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Posted by BOC Staff | Kristian Horman,Kyron Horman,Missing Child | Friday 18 June 2010 4:36 pm

Portland, OR– The last 24 hours of the case of missing 7 year old Portland child, Kyron Horman, has the community boiling over with speculation that Terri Horman, Kyron’s stepmother, is a suspect in his disappearance.


As reported exclusively on, Kyron’s Uncle Kristian was incarcerated yesterday for child molestation charges.

This afternoon, Multnomah County Police released a flyer they have distributed to the parents and students of the Skyline School that seem to call into question whether Kyron and his stepmom Terri were even at the school on June 4, 2010.

Check Back to for breaking news in the Horman case.

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  1. tracygirl says:

    44.Redrock says:
    June 22, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    I do believe the ping story came from an alt Portland paper named Willamette Week. It was based entirely on anonymous sources. For Blinkstahs who followed Morgan Harrington’s case, it is similar to “The Hook.”

    Thank you. Yes you are correct, it is from a blog writer named James Pitkin. Here is the link to the blog. Seems that this blog has caused a ton of attention to this case all from according to the writer, “sources” in different levels of law enforcement…hmm last time I checked LE was saying they couldn’t comment. so who is commenting, if in fact they are commenting? Is this crediable enough to conclude it as fact and quote this over and over again?

  2. tracygirl says:

    Sure seems we don’t seem to know why they searched the island. There seems to be a lot said from everyone but Law Enforcement themselves on several areas of this case. All they say is no comment.Is what we know “leaks of information” or something similar to the telephone game?

  3. raceyrin says:

    Oh Wise Blink,(or anyone as wise as she )
    I know we’ve talked about cell phone pings during most of the cases here on BOC , i have just went along for the ride and taken the info at face value. Can someone explain how they can know exactly where you are? I’m immagining a triangle area of sorts when a cell call is made or received . Is there a cell tower on Sauvie Island? Do calls always go to the nearest tower? I have a cell number that travels 20 miles away to a tower that Verizon “deemed” to be closest to my home.It is not and when people call me from right down the road it travels to this distant tower , charging a long distance fee! I have explained this to Verizon and they refuse to correct it. What would my cell phone pings look like? If I called A and it went out to that far away tower , came back in to a tower near A and back to my cell, would you say I was in that triangular area? Because very rarely do I ever go near the city that tower is in.

  4. FLGirl says:

    JR: “What would Terri of said? Just corrected the ‘mix-up’ and have that potential moment be what would make or break her decision to go ahead with her secret plan?”

    That would be my guess. But, I personally doubt the teacher would’ve checked-up to verify in the first place, with preparing for the Science Fair/Classroom tours and then class itself. Most likely she was too busy. I think it’s a lot better to have this excuse in place in case she got noticed leaving with him; and it helps buy her time, if she did anything, and then use the “oh I meant next week” excuse.

    SS, I can agree leaving Kyron in the hall would draw some suspicion, possibly. However, I tend to think that there probably weren’t teachers in the classrooms at that point. In fact, with the PTA lady’s sighting at 8:15, we have no other witness (that I know of) that can put Kyron or his stepmom at the scene beyond 8:15, except maybe the teacher (but we don’t know when that was). LE seems to have discounted the 9am sighting for whatever reason, and is sticking with SM last seeing him at 8:45; but who is to say she actually saw him at 8:45? IF she lied about the Dr. appt., couldn’t she lie about when she left the school? She didn’t have to sign-out, there were no cameras to record her leaving, and it seems that essentially no one saw her around the time she SAYS she left.

    My question is, when did she GET to the school and when did the school open? If the school opened at 8am that day, and she and Kyron got there slightly after that, it’s possible that they did a quick tour of the exhibits; no need for a long tour because Kyron’s class was going to do just that. So, 10-15 minutes of looking at exhibits and she could possibly have been out of there prior to 8:30 for all we know.

    Why is this important? Because I read on another site, the bus schedule for Kyron’s school. The earliest bus to arrive would’ve been around 8:26 give or take. At this point, I think we’re all assuming that the majority of kids were driven to school by parents, like Kyron, because of their exhibits. However, we don’t know if the exhibits were possibly set up the night before maybe? Was Kyron’ SM there to look or to help him set his up? Also I’ve read the exhibits are mostly tri-fold posterboard, something that a child could likely take on the bus. I think most of us are assuming the SM drove Kyron because his project couldn’t fit on the bus, but I don’t think that’s the case.

    In that case, we can make the argument that SM didn’t drive Kyron to get his exhibit there, but to make an appearance of being there, and of having left him at the school. Anyways, back to the bus times. If, most kids rode the bus that morning, and the first bus didn’t arrive until 8:26, SM could’ve gotten there shortly after 8am, took a quick tour, talked to the teacher (if it was that day), and gotten out of there prior to 8:26. Was it kinda risky? Yeah, possibly, if the bus had shown up and someone saw her leaving with Kyron. But, from what I’ve read, teacher/staff/visitor parking is in the front of the school, whereas buses are now routed to the back to drop the kids off. So really, would a bus driver or kids notice Kyron getting in a car to leave? I don’t think they would.

    So, the scenario. SM/Kyron arrive shortly after 8am. They look at Kyron’s exhibit and some of his friends; take some pics. SM tells Kyron “remember we have that appt. today”. Kyron protests, he wants to stay a bit longer and check out some other projects. SM says, “ok well, I’m going to go talk to your teacher for a few, so take a quick look, then meet me at the car”. I feel like all of that could’ve been done before 8:26. And, if SM was “caught” with Kyron, it’s much less of a red flag, than if a stranger or other family member was.

