Morgan Harrington Murder: Picture of Morgans Boot Released

Posted by BOC Staff | Alex Harrington,Anchorage Farm,Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Morgan Harrington | Thursday 1 April 2010 1:01 pm

Charlottesville, VA– Morgan Harringtons killers have not been apprehended.

Morgan was brutally slain, presumably, the evening of October 17th, 2009 after she went missing from the John Paul Jones Arena, located on the grounds of The University of Virginia. Her remains were recovered on January 26th, 2010 on the grounds of Anchorage Farm in Charlottesville, VA. 

There have been countless witness accounts and reported sightings of Morgan since she vanished from JPJ, most of which, have been prefaced by stating “ or a person matching Morgan’s description”, so we are truly left to sift through what is accurate, and what is a well intentioned bystander.

One of the most conflicting item descriptions, is that of the boots she was wearing that fateful evening.

Below is a picture of the boot Morgan was wearing the evening of October 17, 2009, as confirmed by Morgan’s Mother Gil Harrington, to be “spot on”.

MorgBoot Boc


As you can see, it has no laces, and a cuff of approximately 3” that can be worn EITHER at the knee, or above, as reported by the witness who believes she saw Morgan walking away from JPJ with 4 men young men dressed in black, and again in the lot adjacent to Uhall.

Additionally confirmed to, Morgan was wearing “footless” tights or leggings, which would require additional socks.

Morgan was known for the very distinctive socks she wore under these boots.

There is currently a $150,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction for anyone responsible for the death of Morgan Harrington. 

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  1. lizzy says:

    Have you all noticed that BOC has been ad-free for a while? Or is it something that I’ve adjusted in my settings, lol?

    Blink, I hope Monday is finding you feeling a little better.

  2. SadieBlue says:

    To: Word Girl says: April 10, 2010 at 2:04 am

    Hi, I hope you read this post, not sure if you will go back to this thread or the new one. But I wanted to thank you for answering my question on the self-defense techniques!

  3. cvillenative says:

    suz says:
    April 11, 2010 at 11:15 pm
    “Word Girl, I will work on the sequel to the first book—cleaning tips for busy sleuths: Blink on Grime!”


    And don’t forget the Blink edition for pre-schoolers: Blink on Rhyme. ;)

  4. sweetpea says:

    8:01 April 11,2010

    It was not my intent to have Blink edit our posts.

    I have another site that I follow (not connected to crimes) it contains an edit tab that will bring up only your own posts, which enables you can make ongoing edits.

    No problem, I can’t edit about 90% of the time because of volume, and generally speaking your referring to a forum format I believe.

  5. sweetpea says:

    Mom3.0 and Josie –

    Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone on here appears so intelligent. I must admit it is somewhat intimidating.

    Josie- Due to the location, I too believe it is someone local, what I meant was; not necessarily local to that little community. Yes, you are right Mr. Bass did say he only allowed 4 person access, I just wonder if any of those ever brought along friends.

    Also, could be a past employee. Cattle ranches these days really don’t use horses anymore(sometimes when the ranchers have togethers or brandings). Point being that Mr. Bass or a neighbor may not take notice of an ATV at night or in the middle of the day for that matter. It is pretty common to have ATV’s running around large parcels of land.

  6. Josie says:

    Suz, I agree with you about trespassors. The way AF is surrounded by other properties, I think someone could trespass there easily w/o anyone knowing. Especially, if they entered off RH Road, from what I can gather from looking at TD’s maps. I don’t necessarily think Morgan’s killer entered there, but just saying it might be a good way in for someone who didn’t have permission. It wouldn’t even have to be a hunter. Others who heard an ATV, etc., would probably not pay attention because of hunters during the season. Does that make any sense at all?

    MinniePenney, your post about the tracking dogs and the story the PO told you was interesting. It reminded me of a show on ID about a man who murdered his wife. He had killed her in their bedroom and carried her body to the shower and left her there until the middle of the night. Then wrapped the body and put her in the trunk of his car. Then took her and dumped her in a lake or pond. Her body was discovered by a fisherman. So, when her husband became a suspect, officers took a cadaver dog and the dog immediately went to his car and sniffed the trunk. There was no blood or traces of her there. When they took the dog inside the house, it went directly to the bed, then to the shower. No blood was visible. He had tried to clean all traces, but a forensics investigator took the drain cover off and they were able to get blood samples and dna. Now, since she lived there it was normal that her dna would be in the drain. But since it was a cadaver dog, they knew that she was in the shower after she had been killed. Remarkable, huh?

  7. Josie says:

    Hi Sweetpea,

    Josie- Due to the location, I too believe it is someone local, what I meant was; not necessarily local to that little community. Yes, you are right Mr. Bass did say he only allowed 4 person access, I just wonder if any of those ever brought along friends.

