complexes to the right on Ivy Road, University Heights and Ivy Gardens, etc. There are probably more apartment options to the left on Ivy Road, down on the right, bleeding up into the residential neighborhood. These are more like duplexes, shared houses, etc. This would also be in the direction of the Lawn and central grounds, the Corner, etc. I think J2K’s theory above (#150) is right on…she was headed back to the site of the pre-party, and someone she knew and had been with earlier picked her up on or near the bridge. This person is the key, and her girlfriends know who this is. I have complete confidence that LE is on top of this, or at least very close to figuring it out.

  5. J2K says:

    - Georgie, mosaic, localcvillegirl (re: comments 152-154):

    I think you’re all smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in, as it were.

    Specifically, Georgie – I think there were some messed-up people with innocent intentions that freaked out that night and made an irreversible, short-sighted decision, and have been doing whatever they can to desperately cover their tracks ever since, forcing LE to painstakingly cobble together their case and recovery operation without full cooperation.

    mosaic – Indeed. It also explains a fleeting (ie, can no longer find it) witness account at Boyd Tavern Market later that night, wherein a “very distraught” young man asked a passerby for directions to Hburg, and was so panicked he dashed back to the car (full of several other individuals) before the alleged witness could even finish uttering, “It’s back the other way on Interstate 64…” (conjecture, but still.)
    Also note that the town of Crozet (sp?) was searched by a heavy police presence soon after the MH news blew up (though, it should be noted that the purpose of their presence was not specifically confirmed as in regard to this case). It is between Cville and Boyd Tavern, off a side-road exit toward the mountains.

    localcvillegirl – your geographic/demographic descriptions are very helpful. Thank you. And, yes, I completely agree with you… in both respects.

  6. localcvillegirl says:

    Ok J2K I found you…I’ll also try to stick to the “fact or fiction parts I and II” from now on. I think we ARE smelling the same thing. And Sue, I wrote a post in answer to your question about local defense attorney’s but don’t think it got on…most students and student atheletes from UVa who get in trouble in Charlottesville have daddies who will hire them a high-powered lawyer from DC. I don’t think these two earlier mentioned basketball players are that priveledged, and NCAA rules would prohibit a generous alum from helping out. It is still my belief that the bb players were simply witnesses, who probably should have gotten Morgan some help but were maybe afraid to get involved. It might just be that I really HOPE they’re not involved because they would be in way over their heads.

    I’m glad to help out with any geographic/demographic descriptions when needed. Observer and a few other locals have been doing a good job with this too.

    Happy Thanksgiving all…my heart is bleeding for the Harrington’s on this pretty Fall day.

  7. MsL says:

    Charlottesville is actually between Boyd Tavern (to the east) and Crozet (to the west.) It is correct that one would reach the exit to Crozet on I64 before reaching the mountains with access to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, and then the Shenandoah Valley, with its farmlands and forests. If traveling on Route 250, then a right, before reaching the mountains, leads to Crozet. Heading west out of Charlottesville takes travelers in just a very short span of time toward the most rural, least populated, forested and mountainous regions of Virginia. I64 junctions with I81 in Staunton, a heavily traveled interstate heading north and south. To give people who aren’t familiar with the terrain to the west of Charlottesville some perspective and just how daunting a search for a missing person would be,the following descriptions are from various websites–(from the website for the Blue Ridge Parkway)”The Blue Ridge Parkway one of the most popular units of the National Park System, “America’s Favorite Drive,” winds its way 469 miles through mountain meadows…the north end of the Parkway, leads to Shenandoah National Park…the south end of the Parkway, leads to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park”==(from the Skyline Drive website)”The Skyline Drive runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park and is the only public road through the park. You can enter Shenandoah at four places: Front Royal near Rt. 66 and 340, Thornton Gap at Rt. 211, Swift Run Gap at Rt. 33, and Rockfish Gap at Rt. 64 and Rt. 250 (also the northern entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway). It takes about three hours to travel the entire length of the park on a clear day.” It should be noted that the entrances and exits to the Skyline Drive are manned by Rangers. I’m not sure what the situation is with the other areas.–(from the Department of Forestry website)”The Jefferson National Forest is comprised of lands located in Virginia (690,106 Acres), West Virginia (18,526 Acres) and Kentucky (961 Acres). The George Washington National Forest is comprised of lands located in Virginia (956,222 Acres) and West Virginia (104,858 Acres). The totals for the combined George Washington and Jefferson National Forests are 1,646,328 acres in Virginia; 123,384 acres in West Virginia; and 961 acres in Kentucky.” I don’t intend this as a travel guide of Virginia but to point out after leaving Charlottesville, how inter-connected the national forests and parks are to other states. My hope (not my belief but what I hope for the sake of Morgan and her family) has always been that she left because she wanted to, and is keeping her location secret either because she is now afraid to return due to the publicity, or does not want to return. If she was abducted, and her abductor headed west out of Charlottesville, then she could have been taken to heavily wooded terrain either in Virginia or several other states in a very short period of time. On this Thanksgiving, I hope we are all praying for Morgan and her family, and offering thanks for all we have been blessed with as Americans.

