Morgan Harrington Murder: Coincidences or Clues ?

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North Garden, VA– Morgan Harrington, the 20 year old fair-haired, radiant beauty, was brutally murdered after disappearing from the John Paul Jones arena the evening of October 17, 2009.

Morgan Bridge

Morgans remains were recovered the morning of January 26, 2010 in a hayfield on Anchorage Farm, owned by David and Nancy Bass.

Since Morgan was found by Mr. Bass that blackest of days in January, there has been rampant speculation about her last hours and how she ended up in the creek bed of total strangers.

A sequence of events and incidents in the days and hours preceding and following the January 26, 2010, discovery of Morgan Harrington’s skeletal remains on Anchorage Farm continues to attract attention from pundits and volunteers dedicated to Morgan’s cause.

Although naysayers point to a lack of a viable connection, and police have disavowed a link, others say emergency services runs to a nearby fire and also other responses which are  not supported by publicly available documentation has led to calls for more complete disclosure to eliminate any connection or chance of prank calls to misdirect or busy first responders.

The editors of present  a series of events occurring in Albemarle County, VA that pose the question:

What the Hell is going on and what does it have to do with Morgan Harrington’s murder?

The Monsoons of Albemarle County …. PD

Ok, maybe I meant “The monsoor”. Karl Monsoor that is.

Former Officer Karl Monsoor had been tugging on the shirtail of ACPD for years before he finally left with pocketfuls of sunshine. Almost 500 G’s.

It is not my intention to be glib, it is my intention to say that as one of the youngest police departments in the country, enacted in 1983, this tank needed algeacide before this past March.

Death By Cop.. January 1, 2010

Colby Eppard driver seatColby Eppard, described by some as a cross between Gomer Pyle and cool hand luke, had the rawest of deals growing up in Greene County.

According to his foster-mommy-aunt, Tammy Harlow Cox, Colby was hit by a car at a very young age and suffered a brain injury that apparently served to shape his future of home upheavel and juvenile detention facilities.

Ms. Cox, to whom Colby Eppard was entrusted for a time as a foster parent, is no stranger to the judicial system. Tammy was arrested for admittedly having sex with 3 High School seniors athletes on the Varsity Football Team, where her own sons attended. The same school Colby elected to leave without his diploma.

Colby’s family recalls better times, and I don’t think anyone believes this is the last we have heard of this case.

Specifically under VA statute, Greene County Captain Randall Snead was out of his jurisdiction, both when he was called about Colby stealing the patrol car and the fact that he was in North Garden, Albemarle County, looking for it. It would seem the Greene County Roster could accommodate a deputy vs. a captain to respond, no?  Keep in mind, EVERY responding officer was put on desk duty pending the investigation, through at least February 9th, 2010.

While the attorney for the Commonwealth, Denise Lunsford has cleared all officers from all participating counties involved, none of the dash cams have been released despite requests through The Freedom of Information Act..

According to Ms. Lunsford, in an incident that spanned almost 70 miles and over 2 and a half hours where traffic was rerouted and stringers were used, Colby Eppard was allegedly wielding the 20 gauge Greene County Issue out the windows, not one LEO attempted to engage or respond to Eppard in an effort to get him to pull over, or negotiate his surrender at any time.

In fact, according to statements from Snead, Albemarle Deputies Fields and Marden, they were all in place on the south junction of 20 “in the event” he went that way, yet, they did not block traffic until after the stinger caused Eppard to crash.

My biggest question regarding this incident is: Did anyone ask Colby Eppard why he would take the truck and 2 rifles on New Years day ending up in Albemarle County?

Was it related to a New Years Eve occurrance of a friend, family member or associate of his? After Sgt. Hutchinson loses Eppard near the Nelson line, the next time he is seen is parked on Green Creek Rd, back in Albemarle.

What route did he take from 29 South to end up there? Was he seeking Red Hill Road where the overdose call came in to EMS the night before?

By all accounts he was a troubled young man with challenges throughout his young 18 years.

Additionally corroborated by those that knew him, he was never violent to anyone. There were over 6 Law Enforcement Officers from 4 different jurisdictions this man encountered before he hit just below Carters Bridge; 14 by the time the stolen vehicle ended up in the ditch.

Not one of them spoke or attempted to speak to Colby Wade Eppard at anytime he was on the police radio for over 2 hours. Was there an order given not to?

How is it that not one officer responded to Eppards threats, which were even being monitored by the media at this point in an effort to have a peaceful result to this situation?

Did Eppard have a cell phone with him and have the records been checked?

Cort EppardDid he call anyone, like Amber Rogers, his off-again girlfriend of 3 years? His brother Courtney or any of his friends?

In the preliminary release by the Virginia State Police, it stated Eppard returned to his crashed 2006 Ford Ranger truck prior to stealing the unmarked Green Cty car. If he were attempting to have a police stand off, why would he not take the two rifles he brought with him? He left his guns behind.