    Also like to point out that I’ve heard the classroom bell rings at 8:45. That means kids would’ve had to be in the classroom by then. So, SM’s timeline of 8:45 seems unlikely, as he would’ve either been in the hall after the bell, or there would’ve been many more other children around at that point. Someone would’ve noticed him.

  5. nana2 says:

    Here is an interesting article also courtesy of James Pitkin @ the Willamette Week::

    Kyron Horman Update: Man Spotted in Photo from Stepmom’s Facebook Page

  6. nana2 says:

    In that same article is another pic of Kyron standing in front of his science project (the first pic) & in the background is a little girl & a man in a striped shirt..

    Kyron Horman Update: Man Spotted in Photo from Stepmom’s Facebook Page

  7. zeus says:

    Liam says:
    June 22, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Kyron dropped off his coat and backpack in his classroom before touring the science-fair with his SM. If his coat and back-pack were there in the classroom and he wasn`t would this not have alarmed the teacher? The teacher has already stated she had seen both Kyron and his SM earlier that morning in the school.

    The kids were supposed to report to their classes and be divided into small groups of a few students each. Each group was supposed to tour the science fair with a chaperone. Afterward, when they returned to their classes for roll call, Kyron wasn’t there.

    Who were the chaperones?

    Why wasn`t roll call done before the tour?

    As Liam said, “If his coat and back-pack were there in the classroom and he wasn`t would this not have alarmed the teacher?”

    And that is what keeps hanging me up on the whole idea many people are running with, about Terri planning this perfect crime. So supposedly Terri plans this day, down to the minute, pretty much, knows Kyron won’t be missed because of the much discussed “doctors appointment”, takes him away with no one seeing, goes wherever and does whatever, gets back home to post the nefarious alibi “tree frog picture”, and waits around for the now missing, but not known yet, Kyron?

    So she is clever enough to do all those things, plan it all out, cover her tracks-but not clever enough to get his coat and backpack out of the classroom? Because surely, any person who plans a crime like this would realize that, by leaving the coat and backpack, you will most likely get a call from school and then what in the he** are you going to do? You won’t be able to backtrack at that point, that’s for sure. So why the left behind coat and backpack? Was she just caught up in the moment, or was someone close to her, who knew all the details of this family, the science fair, and this school in general; waiting around for the chance to grab Kyron. Someone with a white truck also, who knew that the blame would most likely go to Terri.

    None of us knows what truly happened, not yet, and I hope some people would argue every possible scenario for me if I was ever in a horrific situation.

  8. SS says:

    Check this link – first time I have seen anything regarding someone possibly seeing the SM leave the school WITH Kyron.

    “Portland Public Schools spokesman Matt Shelby said two teachers saw Kyron with his mother and thought the two left school together. He said it was not uncommon for parents to pick up kids this way, so no suspicions were raised.”

    Emphasis on “thought”. No person saw them leave together.

  9. Redrock says:

    A starter should last the life of a vehicle in normal service. If you go muddin’, crik fording, or the like, you will replace starters and many other components. Seems to have run fine on the 4th.

  10. FLGirl says:

    With regards to SM and the “note” regarding Kyron’s Dr. appt.; is there actually a note? From what I’ve read, SM informed the teacher verbally, thus she claims the teacher misunderstood her. I’ve never seen it mentioned that there was any kind of paperwork submitted. Further, based on the info someone posted upthread, it doesn’t seem like there is any need for paperwork prior to the appt.; just afterwards, in order to explain an absence.

    Sure it would probably be a good idea to let the teacher/school know in advance, but parents seemingly don’t have to. So, IF SM had paperwork to submit, why would she pick that day to do it? Why not another day when it was less hectic? Also, IF SM had submitted paperwork, there should be a time/date for Kyron’s appt., shouldn’t there? So, it would seem tough to me, to have this confusion; unless the teacher took paperwork and didn’t look at it. I don’t know; just doesn’t really make sense.

    I do have some questions, if anyone has answers:

    1. Was there some kind of “electrical” exhibit that we know of?

    2. If some feel it would be terribly hard for SM to get Kyron out of the school without drawing attention, then, why would it be an easier for a stranger or a more distant relative?

    3. Do we know the weather for that morning? Was it raining? If so, anyone going thru the lot was likely more focused on getting to the building quickly, than noticing if there were any children outside.

    4. Are there any clear pics of the truck, aside from the tow video? Does it possibly have tinted windows, that would make it tough for someone to discern who was inside? If so, the only tough part is getting Kyron to the truck, from there, who would notice him thru tinted windows?

    With regards to the truck, several have made the point that the truck is nothing special; that there are hundreds and thousands of white Ford F250s out there, so just because someone saw an F250, doesn’t mean it was SM driving it. Very true, but, look at it from another angle. The very fact that there are so many trucks like this means it wouldn’t stand out much, if at all; as opposed to say a Red Mustang with a personalized plate. Who would notice a plain white pickup truck in rural Oregon?

    Again, let me say, I don’t want it to be the SM. And some things are in question; like motive (Post-Partum Depression? Marriage issues? Problems with the kids? It’d be interesting to know why her son moved out of the house not too long ago. Was she resentful that she pretty much raised Kyron, but that he still had a close relationship with his BioMom? Did I read somewhere that Kyron was going to spend the summer with his mom Desiree?