  8. Ross says:

    J2K Crozet is a few miles west of Charlottesville, Boyd Tavern a few miles east; it is not between Boyd Tavern and Charlottesville.

  9. cvilleconcerned says:

    Thanks localcvillegirl for your comments; I haven’t chimed in too frequently because people get on the craziest tangents about how things are around C’ville and Albemarle. I too am local and the whole county is somewhat unique not only due to its geography; a Piedmont region (please Wiki Piedmont US), but also to its demographic/economic profile. A portion of the city and county is dominated by university ~hospital ~scientific ~law & government related communities peppered with an inordinate amount of new comer retirees and some residents of Extreme,Extreme wealth( There is of course a good deal of disenfranchised city and rural dwellers and many of us who just get by. What you end-up with is a community of many diverse people who actively live side-by-side in complete oblivion to one another on a daily basis.
    Hope this explains a bit more about Charlottesville/Albemarle, to any interested outsiders.

  10. cvilleconcerned says:

    One more comment from me.
    Just from personal observation, I don’t know why, if you were waiting for a ride/pick-up, you would even think of leaving the U-Hall~JPJ area? There are lots of people, bright lights and easy egresses for vehicles.
    Plenty of students walk in that area on non-concert nights. Yes I agree with previous posters that going towards Ivy Rd, day or night is not necessarily convenient, however there is a University Bus that stops in the Copley/Ivy rd area and they run quite late at night. That would be the only reason to walk towards that direction in heels.

    Have the bus drivers been interviewed from that evening? Has/had her picture been placed in them? I have a sneaking suspicion there is a witness ( although maybe not corroborated) that puts Morgan in a vehicle that they must have had a compelling reason to believe?

  11. cvilleconcerned says:

    Here’s our University Transit System link for you curious map readers.
    Even I didn’t realize one of the buses goes right past U-hall and the Cage.Always learning!

  12. cvilleconcerned says:

    We do not have any aggressive reporting in Charlottesville. If it were not for the Hook (our free community paper), we would not have had any detailed reports about Morgan; or any other topical concerns in the region.Who can say if the UTS(University Transit System)drivers were interviewed? Those buses are operated by the University of Virginia and are often driven by students. Once again, this would have involved the UVA exclusively…I do not know what kind of overriding jurisdiction the State Police would have against a State institution?? No one is saying.

  13. J2K says:

    Ross, MsL – thanks for the info. My map-reading skills = fail.

  14. susanm says:

    j2k,the problem i have with this being amongst friends,is that it seems theories are suggesting that amongst friends she pershished,either due to a substance ingestion or accident(injury),and that the friends are covering it up,scared to incriminate me that is the most hard to believe of all the theories(even harder than jealous girlfriends)where is the 911 call ? usually people are in distress before they die and the people around freak out and call 911,if their sick ,that sick call parents,if your so self concerned with getting caught high yourself(which i find highly unlikely,amongst friends,even drug party aguaintances have a humane code of honor,some even take the rap for each other)you cowardly run/leave,and obviously its ruled od ,or accidental injury due to accident during intoxication.once again as casey anthony,this is too long and too people to drag out an accident,and scared to tell, hurting other people along the way,there are no signs of the way people typically react in accident situation.