    Yeah, I see what you mean and that’s a very good question. Most hunters do usually have someone along, which is a good idea for safety and also to help out. Good thought.

  8. fish says:

    searcher: thanks for the infomation. just double checking I had the right Comfort Inn. But I wonder if they found any article that belonged to Morgan there or they just came up empty-handed. I know that they would not tell any of us as they didn’t tell us about the shirt.
    I’m going to newer thread, fwiw.

  9. bluewillow says:

    O.T., here is an interesting article about Google Earth being used to solve a crime

  10. Minnie says:

    This case was on Nancy Grace show for a while in case anyone recognizes it:

    I bring it up over here because they have not even found the body. They think it is in the swamps near Myrtle Beach and Georgetown where there are rattlesnakes and moccasins.

    Anyway, after a year an arrest in the missing teen case, they are close to making an arrest. They have been watching 3 guys for a while.

    Her name is Brittanee Drexal in case anyone remembers on Nancy G.
    Maybe we better send the South Carolina police up to Virginia.
    It is so sad because her mother and aunt are still hoping she is alive.

    Oh and they didnt even find any clothing are anything. They do however need one more little piece.

  11. Gifter3 says:

    Dear Blink,
    I hope you will permit me to submit my thoughts and observations from my trip to Charlottesville this week-end….even though it is long.
    I will submit in two parts. If you prefer to hold until tomorrow…due to your breaking story, I understand.

    The drive from North Carolina to Charlottesville is so beautiful in the Spring! The “wild” red bud and dogwood trees that grow along the interstate are gorgeous. Everything is in bloom, so alive and green. This area is so “hilly”-not just mountainous. Although I grew up in Northern Virginia, and visit frequently, I am reminded again and again of the beauty of my home state. I am enjoying this beautiful
    sunshiny day! My thoughts and reason for this journey immediately return to Morgan. I’ve made this trip numerous times before, but never for this reason.

    As I near Charlottesville, I see the exit signs for Boyd Tavern, Pantops, and UVA. Flashbacks of all these names, and the avenues we have explored, in trying to find Morgan’s killers, and bring justice for our sweet, shiny girl, sweep over me. Anxiety begins to creep in.

    Over the next few days, my journey will take me to Washington Park for the “Take Back the Night” event, to JPJ, U-Hall/ Lannigan Field, Copeley Bridge, Crozet and finally to Anchorage Farm. I want to support Dr. Harrington and Morgan’s cause. I want to spend some time at the bridge, where our beautiful shiny girl is honored. I want to personally deliver my rock for Morgan. I want to re-trace Morgan’s steps and see with my own eyes exactly what Morgan was up against that dreary, cold night. I want to drive to Anchorage Farm, and see where our girl ended up. I want to talk to every single person that I come into contact with, and find out…What happened to Morgan?

    Despite the rain, there is a great turnout Thursday night for the “Take Back The Night” at UVA.
    I have the honor and pleasure of meeting Dr. Harrington, some family friends, Gil’s brother, and several faithful warriors. The UVA students and the various groups do a great job in getting their message out…to STOP “sexual violence” against women and men! Dr. Harrington gives a beautiful tribute to Morgan, and he also reads one of Gil’s poems. The pain in his voice is still so fresh. The tears come, and there isn’t a dry eye in the room! Here is this kind, loving father, in the midst of his own personal tragedy and tremendous grief, speaking out for the safety of all women! He will drive 2 hrs back to Roanoke tonight…in the rain. Sunday, he will face the Westboro group. He wouldn’t have it any other way. This is for Morgan. I now fully understand why we truly love this family.

    Dr. Harrington asks me to deliver a “Take Back the Night” t-shirt when I visit the bridge. I wait for the crowd to thin, so that I can say my good-byes, and hug him one last time. I want to assure him that Morgan’s life mattered to all of us, and that we will never give up seeking justice for her. He reminds me again, that our support, the communities support, is what gets them through this nightmare. We can’t let him down!

