Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged

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Portland, OR-  The tangled web that is the life of Terri Horman continues to weave.



In an Exclusive development to, a Portland local, declining to be identified, provides the bombshell revelation that Terri Horman was behind the 5:16PM call to 911 last June 26th.

The object of her “threat based” call to 911 requiring officers response?

The Landscaper, in his white truck, on her property, demanding his payment for $10,000.

The same Portland source confirmed that an undercover detective, playing the role of an associate of the landscaper turned alleged assassin, was present. It was also confirmed a bulk of the incident was overheard on the police scanner.  The Truck registration and plate were called in on an open channel as well. 

What they did not count on, during the surreptitious meeting, was that Terri Horman would shut down the brief meeting and call Police; thwarting what they were hopeful would end in an arrest.

Kaine Horman had been advised to remove the couples 18 month old daughter in advance, for their safety, earlier in the day.

Upon deputies arrival, as informed by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about the sting, detectives were forced to tell Terri Horman she was a suspect.  Horman hired Stephen Houze, prominent Portland defense attorney by Monday June 28th.

The identity of the landscaper has been withheld as this is an ongoing investigation, but has learned that it is contained in the sealed portion of the restraining order obtained by Kaine Horman.

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  1. Malty says:

    I find that trulia site you posted very interesting

  2. Malty says:

    Thanks Blink for yor post
    as I said I know really nothing about Terri
    if she is ill then let’s hope she can get help and
    talk about Kyron soon

  3. Malty says:

    Also Blink
    Thanks for supporting our local media
    I am real proud of our town and Oregon
    my folks came here by wagon train 1848-53
    so crime here makes me get cranky
    enough already
    prayers for Kyron

  4. mamasocks says:

    There’s a catch 22 here. The more Desiree and Kaine use the media to try to find Kyron, the more publicity this case gets. The more publicity this case gets, the better the chances for book, photos, media payment that Terrie’s attorney will get (if that was the deal). So indirectly, D and K’s public messages are keeping the story in the limelight and attracting potential money offers, if not for Terrie, but for her defense. Terri will never talk – the mystery alone is attracting attention. And I don’t expect a comment from her attorney either.

  5. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Sidebar: Stephen Houze has an excellent reputation in his profession. I have interviewed past clients of his, and I am told that he is a no BS esquire that will cut her off immediately if she is dishonest or blows smoke because his biggest peave is to be surprised in court. Sorry for the contrast, but I can’t help thinking if Casey Anthony had counsel like this..

    This is *very* good news.

  6. Lazydog1 says:

    I’m finding it very odd that Terri’s attorney Mr Houze hasn’t made any statement yet. Also the fact that he is trying to sell her story to pay his fees bothers me. To me this says he has some amazing information to sell. This makes me feel even more that she will be found guilty of a crime. I believe people tend to want to read about or watch a movie about the guilty much more than the innocent in a case like this.

    Also as others have said if this beautiful child is still alive and he knows that and also where he is and doesn’t notify the authorities? Wouldn’t he be held accountable for this childs welfare also? This is hoping the child is in fact still alive and being cared for by someone.

    I can’t believe he hasn’t come out with her in public to plead her innocence in this case so that the search for this child can progress as it should. I hope he is waiting to seal some kind of deal to earn his fee prior to letting the public know what his client knows. That is about the cruelest thing anyone can do at this point. I’m tired of his no comment attitude at this point.

    Dear Lord Mr Houze if you know anything bring this child home please!

  7. Lazydog1 says:

    In prior post I meant to say in the last paragraph I hope he isn’t waiting to seal some kind of deal to to earn his fee.

  8. Rhonda says:

    From day 1 I have suspected Terri of being involved in Kyron’s disappearance, if only because she was the last person to see him. But, what “IF” [ an enormous and far reaching "IF" ], there was something inappropriate between Terri’s son and Kaine, and that is why he was sent away. And then soon after, Terri discovers that the same thing may be happening to Kyron, and she finds a way to have him safely disappear [ underground safe houses for abused children ? ] to get him away from Kaine.
    Outrageous I know, but maybe that is why she failed the LD, and why her family is supporting her. They believe she was doing a good thing by protecting the kids.
    Is someone able to retreive kids that are being cared for after they have entered the underground system ?
    Whatever the reasons, I pray that Kyron is safe and will come home very soon.

  9. Emily George says:

    @annetteaa1 says:

    The drinking is part of the puzzle and part of the personality we are seeing and we wouldnt let a teacher inthe classroom with her drinking but we let a parent.

    I agree, to get caught with a child in a car when “drunk” does not suggest “normal” drinking, for example a glass of wine in the evening, why would you drive your child anywhere after that and why would you need to drink before that surely you could wait?, and if, during the day when you are looking after children, then why would you want a drink?? Seems strange…

  10. Lonnie says:

    I appreciate the media attention, to make the public aware, and hopefully bring Kyron home. I hope that it dosen’t end up working to Terri’s advantage during her obvious pending trial. Let’s just hope the charge she attempts to get off of is Kidnapping, and not anything worse.
    I pray to God there is someone dumb enough to be helping her, I pray that for Kyron’s sake. Beyond that I can’t even imagine a thought. My prayer’s are also with Desiree, Kaine and Tony. None of us parents can know what kind of pain they are feeling, but I hope they know how many folks are with them in spirit and hope for the safe return of their son.

