Kyron Horman Missing: Terri Horman Retains HEAVY HITTER HOUZE

Portland, OR– Early this evening, Stephen Houze, prominent Portland criminal defense attorney leveled the playing field.


He is representing Terri Horman, step-mom of missing child Kyron Horman.

The announcement comes on the heels of the filing of divorce by her estranged husband Kaine, and inside sources that state her arrest is imminent.

Check back to for updates.

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  1. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Blink says: As a journalist, your word is sacrisant. You give it, you own it. I have seen alot of errors and assumptions on that blog, I am not surprised.

    Thank you! Validation from you means a lot! I thought about commenting on the blog, but then reminded myself that it’s impossible to “teach” integrity to an adult.

  2. zeus says:

    Young’s full statement:

    Kyron is still alive.

    We would like all of you — everyone — to continue to get his face out there. To continue looking for him in your day-to-day activities.

    We pray each day for Kyron. We are working with investigators daily to bring Kyron home.

    We are extremely confident in how the investiation is going to bring him home to us.

    We implore Terri Horman to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring Kyron home.

    Maybe the comment I posted from a restaurant worker in Vermont yesterday might be true? Here it is again:

    This comment was posted yesterday on KOMO news, a Seattle news station I follow, and also on KATU. Link:

    >>I work at a restaurant in Vermont and the police were there the other day reviewing video footage of 3 people eating – a child, a woman, and a man. The child was supposedly the child in this article. We were all questioned about the child and were told he was a missing child from portland OR. I guess another table at the restaurant recognized him and reported that the 2 adults were acting strange. He was playing with pokemon cards or magic cards or something.<<

  3. Twinkletoes says:

    I thought DY’s statement was so incredibly odd and tragic. What could LE be doing? If Kyron is deceased, they wouldn’t use this poor mourning mother as strategy, would they? She states, “Kyron is alive”. God, I’d love it to be so. And she implores Terri to tell what she knows. Dear God, what does she know? And maybe more importantly, on what basis are we placing her in the center of this mystery? Yes, I can accept that she killed Kyron if she did, but I am greatly concerned about the strategy of LE, putting one mom out to plead to another mom. I am totally confused by this.

    Who believes Terri Horman would sooner get strung up for her 7 year old step son’s disappearance or “other”, endure the loss of her children, and divorce, and not tell LE where he was if she knew.
    That’s simply ludicrous. I sincerely hope Desiree is under a Dr’s care, and I sincerely hope Det. Young has a sit down with MCSO and the FBI before they attempt this again.


    Kaine Horman’s controlling behavior is not going to endear himself to the press he may end up counting on.

    Regardless, where is my little science fair showstopper?

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    What in the Heck is going on?

    If they think Stepmom knows something and is not cooperating- how is isolating her and calling her out at the same time gonna get her to open up?

    I am beginning to think this is all for the benefit of the abductor-

    Thoughts anyone?- I don’t know what to think.

  5. hk says:

    Another possible scenario is that SM gave/sold Kyron to someone.

    Seems far-fetched. But all scenarios at this point are odds defying.

    Human trafficking does happen.

  6. Eloise says:

    This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. So I suppose LE can’t prevent the family from seaking out, but would we say this announcement went against their better judgement?

    This is the epitome of why no family in this situation should say boo without a PR advisor.

    Yes Kaine appeared ready to burst and with what I am not sure. Desiree is just heartbreaking. Maybe they are just pleading with Terri to come back to earth and cough up some info. I would think if she were afraid of somebody she would be screaming for protection or at least have her lawyer calling for some. So, what’s her story? Obviously LE is waiting for the big fish and seems Terri is just the bottom of the barrel.

  7. KOOL LOOK says:

    Kaine is freakin me out. “Control Issues” ringing inside my ears. His demeanor throughout the entire time Kyron has been missing. Dont forget, he “Hit the Gym too”!!

    Who cares what media is there during a public pressor. That’s why you have an organized public pressor. To say what you want out there. No one can control others opinions, comments, blog posts, etc… but yet,,,, we have Kaine attempting to do so. As others have said, this will blow up in his face.

