Morgan Harrington Murder: Anchorage Farm Could Yield Even More Clues

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Charlottesville, VA– In a new development in the murder investigation of Morgan Dana Harrington, has learned that Anchorage Farm was very much a frequent party spot for local musicians.

In fact, there was a 7 Mile Sleepover exactly one week after Morgan’s disappearance from the JPJ arena that included an invitation list of over 130 guests.


Jenny Bass, the adult daughter of David and Nancy Bass, is an accomplished pianist, musician, horticulturist and artist in the Charlottesville community.

The Seven Mile Sleepover appears to have been posted prior to Morgan’s disappearance, approximately October 14, 2009.

While it is unconfirmed how many guests actually attended the event, it is clear there could have been over 100 people within a few hundred yards of Morgan’s final resting place a week after she went missing, and presumably, her death.

As Anchorage Farm is a verified crime scene in an active murder investigation, one wonders if anyone found anything they may not have realized of importance at the time.

According to her facebook, Ms. Bass was clearly disturbed by her discovery as well:


Jason Mateos and Elizabeth Morton, contributing editors to this report

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  1. Löni says:

    I would like when all is said and done, do preventIng work in schools. May Morgan Brittanee give me the strenght to do it and to do it well. 

  2. anotherB says:

    Blink, have any of the photos of AF been mapped? I looked at some of them again, and it still appeared as if some of them were taken very close to where Morgan was found. And do we know who these people were?

    I was just trying to picture this – we have at least three people walking around AF, probably for recreational purposes. Which route did they take? And were they alone, or was JB with them? She would have been there to let them into her house, and show off her scrolls.

  3. juliemooly says:

    Eloise says: ‘ “alleged Basketball player accounts have shown her to be the same, as well as making racial slurs (doesn’t sound like any description of Morgan sober we’ve ever heard”
    I have never heard any of that! I always thought that whole interaction was unknown. Shocking really, where did you hear that?’

    Eloise and others who mentioned it, I honestly don’t remember where I heard or read that, and probably shouldn’t have repeated it without being able to go back to a source. I think it was a neighbor who heard it from the police third-hand, or maybe I read it here or on another blog. Like I said, I don’t remember, and usually quote my sources. I have a lot of articles and such bookmarked or copied, but I can’t find the source for that. I do remember an emotional response in my mind when I heard/read it because it sounded very irrational.
    - – - – - – -
    Acho, as regards to: ‘I just can’t figure why someone (the UVa spokesperson?) said it was up to the BB players whether they wished to speak about it, as to my mind, it’s some of the most valuable testimony.’

    Corinne Geller of the VSP said that, as far as I know. This is from an article in The Hook dated 11/15/2009:
    ‘According to several sources, members of UVA’s men’s basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the grassy, tree-shrouded parking area before she was seen with her thumb out, hitching a ride on the bridge. Emails sent to numerous team members were forwarded to UVA spokesperson Carol Wood, who directed the inquiry to State Police, but (VSP’s Corinne) Geller declines comment on the identity of any witnesses. “We leave it to them whether they want to speak publicly,” she says.’ So my take is, officially, in terms of LE approval, they can speak if they want to, but I am guessing U.Va. said no, no no. Of course, I don’t know how U.Va. could legally pressure them to stay silent, but I am guessing they found a persuasive way to make their case for silence.
    - – - – - –
    “Does LE know that she took something with those BIB out in that RV lot?” I don’t know.
    “Does anyone think Morgan might’ve been assaulted *in* the RV lot, possibly in a vehicle? Or an attempted assault?” I think she was abducted there, and possibly assaulted in a vehicle there, or at a second location. I know other people think she got into a vehicle willingly, possibly on the Copeley Road bridge, but I don’t. It’s just an opinion.
    RUMom, thanks for reminding me to watch myself when I go to the bridge. I think I will stop pre-announcing my plans for photographing and just start surprising y’all with a new photo album from time to time.

    I would seek to understand where that info came from as well, regarding racial slurs.

    That is utter heresay, and I can tell you as a fact, that behavior or commentary from our shiny Morgan would be grossly out of character.

    I am familiar with the rumors regarding same, but I feel an obligation that if these gentlemen, at least 2 of which, have the single raunchiest and womanizing facebooks I have ever seen, who are no longer with the team, wish for those accounts to speak for their silence, I suggest they agree to an interview.

    Dead women can’t defend themselves, and yes, that makes me angry.