  15. Veracity says:

    Blink- I don’t know if this is where I should post this. In my mind, it is part of the FACT-FICTION problems with Morgan’s case. I hope you will allow it, and investigate it and help to sift to clear the way for this case to advanced.

    CONTACT INFORMATION for any investigation is KEY to HOW and even IF TIPS/LEADS occur right?

    Others and I have mentioned how odd it was for UVA to LEAD a missing person case for a moment. There remains an outstanding question as to IF UVA POLICE are CO-LEADING the Harrington case at this time. There is also the question if they did hand the case off, when this occured and to whom and where they handed it? On the UVA POLICE website there is a link to a MISSING PERSON FLYER for Morgan Harrington. That was the initial flyer. It contains only one CONTACT NUMBER – UVA Campus Police – 434-924-7166. It has never been updated. This number was also provided during the initial press conference. It along with UVA police email were the only peeps we heard from Lt. Fielding the PATROL LIEUTENANT with UVA CAMPUS POLICE or any UVA representative, aside from the Athletic department efforts involving their b-ball players.

    Lt Rader initially provided HIS number 434-352-3435 during the same news conference. Made me sick when he stated, he “checks the number throughout the day”. He gave out a number for a missing person case which was not manned 24/7! He expected people to call and leave messages! Amazing. (think about what sort of lack of urgency that single statement conveyed to the community at large!)
    Point 1 – his office is located in Appomattox, three counties away. THERE WAS NEVER A TASK FORCE WITH A CENTRAL COMMAND POST SET UP in the IMMEDIATE AREA OF HER DISAPPEARANCE was there? Even though the VSP has an office in Charlottesville.
    Point 2- media actually received a DIFFERENT NUMBER on the press release that day than Lt Rader’s didn’t they? The number they received was 434-352-3457. This number to the best of my knowledge belongs to a Capt. Whitehurst also out of Appomattox whose areas include FRAUD and GANGS. Of note his work with fraud has a TOLL FREE NUMBER (even though there are zoned officers in each region working on the FRAUD TASK FORCE for the state). There was never a state VSP manned toll free number for Morgan. The two numbers provided were both for VSP Region 3. Morgan’s residences and her movements that night included Regions 2 and 6 didn’t they? Yet there was never any contact information specific for those field offices were there? Why? For folks in those areas the call would have been long distance, right? Is that best practices? I think not. I am now wondering what the Virginia State Police missing person policies and plan are in addition to what UVA does with found purses and notification by a loved one someone who was recently on their property is now missing.
    Point 3- During the last week of October it was either Lt. Rader or Corrine Geller who stood and explained there was a NEW NUMBER for a “TASK FORCE” working to find Morgan. They listed a variety of regional law enforcement agencies who helped with a specific search grid effort but never identified any specific officers within any departments,did they? They did give a NEW number (804) 263-5547 for this “task force” right? Anyone with tips was to use that number! This number actually belongs to the VSP public relations office, doesn’t it? I hoped it had been reassigned and the VSP site would reflect this but as late as today, still shows as Corrine Geller’s contact number, NOT a NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH MORGAN’s CASE even on their own missing person link for Morgan or anywhere else on their site! Ms. Geller’s number is in REGION 1. This was the region where UVA’s hired third party JPJ security and one of the bands had ties, but it was even further away from the actual Harrington case location wasn’t it? And it remained a NON TOLL FREE NUMBER.
    Point 4- The VSP updated their flyer (bulletin) on their website (pursuant to fed. Statute 42 U.S.C. § 5779) and when they did this they included the 1-800-843-5678 number. It belongs to the Center for Missing Children. At the very bottom is their 434-352-3457 number. There is no location or officer specifics though. In fact there has never been a location within Charlottesville or anywhere else in the state for anyone who had a tip to meet with someone. I find that very odd. They have not updated the information to include the CRIMESTOPPER NUMBER 434-977-4000, the reward, or their NEW “task” force number (804-263-5547). All important information isn’t it? Just a few days ago I contacted The Richmond Times Dispatch who ran an article that was written by Strong, the crime reporter for the Daily Progress (the irony of the NAME of that paper and their apathy continues to astound me!), this reporter sent off an article WITHOUT THE CRIMESTOPPER INFORMATION, WITHOUT THE 800 CENTER FOR MISSING PERSON NUMBER, and WITHOUT THE NUMBER THE VSP published and is maintaining on their own site – 434-352-3457, instead he USED CORRINE Geller’s number, 804-263-5547.
    Point 5- If you go the State of Virginia website you will find two links involving Missing persons. Amber Alert – if you click you will find there are no active cases at this time and Silver – if you click there are no active cases either. You will NOT FIND ANYTHING ABOUT MORGAN on the state site. If you go the VSP site, you have to click on the missing CHILDREN link to get her information to show. Anyone see a disconnect here? I hope Virginians, especially those in the legislature, are really paying attention! This needs to be fixed ASAP.
    I am very curious how and who was and is responsible for making sure tips/leads are properly received and handled. I took part in a case several years ago where state officials tested the contact information grid and found deficiencies and the system in that state changed for the better. This was not rocket science.