    If your child is missing, we all know use the media. all networking. all word of mouths you can possibly get wagging. I mean come on, Kaine files for a divorce, restraining order, man against a woman lol but gonna enforce this is all about Kyron? To keep the focus on Kyron? Who is the one drawing it away from him but Kaine? Kaines the only one in this whole player group that has made decisions to do so. Hinky meters sounding off for me.

    Terri needed a lawyer. She now has two very urgent pressing court issues at hand to deal with thanks to Kaine. Whether shes guilty or not, thats not the point. Now Kaine has thrown Terri a swerve ball from left field thus causing all her attention, cooperation, time and energy to now be transfered to the legal issues at hand as her very own very young tender age baby girl is “GONE” To me Terri has lost everything. Now we may learn she deserves it in the end, when we have resolve and learn this case and the details completely. But at this early point in time, too much inappropriateness on behalf of Kaine and a small amount on Terris behalf being the gym and making a few posts on the net. Honestly speaking, if LE told me not to leave the house, be normal as possible, and I was totally innocent of Kyrons disappearance, (My own child inserted here), I very well might would find myself on here, my other favorite crime sleuthing forums reaching out for help, love, support and advice. Honest to Goodness, I may very well be doing that. I would have to reach out in desperation to someone. Especially if I didn’t have a loving supported controlling husband.

    For Desiree, I really love this Mother. Beautiful, soft spoken and sincere concerning Kyron. I’m proud of her ability to rise above severe health issues, married to apparently a fine gentleman in LE, has another son, and spent as much time with Kyron as was controlled/allowed by Kaine and Terri.

    Desirees statement using the word “Implore” shouldn’t have been used imo. She needed to remain her natural loving self. I pray she’s not allowing Kaine to control her statements and wordage. She does just fine on her own. She doesn’t have to sound professional (implore, being a LE or Kaine word). I would have personally liked to have replaced that one plea into a sentence pleading such as:

    Desiree hypothetically speaking, “Terri, I kindly ask that you continue to cooperate with LE as you have willingly in the past in all our efforts to find Kyron” “Mother to Mother, my heart is hurting and I need you at this time to understand Mother to Mother, Woman to Woman”.

    Looking at things in another perspective as a Mother. Kaine clearly has made himself an enemy to Terri at the most absolute worse time in my opinion. You don’t alienate, accuse, use full force, threaten and take their children, livelihood, future during an already emotional time. Shows who thinks their more important in this case.

    Without knowing what the fight was about Saturday night, I believe Terri probably threatened to harm herself as she was being treated with alienation techniques often used throughout her relationship with Kaine.

    Hope I’m totally wrong on all fronts. This should be about Kyron, and building a prosecutable case against the guilty. Alienation techniques is a very bad move this early on in my opinion.

  8. snapoutofit says:

    B- thank you (re your comment pertaining to what Twinkletoes says:
    July 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm

  9. nana2 says:

    My initial opinion of Kaine was that he was a control freak which is why TH backs away from him in public & now seeing how he took over this ‘news conference’ he himself confirmed that.. IMO when a child goes missing you need all of the press/media coverage you can get..

    By having this ‘news conference’ be off the record does that mean that anything that was said there could not be quoted or attributed to the person that said them ? And if this was all about a message to TH about their son they should have just picked up the phone & called her attorney..

    Kaine doesn’t sound like a team player either because he excluded parts of the team ie: certain news/media outlets..

    I thought initially KH said the reason why the family didn’t come out to speak was because they wanted this to be about Kyron ? Well that sure went by the wayside today when it became about their wants ..

  10. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Has this account of “what happened” been confirmed by others in the media? Otherwise, I’m not convinced of its veracity since the reporter involved already seems to have zero integrity (mho):

    When I first watched the statement from Desiree, I was just SO HAPPY that the family & LE knew that Kyron is still alive, but after reading the comments here, I’m thinking maybe I was really naive and that LE didn’t set this up or script it at all. Could Desiree be so heartbroken and desperate that she has convinced herself that Kyron is being held alive and TH holds the key to his release? I can imagine working myself into that state if I were insane with grief/fear/worry, but I would hope someone would stop me if it were to no avail or detrimental to the case.