  4. anotherB says:

    @ juliemooly June 21, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    I don’t believe it was UVa – Blink also says two of them are no longer with the team, so I guess they could speak out now. They probably just didn’t want to get involved in anything, the same attitude they showed towards Morgan. They didn’t chat her up, they left, and if they are in fact machos, than this means they realized she was trouble. Somehow, I don’t think they leaked anything about racial slur etc. Why would they want to do that? They want to forget about it as soon as they can, and they don’t want to be linked to what had happened.

    I just wish to point out, we have no idea what they said or she said. The interview is one sided.
    One of the dang gentlemen speaks limited English, HELLO?

  5. mag603 says:

    Tears in my eyes, prayers for the Harrington’s.


    Father’s Day Poem From Gil And A Father’s Day Letter From Alex And Morgan

    Mourn no mo
    For Mogo

    You don’t stoppa
    Being a girl’s papa
    Just coz she’s dead
    Get that outa your head
    Your daddy chore
    Has expanded more
    No longer tending boo boo knee
    Now you’re creating legacy
    Of goodness
    And kindness
    And strength
    For the world to see
    While still parenting Alex and partnering me
    Bless you for all the fathering you’ve done
    For our precious daughter, our precious son
    Your ability
    And constancy
    Continue to amaze
    Even in these hardest days
    That I never thought would be ours to live
    We must still have more to give
    I promise that we’ll find a way
    To resurrect joy someday


    fathers day 2010


    So because Morgan is unable to wish you Happy Fathers Day I will do it for both of us.
    I know this has been the hardest year of our lives. We have all been dealt a blow that
    will forever change who we are and our family dynamic. Throughout this entire experience you have been the rock upon which we have all built some sense of normalcy.

    You have been husband, protector, banker , sounding board, computer whiz, media commentator, lobbyist, doctor, and friend. Look at all the hats that you have been forced to wear through this experience that are all an extension of FATHER. You have allowed yourself to feel the grief of Morgan’s loss more than anyone and shown Mom and me that it is okay to let down your guard and feel this immeasurable pain. You have been a model that in spite of or perhaps because of this aching that we all feel you can still face the world and work even harder, and do so with dignity and honor.

    I want you to know that Morgan LOVED YOU more than anything. I remember Morgan coming up this summer and her raving about you after working at Carilion. She was so proud of you and impressed by how vital you were to the company. Morgan got to add this expereince to her understanding and respect for you that allowed her to appreciate you even more. Morgan lived everyday of her life knowing that her poppa loved her and would do anything for her which is more than many people can say.

    She is in a better place now beyond pain and her love and spirit will continue to give you strength and help you through the difficulties left in her wake. Even though she is gone you will always be a father of TWO children who you always did your best to understand and support. Know that I am loving you now for the both of us and when you need the same support and understanding you have always given I am here.

    Happy Fathers Day 2010
    Alex and Morgan

  6. mag603 says:

    disregard the above post…just noticed messimamm already posted.

  7. juliemooly says:

    B, I hear you. I would LOVE to hear them speak for themselves. I would really like to know if they could produce a sincere, non-judgemental assessment of Morgan’s state of mind when they talked to her. I would like to know if they had a genuine conversation or if they just passed each other by and exchanged small pleasantries. I am being snide because I am tired of going over the same things with no new information and I think I am going to stop doing it; I am also tired of reading about coddled athletes behaving badly and even criminally. I just don’t know what to make of the basketball players because there has been no public statement.

    I am sure I’ll get flack for posting that rumor/account of the interaction. I seem to have a penchant for stirring up s$%t. Oh, well. It’s been that way all my life. I just can’t keep from putting it out there, even if “it” isn’t pretty.

    OMG! Dirty Dancing is on TV and Patrick Swayze just said “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

    Gotta go watch the final dance!

    K, o/t I attended a wedding there 2 years ago. Had a blast, but said that line more times than anyone cared to hear, lol.

  8. Observer says:

    TO: acho: You asked “Does anyone think Morgan might’ve been assaulted *in* the RV lot, possibly in a vehicle? Or an attempted assault?”

    I posited this theory back in early November; that is, that Morgan entered a vehicle on the Copeley Rd. bridge–a vehicle that was headed toward JPJ as Morgan was headed away. [This would have put her on the sidewalk side of Copeley; there is only a sidewalk on one side, as you're headed away from JPJ. This sidewalk side is the one where her memorial now stands, and where her scent was last detected.]