    I can easily see the means and opportunity, the issue is a strong motive. There are many possibilities, but right now things are about as clear as mud. The seeming lack of a motive does keep me from completely deciding she did something to Kyron. But, the other parts of the equation… well, she just seems to be the most logical suspect.

  11. FLGirl says:

    As Liam said, “If his coat and back-pack were there in the classroom and he wasn`t would this not have alarmed the teacher?”


    I wouldn’t say so. The coat and bookbag are not a red flag to me at all, quite the opposite. Let’s assume SM told the teacher that Kyron had a morning appt. Why would he drag his bookbag with him, when he’d most likely be coming back? I mean, he was expected to be there for the talent show at 1pm, so he HAD to have had a morning appt., and he had to have been coming back. So, if SM tells the teacher that Kyron has a 10am appt., he’d be back in plenty of time to make the talent show. And again, why drag a book bag, only to leave it in the truck, when he can just leave it in the classroom until he gets back?

    As for the coat, I dunno. If it was a warm morning, or was just warming up, maybe Kyron wouldn’t want or need to take a coat with him to the appt. Maybe he wore the coat because it was raining that morning, and it had stopped? I don’t know about June temperatures in Oregon, but I tend to think it was fairly warm. And, wasn’t Kyron wearing Cargo shorts? So perhaps the coat was very light or simply a raincoat. This would only raise red flags for me if he wasn’t expected back at the school, or if it was winter/cold.

    Can someone explain how they can know exactly where you are? I’m immagining a triangle area of sorts when a cell call is made or received .


    I’m no expert, by far. But, my understanding is that the ping is your phone sending/receiving signals. As you’re traveling, your phone is going to search out the nearest tower that will give you a signal. So, if SM’s phone pinged on Sauvie Island, it’s because her phone was trying to establish a signal in that vicinity.

    That’s why you’ll notice sometimes when you drive through more rural areas, your signal drops off; no tower, or not close enough to get a strong signal. That’s also why Roaming exists on phones. If you’re on ATT and you have your phone set to ATT-Only, it will only search a signal on the nearest available ATT tower. If you set it on Roam, it will seek out a signal on the nearest tower, be it ATT, Verizon, Sprint etc. So, you could be an ATT customer and your call could be going thru a Verizon cell tower. Use to be they’d charge if you roamed onto another provider’s network; but these days, most companies have roaming agreements that allow customers to use another company’s tower, so long as it meets certain conditions – like Sprint, you must not roam for more than 50% of your monthly usage.

    Hope that helps some.

  12. Hulagirl says:

    In the second picture down on the page is the head of the man…gray hair. Someone had a good eye! That is the first time I saw him, although have seen that picture before. If someone has a decent computer (I’m not on one at the moment) they might be able to blow up the tv in the upper left (both pictures) and see if other people are reflected in it as well… I would think the fbi would have gone over each and every milimeter of these photos already though…

    Kyron Horman Update: Man Spotted in Photo from Stepmom’s Facebook Page

  13. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @raceyrin–good explanation of cell phone triangulation here:

  14. Kim says:

    I would not have walked my daughter to class. Could be a distraction – all the kids usually call mu name, want to show me something, etc. She may have wanted to keep a low-profile. Not sure if I’ll do the same in the future. I’m also compulsive about telling people tmi. I would probably mention a future appointment to the teacher while I had her ‘ear’.

    Who in their life would want to harm the family? Who’s child was hurt by a member of the family or gotten in trouble by SM maybe??

  15. Hulagirl says:

    From the flyer, the tow-footage, and the picture with grandpa on facebook, the truck’s back windows (extra-cab) appear to be tinted but not the front.
    According to someone who knows the school, there was a door next to Kyron’s classroom that let straight out to a more quiet parking lot.
    The weather was rainy and gray that day. Not a downpour but a light rain on and off. However, this is Portland, OR and it rains A LOT. No one (unless they’re new to Portland) really rushes to get into a building (or across a parking lot) because of it unless they’re carrying something like a science project that they don’t want getting wet…even then they would probably just cover it up with something (plastic) in order to keep it dry.
    Possible motives….there are many but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself for now and continue to hope that it wasn’t anyone whom he thought loved and cared about him.

  16. J2K says:

    [problem-child guiltily raises her hand...]

    Um, B – sorry to be a pest (again!), but my circa-3:30-p.m. comments on the previous page (#46 and #47, from my view) are still “awaiting moderation,” so your posting of my brief second addendum following those two posts is a just kinda lamely hanging there, totally outside of any context:

    “49. J2K says:
    June 22, 2010 at 3:30 pm
    Okay – last dispatch on this! …”

    Please help.

    tracygirl, et al – re: “rumors” vs. leaks
    The Williamette Week’s James Pitkin is an award-winning journalist (coming off a first-place win from the Portland Society of Professional Journalists awards this year in the Crime & Justice category …
    … for his story: “To Catch A Stoner.”

    I can tell you from first-hand experience that if you cover a city’s crime beat long enough and well enough, you garner inside sources. They won’t give you names very often, but they won’t lead you astray with bad/speculative information, either.

    Yes, the WW piece that broke the Terri-cell-ping inconsistency was categorized as a blog entry on the pub’s Web site, but that’s probably because it’s a weekly newspaper and thus the actual articles are submitted per deadline weeks in advance of publication to be fact-checked, edited, paired with art, etc; to publish news in “real-time,” these types of papers often publish it in the form of a blog entry on their Web site as a ‘breaking” update they’ll cover later in-depth. But don’t mistake it for being anything other than what is: a news scoop from reliable info (“leaks,” if you will).