    There should have been a very specific playbook. This was a multi-jurisdictional case from day one- as any campus disappearance usually is. It required a TOLL FREE number and it required a COMMAND CENTER in Charlottesville, didn’t it? Maybe Blink you could figure out the confusion that continues to circle the contact numbers for Morgan’s case?

    Veracity- I cant disagree that this is at issue. For anyone to say that does not present a perception of disorganization, well, I would find such a remark disingenuous.

    Who is in charge of this investigation, what is the status, and what are the updates? This needs to be addressed yesterday.

    Observer- are you able to weigh in on this?


  16. J2K says:

    susanm (re: #164) Just wanted to let you know I replied to this comment (at length) on the “Separating Fact/Fiction II” thread (#501), but again, I think you raise some solid, valid points in your comment about flaws in the accident-coverup theory; however, I’m still led to believe she disappeared amongst friends.

    B, Veracity (re: #165) Wow. To see a catalogue of all of the seemingly dropped balls in regard to public outreach and garnering tips in an organized way is simply remarkable.
    That said, what if LE knew soon after beginning the investigation that they were no longer dealing with a missing person case, but, rather, a recovery mission, and they quickly zeroed in on a small circle of POIs likely involved, working to build a case and find her remains? That would negate the need to continue operating (or start, for that matter) an expensive, resource-draining state-wide effort, imo.

  17. cvilleconcerned says:

    No outsider of LE has privileged information as to how the Virginia State Police work or as to their jurisdiction over other LE entities within the state. There is the added politics of the University of Virginia being the jewel in the crown of Virginia’s public institutions and is partially funded by the State of Virginia. Their police and transportation systems act independently and in cooperation with both the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle Counties. UVA is probably the largest employer in Albemarle County.
    Your guess is as good as ours as to who is really in charge!

  18. sue says:

    Hi J2K,

    I tend to believe that scenario number two is likely. I believe they have some physical evidence.

  19. J2K says:

    Greetings, sue – and, first, I must thank you for your kind remark (Nov. 26) on the most recent thread (FBII). I extend the same sentiment to you. I’ve never participated in a forum like this before, mainly because the median IQ level of many commenters hovers between sad and offensive. But I’m continuously inspired and heartened by the lofty level of intellect, compassion and conversation that takes place here throughout each and every day, of which you contribute to significantly.

    As far as your comment (#168), what scenario are you referencing? And are you under the belief they have physical evidence because you know for sure or you know in your gut?