It also states in the report that Eppard is seen on the video from the STOLEN police car retrieving the shotgun from the trunk and loading it, how is that possible considering all the cameras are dash mounted?

Can someone explain to me how the officers have been cleared, but the footage of  both Eppards actions and their responses, the very evidence of the incident cannot be released? One of the officers involved, Caleb Marden, was fired for reasons nobody is willing to comment on.

There is only ONE way that is legal; if is part of an ONGOING investigation.

So what investigation is it an active part of?

(Editors note: If Mr. Eppard put ANYONE’s safety at risk through his actions, in the end, I say what happened to him was done to protect others, which I support. That said, as it was not so long ago a Virginia Conservation Officer was indicted for the involuntary manslaughter of a 16 year old kid whose girlfriend he was trying to grab out of his moving car, and later had the charges dismissed, I think it is worthy of conversation.)

Byrd Watching DungSmoke – January 22, 2010

Dung burning

James Byrd Gunn, resident or squatter at 5027 Stoney Point Rd, Barboursville, VA owned by Piedmont Manor Land Trust, was busted for possession of Marijuana with intent to deliver, and possession of a firearm as a felon.

GunnStonyPointRdTODAY, Mr. Big Gunn is on the Run-Run. He was indicted on both counts Monday and declared a fugitive this afternoon.


CR10000169-00 GUNN, JAMES BYRD FELON W/ A FIREARM 04/08/2010 Fugitive

In a SEPERATE arrest  on January 23rd, 2010, Jeremy Manning– Smith Manning Smith(JMS) with the cool  144 acre pad in Keswick, also indicted on 4/5/2010 , may turn to the fivefold plan to help him out. JMS keeps a cool $55K recession-proof wad around for emergencies. Mr. Manning-Smith is a long time composter, although he never really states what he is growing.

Lisa Powers, copperworks and the fivefold planners say burn the dung. They are pals, although I doubt she is securing his bond.

Cash Runs OUT.. January 24th, 2010

Jason Todd Cash, with NO CHARGES OR WARRANTS PENDING allegedly tries to kill a cop when he is stopped in Nelson Cty in a vehicle registered to someone in Buckingham County. Remind you of anyone? He ran from the scene, leaving the vehicle and eluded police on foot.

The vehicle was impounded. He apparently is driving on a revoked license, which county has that occurred in? We will get back to J-money.

NON Garden Party…. January 25th

At approximately 10PM on the evening of January 25, Albemarle County Fire and rescue services responds to a call at the 37 acre farm of award winning gardening and horticulture experts John Sauer and his wife Cathy Clary. It is listed as a tactical incident rescue and as of March 24, 2010 is still an open incident.  What was it? Who or what needed rescuing?

Mr. Sauer is the long-time gardner for Carr’s Hill, the residence of the President of UVA. Carr’s Hill was the former site of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity until 2003 when it was moved by the city to it’s current location on Culbreth. Ms. Clary is a horticulture proffessor at UVA, and most recently taught a home landscaping course which included a field trip the afternoon of Saturday October 17, 2009.

The Sauers are also members of Piedmont Landscaping Association, which is open to anyone in the landscaping field and the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Interestingly enough, there were several fire alarm activations on the UVA campus on this same day. Faulkner House reported a residential fire around 4:10 am.

Threes Company,  Four is Combustible..Jan 26th

Sutherland Firefd

Sometime after 10PM, the residential fire at 3323 Sutherland Rd breaks out.

This would be the fire that is still an OPEN INCIDENT.

This fire,as you can see, was no curling-iron-left-on.

It allegedly started after the residents were asleep, although they had all apparently packed their belongings and were on a month to month lease, 2 had already moved out.

In fact, according to Peruvian vacationer and dog owner of Blanca, the pit bull that perished in the blaze, he was not aware of the fire until days after the fact because he was with friends in Peru.

Kevin Terlep

Convenient, if you ask me, as he has a previous weed distribution and subsequent traffic charge in December 2009.

Meet new pup to the left. In fairness to fair-weather k9’s of America, he was only asking for dog-sitting, and not on the lease.  Choose your kenneling wisely people.

The residential fire at the 3000 block of Sutherland Rd has some issues. For starters, you have the first press release regarding the possible accidental fire since as far back as 2003 before a cause determination has been made.

Additionally the release itself appears to have missed the fact that approximately 2 hours after the last apparatus departs, there is an additional call back to the property requiring 12 responders within minutes of the discovery of Morgan Harrington’s remains. They may have literally passed each other on Route 29; they definitely would have heard the dispatcher.


The former owner of the Sutherland property is buried on Anchorage Farm. A relative of the current owners has hunted the Anchorage Farm property.

The band in the image on the left is pictured practicing in the Sutherland home.