  11. LPB says:

    @mom3.0: I agree with you. Either its for the benefit of the abductor or something else is going on. Why are they just now asking Terri to help LE when she just got a lawyer? Why didn’t they ask her that yesterday, when she didn’t have the “big guns” protecting her. It almost seems like a set-up to me. KH is not helping the situation either, IMHO.

  12. Kaylee says:

    Fully briefed by LE and Desiree still says Kyron’s alive? Can this be true? I just read the WW and what a control freak Kaine is! His conduct at the press conference confirmed what a few of us have said about him. Kicked the Oregonian out, kicked WW out. K, they may not have the best coverage, but don’t they want “the story” to reach as many people as possible?

    Couldn’t they appeal to Terri to her face to talk (which would have been a lot easier without a restraining order)? Maybe she could talk to them through KATU comments in response to the story, except they hacked her account. Can this story get any weirder?

    I’m not saying Terri doesn’t have something to share, but I’m glad she has counsel besides Kaine at this point. Interesting move to use Desiree as the voice, since Terri seemed to be taking care of her at the press conference. I’m just dumbfounded by this turn of events!

  13. Superflavor says:

    This case has gotten too weird. I almost feel like the public is being played. It appears people who are directly involved in the case have been posting on comment boards, there are odd “news” conferences, divorces, timelines and stories that change, and a host of other oddities that almost make me feel manipulated as a concerned citizen. I have not pointed a finger at anyone–waiting for actual facts from LE, but I did closely follow the case and was hoping for the very best. I am from the area and like many, have been gripped by the story. But after today’s “news” conference my feelings have shifted from my base concern which said “Please let this boy be safe, what can I do to help?” and has gone to “What the hell is going on here, am I being sold a false bill of goods?” My “this is super fishy” meter is pegged.
    Ultimately I just Kyron to be alive and the rest of the stuff can follow.

  14. oneilgirl75 says:

    snip from the Oregonian

    When asked about the family’s belief that Kyron is still alive, Lt. Mary Lindstrand, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said: “That’s what the family is going with. That’s the premise law enforcement is operating under.”

    New info about Kyron:

    They also released new physical information about the missing child. Kyron is allergic to bees. And he has a strawberry birthmark in the middle of his forehead that has faded, but reappears when he cries or becomes excited.

    My heart breaks for this Mother. I am praying for closure for them. Where is Kyron?

  15. Angie says:

    Who believes Terri Horman would sooner get strung up for her 7 year old step son’s disappearance or “other”, endure the loss of her children, and divorce, and not tell LE where he was if she knew.
    That’s simply ludicrous. I sincerely hope Desiree is under a Dr’s care, and I sincerely hope Det. Young has a sit down with MCSO and the FBI before they attempt this again.


    Kaine Horman’s controlling behavior is not going to endear himself to the press he may end up counting on.

    Regardless, where is my little science fair showstopper?

    Frankly, I do. Why would she admit it (assuming she did it) and go straight to jail?

    I have a question for you blink, if she is an innocent mother ripped apart from her daughter, why hasn’t she fought for her daughter? The moment she disputes the TRO, they will have a hearing within 5 days. I believe she is not going to fight the TRO because she knows that they have evidence that makes her look very bad. If they didn’t have information that makes her look bad, they would not have been able to get the TRO in the first place.

  16. Angie says:

    What would you do if you were in the same situation as Terri Horman and you were completely innocent?

    Most normally people would scream “I am innocent!”

    If she was completely innocent, she would be proclaiming to the world right now.

  17. Angie says:

    Even though it breaks my heart to think that Kyron is not alive, there are clues from the police that they believe he is deceased.

    Today when LE was asked if Kyron was alive, the answer was something like: that’s the story we are going with.

  18. JEN says:

    Blink and Team:

    I had recenty asked on another thread if Terri and/or the baby were in danger; answer was no. Has your opinion on that changed or is the RO intended to, for lack of a better term, “produce” something other than preventing Kiara from endangerment? (I ask this with the full realization that “endangerment” may mean different things to different people and what may “fit” a legal definition may not fit reality)…

  19. FLGirl says:

    Bearlyhere says:
    July 1, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    I am wondering if their marriage was going sour and Terri could not bear to lose Kyron and she has him somewhere safe waiting for her. She may have sent James away first, then Kyron, not thinking that she would not have her daughter.