  20. Momof3 says:

    Thank you for posting your concerns and for all the in depth research you have put into Morgan’s case.

    I am appalled by this information. If this is a simple case of disorganization, perhaps it is time for LE to bring in the FBI. It is my understanding that they need to be asked, in order to go forward.

    I am disheartened by the lack of a toll free number and no 24/7 call-center. Many people do not want to get involved in the first place, and have to “talk” themselves into making a call. I hope a potential witness did not just give up trying to call because of the problems you brought up Veracity.

  21. cvilleconcerned says:

    To all part I, participants:
    I am copying an interesting comment from part II; comment 509. A reader found a missing person story from Lynchburg VA and again we are up against poor news reporting.

    509. Comment by Debbie Mitchell — November 27, 2009 @ 6:34 pm
    This bothers me too. This woman – 23 years old – is missing from Lynchburg VA too. Lynchburg is kind of between Charlottesvill and Roanoke .
    Probably not related but theres the precious kids from VT killed, Cassandra Morton, 23 in Lynchburg on Oct 10 (last seen) and then Morgan on Oct 17 in Charlottesville.
    My respose:
    AGREED Debbie!
    This is another case of the atrocious quality of news reporting in our region!! Lynchburg is only 45 minutes south of Albemarle County; a straight drive down on rt 29.The worst part is all this regional news is owned/produced by “Media General”…surely they can do better by the citizens of Virginia.
    I posted this comment earlier on Part I.
    Comment by cvilleconcerned — November 27, 2009 @ 11:37 am
    We do not have any aggressive reporting in Charlottesville. If it were not for the Hook (our free community paper), we would not have had any detailed reports about Morgan; or any other topical concerns in the region.Who can say if the UTS(University Transit System)drivers were interviewed? Those buses are operated by the University of Virginia and are often driven by students. Once again, this would have involved the UVA exclusively…I do not know what kind of overriding jurisdiction the State Police would have against a State institution?? No one is saying.

  22. cvilleconcerned says:

    N.B. The missing Lynchburg girl went missing on the Saturday previous to Morgan and around that same time frame 9:300-10:00pm

  23. Georgie says:

    Is it at all possible that they have already recovered her remains, and are trying to piece the whole thing together, maybe waiting for DNA results? I don’t know if they can hide that information from the public or not, but I imagine the family would have been told. It might explain the complete silence from LE and the Harrington’s.

    No Georgie, that sort of info would not be witheld.

  24. sue says:

    Hi J2K and everyone,

    sorry for that vague post # (168). I was actually replying to your post,# (166) above. I am in agreement that LE most likely has a POI and has had one from very early on in the case.

    I believe LE has some very specific actual physical evidence that is being withheld from the public.I tend to think that they may have found the actual necklace that Morgan was wearing that night, among other things.

    While I don’t necessarily think that the Childs Metzler case is connected to Morgan, I think it’s highly coincidental that LE releases the van color information on November 17th, exactly one month from Morgan’s disappearance. In that case, the public has been told that LE is purposely withholding information in order to protect the integrity of the state’s future case.

    I can’t really see how these two cases could be connected. The only connection that I can make based on what we know is that the Childs Metzler killer may have been or posed as a police officer. I also believe if Morgan got into a car that night, it was with someone that she trusted. Could she have gotten into a car with someone dressed as an officer or an EMT?

    While I’ve pondered this, my common sense always pulls me back to Morgan meeting her fate that night at the hand of whoever drew her out of that arena and across that bridge. Either someone that she knew or someone with whom she ‘interacted’ that night that cruelly decided to take advantage of her vulnerability .

    I know nothing for sure, just my educated guesses and opinions. I am the mother of such a beautiful girl, and as such I am deeply pained to witness this tragedy.

    I am in complete agreement with you. I have not seen a shred of information or evidence to move me off my dime from my first thoughts in this case. The only thing I will say, is that members of my team are just as correct to form their opinion that Morgan was never at that concert based on LE’s own statements that they cannot reproduce a discernible image of Morgan from the JPJ or elsewhere and their in a jam to prove a case without a confession or recovery. My theory functions on my belief was there.