A firefighter, whose identity blinkoncrime is choosing to withhold, who fought the fire, without sleeping took an impromptu trip to New Jersey with his ..”aunt, uncle, cousin, his cousins uncle and a friend..” at 10:23PM January 27th, driving straight through without stopping and returned to North Garden by 1:45PM January 28th.  Through his own facebook postings, he spends the bulk of his time when he is not volunteering for the North Garden Fire Department at his cousins; a Toco Hill address also listed as the home for a recently released registered sex offender.

Retired Greene Sheriff Takes His Own Life.. January 28

There is no evidence to suggest that William “Willie” Linwood Morris’s suicide has anything in common with the Morgan Harrington’s case directly, with the exception that there are obviously folks that knew him as well as other individuals being discussed. I have spoken with a family member, and an individual who has known him for twenty years and by those accounts Willie was in deep discomfort from the tinnicus he suffered from.

He took care of every detail prior to ending his life behind the barn on his farm in Stanardsville, VA, including withdrawing the cash for his own funeral.

Willie Morris was found by Captain Randall Snead, who was allegedly supposed to be on desk duty until the Eppard case investigation was completed.  According to Commonwealth Attorney Denise Lunsford, that was not completed until February 9, 2010, almost 2 weeks later.

Cash is Busted on a Tip.. March 19

Not long out of Nelson County jail for a non-violent offense, Jason Todd Cash is being held in Albemarle County jail since his arrest around 1am the morning of Friday March 19.

One has to wonder if the tip about where Jmoney was hanging out on Secretary Sand Rd from his kin in Amherst.

Clint Cash, a registered sex offender was arrested in December on a felony parole violation and is facing some heavy time . His wife Donna, had just pled guilty to a misdemeanor the day before the tip came in regarding JT Cash’s whereabouts and received a suspended sentence.

Jason Cash was apprehended with help from Bink, the new Albemarle County k9 when the house he was staying in on Secretary Sands was raided and he attempted to stay hidden inside.

What are Coincidences… What are clues?

The aforementioned volunteer for NGVFD lives in same stretch of Secretary Sands Rd.

Yet another relative of Jason Cash, a registered Sex Offender, shares an employer with the cousin of “volunteer”, and volunteer; specializing in outdoor landscape lighting.

Colby Eppard was stopped in the area of Green Creek Rd that is a large parcel of land owned by  Cash family member.

As far as making allegations in this report, there are none. The investigation of the events contained herein are entirely based on public information and witness accounts.

I have come to the conclusion that while we cannot say specifically which one of the issues discussed directly relate to the murder of Morgan Harrington, a primary or secondary scene integral to the investigation of same, and the hunt for her killer(s), but I do believe the incidents need to explored fully in a public forum.

Jason Mateos and Elizabeth Morton contributing editors to this report. posters justice for morgan and juliemooly contributed research credits.

Images by Klaasend

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  1. alexandra says:

    Dear Blink, I know how busy you are. I know you are trying to help solve Morgan’s murder over at FM. I follow you over there just to read what you have to say. The dialogue is a little different over there. I like the way BOCers research and hope to solve Morgan’s murder. So many times it seems you’ve made discovery, but still no arrests. I agree the other cases are just as important. IMO Casey killed Caylee, that monster, I won’t remember her name, killed little Sandra, and the beast killed sweet Yeardley. WHO the **** killed beautiful Morgan Harrington, in Charlottesville, Virginia? I cannot rest until he is put away. Who killed Morgan, Rader? How can whoever killed dear Morgan be smart enough to still be walking among us, free? Who killed Morgan? sorry, I don’t want to let this go.

  2. Pomona71 says:

    On the Yeardly Love thread, HokieHi on 5/10 at 11:22 says
    “few here believe GH is responsible for Morgan’s death.”
    There are qualities in GH that are similar to what many
    feel that may be shared by Morgan’s killer: 1. Inability
    to control ange, short fuse, rage (synonym) 2. A history
    of such behavior (the family and friends know)that goes way
    beyond “boys wil be boys” to “it’s scarey!” Probably a
    big guy like GH or very similar. Small guys usually use
    different methods in showing anger, they don’t beat up on
    others. –hey, I’ve been a K-1 teacher for 30 years and
    have seen it first hand in the primary grades and observed
    those individuals in the following grades. Their friends
    are either similar in behavior or “hangers on.” They are
    usually into trouble or their addiction. Somebody in
    Charlottesville must have suspicions and may not want to
    confirm them by some very pointed questions about Oct. 17
    whereabouts and happenings.

  3. Judi says:

    2.alexandra says:
    May 11, 2010 at 7:48 am


    I too do not understand how this guy has gotten away with what he did to Morgan so far. I can’t believe he left not one trace of evidence and has outsmarted everyone thus far. Can’t wrap my heard around it.

