Kyron Hormon Missing and Endangered: Blink Interview And Open Plea to Terri Horman

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Portland, OR-appearing on Scared Monkeys Radio with host Dana Pretzer, we discussed the case of missing 7 year old Kyron Horman.

Open Letter of Support and Plea to Terri Horman

Ms. Horman-

We have not met, but I almost feel I know you from the abundance of kind and loving photos of your family I have seen in our efforts to help locate your step-son Kyron. I am personally not a fan of the word “step” in relation to blended families, especially given how long this wonderful child has been cared for by you in a maternal role. 

I know you have been active in reviewing the coverage of Kyron’s case, and I can’t help but feel that it must be horrible and terrifying to not be able to defend yourself against some of the things being said. I am hopeful you feel that you have been treated fairly in our work here.


If I may call you Terri– In several hundred articles covering as many cases, I have never reached out personally and publicly to anyone before.

It is because I believe in my instincts as a Mother to two children that I do not believe that you would intentionally harm any child, let alone one you consider to be one of your own.


I do not believe you could look into those gigantic blue peepers of your beautiful and precious Kitty and tell her that her beloved big brother is gone, and watch her pull up her potty to the window to stand on; waiting for Kyron to come home.

It does not matter what I believe, but it very much matters to Kiara.

Whatever happended or did not happen, your baby girl needs this to end, and begin to heal. You studied many years in early childhood education, I know you already know this.

The fear she feels from the fact that someone took her brother with no resolution, and being seperated from you and her home at her age is something that you can make better for her, even from afar right now.

Just because you are not under the same roof at the moment does not make it impossible for you to Mother her. I implore you to do what you have always done for her– put her first.


Yesterday, I posted a picture of Kyron which I believe you took, I wanted to share with you a readers reaction, and my response below.

Ky Rabbit

Blink Poster NoseyRosey:

The picture above makes my heart hurt ;( God bless little Kyron and may he be home soon.

Nosey– I chose it because for me, it reminds me of my little guy. I do not allow him to read here unsupervised so I will sneak this in to all the Mom’s out there. Since he was born, his sister gave him her lamb when we brought him home from the hospital and she demanded he go in HER babies crib in HER room, as he was HER new baby.

We did (it was a “play” wooden English pran, a gift from her Nana) for a few minutes, snapped the required photos and videos; as we did, she went over to her shelf and picked up LLLAAAARRRRYYY ( say with a sheep accent).

As she plunked it down on his little swaddled man-self she said:

“This is your aye aye, cause lambs are for boys. Mommy, You can take him out now, I guess boys don’t even talk or open their eyes or anything funny..”

That lamb traveled everywhere with my weeman, slept with him every single night, sat by his side on every time out and was the cause of many a -turnaround and go back- trips. Every member of our extended family would yell “Do you have Larry??” as we were headed out the door..


These days, it is worn, missing it’s ribbon, needs a darning, and mostly sits on the pillows of his bed. I know I shouldn’t but I wash it 2x a week with his sheets just so it smells like my fabric softener.

Sometimes I sneak it in bed with him under his arm and watch him squeeze it, just for me, to be admonished in the morning when we make his bed that I need to stop doing that- he is not a baby.

2 years ago, I scoured ebay to find an exact duplicate so one day (20 years plus from now- please) when he has a baby on his own, I can give him a Larry for his own child to provide the same comfort and companionship.

This is why I work on these cases that I absolutely hate. It haunts me to my core that I fear this child did not have a Larry in his darkest hour.

I guess it is my way of slipping it under Kyron’s arm while he is sleeping, like I have no doubt Terri has done for him, on many occasions.

I pray she takes the opportunity to do it now.

(editors note: you guessed it, we placed Larry in the pic of Kiara and Kyron so everyone can see how nicely they all get along.)

(editors Note 2: The comments to this article will be expressly limited to support the tone and content contained herein. There are several threads already in progress for alternative sentiment, thanks in advance.

Images created by Klaasend

Special thanks to LLLLAAAARRRRYYY for not being camera shy.