    On Friday, I head to the campus. Another beautiful day. Everyone is out and about. As I turn from Emmett onto Massie, I see the signs for a “Home Show” at the JPJ arena. The arena is directly on my right, as I turn the corner. I have seen these aerial shots numerous times. I have also looked at the pictures taken by our locals. I have viewed the maps, but I certainly must not have looked well enough. Nothing prepares me for the close proximity of JPJ, the U-hall parking lot/Lannigan field and the Copeley bridge! They are all contained in a much smaller area than I ever envisioned!! I am totally shocked! It sure doesn’t look like adequate parking for a concert or sports event to me! I feel like I could have looked out the front door of JPJ, and seen Morgan!! If there was an argument in either of these parking lots, it would be easy to overhear. Late arrivers could have easily spotted a blond crossing the street with 4 BIB! It would be easy to see someone walking on the bridge. I realize this is an arena on a college campus and not RFK stadium, but believe me when I say…it’s all right there! Where is security? Where are the police? Where are the parking attendants? Where are the vendors? Where are these limo drivers and taxi drivers? How could there be this many people, in such a small area, and no one helped Morgan?? Either she was forcibly abducted where her purse was found, or she voluntarily got into a car and the purse was returned later. No way Morgan was stumbling around impaired, and just accidentally dropped her purse. No way she hitch hiked on that bridge-especially without her purse. The sidewalk is only on the left hand side of the road-heading towards Ivy. I can not get past the fact that Morgan’s car was parked right there, yet she didn’t have access to it. I can not get past the fact that her friends did not come out to help her in some way!! I can not get past the fact that JPJ did nothing to assist her!!

    I follow Copely Rd. around the back side of JPJ. There is a Childcare Center, and a wooded area. I can see the Taco Bell from the rear. I circle JPJ again, and turn left on Copeley and cross the bridge. I can see the flowers, a cross, Morgan’s signs,the mementos. I get to Ivy, turn around and come back over Morgan’s bridge. U-hall parking lot is just at the foot of the bridge on the right. I park my car, and walk up the bridge. Morgan’s uncle is there. There are walkers and joggers.

    Part 1

  12. Gifter3 says:

    I add the “Take Back the Night” T-shirt to Morgan’s wall. Dr. H. has asked me to remove any shirts that look too worn, but they are all ok. The crosses, flowers,angels, purple balloons, teddy bear, T-shirts, CD’s, posters, buttons, personal notes, tibetan flags, and rocks are all a beautiful tribute to Morgan. I have videoed this whole trip on my new Flip recorder, so that I can show you updated photos, however….. everything came out minuscule!! I am saddened at how few rocks there are, but I know there are more rocks on the way! I have chosen a beautiful blue quartz rock from my collection. It reminds me of Morgan’s beautiful blue eyes. I leave it inside a turquoise lantern full of tiny colored pebbles, and 2 bible verses. I spend some time looking at all of the beautiful mementos, and feeling all the love poured into this tribute for Morgan and her family. There are rocks of every shape and size, plain rocks, and painted rocks. There is a large purple one that says “Morgan Rocks”,another with the outline of Morgan’s face- beautiful! A gorgeous swan is painted on one. The BOC rock with the angel’s wings! There is a small container with multiple rocks, from a group of supporters at FindMorgan. There are tiny pebbles, multiple 2-4-1 rocks, a cool rock with fossils all over it. One rock is painted as a lady bug, another, a peace sign. There is a large rock with a whole families individual names. So many loving gestures! I personally think, we should load a dump truck full of rocks, and continue to dump them on the grass nearest the bridge, until Morgan’s killer is caught or the pile reaches the heavens. Whichever comes first!

    I talk to every person I encounter about Morgan-from the cleaning ladies at my hotel to the shoppers at Harris Teeter in Crozet. I want to know what the locals think. Some are hesitant to speculate, most want to talk, and everyone knows who Morgan is. Many express concern that there is a cover up, that people are being protected. Most are alarmed that LE has not warned the community. A mother shares that her daughter has been accepted to UVA, but she will not attend. A local says they all partied and spent the night at the Cavalier Inn. Several of the names we have all heard, are floated in the conversations. There is talk of failed polygraphs. This is all speculation, but I know in my heart that something is terribly, terribly wrong! Who committed this brutal murder? Who ended this beautiful life? Why are they holding onto this ugly secret? Morgan didn’t just vanish! No one will rest until these killers are caught!

    I end my trip with a drive to Anchorage Farm. Again, I have not paid close attention to where exactly this place is located. I find that the entrance is right on RT29!! Wow! This is a major 4 lane highway! I have in my mind that it is tucked away-off a country road. I actually miss it the first time by. The sign is small. I pull right into the driveway, and the gate is open. I have often contemplated whether or not the killers had the nerve to drive straight up the road. It’s a long driveway. After seeing it, I don’t believe they would have. Even at dark, you would see the head lights from afar. I can’t imagine navigating it without them. I also change “my” mind, and have to back out onto RT29!

    I turn right onto Red Hill Rd. It is so beautiful out here-quiet and serene, but it is still haunting to me! There are no cars on this road. The first gate has a weathered, yellow, paper sign-no trespassing/ no hunting. The gate is rusty and old. You can see the open field.The second gate is secured with just a small padlock, and chain…like for a bike or locker. No sign, but the gate look much newer. Once behind this gate, there would be plenty of privacy. I drive through Blandemar-all these gorgeous million dollar homes, sitting on tons of acreage. It’s too quiet for me. No signs of life-no people, no dogs, no sound. No way these killers randomly left Morgan here. No way they stumbled upon this location. Someone out here knows what happened!!