  4. DTA says:

    I was thinking the other day that alot of time has been spent on Location, Location, Location. I just want you to consider this.
    My husband grew up in a small town in Northern California and It happened to have a well known college there. It is completely a college town with lots of Locals. There are many many places you can go there in the country that are very hard to find and all the locals grew up having fun in all of those secluded places. It just came to me most of the college students know where those places are too. Many of the college students that have been at the University for 4 years know it like the locals and they go and party at these places. So it did not have to be a local it could have been a college student. Especially if it is a party spot. Maybe they should have been investigating that avenue too. It sickens me to know they have not found Morgan’s killer yet.

    It is my opinion, it may very well be both.

  5. CW says:

    “Personnel from the University of Virginia Police Department, the Virginia State Police and the FBI searched the area surrounding the John Paul Jones Arena. Police later discovered Morgan Harrington’s purse and cellular telephone in parking lot between the John Paul Jones Arena, the Klockner baseball stadium and the Lannigan track and field complex. Fox News claims that investigators located one or both of these items in a trash receptacle. Prior to discarding these items, the perpetrator likely removed Harrington’s cellular telephone battery.”

    Is this factual (trash receptacle)?

    Not factual.

  6. DTA says:

    Blink, I was wondering if you could tell me why VSP was called in on Morgan’s case by UVA instead of Charlottesville Police Dept.

    I can.

    Neither was first responder. UVAPD had this case.

  7. crimewriter says:

    Watershed PDF (I may have already included this before. It’s just another interesting prospective of the water that surrounds The Anchorage.
    Zoom in to 400%
    Follow Monacan Trl. to Anchorage Farm Rd.

  8. crimewriter says:

    For anyone who followed the Kristi Cornwell case, a suspect was named by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, however he killed himself in April during a Swat standoff in downtown Atlanta. Prior to his suicide he abducted a female relative from Kennesaw State University, raped her, but did not murder her. He also attempted to abduct a 10 year old girl in Alabama, however she was able to run away from him. The suspect was 42 years old and his name was James Carringer.

    On a personal note (& unrelated to the above), I have never shared personal information with any of you, other than Blink. However, I am asking for your prayers for the family of Deputy Brian Mahaffey. Brian was a co-worker and good friend of mine. This past Saturday, he and other investigators were serving a search warrant at a residence in which they were looking for suspect who had abducted a woman, bound her, and then raped her several times. He even made the rope into a type of leash, pulled her outside and forced her inside the trunk of a car. While serving the warrant and clearing the house, the suspect was hiding inside of a bedroom closet. He ambushed my friend Brian, shooting him once in the arm and once below his ballistic vest. Brian died several minutes later at the same hospital he was born at. We just celebrated his birthday the day before, on Friday. Brian is survived by his wife, & baby boy and girl.
    The suspect was killed by return fire. He had apparently called his estranged wife from a cell phone right as our investigators arrived and told her that he loved her and to take care of his mother. He knew exactly what he was going to do. It was all so unnecessary. Such a coward to commit suicide by cop and he took a man away from his family and friends. The funeral is tomorrow and this has been a tough week.
    I have yet to make a rock to send to Charlottesville in memory of the life of Morgan, however I plan to make a special one which I’ll dedicate to LEO’s everywhere who serve and protect the innocent.
    I spend at least two hours a day sleuthing online for connections to MH as I know a lot of you do. I do this not only for justice for Miss Harrington, but in memory of my 11 year old childhood friend; Charity Powers, who was abducted, raped, strangled, and buried in a shallow grave in Chesterfield, Virginia. Her murderer was caught several months later and he was finally executed by lethal injection while I was in college.
    Won’t you all keep traveling this road with me? May there be swift justice for those responsible for taking Morgan away from her family and friends. Pray for it.

    My dear CW-

    That is horrific. My deepest sympathies on the loss of Deputy Mahaffey. I don’t know if it would have made a difference, but what did the threat assessment come up with on the guy prior to attempt service?

    You, Deputy Mahaffey and his family and friends are in my prayers today, and thank you for your contributions to Morgan’s case and others. It is truly valued.

  9. Saramom says:

    Blessings to you, CW and especially to the Mahaffey family. Thank you for your dedication.

    You are not on the road alone.

  10. ode says:


    How awful for you, your community and this to young to die “good guy”. Someone doing something addressing what we are talking about here everyday. There are no words to say how sorry I am. I was brought up to believe in our LEO and I know that the majority of them are just that–good guys! It seems that so many tragedies have befallen the contributors here that collectively we are surely due an answer to what did happen to Morgan soon. The ying and yang of the world. Prayers to you and Deputy Mahaffey’s family and friends.

  11. Mom3.0 says:


    I will keep you and your friend, as well as his family and the family of the woman he saved, and his community in my prayers.

    I hope you will send my condolences to The Mahaffey family. Thank you for sharing this with us CW. You are right LE puts their life on the line everyday, they are heroes. I am so sorry that both of your friends lives were taken.