    This would clearly be the best outcome. I think it’s pretty unlikely though. And thinking about it, IF she has Kyron hidden somewhere, why wouldn’t she fess up now? I mean, kidnapping has to be “better” than potential murder I would think. And right now, a lot of people think SM might be a murderer.

    Certainly she would face some jail time, but IF he’s still alive, why would her atty. not advise her to tell where he is and negotiate time in a mental hospital or something of the sort?

    Don’t get me wrong, if she did something to him, even “just” kidnapping, I want to see her behind bars. But, if the only way to get him home safely is to cut a deal, then that’s what they have to do. JMO.

    As to Desiree’s plea, I really can’t figure it out. Granted the parents/family WANT to believe Kyron is alive. But, why put them all through the emotional wringer when the possibility is pretty minute?

    IF Kyron has gone on the next world, maybe they are trying to mess with SM’s head. Telling her that they know he’s alive; maybe she will start to have doubts and go to check on where she left the body, and that’s when they catch her and find Kyron…

    Wow, this case is so confusing.

  20. FLGirl says:

    Does anyone believe there is the slimmest chance in the world that this child is still alive?

    I saw that they released some information about a birth mark on his forehead and the fact that he is allergic to strawberries I think. Wouldn’t this be something that might’ve been relevant when he first went missing, and someone had been holding him alive?

    Is the reason that they kept so quiet for so long was because they believed he was gone; but that somehow in the last few days or so, that they found info. that would cause them to believe he is actually alive?

    Could it have come out the nite of the two 911 calls? Could SM have broken down and told Kaine that Kyron was alive somewhere? Maybe when he was trying to leave with the baby? Or maybe they argued and she claimed he was alive, and Kaine left as a result of that; figuring if SM took Kyron and hid him, that she could do the same to Kiara?

    I mean, I’ll be honest, I don’t feel good about Kyron’s fate; but is there any reason at all; any minute possibility that something like this is going on, and he is in fact alive?

  21. FLGirl says:

    My bad, Kyron is apparently allergic to bees. Dunno where I got strawberries from. *sigh*

  22. Eloise says:

    In reviewing Desiree’s statement, I get the feeling she does not truly believe everything she was saying…There was some hesitation in her speech, I mean I know she was upset and nervous. But when talking about their support of what LE is doing, I felt she stumbled.
    RE 911 calls-
    I wonder if Terri threatened to take Kiara and used force with Kaine. IIRC properly, her Mom was to have been at the house during that time as well. That sure must have been a scene. Would James have still been there, or did he leave before or because of this event? ( based on conflicting stories of his recent travels).

  23. amychika says:

    Kyron IS ALIVE?! really don’t know what to even think out of what is being said in recent press report. What is going on????? Seriously people, this is not good, especially if he is alive and suffering:((((

    Do we as parents REALLY should not be concerned for the safety of our kids??? – seems like we are being “fed” from day one bogus after another. Secrets are seldom good, especially secrets that involve missing kids!!!

  24. BabySweet says:

    I am from the East Coast and know very little of this case. I saw Kyron’s picture on the cover of People mag and have been thinking of him every day since. I apologize if this has been discussed already, but after watching the video of the mom stating that Kyron is alive – it seemed to me that while she was obviously distressed during the rest of her speech, that one statement she seemed eerily, almost calm. Like she knew it to be true, for a fact. While driving home today I tried to think of any possible scenarios where he could be alive and the family knows he is alive. What do you think of the possibility of some kind of ransom demand, possibly having something to do with the SM and her nefarious activities. Maybe only the SM knew of it at first and didn’t tell anyone. If something like this were true and she either eventually told her family and LE or they found out on their own, it could explain the restraining order, and the husbands decision to file divorce papers. Just another theory from someone who knows nothing about the case at all, but just wanted to throw it out there.

  25. Kaylee says:

    Given Kaine’s desire to control media coverage – dating back to the 6/6 email to Intel employees – could the big argument on Saturday have started after he found out that Terri was posting on websites about the case?

  26. Midwest Mom says:


    Did Kaine and Desiree just name terri as the POI in the disappearance of KYRON?

    Is there something I’m missing?