    I don’t doubt for a second that the critical “ping” info noted in the piece is accurate.

    J2- bear with me, friend.
    I am using an image from that “spool” in a piece, and I am not yet getting approval on the balance to post it as a link, because of the identities of the small children that accompany it.

    You want me to post with a redacted link? I know, I am a PITA when it comes to this stuff, but with the weejuns..

    Heart you.

    ps. the cell pings story was broken here. I just did not name names. Like the Uncle story, which to their credit, a few pubs have since added the attrition.

  17. FLGirl says:

    Thanks Hulagirl. The truck wasn’t something I really paid attention to on the flyer. Oops. I can’t see any of SM’s pics as I don’t have facebook and haven’t seen them posted anywhere else.

    I have seen some maps of the school and there does seem to be a door that leads straight out of the school, along the side. From the map, looking at the front of the school, the door is on the right side, with an overhang partially obscuring it. You can see what looks like a “bus lane” there as well. It looks as though the buses used to pick kids up and drop them off by that door. Some could’ve pulled up to that entrance and opened their vehicle door, and a person could’ve gotten into the vehicle with little chance of being seen recognized.

    Not sure if this will work, but the front of the school faces NW Skyline Blvd., and again, from there, you can navigate to the right-hand side of the building, to see the entrance and the bus lane outside.

  18. FLGirl says:

    Oops, I forgot to add, when you look at that map, you need to click on the tab that says “Aerial” and click the option that says “Bird’s Eye”.

  19. Redrock says:

    Some non-accusatory questions from that morning:

    Where was Kaine?
    Was he working?
    Was he still home when Terri and Kyron left?
    What time did he next see Terri that day after she left with Kyron?
    Where was their daughter?
    Was she at home?
    Who was caring for the daughter?
    If the daughter was elsewhere, when was she taken?
    Who took her to her caregiver or did a caregiver pick her up?
    What vehicle was used to transport her?
    If the daughter was elsewhere, how often did she spend the night away from home?

  20. J2K says:

    FLGirl – re: Unnamed 9 a.m. Witness

    You noted:
    “… In fact, with the PTA lady’s sighting at 8:15, we have no other witness (that I know of) that can put Kyron or his stepmom at the scene beyond 8:15, except maybe the teacher (but we don’t know when that was). LE seems to have discounted the 9am sighting for whatever reason, and is sticking with SM last seeing him at 8:45; but who is to say she actually saw him at 8:45?…”

    I certainly don’t have the answers, but I’ve got a few thoughts on the matter that may offer another perspective. I think “that we know of” is the operative phrase here. LE and the schools spokesman both mentioned that Terri and Kyron were seen by several individuals at the science expo that morning, including the superintendent and his teacher, Kristina Porter, who reportedly saw them in her classroom at one point; times are assigned to all sighting, nor are all sources named or described.

    The fact that the “seen at 9 a.m. by an unnamed witness” was passed from law-enforcement to the press/public makes me hesitant to dismiss it. As I noted in an earlier post, I don’t think the rather mysterious 9 a.m. sighting of Kyron was discounted; I think the alleged witness saw Kyron *with* Terri at 9 a.m., thus *she* was the last to see him.

    Note that the new info doesn’t move the timeline back to her alleged 8:45 sighting of him walking to class – just that she was the last person known to have seen him. LE also declined to elaborate on the discrepancy. I think they kept that piece of info classified until they were more convinced Terri left school with Kyron.

    Also, FLGirl, to your point:
    “… If, most kids rode the bus that morning, and the first bus didn’t arrive until 8:26, SM could’ve gotten there shortly after 8am, took a quick tour, talked to the teacher (if it was that day), and gotten out of there prior to 8:26. …”

    True. But continuing my line of thought, I think (if guilty), she would have hung around until *after* the kids and the buses dispersed (at least 8:45) to leave the grounds with Kyron, lest the kids/departing parents see him or her leaving school grounds. If you think about it, that would have been the only clear window of mostly unobserved time that she had (b/w 8:45 and 9 a.m.).
    Just sayin’.

    zeus – re: bookbag & coat
    (Hey, z! Good to see you out of our usual neighborhood over on the Harrington thread. Astute observations as usual, my friend.)

    You posed the question:
    “…So she is clever enough to do all those things, plan it all out, cover her tracks-but not clever enough to get his coat and backpack out of the classroom? …”

    Maybe she was too clever by half. If they first stopped by Kyron’s class with his bag and coat, Terri was probably the one who hung his coat and jacket on a hook in the back of the room. Say that one of the far ends of the cubby hooks/shelf was slightly obscured from view and she strategically placed his stuff there as to avoid detection until it was too late.

    If that was the case, LE might have been assessing the classroom scene, interviewing his teacher and whatnot, and was like, “So, lemme get this straight: The SM not only miscommunicated an upcoming doctor’s appointment to Ms. Porter, leading her to mark him absent for the day, but she also placed his coat and bookbag slightly out of obvious view, obscuring the only other red-flag for Ms. Porter that Kyron indeed should have been at school that day…? Huh.”