    I will be here, whenever you feel up to sleuthing for hours CW. I echo Blink’s response: “thank you for your contributions to Morgan’s case and others. It is truly valued.”
    Take care CW and I hope to see you soon. Momof3

  12. osu says:

    Crimewriter, I am sorry for your loss and I will keep The Mahaffey family in my prayers.

  13. olderbutwiser says:

    It is such a shame that LE has not solved Morgan’s case and arrested the person(s) responsible by this time. Too bad it didn’t occur before the end of the semester when so many students will leave the area permanently, possibly taking information needed with them.

    Blink and all who are working on this, please keep up your good work until the culprit(s) are in custody.

  14. Chad says:


    Thank you for sharing so much today about you and the reasons you are here posting for Morgan. It was very touching, very human and very personal.
    I will certainly pray for your friend, your friends family, in the hour of their darkness.
    Thank you also for pointing out to us readers, the daily life risking tasks that LE goes through each and everyday to protect us. Some, as you have shown, lose their lives in the name and honor of protecting us.
    May you see tomorrow, the new day dawning, and also , may we all see justice for Morgan in one of these sun rises. . Your contributions are bountiful and we appreciate your contributions here.

  15. fish says:

    was my post to “raw” again???

    Fishyfish- I checked in the whole tank and I have nothing from you.

    That said, if your going to make me cry some more can it wait till I clean up my Alice Cooper look of present?

    Heart u

  16. fish says:

    Oh Blink: My bad! maybe I’m still in moderation. sorry

  17. fish says:

    Oh Blink!!!

    I’ve deleted myself!! And yes, I too was sobbing. Alice and you have nothing on me. So it is just as well I overcame myself. My keyboard cannot take the H2O!

    I want so desperately for this family to have the justice that this young daughter of theirs deserves. I think that I provide some perspective and just never know so I keep at it.
    How can another just be left.
    Thank God, you are here.
    Please, never stop. N E V E R !

    I give the tears but am here for you to wipe them away and apply a good strong coat of the “Magic Tar”. What my daughter used to call mascara! God, I need help.

    Much love to you and the Harrington Family.

  18. fish says:

    Goodness Gracious Crimewriter:

    I’ll take a rock over to Cville on Saturday for you and your friends!!!
    My word is as good as gold and consider it done.
    I’m deeply sorry for all your pain.

    “Earth has no sorrow,
    Heaven cannot heal”

    Please print this out and pass it onto Brian’s widow. Tell her to carry it with her until her tears shred it into peices. Believe it or not, time will heal. Just not completely like some think. The hole will be left but she can make it smaller with lots of tears, laughs, love, support, and yes, even kindness from complete strangers named “fish”.

    much love cw!!!

  19. Hummingbird says:

    Crimewriter I am so sorry for your loss and I too will keep the Mahaffey family in my prayers.
    I am not a brilliant sleuther like you, but Morgan and her family are never far from my mind. I will be here for the long haul until Morgans’ killer is found and justice is done, so you are not alone.
    Thankyou Blink for creating this space and for standing strong.

  20. Lisa says:

    Blink and all of your wonderful followers. I have read here for a long time but only posted a couple of times. I have learned so much from everyone here. The wisdom on this site is unbelieveable. I have learned of forgiveness, the gift of fear, I have learned from Mom3.0 that it is important to acknowledge everyone, it just makes people feel good. I have learned so much strenght from Fish, strength I never thought I would need but was so greatful to learn, and much much more. I was wrong….April 8th my sister died, she was 52 we still have no cause of death, April 28th we learned my 6 year old grand daughters cancer has returned, she has 2 new tumors on her brain, and on May the 4 my daughter who was 28 died in her sleep, no cause of death there yet either but they think blood clot in lung, oh yeah and by the way she was my 6 year old granddaughters mother. Today I am broken. I am trying to remember all of the wisdom Fish has given,all of the wisdom from the Harringtons and all of the other posters her Blink but my heart and mind are completely blank. The reason I am telling BOC this is I know the kind of people you have drawn to this site Blink and I am asking for ya’ll to pray for me and my family. and I thank you everyone in advance because I know my request will not go unanswered.
    Thank you Blink from a very broken lady.

    That presents like a very hereditary link?

    I am a familial expert in juvenile cancer. There is not much worse.

    Prayers to you.

  21. Mom3.0 says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Words are failing me right now. I want you to know that you and your entire family will be in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. I do not have any words to comfort you, other than to say, you are not alone in your grief, and I hope my prayers will lend you strength and comfort when you need them the most. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family, Lisa. Momof3

  22. Saramom says:

    Prayers up to you and your family, Lisa. Love will give you the strength to keep moving forward.

  23. Houston Mom: says:

    Oh Lisa! Your loss is a hard one, probable the worse I’ve heard. I am so sorry. We wish you the best and will be praying ‘hard’ for you – and your granddaughter. Just never never give up. God Bless you and yours.