  25. sue says:

    Well. if she didn’t attend the concert that night, then LE knows it. If she never made it there, then the friends know what happened and someone in their circle would have to have planted the purse.

    All of the eyewitness accounts would have to be wrong. The whole car business is very weird, I agree, but what is the likelihood that all of this happened and two or three college girls are slick and savvy enough to get their stories perfectly straight and successfully lie to LE from the get go?

    Nah, I’m just not buying that.

    ‘Xactly. My number one reason above all others is that UVA would be screaming from the rooftops that she was never there if that were the slightest possibility.

  26. sue says:

    On the other hand, the business about the car and Morgan’s being reported missing by her father are very strange.

    Something about this set of circumstances is very off for me. I’ve said this before and nobody answered me, but I’ll try again.

    Morgan called and probably got a ride that night with someone that she probably knew and trusted. Does anyone think it’s possible that she called a member of her family?

    Blink, feel free to smack me.

    I think it is a fair question, but no, I do not think anyone from her family was called.

  27. lizzy says:

    I’m probably repeating myself, but the arena ticket attendants and the basketball players are really key in determining whether she was there or not, aren’t they? While they would have to make the ID from pictures, family videos, voice, clothing, and perhaps her self-introduction, it seems that with a group of them, it should be pretty definitive.

    It would take quite a conspiracy for another blonde in black to be wearing a close-enough outfit for them to be mistaken, and for Morgan not to have been there.

  28. Ross says:

    lizzy (177) having been to Metallica concerts since the late 80′s, I am surprised the venue outfit de rigueur wasn’t an outfit such as Morgan was wearing, and that the arena wasn’t over run with blondes wearing such.

  29. lizzy says:

    I’m sure there were plenty of similar outfits on blondes. But I would think, in a direct face-to-face conversation, the Pantera t-shirt and that necklace would be remembered by some. Unless it was too dark to notice. That’s why I only consider the bb players and the attendants she argued with as relevant. But that’s why I consider the rest of the sightings not substantial.

    But, I admit that I’ve never been to a Metallica concert. Would there really be lots of Pantera t-shirts there?

  30. J2K says:

    sue (re: #176) It’s the whole “got a ride home” aspect that bugs me. It would have been senseless, imo, to leave before her friends – even if she was stuck on the outside of the show with a sore face. ‘Twas quite a ways from her nearest “home,” whether it was Hburg, Bburg, or Roanoke. Skyler notes the concert ended around 11 pm. MH’s giving up a lot if she leaves her car, her belongings therein, and whatever else she did not have on her person to avoid waiting an hour or so for her friends to depart JPJ. Plus, if her dad didn’t think she took her car to the concert (perhaps b/c she told him she wasn’t planning to/told him she wasn’t going to), then leaving her car with her friends with dubious plans to “get a ride home” and a noon appt w/ dad an hour or so from Hburg the nexy dayis even more nonsensical and risky.

    And here’s something else (that may be just as meaningless but is sort of striking if you’re a woman, as I am). MH looks like a natural beauty, but she clearly has worn heavy eye makeup for years, and her mom noted in a newspaper interview how she’d always flip down her car’s visor before taking off from her parents’ house to make sure her lipstick or whatever was perfect. If reports that she hit her face and was seen crying are accurate, I’d think that once outside the arena, perhaps regaining her composure, she’d want to remake or adjust her tear-stained or otherwise deteriorating look. It sounds trite – and, yes, it is plumbing deep into the minutia – but if she had nothing but her wallet and phone on her, and was meeting someone or going to head back to another city, maybe it’s just me, but I’d want my makeup kit or other personal effects. I just believe, all things considered, that it’s a load of crap she was ever planning to be more than 10 or 15 minutes away from the JPJ and her car while her friends made it through the end of the show.