    The BG who picks her up drives only feet away, into the RV lot where he disables her and tosses her purse out the window. Her cell phone falls out and the battery falls out, not seen because of the darkness, the size of the battery, and the fact that vehicles would later drive over it when exiting the lot.

    I have no idea if the above is in fact what occurred; it’s simply one theory out of many.

    TO: RUMom: Thank you for the wise admonition about placing Morgan’s rocks on the memorial at Copeley. I’ve thought about this each and every time I’ve walked there, wondering if Morgan’s BG is lurking about. My sense is this: he would have a supremely difficult knowing precisely when or what day I would be there and would have to be loitering in the vicinity for an extended time waiting for me. That would draw attention to himself–something a BG is generally unwilling to do.]

    Despite any/all of that, please know that I appreciate your well-founded concern and will take to heart your caring. I promise that I will be careful and will be certain to exercise the awareness of surroundings that I have emphasized for so many years while teaching young women self defense.

    TO: dear, dear fish: Know again that you never have to offer an apology to me. Your words and sentiments are always so heartfelt; your emotions are raw and real, and your heart always evident.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Juliemooly I feel your pain. I truly do. Can you imagine a world where they would have told what they could and kept what they needed to keep.

    With all the great bloggers and Charlottesville residents and all of our great mappers. I often wonder if this killer would have been caught by now. How much has been loss in this silence of VSP?

    A picture of Morgan as she looked that night and what they know as far as her movements for that whole day. Heck we have no idea what she did, who she talked too.

    Some of it might have made sense to somebody.

    Why this silence? If not for the Harringtons themselves nobody would even remember Morgans death. They are keeping it alive and VSP is trying to bury it.

    Why I ask..why would they do that?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    A question for Blink.

    Do you know of any well known profiler that might have done a profile on Morgans killer?

    Thank you.

    Privately yes, publicly no.

  11. justiceformorgan says:

    There was never a report of Morgan making racial slurs ~ it didn’t happen.

    The rumor most likely came about innocently by someone who was confusing facts related to the Yeardley Love case with Morgan’s case. George Huguely uttered racial slurs at police during the taser/arrest incident.

    Your probably correct, thanks for the the likely origin.

  12. In Memory of Gini says:


    Have you seen the latest on the 26 yo Crozet resident/Va Tech grad who was tasered by PD in November 2009 at Scott Stadium???

  13. In Memory of Gini says:


    Also, I was reviewing the VSP Sex Offender registry. Did you know that our young North Garden Sex Offender – E.M.H. has big bold red letters spelling WANTED on his profile now? Has he disappeared?

    He is wanted, I just posted on it. I could not until it appeared on the VSP site.

  14. Eloise says:


    Just wanted you to know I corrected my quote, and quickly realized it was not from you! Sorry

  15. In Memory of Gini says:

    Follow up to the Floyd County teen Danielle Brooke Wade who was missing:

  16. Duke says:

    39.Tarheel says:
    June 17, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    Here’s an attempt at a timeline (from the time Morgan was outside JPJA). Perhaps people could add to it, or make comments/corrections where needed. Perhaps we need to go from the beginning of the day on October 17? If someone has a better, more detailed version, I don’t mind using that one instead, I just know several people have suggested a timeline so I thought I would take a stab at it.

    Thanks Tarheel, good job. I think that it’s important to piece the events together starting earlier on the day of the concert, 10/17/2009, and going forward, noting what is fact and what is assumed to be true. This may lead to where the missing pieces or contradictions lie. I appreciate your effort. Duke

  17. [...] on the condition of anonymity to, sources inside the investigation have confirmed Virginia State Police are preparing to [...]

  18. Judi says:

    Blink, are you able to answer these? If so, could you PLEASE?


    I think maybe there was a question with this, lol?

  19. Judi says:

    oops – somehow accidently hit submit instead of enter (???)

    1) Do we know for sure that Morgan was deceased within hours following her abduction. The only reason I ask is because of the AF pics seeming so very close to where Morgan was found, only days after, and a camping party the next weekend. It’s just so hard to imagine that she was “right there” during all of this.

    2) Can we put this to bed as well – did the dogs pick up her scent behind Wild Wings or whatever or not?

    3) Was there more than 1 witness who said she was even on the bridge? Or is the whole bridge sighting based one ONE witness account?

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