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  1. Twinkletoes says:

    Hi Terri,
    You were on my mind last night when I took my evening walk (one of my few hours alone in hectic life of three kids, high maintenance husband, and demanding job). I thought of how I just wanted to get back home and post something supportive to you before the negativity of the recent news swallows you up. I am worried about you, as a sister, as a mother. So I posted what I posted last night.
    And then this morning, I was in the shower (another blissful fifteen minutes alone, lol)and I was thinking about how much you are in my thoughts and how I might align myself to be a positive influence in your life. And then the fact that you are adopted popped into my head and you were suddenly a double adoptee, adopted by me, as well as whomever it was that took care of you as an infant. Of course this is very different, but it is similar in some ways. You had no say in the first adoption. You have no say now in whether I choose to show interest in your spiritual journey. You can reject your adoptor’s care, but it doesn’t matter. We still care and send you what we beleive will allow you to grow, to be safe, to ultimately be able to not only fend for yourself but to help others the way we are helping you. I don’t know anything about you other than that which I know to be true of this world–It is all impermanent. Your whole body thing–the desire, the pain, the need, the thoughts, etc–it is all a fiction created by time and matter. There is something else, something untouched by time and matter, and whether you call it a soul or energy or cousin it, IT is not dependant on the context of this dimension. So you fuck around on your husband, you commit dark acts, you pump up and deflate your physical body. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care if every other “poster” in the universe comes on and berates my support of you. I don’t care if you tied Kyron to a tree, dripped him with honey and set loose fire ants on him until they were comming out of his eye sockets. (gross, I know, but that is my point–only gross if you are trapped in the illusion of time and matter). For my purposes, the purposes I’ve adopted in relation to you, Terri, it doesn’t matter. Kyron is on his own journey–and while his cuteness and his age evoke our passions and our sympathies, those too are an illusion of time and matter. The only thing that matters it that you and he progress beyond this dimension, learning what it is that you need to learn here. If you were linked to the disappearance of thirty year old twice divorced, drug using Kyron, most of us wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. Aww, but he is cute and sweet and we obsess over his disappearance now because we are stunned by time and matter, like a bee hitting a window.
    So. Where does that leave us?
    Right here. Time and matter are momentarily lifted. And all that remains is the truth–not the truth about “what happened” which we are dying to know–but the truth of your bare spirit and how it must navigate through this storm to find calm waters. Again, I advise you to find your center. Let everything else go. Find your center. And hold tight to your center as you move through time.
    Namaste, dear one.

  2. Kaylee says:


    Blink seems to me to be a very modest person and she says she would stand buck naked in the center of town if it would get Kyron back. How then can I be shocked that you would send naked pictures of yourself to someone to get Kitty back. I can imagine how frantic I would have been to be kept away from my children when they were Kitty’s age. I had micro panic attacks if I had a date night with my husband and left them with a sitter for an hour or two. Almost two years ago, my oldest went to college. While I didn’t cry for days missing her, I had moments when I was seized with anxiety, wondering if I had prepared her enough, whether I had been a good enough example, whether she would know what to do in any given situation. Currently, I am trying to ready myself for my second fledgling to leave the nest. It doesn’t get any easier.

    While I’m not surprised at the way you tried to get your precious girl back in your arms, Terri, I feel it’s the wrong way. It’s time to relent, to go through proper channels, and to let your attorney work for you. You need not suspect his motives in helping you. It’s his job. He’s doing it for money, professional gain, notoriety, whatever. Maybe he underestimated how desperate you are to have your child, but it’s in his best interests to serve your best interests. Here’s a man who doesn’t want you just for sex, or to take care of his child or even make him dinner. If he stays on your case, and I hope he does, you need to devote yourself to helping him help you.

    When you feel the panic overwhelming you, try the Ujjayi or ocean breath. Breathe deeply through the nose into and out of the throat, as if you are snoring. It really does help calm the nervous system and I do it automatically now in times of stress. Hope this helps.


  3. Twinkletoes says:

    I agree with Kaylee, Terri. You need to trust your attorney with the facts in order to calm the storm. I am a lawyer and I can tell you that we are a unique breed and mostly excellent secret keepers. Criminal attorneys are particularly objective and invested in protecting your rights. If he breaks client confidentiality with you, he destroys his entire livelihood. If you don’t trust him, find one you do trust and do it soon. You need help to mitigate the damage in this case. Mitigating your damage means a potential life outside of prison and a relationship with your kids. We all have to trust someone at some point. Trust someone, but make it someone who has everything to lose by turning on you. Trust your attorney.

  4. Kleat says:

    Blink said “Goosebumps, that is so true. I had not thought of this being a way for Terri to save Kyron, and future Kyron’s which of course, is all we can ask as we support her in her journey.”