  24. fish says:

    Dearest Lisa:

    Please, please, please know that you are not alone!

    It may at times feel as if you are but it is in those times you must call upon the strength and the voice that God gave us all. (Whatever God) You are your best resource. Speak up and ask for guidance. There is no one that will step in and just do it for you. Yes, I would be there in a heart beat, to hold your hand and guide you.
    I reached out when it was just me against an hugely impossible situation. I have wrote about it many times. I thought about and did collapse at times. I let grief and dispair overcome me. I shouldn’t have. You need not handle it this way!
    Learn from the Harrinton Family. Learn from me. Take what you can and run with it. Love that grandkid, love yourself, and just know that you have support from those in the here and now and those above.
    Know too, there is help out there. Skyler knows the system. She too, has posted it concerning Christine Sheddy’s children and Christine’s own mother left behind to raise those precious children.
    You need help and deserve it. We cannot do it alone. Please, I beg you do not think that you are on some deserted island with no way off. We all are throwing you a line. Stay strong, have your moments, and get right back up, and move it! Your alternative is to get busy doing something you do now want to chose. Dying yourself. Please, do not do chose the path of my own mom. She never recovered. Just never could accept it all. She was fragile and would not accept help. To proud and a different generation.
    Accept your cards you have been dealt. It is not easy and I would never lie to you that it will be. It will not. Lisa, I am not the smartest, brightest, or even the most compassionate but what I am is honest and loyal as the day is long! I am telling you the truth. Find help. It is too much for you to bear. You deserve more and do not think for one minute your sister or your daughter would think otherwise. That little girl does not need someone broken! So pick yourself up and consider yourself a “mosiac” of healing pieces. I am there for you with every fiber of my own “mosiac” being.
    I used to think that my life was not intented to be this way but I no longer think that. Even with such trauma and absolute evil in this world, I believe that our path is already laid out in life.
    Yes, bad things happen to good people. Shit, that is the understatement of my lifetime!!! But it is how we handle those bad things that make us who we are and give us an opportunity to make a change so that certain situations do not repeat themselves. Even though, at times evil seems to have the upperhand on us all. How do I know if my sister hadn’t have died or my sister-in-law, that something worse might not have happened. I know that sounds crazy, for Godsake, they died. Morgan died, and that little child, Ethan died!
    How much worse did I or we all need it to be??
    I do not know that answer, only know that what happened, happened for a reason. Someday maybe I’ll figure it out and let you all on the BOC know what it was. But, on this day as should you, I believe in myself! I also believe that when I pulled out on November 6, 2009, I went to look for a girl that needed my help. Morgan was setting the example for my own little guppygal! Absolutely, do I feel bad that her parents and brother lost her to evil. I feel horrible for what Morgan endured. I want it to be different. I would give anything for it to be different for them! But, what I do know is that there is a kid here that thinks just a little bit differently about growing up and her life choices that she will have to make to keep herself safe because she looked at a mother who was grieving and looking for her lost daughter.
    That, I will not ever be ungrateful for! For some reason, I want or maybe it is my stupidity, to believe that Morgan gave that to my kid. It is selfish, I know but see, she is just starting on her path. She needed to be given a face to safety.
    A shiny beautiful face named Morgan.
    Morgan lost her life but she is providing a life lesson even now. This is why I post, so that the Harrington’s do not feel she died never becoming that teacher she wanted to be. She is teaching!!!
    And, they are not alone. None of us are.
    We need each other no matter how it takes to get us there. Morgan Harrington is just one of many. A statistic I find appalling. Our loved ones lost are all a statistic of some sort. Just do not let yourself become one. Take the wisdom of Mrs. Harrington, of Blink, of those on this site, there are many. Use me, pretend to talk to me, I am listening.
    If that doesn’t work…go ahead buy a fish and a small tank. Give it to that little girl of yours and tell her that she will always have a “little guppygal” of her own that needs her. Give her a big hug, lots of love from us all. I have even met some and let me tell you, never will you be alone. There is no need.
    Go with God, go with grace, and go with a healing heart.

    Hugs to a six year old little girl who will sob in the sunnest of all days and the darkest of all nights but be there for her in all of your love and support you can muster up! You can and will do it!

    love, fish

  25. fish says:

    I have never had Red Bull and Vodka but it sounds disgusting.

    Heart u

  26. Duke says:

    Blink, any idea how many detectives are still working Morgan’s case? Is the FBI involved in this case? Will there be a press conference soon?

    Your story entitled “Coincidences or Clues?” is very strong. The fire the night before Morgan’s body was discovered, the association with the basketball players, the boys in black, the lacrosse team connection, and the similarity with the death of Cassandra Morton … all haunt me. Duke

  27. MsLAL says:

    fish says:
    May 14, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    “I used to think that my life was not intended to be this way but I no longer think that. Even with such trauma and absolute evil in this world, I believe that our path is already laid out in life.
    Yes, bad things happen to good people. Shit, that is the understatement of my lifetime!!! But it is how we handle those bad things that make us who we are and give us an opportunity to make a change so that certain situations do not repeat themselves.”