    As I leave Anchorage Farm to head back to N.C., I say a prayer for Morgan. I pray that justice does come soon. It’s hard for me to truly imagine that her beautiful life was taken, and that this is where she ended up that dreary night in October. I have to believe that God, in His mercy, spared Morgan from pain, and lifted her beautiful soul into the heavens.

    I have found some clarity and peace throughout my trip to Charlottesville. There are still so many unanswered questions.
    My heart aches even more for the Harrington’s now. It is such a deep loss…such an unnecessary loss! It is more apparent now, than ever before, that Morgan still needs us! There is still much work to be done.
    This shiny girl, and her family will forever be etched in my heart.
    I am here for the long haul!

    Sending love and prayers,
    2-4-1 always,

    Part 2

    O Gifter, your name does you justice.. That is wonderful. If you would like me to post any of your footage, I would be happy to.

  13. Kev says:

    Thank you Yoshi, Blink, etc. #47. Maybe “flamed” was a bit over stated. Just passing through some rough spots on the work and the personal side, so perhaps I was projecting a bit of pathos on many levels. Wonderful minds to even remember back about the grow lights. I thought the dude in the background with the eighties mustache looked like a cardboard cut out. Hope he has more of a soul than that.

    That said, no one should ever lose sight of why we become involved in the plight of our fellow human travelers. I have witnessed so many other BOC participants mention difficult things that are going on in their lives, but yet they somehow show that uncanny inner strength we are all fortunately blessed with to continue the fight for victims justice.

    So grow lights, schmoe lights. It’s time for this guy to get back to business and support all of you fine people who seek justice for Morgan, the Harrington’s and all of the other victims who unfortunately can no longer join us physically/mentally in the battle against the Bad People. But perhaps and hopefully the victims will guide us through karma and fate………..I think so.


    Kev I heart you. How wonderfully genuine you are.

  14. Vern says:

    I have a question for those more in the know, and better versed in the details, than I.
    Morgan’s purse was found in this lot according to this map:
    Is that the same lot where the overflow RVs were parked the night of her disappearance? If so, that causes me to ponder:
    Is it possible that Morgan returned to the lot from the bridge and that she was then grabbed in the RV lot by unknown person(s) who tossed her purse under the nearest RV causing the contents to spill out of it? being a dark and rainy night when the concert eventually let out, this might explain why the purse was neither seen nor discovered until the next day. Possibly too, her cell phone battery disattached from her cellular during this act and either didn’t make it under the RV or slid out the other side of the RV (possibly her camera too?)and allowed them to be found by passerby that evening who scooped them up well ahead of anyone even being aware of her “missing” status (also having the effect of them not wanting to come forward with “scooped” items when news of her missing hit the airwaves)?
    Is anyone aware of whther or not LE has requested, or pers have offered up, any photos of RVs parked in the lot before, during, after the show? Is it not quite possible that Morgan was “in” one of these nearby RVs during those fateful hours after she had actually unwantingly disappeared but before anyone was officially aware of that fact?

  15. nanapat says:

    This case has had me mystified since the beginning. According to Morgan’s family & friends she wanted to see this concert so badly that it was all she talked about for months & even bought new clothes for this event so why would she leave the arena before the concert even started ? And according to articles & TV news reports Morgan called her ‘friends’ inside & told them she couldn’t get back in because they had the ticket stubs & not to worry she would get a ride home. But she hadn’t seen the concert yet & that was her main objective for being there & if she was there with such ‘good friends’ why didn’t they go & meet her by the door with the tickets so she could get back in ? Obviously I don’t know the entire story but for me there are some big puzzle pieces missing here.

    Perhaps Blink you or someone else can help me through my confusion as stated above. I was Morgan’s age once & went to many, many concerts & nothing could get me to leave a concert that I desperately wanted to attend before I even had the chance to see it.

  16. mike milton says:

    You’ve got a nice blog here…

  17. Good job.No matter where we are, we must study all the way.Thanks a lot for sharing so wonderful article.

  18. [...] exclusively on,  Morgan’s alleged attacker was tied via DNA to a sexual assault in Fairfax, VA in September [...]

  19. leslie says:

    lived in ville for 30 plus years….twisted little city….how is it that there were 3 violent assaults the same weekend that Hannah g disappeared….all within a mile or less of where she was last seen…one rape…2 assaults…beaten almost to death…one sexual and one just good old homicidal rage…nothing…Nara…these assaults took place a block from where Morgan Harrington’s painters T-shirt was carefully displayed on a bush….find coy barefoots interview with a guy who was with him at another bar that night…just fed up beyond understanding….psycho killer questqucest?

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