    Blink, that was how I took your letter and all the subsequent posts in support of Terri, letting her know that she can tell the truth, bring Kyron home, whatever it takes to say to her.

    Now, with the revelations of her new sexual-textual relationship started after Kyron went missing, I doubt very much that Terri would be upset over anything, but not accomplishing the complete erasure of her ‘family’. If she wanted to fight for her daughter, why would she attempt to kidnap, or take custody of her at the gym, especially after the events of Kyron going missing, she should have hired a suitable lawyer to get access and try to get custody of her baby girl. Was she seeking to gain favours and manipulate a new male friend in her need to ‘move on’ from her old life? Would she find someone to help in the completion of her erasures? Was the baby girl next on her list, or would she have kept her in her life and loved even though she was half of Kaine and her old life?

  5. Kleat says:

    Psychosis caused by childbirth?? Or just afraid of what people might think of her for what has happened? And possibility that she will react to the ‘supportive’ pleas of Kyron’s parents to bring him home, even if it’s just for her own baby girl? That wagon has gone down the road now.

    The manipulation of a new lover, man in her new life, she’s moving on. She is not a young woman Casey’s age, with little life experience. She has gone through a number of husbands, has more experience in gaining people’s trust and how to behave to achieve her goals. Sooner or later, the baby girl would have met with some unfortunate accident, and she would be the center of people’s focus and attention in her time of grief. JMHO.

  6. Twinkletoes says:

    Hey, Kleat, with all due respect, have at it, but this link is designated for support of TH. Not sure if you meant to post in the other link. . . but this sentiment belongs over there, not here. Sorry, Blink, not trying to steal moderator role. It would just be nice if there was one place on the internet this lost soul could go that doesn’t toss virtual stones.

  7. lizzy says:

    It looks like this thread is now open to alternative sentiment?

    well, i would prefer it stay constructive, We have a bevy of them to choose from.


  8. KOOL LOOK says:

    This thread is Sacred Ground!!~~~~~

    Let the thughts and prayer be what they are: Pray and Plea requests. Period. Nothing more or less. Let it be what is is designed to be: prayer~Pleadings and thoughts of Earnest Kind people People. This thread should stand with its focus, not for others, but for Kyrons Please and Terri’s friendhsips. Period. So Be It.~~~’

    Don’t steal what is Sacred from the posters and commentors, God is listening. Amen. Don’t tread on Sacred Ground please in the name of Jesus.

  9. KOOL LOOK says:

    To all my Beloved, I’m Done sharing and Giving to this cause. Much has been learned, analyzed and sleuthed. Terri and Kaine are the keys that hold the answers to the mystery. Let them show the World they have a “Beholded” Son. Kyron is that Son. No more games. nor mind control. Bring Kyron home please. Games over players.

    Leave our Babies alone, we’re hurt enough people. Give the Babies back to the Parents who nurtured, raised, loved and not necessarily had full blown custody. The children have suffered tooooooo long by in-competent judges. Fire them all. Give the children back to the families that truly adore and love them. Money should never dictate a “Parents” right to litigate the outcome of their Babies. So Be It!!!

  10. Poppa says:

    JMHO but I think this all started because Terri saw a pending divorce and wanted to get Kaine off guard or make him think twice about taking Kyron out of her life. She likely underestimated what was going to happen should a child go missing in a school – a worst-case scenario for the police.

    When she was suddenly confronted by several police, sheriff and FBI representatives, packing guns and escorting dogs along with hundreds of rescue personnel, I think she got the distinct impression that the way the police would react was beyond her comprehension. Now, she’s stuck – carrying out an impromptu crime that can only result in a serious prison term and deprivation of her own comfort and freedom.

    I suggest she have him dropped off at a public park or other popular place, hide his glasses (will keep him standing still) and let the public “discover” him.

  11. Jeff D says:

    Wow….these have slowed down considerably….

  12. twinkletoes says:

    I am sure you’ve noticed, if you read here, that much of the compassion that was here prior to the revelation of your relationship with M. Cook has given way to anger. I guess I just want to tell you that I have meant every word I’ve written to you. You must suspect this link was a ruse to gain your trust and betray you. But I remain committed to offering you a helping and sisterly hand on your very difficult path. I don’t need to know anything. Even if all I am doing is sending seeds into the wind, I choose to believe that you are a child of light and that these seeds will eventually blossom and help you find your way home. I bow to the God within you.
    Susan aka Twinkletoes

  13. beejay says:

    Hi Terri,

    I sure hope you’re reading here, but I know you’re very busy with your legal battle right now. From yesterday’s events, I see Mr. Houze is still representing you. Very good news!!