  27. lizzy says:

    What has happened in this case is beyond my imagination. I just can’t conceive a scenario that explains all of this. I do expect that there are details in their individual and family histories that give LE a better understanding. At least I hope so.

    I feel like we’re watching some alternate reality chess game play out, and Terri and Kaine are just using the rest of the families as pieces. Don’t know why I feel that he is a player in this match as well, except for my hinky-meter.

  28. Pickle says:

    Yesterday I posted on another site that after terri was arrested I will post what I knew and what LE was doing in the case from articles I have read. After the control freak media show this morning, I’m now going to post it.

    This is information gleaned from news articles – not blogs or message boards:

    Early in the investigation the FBI was called in and the profiler stated they should use social media in their investigation.

    LE stopped giving media briefings.

    A week or so after that the unofficial “official” former portland detective CW Jensen stated several times “the psychological noose was tightening around her” (referring to terri)

    because it was widely known terri was addicted to the internet and using blogs and message boards, I knew what they were doing (I’m highly intuitive). They knew what information they intentionally “leaked” would cast terri as the “unofficial” suspect and show her guilt. They knew people would be posting about it and speculating on her guilt.

    The profiler knew she is a narcissistic psychopath and decided to use social media – giving people enough info and keeping it going so that it would put enough pressure on her that she would crack.
    I also stand by my statement that the entire family is narcissistic and dysfunctional and that terri is a narcissistic psychopath- something that is obvious to me.

    Yes, terri is a narcissistic psychopath but because of the LE game / control freak media circus this morning and underhanded tactics of desiree’s interview I can no longer play along.

    I’ll continue to post and even speculate but will no longer put the psychological pressure on terri that LE wants to continue. The entire family is so freaky it would not surprised me if all four were involved – the three of them especially (birth parents and terri)

  29. mamabear says:

    Today’s “press conference” makes no sense to me? Why is Kaine trying to control the media? Could this be a tactic by LE? If my child were missing, I would want every news/media outlet possible to help find my child. The family is going to hold another press conference next week that will be taped and then not aired until Friday? WTH? I can understand why he might need to get a RO but in the midst of your child missing also file for divorce. It seems that his actions are taking the focus away from Kyron.

  30. Andy says:

    Blink:” Who believes Terri Horman would sooner get strung up for her 7 year old step son’s disappearance or “other”, endure the loss of her children, and divorce, and not tell LE where he was if she knew.
That’s simply ludicrous. I sincerely hope Desiree is under a Dr’s care, and I sincerely hope Det. Young has a sit down with MCSO and the FBI before they attempt this again.”

    Desiree is exhibiting behavior expressing shock and disbelief. These are normal behaviors for the very tragic situation she is experiencing. She is not being ludicrous; she is the early stages of grieving.

    Andy- I never called Desiree ludicrous, I called the scenario above ludicrous. That is an egregious error on your part, as well as the rest of my comment that you glossed over. Hello?

  31. Malty says:

    It really touchs me to watch Desiree
    I must admit I have thought kyron was alive
    as people do nab kids
    and keep them
    but that poor mother pleading I wanted to cry

  32. mag603 says:

    I think the statement would have been more effective mother to mother. Not mother backed up with your estranged husband, and you current husband who happens to be a police detective.

    Whose idea was this anyway?

  33. TJ says:

    I am so confused. Why are they pleading now, and not right after he was missing? I can’t figure out any logic here. I have committed to not judging this family on their behavior, but…things are getting curiouser and curiouser. It’s like a Lifetime movie of the week, but sadly Kyron is truly still lost.

  34. minima says:

    I’m at as loss. I am really confused. It’s beginning to make less and less snese to me.

    Blink, I need something to wrap my brain around because I am befuddled here. Though, not even you seem to be able to wrap your sharp mind around this newest development either.

    My questions: Why state he is alive as though it is a fact? (I don’t feel like it is). Why go to the media and patronize them at the same time? Why hasn’t TH been named a suspect by LE, yet the family publicly named her as the one person who could “bring Kyron home?” I’ve been on this site and following this case hoping something would break, hoping Kyron would be found. I have been believing that LE had a solid and strategic plan in place, so airtight, no one could even figure it out. But now I am beggining to wonder if this is just a mess? Blink, do you think that they have any idea as what they are doing or is this all a “fly by the seat of our pants” situtation.