    So, if that’s true, why would her friends say MH was “going to find a ride” away from Cville … like that makes a lick of sense? Sure, there could be sound reasons we’re just not privy to, but none could make as much sense of sticking around for a few hours. Or, if she felt she just wanted to “go home” suddenly, it sounds like the Harrington family has close friends in Cville (they spent Thanksgiving there, “continuing a family tradition,” according to a recent Hook story). It was 9 p.m. on a Saturday night – early enough to impose on family friends if she just wanted to lay down/or early enough to create new plans for the night once the concert plans were suddenly aborted. I just think the worst and last call she’d make when faced with just 2 hours alone (if that was the case) would be to solicit someone to drive her, sans personal effects and keys, to a relatively far-away city located up or down what has been described as a windy, dangerous highway (81).

  31. Observer says:

    B: There are numerous and varied concerns–along with some excellent observations–raised in Veracity’s #165 post. The primary focus of concern is on the management, communication, and exchange/flow of information from LE during MP cases. Given his/her demonstrated passion for effecting remediation in these areas, the issues are perhaps most appropriately addressed by Veracity’s direct contact with VSP and/or UVAPD to discuss these concerns.

    To your questions, B, re: “Who is in charge of this investigation, what is the status, and what are the updates?”

    VSP is in charge of this investigation.

    I am not in a position to comment on the status of the investigation, nor any related updates. I again defer to VSP.

  32. localcvillegirl says:

    Morning everyone. I’m there with J2K that either Morgan was completely confused when talking to her friends in that fateful phone call, or SHE DID NOT TELL THEM SHE WOULD FIND A RIDE HOME. It doesn’t matter if “home” was Harrisonburg, Roanoke, or Blacksburg…one does not just “find” a ride to any of those towns from Charlottesville. Unless she knew absulutely that someone else was leaving at that time, or had made earlier arrangements for the ride. Or she was calling the place of the pre-party “home”, as maybe it was already familiar to her. It’s a long car ride even to Harrisonburg on a long stretch of highway…a definate hangover inducer.

    And the thing about the makeup may sound silly, but I also think its important. Morgan is unique, even among her friends (looked through some of her college group pics with friends…she’s very made up, dressed up, etc., while they are in t-shirts and seem more “carefree”)…she is by all acounts a beautiful young woman and I bet would not want to be far from her make-up bag. They had had possible plans to stay in a hotel, hadn’t they? So her stuff would have still been in the car…or at the “home” of the pre-party.

    A random thought…but the purse having been found in the Cage lot, or even the RV lot, has not set off any alarms for me. It could have been left by Morgan anywhere through out the parking lot, picked up and gone through by someone looking for cash or whatever, then just dumped away from the crowds. I don’t think it was necessarily where she was abducted. Make sense?

  33. NYMom says:


    Yes, similar height and weight on both women–in either/both cases, I’d be looking for a large man (tall and muscular), a little older than both (so a man, not a “boy”.)

  34. J2K says:

    localcvillegirl (re: #182) Yes, the potential irrelevance of the lot the purse was found does indeed make sense. To flesh your thought out a bit, if a Bad Samaritan picked up a purse and rifled it, taking anything of value and then discarding it in or near the RV lot, it could have been initially found at anytime anywhere within the vicinity of JPJ prior to being found again and turned into security on Sunday morning. If that was the case, however, it’d still stand to reason that her bag was dropped/tossed/abandoned somewhere near JPJ the night before.

    But then there’s her phone. I don’t think a cell battery has a lot of “street value”…

  35. localcvillegirl says:

    J2K…about the purse and phone: if it was found, gone through, and tossed, maybe the “Bad Samaritans” (obnoxious concert-going teens) were thinking they’d f with the phone and toss the battery. The battery would be like a needle in a haystack in the weeds and trash along the railroad tracks. And right, it could have been gone through and tossed anytime that night. I wouldn’t count on the tosser to call the tip-line. This is all just speculation, of course, but I’ve lost my bag and had it found later with ramdom things missing. I’ve also had one stolen for good, and one gone through with only my wallet stolen. It happens, and I’m more careful now.