  21. Sunny says:

    pamomma–I don’t think it’s odd IF getting a babysitter was a normal thing for her.I also know SAHM’s that do this. I totally get needing a sitter for when you volunteer, etc., but she wasn’t volunteering that morn. I agree with everything you say, it’s just that IF this IS NOT normal for her, than it just adds to all the “little things” in my mind that point to her (ie. telling the teacher about an appointment Kyron had “next Friday”–which I think she *could have* told the teacher that it was for that Friday–June 4. What a coincidence that the teacher gets this wrong on the day that Kyron disappears.). I hate to say it, I really do, it’s just a lot of things that kind of look highly “coincidental” *to me*. It could totally be the “norm” for SM. Totally. I’m just curious if it was. Because if it’s NOT, then it could *potentially* say a lot to all the “little things” that happened that morn that were not “the norm”. And you’re right–none of this is strange, UNLESS it is strange. Totally, just IMO.

  22. J2K says:

    Damn, B – my apoliies.
    I have not been following the story in “real-time” myself, and failed to see you indeed broke the “ping” news first. (I expect no less of you and the Blinkstas. Don’t F with Web-based researchers, baddies!)
    Mea culpa. (Just wanted to clarify that the “rumors” here and on the WW site were actually leaked facts n the investigation.)

    Thanks for posting my 3:25-ish entry without said link. I forget myself here sometimes – you are wise to refrain from posting pics of minors without parental/otherwise expressed permission.
    I look forward to seeing what y’all are cookin’ up. You never cease to amaze.

    No apolly necessary Friend, your research is wicked sound.

  23. Midwest Mom says:


    Lots of thoughts, none to do with terri.
    How long since they moved from beaverton? I couldn’t find how to get to public records to verify if the property had been sold or still vacant.
    Doing a reverse search on the property address I found someone else at this address. S.G. gonzales. This could be a new home owner, but hate to assume. Could have been someone that lived with them for a short while. Couldn’t find out anything else about this person.

    Any thoughts?

  24. FLGirl says:

    I understand what you’re saying J2K. I suppose the thing is, though we have sightings, we don’t have confirmation of the times of the sightings, which is just where I’m theorizing a little bit.

    I know there’s Kyron’s friend who says he saw Kyron (I think he was the 9am sighting,) but that LE dismissed it for some reason. Or perhaps they’ve revised the friend’s timeline, figuring it had to be prior to 8:45.

    I know that someone from the school has said two teachers saw Kyron; but they apparently saw him leaving with SM; and I Don’t think LE has ever verified that. So, I’m putting that up as more rumor than fact at this point.

    Then there’s the teacher encounter where the Dr. appt. may have been mentioned. However, I’m still not clear as to when that happened. Some seem to think it happened the prior day, but via SM’s friend’s words, it seems to me it happened THE day. I don’t think we have a timeline on that either.

    Publicly, LE has only given the specific times of 8:15 (for the PTA lady I believe), and 8:45 for the time that SM says she last saw Kyron.

    Granted I’m just speculating and might be wrong. It only seems to me that via conflicting accounts, revised LE statements, etc., that perhaps the only verified times we have are the PTA lady at 8:15 and SM’s statement of 8:45.

    That 8:45 continues to bother me, because as mentioned, it’s supposed to be the time the classroom bell rings. Having worked at the school, I would assume that SM knows that. If so, we’d have to assume Kyron was late to class, and that at least some others would be in the classroom or on the way to class; and I just can’t figure out how no one would see SM and Kyron going their separate ways if so. That’s why I theorize that maybe everyone saw what they saw, but that their recollection of time is incorrect.

    I dunno, maybe there’s more than has been released. But, I think it’s at least possible that sightings might have occurred earlier. Maybe it’d feel better if they said “so and so saw Kyron and SM at 8:30″ or something. But right now, from what limited info I personally have, I’m looking at a half-hour window from when the PTA lady saw them to when SM says they parted company. I’d like to see that filled-in a bit.

    As for leaving when kids are arriving? I agree it’d be best to be out of there before or after the heavy traffic time. That’s why I speculated that not many would be there so so early as 8 or 8:15, with most coming on the buses. IF SM was a sub/teacher/helper at the school, she likely knew the bus schedule and could figure to get out prior to the first arrival. Risky? Definitely. But not out of the question I think; especially if she figured most people would be excited/distracted about getting their projects into the school and set-up.

    Waiting till everyone goes to their classes or start the tour; ok I could see that as well. But, where does Kyron go for that amount of time? If it’s SM, does she take him into the ladies room and hope no one sees or hears them? How does she get him outside then? If she has to incapacitate him, I’d say she’d draw a lot more suspicion having to try and carry him out of there, than if she just walked out earlier (the appt. or “you left something in the car” as a ruse). If a teacher, parent, custodian happened to see her trying to haul a body or an unconscious child out… well I think that’s a huge chance to take. If it was me, I’d get out before the majority showed up; barring that, I make up an excuse and hope people are too busy to notice.

    I just really don’t know.

  25. fish says:

    J2K: There you are! We all have been missin’ u! I don’t know much about this case but I truly feel for this little boy. Yet, another ripped from his young life.
    I guess the ol’ saying is true…
    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”
    The problem is we just never know who’s who!!

    Can I ask you what YOU make of his left arm? Seems the brochure is there, just a little bitty corner but you can see it. I know kids are flexible but this just looks strange to me. And please remember, I’m the one with the kid sister that could put both ankles behind her head and we would roll her. I know, we were such idiots for making her do that. Just seemed that she wanted to.