    Much hope for Kyron remains.

  35. TunedIn says:

    Mmmm, okay, This is weirdo… The little snip-it of Desiree’s plea for Terri to cooperate leaves us with one full minute of Desiree breaking-down while two very stoic men watch her. The group hug at the end was a little too much staged reality T.V. for me. (IMHO, The entire plea came off choreographed; one might even say it is an exploitation of Desiree.)

    I really do not have a theory… With what little I think I know, IMO, the entire immediate and extended families (and their neighbors) are soooo waaay out there, that I am waiting for Kyron to show up safe and sound–big group hug. And then all parties will group together for a book/movie deal. I really hope for the little guy this is true.

    This case has got to defy average basic human behavior. At this point I think they are all suspect.

    After watching this display of emotion and publicly, blatantly, implicating Terri, who could blame her for lawyering up with a top dog.

    I am losing confidence in the handlers of this case.

  36. dawn says:

    Another thing I find strange with this press release is:

    Other than a Multnomah County sheriff’s spokeswoman, whom they invited to attend, there were no law enforcement officials present. Desiree’s sister- and brother-in-law were there for support.

  37. Kleat says:

    Blink, there was a comment by an online news site that they were kicked out of today’s news conference, I assumed maybe they were just allowing the major local news stations to have access. But on NG, one of her guests was also 86′d. Marc Klaas did not agree with this tactic, as he feels help comes from many sources in cases of missing children, and to cut off some media resources is a mistake.

    Maybe this was an error on the part of Horman, maybe someone should be advising him. They still want the public’s help.

    Seems to be some territorialism by le or non LE search teams, specifically k9 search dogs. Maybe it’s more to do with certification rather than non-LE resources and in this criminal investigation, LE should really have the last word.

  38. Kleat says:

    Will a plea to Terri to come forward with information backfire with the approach ‘we believe Kyron is alive’? If Terri believes that’s what the family believes, won’t that encourage her to hold fast and not admit anything that might say Kyron is not alive? Why would she respond to help find Kyron if she knows what the outcome will be– other than misleading?

  39. Kleat says:

    Or maybe the idea will be for Terri to let her guard down, know that the family does not think the worst of ‘her’.

  40. elpy says:

    I’m wondering if all the focus on Terri is because she failed certain questions on the lie detector, but not others. If they had asked her if she hurt Kyron or did something to hurt him, this might xplain why the judge agreed to the RO, and why her husband would file for divorce. Maybe she passed the question regarding whether she killed him. This would still have the others wanting her to “tell all”.

  41. minima says:

    At “Angie:” I agree, I don’t think I would be able to control myself. I think I would be freaking out on TV bawling and crying out that I didn’t do anything. But I think we are all in agreement here that TH’s behavior isn’t what most of us would ascribe to.

    “FLgirl” I agree, I just don’t see how Kyron could “be somewhere,” where could he be? If someone was participating in some crazy plot TH came up with, would they really still be going along with? What’s the chances that TH hooked up with someone that follow this sick plot. If this theory was in the first few days, I could buy it, but by now, it seems he’s either gone or someone else would be sending Kyron back not more worried about themselves than protecting TH at this point.

    Also, I am gleaming (possibly misinterpreting, so forgive me if I am wrong here), but some fellow blinksters are speculating that it’s all a bit of a set-up to crack TH. I just want to say I wouldn’t include the RO in that mix. As I have said, previously working with victims of domestic violence to get RO’s, you must have a good reason for a judge to grant you one. And I just don’t see any judge or LE endorsing one on the basis of tightening the noose on TH. If a defence attorney could prove that LE trying to provoke TH in some sort of false confession, or using a court of law to set her up, no way they would risk all that. I am just saying, I think TH must “know” something.

    Questions for anyone to share their insight with me:

    I am interested in anyones ideas on the press conference today…why just Desiree, do you all think it is because she is the only one that seems to be the good graces of the public? I agree I felt like she was being used for some crumby, ugh, I don’t even know what to call it. But I agree, she looked a bit frustrated, uncomfortable and coerced (for lack of a better term).