  36. Dakota says:

    I am unable to confirm this online but I was told there was some scanner traffic of a body recovery in Campbell County VA . Female , shallow grave is all that I now . From the Map this would be approx 65 miles southwest of Charlottesville.

    Close to the Blacksburg area also .

  37. Dakota says:

    info .info .

    Bad link Dakota, what was your info please.

  38. Dakota says:

    Campbell County Police Investigating Body Found on Chandlers Mountain
    Posted: Nov 30, 2009 11:06 AM EST
    Updated: Nov 30, 2009 11:54 AM EST
    Campbell County police are investigating a body that was found in a shallow grave off Camp Hideaway Road on Liberty Mountain Sunday evening.

    Investigators were called out to the area after a neighbor found clothing and suspicious articles.

    Police say at this point it’s not clear if the remains are male or female. The body is badly decomposed and has been in the area for at least six to eight weeks.

    Sheriff Terry Gaddy of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office says, “Definitely a suspicious death and we will be working it as a suspicious death. From the clothing that we found too, it may suggest that it might be a younger female.”

    The remains will now go to the Medical Examiner’s office for a positive identification.

    Gaddy says Campbell County does not have a missing person’s report that would be consistent with the remains.

    A high profile case that comes to mind is the disappearance of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. Gaddy says the clothing found at the scene is inconsistent with what Harrington was wearing the night she disappeared.

  39. J2K says:

    Here’s an article if you haven’t seen it yet. Woman, foul play, been there at least a month… gulp.

  40. J2K says:

    A few more details:

    Sheriff Terry Gaddy of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office says, “Definitely a suspicious death and we will be working it as a suspicious death. From the clothing that we found too, it may suggest that it might be a younger female.”

    The remains will now go to the Medical Examiner’s office for a positive identification.

    Gaddy says Campbell County does not have a missing person’s report that would be consistent with the remains.

    A high profile case that comes to mind is the disappearance of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. Gaddy says the clothing found at the scene is inconsistent with what Harrington was wearing the night she disappeared.

    How absolutely horrifying for MH’s family and friends to have to anxiously tune in whenever a body is discovered in Virginia.

  41. J2K says:

    Here is the 23-year-old missing from the Lynchburg area:

  42. Susan says:

    Probably not connected AT ALL, but Cassandra Ann Morton and Morgan Harrington were almost the exact same size. Different colors, much different features, hair, etc but both about 5’6 and 125 lbs. I know serial perps don’t typically stray across races, but the world is evolving . . . and so evolve the perps. People are complex.

  43. mary too says:

    Just a couple of questions: After 6-8 weeks could ID still be made by dental records? If so, what is taking so long? Presumably the family of Cassandra Morton had to provide her dental records to the state also. Was Cassandra a Lynchburg College student or not? I am not convinced.

  44. lizzy says:

    Lynchburg College “student” was found to be not really missing yesterday.

    Sounds like she quit school and didn’t tell her mom; that happens fairly often, and until she could be confirmed as missing was probably why her name wasn’t released.

    I’ll bite, than who is the other missing woman in Lynchburg the sheriff is referring to?
    They have to a NCIC profile to compare it to.

  45. Susan says:
    The remains have been identified as Cassandra Morton. RIP Miss Morton.

  46. peapod says:

    I refuse to believe that:
    1) Morgan’s friends aren’t cooperating fully with LE 2) there were no pictures taken that evening by Morgan and/or her friends 3)unless MH’s friends already knew Morgan’s itinerary that evening, that when she called (or they called her), the friends wouldn’t have asked “what the heck, why are you out the there?” 4) if LE had any viable leads that they wouldn’t have already gotten a search warrant in order to (hopefully) rescue Morgan or, if suspect was unnamed, wouldn’t have released a description 5) that many of the “witness reports” are all actually Morgan. Since I have started paying attention I have seen so many young women who look (at least from a short distance) just like Morgan.

  47. Susan too says:

    One of these must be at play for the perp:
    1. Dumb luck
    2. Criminal brilliance
    3. Friends in high places
    Which fits best??

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