    I’m on the east coast so I get going before you do there. I’ve always collected aphorisms and recorded them. Since ‘patience’ is the word of the day (or week, or month, months) I’m sharing some here with you.

    From Tolstoy: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

    From Richard Cecil (Anglican priest): “God’s way of answering the Christian’s prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction”

    From Lyman Abbott (American minister, but a lawyer before that): “Patience is passion tamed.”

    Hang in there. Trust your attorney. As I told you before, I trust YOU. I hope you can be gentle with yourself for whatever you may have done in the past that contributed to Kyron’s tragedy. Your focus absolutely must shift now to taking care of yourself, James, and Kiara. Your children will need you in the future and NO ONE can give them what you can. Hope you can find the strength to think longterm now. Patience.

    My thoughts are with you today and always.

  14. Nor'east reader says:


    I am sure the last 5 weeks have been a nightmare for you. As a mother I can only imagine how losing not only your son but then access to your daughter has affected you. The public, the press and even those close to you interpet your actions, words or lack of them in every situation. Things that you may have done months ago in jest are now cause for speculation and seen as evidence of something. I do admire your fortitude for refusing to engage in a public debate / battle with Kyron’s other family members. As some have said before you have a lawyer, trust in him and trust in yourself and please help bring kyron home if you can. It is a shame that a private life has become the focus of much speculation. I know that there are few whose life would be consider pure and withstand the microscopic study to which you have been subjected.

    Regadless of the situation you are a mother and I am sure are suffering. I can’t imagine not being able to see my daughters beautiful face, hug her, tell her how proud I am of her, walk into her room at night and kiss her forehead and smooth her hair. To feel that hug returned and the joy on her face when she sees a happy face on her pancake – as a tween she still loves that :) .

    Please know that we are all praying for Kyron’s safe return. In situations where children are involved or endangered we feel anger, frustrations and a sense of inadequacy which may result in our lashing out. It means we are passionate about Kyron and want him to come home. My great hope for you and everyone involved is that this situation has a happy resolution.

  15. puddnheadwilson says:

    My thoughts are with you today. Not everyone out here is judging.

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Truth, Beauty and Goodness set the path to Love.

    Goodness is all about our moral values and in reading these many posts I have come to see the universal goodness and forgivness in all the posters regarding a plea for Teri to release her soul in truth for Kyran’s whereabouts.

    I pray that something someone posts makes that possible

  17. Faith says:

    Today, Thursday, July 22nd, KGW has posted that 3 friends of Terri had remained in contact with her after the case began. This last week they searched their homes. Two are in Tualatin, which is not near where she lives, and one not identified as to location. One knows information as to where Terri spent time the day Kyron disappeared.

    I have to wonder if it was a group of friends or if individually they were friends with her and how she came to know them. This information may explain some things. Are they still in contact with each other? Tualatin is quite a distance from where she lived. So something bought them together. One they won’t say where she is located.

    This is bringing in new dynamics to the situation. Were they all mothers? Were they bodybuilders? The sex club? Certainly not from church. One possibly a parent from Skyline?

    Were any of them involved in this? Certainly makes me wonder. The sheriff now says he doesn’t need all the money he had asked for. Have they closed in on what has happened so don’t need more money?

    I, myself, would not remain in touch with a person that has such a questionable alibi for such a horrible situation. Possibly they all knew she didn’t like Kyron or Kaine. A lot of questions here.

  18. twinkletoes says:

    This storm will pass.
    I am glad to learn that you have a support network even if everyone who knows you suddenly becomes a suspect too. I can tell you that I think if my best friend (her hame is Laurie) were accused of something like this, I’d stand by her whether she was guilty or innocent. So I commend them for standing by you.

  19. here to care says:

    You people sound like a bunch of hippies on pot – higher than a kite.

    Sorry, what did she say?? My hooka is bubbling loudly.

    OMG, I know I should just scroll and roll, but I have not laughed that hard in – well, do to my memory loss,
    I’m not sure, pass the Doritos.

    Gimme the one shaped like Cheezus.


    ps. I know- fish, and barrels, blah blah.

  20. twinkletoes says:

    LOL, no pot here dude.
    If I posted your entire comment my friend I would spend all day fending off the Granola’s.
    No thank you my friend :)

  21. twinkletoes says:


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