    &&&&& Fish, you are so right. There is a reason, and what you go through, if you stay aware and experience it fully, makes you stronger, and helps you recognize need in other people when they are at their weakest. You have that gift, and are helping others, and that is priceless.

  28. doug says:

    Fish, you are priceless!

  29. PMShadow says:

    Fish, you are a very special person. The world is a better place having you in it! I gain so much from your posts especially this last one.

  30. Minnie Penney says:

    I’m interested in learning more about the BIB’s – I’m sure LE has questioned them, and likely cleared them, but it would be nice to know we could cross them off the list. I know…it would be great to be able to cross off a bunch of things. But it will happen.

  31. Minnie Penney says:

    Is Morgan’s case going to be featured on TV soon… maybe America’s Most Wanted – or something like that – I hope so !!! I think we’d all like to see it.

  32. Lisa says:

    Blink~thank you for allowing me to post my personal post…I think you are great but I thought that before my last post!!!

    Mom 3.0~I don’t know who you are but I know your friends and family are so blessed to have you.

    Thank you to Saramom and Houston Mom for your kind words.

    Now to Fish….your comment to me left me speechless/wordless. I have read it over and over many times and I am sure I will continue to do so. I have also shared it with my husband and two other children, I hope you didn’t mind. Your words spoke straight to my very soul and for that I am thankful. I am sure I would have rather wallowed in self-pity and I would have remained a broken useless grandmother but today I can tell you I no longer am broken. I AM a mosaic, a few pieces still missing, but a mosaic none the less. The glue will take awhile to dry to hold the pieces together but it will surely happen.
    My grandaughter is now the proud owner of a new lil *guppygal*(yes that is what we named her new fish) and she speaks to it often and I told her about a wonderful women I had never met named Fish who had so much wisdom that she suggested her new lil to help her to talk to her mother and she also thinks you must be the smartest lady ever!!
    Anyway Fish you have helped my soul greatly, my heart still aches but I KNOW that I have to pull myself together because the alternative is not an option.
    Thank you Fish, sounds like such a small thing to say but it comes straight from my heart.


  33. fish says:

    Happy and proud that I could help. Wonderful things do come from this site. I hope that we counter-balance all the sadness and sometimes, we all need that sunshine on a dark and dreary day.
    Think about what Skyler’s Rock of Love, did for the Harrington Family.
    Give that grandkid a big hug. Tell her that name came from Ms. Blink, herself. It was Family night on the BOC, a long time ago and Blink came up with that name, Guppy Gal, for my own daughter. A daughter who faced a scary situation when at Morgan’s search and learned from it. Your granddaughter too, can and will survive. Just be strong!

    Minnie brings up a good point.
    If LE knows who the BIB are, then they must have told LE about their interaction with Morgan that night? Correct?
    Are they the ones that could have possibly given her a ride somewhere and then say, they or maybe just one of them, left her safe and sound and do not know what happened to her after they left? I know that we discussed some time ago but I think I need a refresher on these guys.

    p.s. the redbull and vodka was a drink of choice during our springfling/riot. saw kids drinking it everywhere. i would pick a different beverage, btw!

    Fishster I am just not sure. If they are married to hitchiking philosophy, it doesn’t gel.

  34. fish says:

    Well Blink, brings me to the “Open Incident” Fire House. Is it still open or have they figured out what caused the flames and have they also found out why it was 12 responders go back after Morgan was found? The second go-around should be easy enough to say, don’t cha think?

    I’m rereading your article and old, old posts from all of us! It seems that North Garden was very hot during Jan, Feb, and March but seems to be quiet now?? Clue.

  35. moxiemom says:

    O/T to Fish:
    I saved my favorite ‘fat dresses’ that my mom used to wear around the house for 20 years before I finally got it together and made a “memory quilt” with the material for my sister for her 58th birthday. If you don’t sew, there are people on eBay that will make one for you. My sister loved it and uses it quite often, almost daily. Just a suggestion so you can actually enjoy the comfort & closeness while being wrapped in your sister’s love. :)

  36. fish says:

    Morgan is on the bridge.

    Which way did they say she was HHing?
    I ask because she is at one end of the arena parking lots and then walks to bridge, then I’m suppose to believe she sticks her thumb out and accepts a ride from a vehicle coming from the banks/7-11 areas? Or was Morgan already there and someone spots her. The lone weirdo but she accepts because she just saw him at the 7-11? Should I still hold on my belief that Morgan knew who was in that car? Or should I kick that to the curb?

    Maybe the BIB have nothing to do with this. Just saw her walking in lots, sorta by her but not with her.

    Sorry to sound confused but I am.
    Just trying to keep Morgan’s Think Tank, alive!

