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Portland, OR– 7 year old Kyron Hormon is a Red Eyed Tree Frog Expert.

Kyron, his Step-Mom and former teacher Terri Moulton Horman worked diligently on Kyron’s submission to the second grade science fair on Friday June 4 at 8am. The bright-eyed, bespectacled, herpetologist in training also dressed for the occasion in his best CSI tshirt.


At 8:45 am, Terri said goodbye to her son who was a few feet from his classroom and left the Skyline School to return home to Kyron’s 18 month old sister.

Kyron has not been seen or heard from since.


What is particularly troubling is that Kyron seemingly vanished from the school that matriculates grades Kindergarden through 8th.,without anyone noticing his backpack and jacket were left on his desk in homeroom.

Although Kyron and his mom were seen together that morning as they dropped off his belongings in his classroom prior to viewing the science fair exhibits, he was marked absent. Kyron was also scheduled to be in the talent show at 1PM that same afternoon.


At approximately 3:45PM Terri Horman was waiting at the bus stop for Kyron, and when he did not get off the bus, she ran home and called the school, who told her he had been marked absent.

Multnomah County Sheriff received the 911 call from her at 4PM. Within minutes of Ms. Horman’s frantic alert, the state-wide hunt fo Kyron Horman, now in it’s seventh day, began.

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton is leading 18 counties in Oregon in the search for young Kyron, and police have released no new details about the timeline surrounding his disappearance. Specifically, the last confirmed sighting of Kyron was at approximately 9am, but police will not say where that was within the school, or who he was with. Staton says they have no evidence Kyron was abducted, which would trigger an Amber alert.

The Horman family residence, in a deeply wooded area is 2.9 miles from the Skyline School, and his been the focus of explanded search efforts continuing through today.


When asked why the MCSO is releasing very little information as to what they think happened to Kyron, Capt. Monte Reiser:

If information gets out too early or before authorities have substantiated the tips, it “can affect the integrity of the investigation,” he said. “Misleading information can hamper both the search effort and the investigation.”

Incident commanders also said they would respect the Horman family’s wishes not to share their anguish with the public.

The Parents and family of Kyron Horman, through a statement read by MCSO Staton have publicly appealed for the community to continue support efforts to locate their son. The Hormon’s have refused all interview requests at presstime.

Please check back to for updates in the search for Kyron Horman.

Kyron Horman FBI alert and poster download.

Image optimization by Klaasend, illustrations courtesy of the Skyline School. Editor notes:

By 9am, the school day had already started and students were assembled into groups to tour the science fair. Student Parents would have vacated the building already.

The Science Fair does not appear on the school calendar, however, the talent show does, which means the bulk of the school would have been in attendance, at the same time, at 1PM. Possibility of someone leaving the school undetected and unsupervised?

Three days into the investigation, police state they have interviewed “most” of the faculty. For what reason, with a missing and endangered 7 year old child would they only have interviewed “most” of the faculty?

Search Teams are rechecking areas previously searched. In my mind, they have identified a suspect, and have possible ping data.

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  1. Tracygirl says:

    Does the janitor run errends during the day? Are there any other schools he checks in on during the day?

  2. Starsky says:

    If the science fair started at 9, and the talent show at 1, why would a bulk of the school be present? why is it significant that it was not on the calendar? When things happen it our school and the time is far apart, we as parents leave and come back later. How many families were involved in the science fair? Was it only open to parents or were other spectators involved? Blink, your comments lead me to believe you think it was someone within the faculty. I guess because you mention that it was three months before this person might have another chance. Was anyone at the Science fair there for display purposes only? At our science fair, we sometimes bring in outside vendors to perform with nitrogen. Would that be the case in Portland? I am ruling out a parent, because if it is a parent there are many other opportunities to be around kids of this age. My bet goes on an outside vendor or faculty. Blink, why do you mention boy scouts? Did a pack have a display of sorts?

  3. XF says:

    The school’s description says K-7th grade, does that mean thru 7th grade or To 7th grade. Any locals know?

    It is k-8

  4. XF says:

    Oops, my bad Blink. Okay does that mean thru the 8th grade which is 13-14 year olds?

    14-15, yes.

  5. ArmyVern says:

    3.Twinkletoes says:
    June 11, 2010 at 2:48 pm
    Not saying it is related to Kyron but this gentleman was picked up and booked for kidnapping today in same county.
    Twinkletoes, it’s not related to Kyron’s disappearance. There was an article in the paper today:

  6. Jodi Lynne O'Brien says:

    Was Kyron planning on participating in the talent show at 1:00? Why wasn’t anyone in his family in attendance to watch?

  7. Hulagirl says:

    Do we know if any the school’s employees have been absent or on vacation since this happened?

  8. Tina G. says:

    why would the 16 year old brother be on a boy scout outing during school hours? I know about boy scouts and they have outings on the weekend or during the summer. You can check with the council and find out when and where the boy scout outing was, also the troop should have record of the outing and who was in attendance. Why wasn’t the 16 year old brother in school?

    That trip was over the weekend, not during school.

  9. Karin says:

    Does anyone know if the police have check INSIDE the school? What I mean is, remember the missing Yale student girl who the police found her body in the walls of the lab she was working in.
    Just like Kyron, they never saw her leave the building, have they had search dogs sniff for remains in the walls and floors?

  10. Kathleen says:

    What did this family think releasing his art work would do, exactly?
    Did cbs pay the Hormans for their photo spread, the easter photos of the Hormans and Kaine at home I dont remember seeing them on her facebook before she made the page private.

    What was Kyrons talent to be for that talent show? Who is Jim Kelley who lives right near the school? Why is Terri and Kaine so flat in their press conference? Why didnt they use this as a chance to speak directly to their own child? Why did Kaine email his co workers advising them to NOT speak to the Media, that he would be in touch with their LAW DEPT?
    Why has Terri Horman, continued to post online excuses for her behavior?
    Case in point written by Terri Horman (handle is the same as her personal plate as she posted that info about her vanity plate online on her facebook account) Why is Ms Horman more interested in posting online excuses for her behavior?

    Report Reply Follow RDSQRL -75p
    RDSQRL has not yet written a personal description.
    View IntenseDebate profile
    -18 Vote up Vote down RDSQRL -75p · 4 days ago
    If I may clear your mind…the truck was towed due to starter and is back at the property. The cat is fine.

    Hi Mama-law. Just so you can have the facts straight since I know personally… The family started in the green room, then went to the cry room and after a prayer by Becky Owens went to the back of the church to watch and be part of the community – all together – mom, stepmom, dad, stepdad and a couple of really close friends.
    1 week ago @ KATU – Portland, OR

    Thank you Clay. You explained exactly what I was doing. :)
    1 week ago @ KATU – Portland, OR – Narrowing the search f… · 3 replies · -9 points

    Thank you “owt”. You said if perfectly.
    1 week ago @ KATU – Portland, OR

    I have seen those images prior to today, but yes, they would need a licensing agreement and fee to publish them. I will tell you straight up that means someone has counsel, albeit not a criminal attorney, but I doubt this transaction occurs without legal involved.

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