    Blink, you are the smartest one of the bunch!
    Camden and Philly, out!
    (ok, maybe not J2K but sorry I have to go.
    needed elsewhere)

  26. Luv2sleuth says:

    I don’t know if this was posted by SM on 2/10/2010. I wish there was a way to know if it was her. To see the article she was commenting on go to the link. Here is her comment:

    Teri Moulton

    Did any of you notice that it was after the Cinthia Sommer’s trial that Court t.v. started loosing Their anchors and shows? That’s because they got sued out the ying yang, and had to change the way the did everything, including changing their name,and hiring some anchors that would work for peanuts compared to the real talents, Catherin Crier, Jack Ford, Ashley Banfield, Lisa Bloom, Vinnie Politan, and oh what’s her name, the one that got them sued in the first place. You know that fiesty blond.
    Cinthia Sommers I hope you sued them for millions, any therapist will tell a grieving loved one to go out and do something for themselves, perhaps something they always wanted to do. You were unjustly accused, your life and the lives of your children torn apart on top of the loss of your husband, I hope that were ever you are some how you will be able to rebuil your lives.
    Thanks a lot Feisty Blond, we loved you all. But sometimes you can go to far,
    just like you are doing with that innocent little girl in the Haley Commings case. Can’t you see by now, she isn’t sophisticated enough to fool every one this long, she may have been neglegent, and Haley is of coarse the most important issue, but common’ Misty is just a baby herself.
    We all know that it is you all that twists these people’s words to try and trip them up, get a clue, it isn’t working, you are just torchering that little girl just as you did Cinthia Sommers.

    here is the link to court tv

  27. Kim says:

    FLGirl asks: “2. If some feel it would be terribly hard for SM to get Kyron out of the school without drawing attention, then, why would it be an easier for a stranger or a more distant relative?”

    My take is: an unfamiliar face is easily overlooked. I’m telling you, there are some kids in my daughters class or the other 1st grade classes that I not only get confused but totally miss. I remarked about one little boy in her yearbook that we got the other day. I said, oh, he must have moved early in the school year. Hope. There until the last day. Darn if I do not remember him!! My point.. if a person walked out with or near Kyron, they might not have placed him there, not knowing the suspect. kwim?

    Your question about the weather would add to that if the weather was bad. Where is our poster friend (forgive me, was she a teacher there or a parent?) If we could nail down a few specifics and maybe view how someone other than SM could pull it off. But you know, if anyone knew the lax attendance reporting, on top of the confusion/business of the day… the person wouldn’t need alot of a head start. Get him out of the building and once you’re on the road, you’ve got a good 15 min before teacher notices, sends a kid to check the bathroom or whatever, then calls the office and tells them a kid is missing. What is the protocol? For any school? Can some Teachers weigh in??

  28. Kim says:

    The word ‘Hope’ in my last post s/b N” Nope”.

  29. NaNa says:

    Fl Girl. The technology of locating a cell phone is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns. Mobile phones always communicate with one of the closest base stations, so if you know which base station the phone communicates with, you know that the phone is close.

    Advanced systems determine the sector in which the mobile phone resides and roughly estimate also the distance to the base station. If you interpole a signal between adjacent towers, most services can place a phone within 150 feet of a tower.

  30. Jettx says:

    I would like to say something about the starter on the truck. I drive an F-350 p/u and I can tell you that stranger things have happened than the starter going out on a fairly new truck. These trucks have big parts and big motors, diesels (like mine) have 2 batteries, and the starters and water pumps have been known to have certain problems in certain year models. However, the only connection I can make is that the eye glasses pics were released the same day the truck was towed off. I do believe that if SO had the truck towed, it would not have been by the run of the mill tow truck company. I would like to know if they have it back yet.

  31. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Blink: “ps. the cell pings story was broken here. I just did not name names.”
    When I read your comment above I had to laugh at myself. I bet you got the big eye roll from my post that followed with “don’t they need a cell phone number to do this?” :) I am new to this, though, so I didn’t know at the time that you knew more than you were able to say. I’m so impressed :) Thanks for letting me hang around.

    @JK2: Great posts. I’m with you on all of what you wrote. Someone questioned why she’d do this in front of so many people if she were going to do it, but I’m thinking that IF someone were going to do something like this and IF that someone thought you were smarter than the average bear, that someone would want witnesses. A child dies alone with a parent, there are a lot more questions than if a loving parent brings a child to school and drops him off in plain sight, and then the child disappears… or at least that’s what someone might think.

    As for motive also questioned above, certainly I can’t know that. But I will say that IF someone is a sociopath, they can hide so very much, and it can be a long time before they’re caught. I’ll try to keep this brief, but I want to share this story in order to make a point about how a good sociopath is hard to catch:

    I was involved with a man for several years. On the surface, he was perfect–responsible, brave volunteer, etc. We had a lot of fun and it was quite romantic. In fact, he seemed to good to be true. True, I wasn’t paying close attention, but it was a year of dating when I found out that he’d been living with another woman the entire time. He’d lived with her for four years. She had no idea about me. Once I got the first bit of info on him, I was livid, but then anger subsided and a need to figure it all out took over. By the time I was finished digging, I’d found out that she & I were certainly not the only two, and the others believed they were the ones he really loved. The first one, even though she lived with him, had NO idea about any of this. He used his volunteer activities as a cover. And he wasn’t just a player with women, he had lots of other problems, including a court record for domestic abuse and I think theft (I’ve never ordered the court records to find out for sure). He was looking for someone to marry. Not because he was desperate for love, but because he was deeply in debt, no way out, was losing clients in his business, and hadn’t filed income taxes in the US for 8 to 10 years. And his facade kept most people thinking what a great guy he was, until he stole from them or used them or lied to them. The only mistake I made was confronting him (good advice: do not confront a sociopath alone). I left without a trace 5 years ago, and made sure he couldn’t find me. Sometimes it feels like I’m living on the lam or in the witness protection program. But even though I did out him to the women there who he was “seriously” involved with so that they could protect themselves, he had already found a new victim (yes, I found out about her, too) and was pursuing her passionately. Fast forward 4.5 years. I accidentally stumbled across him and his whereabouts. He is “married”, using her last name, living in another country (no records of him under his “new name”) (yes, she had money, and yes, she took him in right away and probably has zero idea about his past), pretending to be a professional that he isn’t, and he walked away from all of his debt and taxes. He’s been there for 4.5 years. She has started a business with him, helped him live in another country without a trace, and from all the online stuff I can gather, he’s trusted and respected in the community, and no one knows his real name.