    What about Kaine? I again, commend him for taking a stand and protecting his daughter. But there is definitely something else there that a lot of other people are picking up on, I just can’t put my finger on it.

    Why attacks on Desiree now? Come on. What did she do? Did I miss something? What makes her and her cop husband so dysfunctional? I can’t get on board with that, and personally, I think it is just really judgemental. If I missed something let me know, but if it’s just to cast stones, I think it’s unnecessary. I feel for her on so many levels, I am not even going to go into it. But I feel like her and her child are the real victimized and I don’t believe in blaming victims.

    Anyway, booooo, I am more confused than ever and a bit drained from this. It’s odd that the events of today have seemed to have such a similar effect on all of us here. I guess it proves that, in general, people will react to something in a similar way ; )

  42. zeus says:

    I think Desiree, Tony and Kaine desperately need a top notch PR person, and am amazed they don’t seem to have one. Has no one suggested that to them yet?

    Whatever they were trying to do today, I fear will probably backfire because of the timing. Why are they just now asking Terri to cooperate fully? She has a lawyer now-it’s going to be even harder to get her attention. Why in the world would they release info about Kyron’s bee sting allergy and forehead birthmark today-one month after he disappeared? All the people across the country looking for him could have really used that info, especially the birthmark.

    I sincerely feel that the entire wording of what they said publicly and what was talked about in private with media reps today is all part of the plan. These are clues, hints, pleadings to someone-but I’m not entirely sure it’s all directed to Terri after all-even though it was made to look like that.

    The only positive thing I have gotten out of all of this is that the severely dysfunctional people in my family are starting to look pretty damn sane right now!

  43. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    FLGirl says:
    July 1, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    Does anyone believe there is the slimmest chance in the world that this child is still alive?

    FLGirl, I guess I have to admit that even with all odds against it, I still do believe that Kyron might be alive. Stranger things have happened, esp in this case, and until there’s no longer a way to believe that he’s alive because of definitive proof to the contrary, then yes, I’m going to keep believing that he is alive.

  44. Kaylee says:

    KGW plays Desiree’s statement and then says KGW has also learned “from a reliable source” that Terri has not been answering all the investigators’ questions and has been evasive on polygraphs.

    Hmmm, wonder who that reliable source could be. So, during that “off the record” session which WW was kicked out of, they give media the dirt and tell everyone don’t say you got it from us? Reliable source, pfft.

    Kaine may be a good business architect, but as a PR architect, he sucks.

  45. Pickle says:

    Kyron alive???

    Maybe they just want people to look in new york and florida and not in the ponds, rivers, fields, and woods of portland

  46. TR says:

    Kool Look–

    I second your post.I too believe that Terri threatened to harm herself. I also do not understand Kaine’s behavior and desire to control an obviously uncontrollable situation. Very bizarre. Desiree does seem like the real victim here (apart from OF COURSE KYRON) and her sadness is genuine and very much misguided and misinformed. Breaks my heart.

  47. ddmm says:

    I have been reading the discussion about Kyron on this site, as well as many others, and I like this one best so far. Though I am new and usually have nothing to add to the discussion, I would like to add something I noticed in perusing the latest headlines about Kyron’s case this afternoon:

    Many news outlets, including The AP, did not include Desiree’s comment that Kyron is alive in their coverage of the family’s statement today. Many stories highlighted: “Family urges stepmother to cooperate with investigation” in their headlines. Unfortunately, I took this as possible evidence that these news outlets know Desiree’s statememt was not accurate. I hope to God I am wrong.

    Does anyone have a response to the bit posted about a possible Kyron sighting in Vermont? That gives me hope!

    Bless the dear boy this evening, hope he is sleeping peacefully.

  48. FLGirl says:

    Kleat says:
    July 2, 2010 at 12:28 am


    Kleat, I believe the rationale given for excluding the Willamette Weekly reporter is that they feel they have been kinda tabloidy in their coverage.

  49. angela_nw says:

    TunedIn – I agree with your assessment, and I will take it one step further: tomorrow Ashton Kutcher jumps out of the bushes and tells Terri “you’re punk’d” and the whole gang has a good laugh on us and goes out for beer and nachos.

    Don’t want to make light of this awful situation, but today’s events just made me feel ill. So wrong. I feel so sad for the little guy.

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