  37. fish says:

    OMG! moxiemom! What a great idea. I never, ever thought of that. I can’t type fast enough. I’m goin’ do just that. A quilt!
    Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

    love, love, love, fish

  38. fish says:


    Hangin In.

  39. IMOIMO says:

    I may be a little “late” posting this as I have not been able to read all of the posts by everyone, but just in case, I saw this on, which is a local CBS station in Richmond, VA. I thought it was interesting and wanted to pass it along as so many have referenced it before. I hope it’s ok Blink.

    “New information about the Colonial Parkway Murders. Although the FBI announced it is taking a new look at the case, the victims’ families say they’re tired of waiting for answers.

    They decided to turn to a nationally acclaimed private investigator. Former Milwaukee homicide detective Steve Spingola is most known for helping solve the Northside Strangler cases in Milwaukee where eight prostitutes and one runaway were murdered over the course of 21 years.

    Now retired, Spingola is bringing a fresh set of eyes and expertise to the Colonial Parkway cases.

    Four couples were murdered over a stretch of two decades and only six of the eight homicide victims have been found. Investigators believe the murders are all linked to one serial killer.

    Jennifer Phelps’ sister-in-law was one of the victims. She says, “We are all playing the waiting game, so instead of sitting around we are bringing our own resources in.”

    Along with the Milwaukee P.I. cadaver dogs from Powhatan County are also being brought in. they’ll be used in a June 5 search of Yorktown. Volunteers will gather there to look for Keith and Cassandra Haley, their bodies have never been found.

    Phelps’ sister-in-law Annamaria and her friend Daniel Lauer were found dead near a New Kent County rest stop in October 1989.

    They were last seen heading east toward the beach, but their car and bodies were found on the westbound side.

    Phelps says, “Hunters stumbled over their bodies, they were covered up.”

    In all the Colonial Parkway killings, there are striking similarities. All the victims were young couples in love, their personal belongings scattered throughout their cars and the glove compartment open. The only thing different about the Phelps case, some clothing had been switched.

    Phelps says, “She loved walking around barefoot and when they found her she was wearing his socks and shoes.”

    There has been mounting speculation over the years that the serial killer could be a cop. The list of suspects is about 130 deep and the only reason these cases have been reopened is because crime scene photos were leaked.

    The Phelps family hopes to meet with Governor Bob McDonnell soon about setting up a task force for not only the Colonial Parkway killings, but also the Route 29 stalker cases.”

  40. fish says:

    I’m going to post this here and on the previous story on Morgan.
    I hope you don’t mind.

    If she spoke to Sarah Snead at 8:48p.m., albeit briefly, I would like to know what their demeanors were to each other?
    Are you able to clear this up?
    I ask because I would like to know what Morgan’s mindset was and if Sarah actually thought for one second Morgan would be at her car waiting for them?
    Did Morgan say she would be at car?

    Sarah didn’t say anything about HH, just “they wouldn’t have done it”.
    That could be drinking or whatever or dragging their heels, leaving the concert. Please just clear it up.


    If Morgan was texting an unknown male, back and forth up to 9:20p.m., what did he say she sounded or should I say, texted like?
    How many texts?

    I know that this is hard because even here, we may write one way and come off another, but it would give us an idea where Morgan may have been going.

    ***Plus, that means she was texting in those lots!

    Was the unknown male waiting for another text from her or were they finished with their convo?
    Did she say what happened to her being locked out of JPJA?
    I cannot imagine she would not.

    I ask all this because if Morgan was texting, does VSP know for sure, she was not ambushed right then and there. Maybe eyewitnesses were off in their timeline of witnessing Morgan. It is possible.

    This also goes to what Morgan was doing while on the property of JPJ. I don’t mean that I need to know the actual content, just that she was doing something other than wandering around, drunk, trying to score, and whatever else anybody thinks. Maybe he/they came upon her and she didn’t see them coming.

    She was texting and talking.
    I’m back to the beginning and so very far from Anchorage Farm.

    Blink, anything that you help out with would be appreciated or should we just wait for a press conference from the VSP on any updates???

    I’m still “Hangin’ In”.

    No text after approx 7:30PM.
    No activity after 8:48PM phone call, demeanor was she was pissed she could not get back in

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for bringing that article here, IMOMO. That is very strange about the shoes and socks- Why?

  42. Mom3.0 says:

    oops sorry I got your name wrong IMOIMO-

  43. IMOIMO says:

    Mom3.0 – You are quite welcome, it’s ok ’bout the name, they all run together don’t they – HA.

    In the article, it said that Annamaria loved walking around barefoot, yet when they found her with her friend Daniel, she had on HIS socks and shoes? So maybe they think the perp switched them on purpose, or perhaps, she really just couldn’t walk from wherever they were barefoot, so her good friend lent her his shoes and socks? Very strange detail indeed though.

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