    Point is, if someone is a sociopath, and they want to pretend to be someone and something they aren’t and maintain a facade of loving husband/loving wife/good parent/whatever, they can do it, and it’s only by very careful observation and research, or by catching them in one of their vile acts that they’re found out. And sociopaths inevitably deal with anyone or anything that stands in their way or threatens them.

  32. daisygirl says:

    Blink, I am not sure if this has been brought up, but I just read a comment on another article asking where Kyron’s left arm is in this picture. WTH? Could he really bent it back so far that no skin would show?

  33. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    whoops, clarification, that should say: and IF that someone thought THEY were smarter than the average bear, that someone would want witnesses.

  34. mag603 says:

    Kyron has a 15 year old brother, 16 year old step-brother, and a little sister.
    Anyone know where the 15 year old lives.

    Also makes me wonder who Desiree was directing that letter too?

  35. lillor says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the link to that FB album is in J2K’s 12:50a post (in the paragraph discussing TH as a Skyline aid) as well.
    Your work is amazing!!!

  36. oneshot says:

    re: bookbag & jacket
    I thought the kids were setting up their exhibits in classrooms the day before, on June 3rd, so they’d be ready @ 8am on June 4th. If Kyron was like the rest of the kids, he & SM brought his to school on the 3rd, so she drove him on the 3rd – does anyone know??
    or alternatively,
    perhaps SM brought it to school @ the end of the day on the 3rd – so she picked him up that afternoon rather than have him take a bus, so she could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone (bring it, help him set it up, & drive him home). In which case, if Kyron was busy setting it up with her, he wouldn’t have his bookbag & coat with him in this exhibit room, & once done, he went to the car w/o them…SM might’ve forgotten, in Kyron’s excitement of getting it set up (& how parents get distracted & all).
    Point is, Kyron may not have brought his bookbag & jacket the 4th at all, but it was left over from the day before (on desk or hung up on rack or in a closet). The teacher would’ve gotten desensitized to it if it were left over from the day before, since she’d assume he’d pick it up later, @ some point; given the apparent Dr. appt mix-up, it wouldn’t have stood out to her as much.
    The idea that Kyron’s things would be sitting on his desk while he’s marked absent has bothered me, but then I heard about the setting up on the day before & this scenario seems reasonable.

  37. Mel says:

    I find it interesting that the stepmom took a photo of the other tree frog project. For a second, it almost seemed to be a competetive photo. Her sons project was obviously much better put together. She even goes as far as saying in one of the comments that she bearly helped with the project except for lamination. Looking at the project, having children of my own and knowing the capabilities of a child to create such a project, I realise that more than likely, the Step mom did in fact do much of the project. The other child, whom she took a photo of, seemed quite pleased with his assignment. Was there a preassigned topic that each child had to choose?

  38. Domsmom says:

    Somebody mentioned this earlier, I apologize can’t remember who and i’ve been reading now for a while, but an analysis has now been done on many statements by the family. Very interesting stuff.

  39. SS says:

    Two more thoughts for the day as I go over and over this because there’s no new info – 1) if LE thought SM’s cell phone was pinging on Sauvie Island then they must have taken this pretty seriously. From what I’ve read and the photos I’ve seen, they pretty much took that location apart and there were A LOT of them there; not to mention, the helicoptor(s?)overhead.

    Thought 2) When SM posted on her FB that she was “hitting the gym” then LE came out later and told everyone that the reason for comments such as this is because they (LE) had told the SM & Dad to keep to their routine as much as possible. Maybe LE just said this to the SM and Dad to see if they really WOULD/COULD keep to a routine, or whether they were so stressed they would just fall apart and not be able to do routine things, as one would expect. Behavior can be so telling sometimes.

    And on that same note, maybe LE offered to let the family get in front of a camera to ask for the return of Kyron, and the family declined. But again, not the behavior you would expect if this had happened. Or maybe LE knew from Day One that there was no point in having the family get in front of the camera.

    Hey Blink, you never did throw us that bone today…
    You have been somewhat quiet in fact.
    Have any of your opinions on this case changed at all in the past week? Have you seen cases like this where the family just won’t (or was asked not to) talk to the media, even to beg for the return of their child? I never have. They ALWAYS get in front of a camera and talk or cry or plead or all of these. The only person who spoke in front of the camera was the stepfather, and then only to read his statement. No comments. No questions taken. Poor Kyron. If he were my child I would be in front of a camera, probably doing all of these things.

  40. mrssomeone says:

    Why would she leave his coat and backpack??

    Seriously??? Why is everyone hung up on this? The obvious answer is she did it INTENTIONALLY because she knew the teacher wouldn’t likely notice AND SHE WANTED IT TO LOOK LIKE HE WAS ACTUALLY ABDUCTED. And if someone just grabbed a kid, they wouldn’t go get their coat and bag. So obviously it was planned.

    I don’t think it’s all that uncommon for kids to forget their bags. I know my daughter has forgotten her bag at school and we never got a call about it, she just got it the next day. I think Terri knew that the teacher wouldn’t make an issue about it and that’s exactly WHY she did it.

  41. Eloise says:

    I am wondering if the Kyron tree frog project photo with the man in the background has been found to be authentic? Reason is, I would have thought Blink would have posted that. So, makes it a bit suspect to me. Anyone else?

    Mel- what ‘other’ tree frog project photo? It’s late and I may just be in a coma, have been all week due to work. lol!

    About the backpack-

    Not knowing what kind of child Kyron is, I can’t speculate too deeply. But my original thought was the child would have been distressed not to have left with his stuff. Mine would have been. So in that respect, it could be in the SM’s favor. But, if he is the type that needs direction for every step he takes, he may not have thought twice about not having his bag/coat. So, she may have kept the normal routine with stuff, classroom, then science fair. If she told him at home not to bring his stuff , you have an appt. I think it would have been met with resistence, particularly that he was to be in the talent show as well, and that would have been a heck of a day for a real Dr’s appt.with so many special events planned.
    Somewhere I thought it was stated, SM told the teacher while they were in the gym the day before. Maybe he really did have an appt for the 11th, but she goofed. When pressed hard by LE for an answer to why the teacher was sure he was marked out for an appt she used that story as a cover? ( like oh yea, thats it, an appt w/ the Dr, I told her, she new). By the way, stating the teacher was HOH is very odd. If she was infact hearing impaired, thats kind of a private health matter she should not be yapping about, not that I think that it is true.
    So, I think if we were to discuss SM’s potential culpability,
    a), backpack find by teacher, no biggie, she thinks oh Kyron forgot his bag when he left for the DR.
    b)was backpack on his desk as originally reported, or was it put up, so unnoticed?
    c) SM wanted backpack found, so it would show he was ‘missing’ and the school goofed in their unknown role in this elaborate plan on their prompt duty of reporting the missing child.
    Not to mention at what point did they decide he must have flushed himself as he never returned from the BR?

    J2K- great observation on the t-shirt noted at bday party dinner. So, unless CSI is a family celebrated show, Kyron’s shirt may have been a hand me down?

    I still wonder about his departure from the family. How did he & Kyron get along? Could their relationship be the cause of a Dr appt teacher assessment form? What does he share about his family dynamics? James is her bio child, might she stick her neck out for him over Kyron if the situation warranted it?

    Good Point. In fact, blink editor Madeline Tanner found that gentlemen’s image last week. We opted not to post it because he could be someone’s dad, and the whole world now thinking something nefarious. Not how I roll.

  42. Eloise says:

    c). above should say:
    SM wanted backpack found, so it would show he was ‘missing’ and the school goofed in their unknown role in this elaborate plan on their not so prompt duty of reporting the missing child.

  43. Midwest Mom says:

    The man in terri facebook photo looks like the man in my “flash” I can’t tell if he(photo) has a ponytail,but the face structure and the hair

    I feel like I am going sick, not sure what to think. I don’t believe that dreams mean anything,and I don’t believe in visions or horoscopes.

    I had heart palpitations before I clicked on the link. But can’t help think what if I am wrong? Haven’t seen the house yet, but will now when I see it.

  44. zeus says:

    Thanks J2K! I am always so impressed by all your well thought out ideas!

    This whole case is uber strange and hard to follow. The reason I wondered about the left behind backpack and coat was a comment on a very early article (I’m trying to find it again), that said the kids in Kyron’s classroom pointed out to the teacher that his stuff was there-but he wasn’t. I’m curious why, if that is true, she wouldn’t have called home at least when the talent show started, to see why he didn’t come back. I think the talent show should have been a clincher as to the teacher going, hmmm, why isn’t Kyron back from the doctor yet-if she ever really thought he was at the doctor to begin with.

    Also, many people have said how busy the teacher was with the science fair and talent show on that day, plus her class, but the child/teacher ratio at Skyline is about 12 to 1, per their website, so these aren’t large classes with lots of kids to keep track of. Even more reason to notice that Kyron had not come back. Not blaming the teacher at all, but finding it difficult to understand her not having a red flag moment as to Kyron’s continued absence that day.

    Has anyone seen several comments made on other sites that Terri emailed the teacher after she left Kyron at school and asked when she could pick up the science fair display? I don’t know if that is a rumor or is being kept quiet for some reason. I would think that could show that she was at home emailing or on her phone email at a specific time, but not show guilt or lack of necessarily.

    And did anyone see the comment on an article recently by a woman saying that her friends kids go to Skyline and that the child and her parents spoke with a local radio station confirming that they had seen and spoke with both Terri and Kyron that morning. I figure there are many more people who saw and spoke to them than we are aware of.

  45. JEN says:

    Mel, I believe that Kyron and the child who completed the other project are friends outside of school as well, so not so strange to me that she would also take pics of his work. :)

  46. caligram says:

    RE:6/24/2010 5:10 p.m fooros comments

    I agree & have been from the get-go:
    2. World of Warcraft influence

  47. SH says:

    Has the question of a Life Insurance Policy been addressed?

    Is there a Life Insurance Policy on the child?

  48. Hejlena says:

    Totally OT and juvenile, but can’t stop grinning at the idea of Jason Wishe(a)rt…presumably…entering a Wiki article
    re: himself

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