  11. Emily George says:

    Blink, you know that you said that you would stake your reputation on this being a sexually motivated crime, I cannot not get into your history on this, can you find it for me, thanks

  12. equuslady says:

    Hello! I hope you are all patient with me, as I struggle to understand one concept that to me, one that is very obvious to parents of school-aged children.

    School will start in a month and half again across the US. These schools will send home many papers to be read and signed by parents, caregivers, guardians. Some of those papers deal with issues on requirements & notification of attendance procedures. Does Skyline and its District have those in place, especially now? Most School Boards meet monthly, even in the Summer. Have they addressed these issues, and issues that could affect the school (even dealing with curiosity seekers, media etc.?) Are they re-assuring parents that they will have these procedures in place? Are they taking responsibility in that while the children are in school they will be accounted for and not “lost” – even on busy days that includes science fairs?

    Many moons ago in the 90′s my daughters and I were in a situation in where their biological dad (whom I had an active RO against) attempted to pick them up before they got on the bus after school, to take them out of their elementary school without my knowledge. This is not a big school in a big town (pop. 2400) However, the school was aware of our family situation and even though they did not have an “official” procedure in place for these kind of situations at that time (they do now!), the teachers were able to literally “hide” my daughters from him, call me at my work, and told him they were going to call the police. Why did they do this even though it wasnt an “official” procedure?

    My personal viewpoint~

    1) I had notified the principal and the teachers whom I trusted with my daughters, of the familial issues and pending divorce.

    2) I volunteered weekly at the school so they knew me personally.

    and most important ~ the one that made them HIDE my daughters physically ~

    3) They understood what was happening at home concerning abuse, and were protective of all of us, because of our interactions at the school.

    Thank you for letting me share my story. I still shake my head at the what if’s. It might have been a totally different outcome :( . And I’m eternally grateful to them…

    So I ask this: Could the possibility exist that someone at Skyline knows something?

  13. Karen says:

    Rhonda wrote: “…And then soon after, Terri discovers that the same thing may be happening to Kyron, and she finds a way to have him safely disappear [ underground safe houses for abused children ? ] to get him away from Kaine.”

    @Rhonda: I had considered the same possibility earlier, but have to wonder…if TH wanted to remove Ky from an abusive situation, why didn’t she confide in DY (bio mom) and encourage her to seek full custody of Ky? Sure, TH may have needed to remove Ky from immediate danger in the meantime, but DY would have knowledge of the plan. There has been mention here of DHS visiting the home in the past.

    Also, I proposed on another thread the possibility that TH found motherhood to three children on different age levels unmanageable – trying to keep up with their activities, plus trying to keep an affair secret. She was able to send her teenage son (JT) to live with GP’s and then father, but would surely be uncomfortable with suggesting to husband (KH) that Ky be sent to live (permanently) with DY. That could have caused her resentment toward KH, which resulted in the MFH plot against him. With KH killed in an apparent accident, DY would then be given custody of Ky. Seems a rather extreme way to remove stepson from the household, I know, but feeling KH was unapproachable on the issue, plus the guilt of concealing an affair, could have made her view KH as an obstacle to her contentment. Supposedly, the excuse TH gave the LS for wanting to kill KH was that he was having an affair, but the alleged affair has not been confirmed. Perhaps an affair would seem a more convenient motive for MFH?

    Still, I can’t imagine TH wanting to harm Ky. Or anyone else wanting to hurt Ky, for that matter. When the MFH plot against KH failed (apparently, there were at least two attempts to hire a hitman), might TH have resorted to a different tactic? It is so difficult to deduce what TH had in mind b/c of her silence and the lack of evidence of a crime. I’ve wondered if possibly she handed Ky over to an underground adoption agency?

    This case has taken some nasty turns, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more twists and turns before it’s all over. There is still the possibility that Ky was snatched by a romantic rival, with the purpose of exposing TH’s “dirty laundry,” who will eventually release Ky after all the “dirt” has surfaced.

  14. equuslady says:

    @karen (hi there, im a newbie, nice to meet you!)

    DY definitely made it known publicly that she felt Terri was “lying”

    ~ “I’ve known her a long time,” Desiree Young said, “I know she’s lying.” .

    IMO I dont think Terri would/could ask for DY’s cooperation in this instance if an abuse scenerio was/is possible, as the tension definitely was there between the two.

    Which also leads me to this type of thinking ~ Besides mental illness, what passionate motivation would a DEVOUT mother have in order to be tempted to hid a child? or even go off mentally and want to hire to kill someone? I dont think we can argue the facts that she was a devout stay at home mom for over 7 years, was primarily responsible for Kyron’s and Kaira’s activities (comforter, nurse, keeper of the papers/records,taxi driver, food chef, clean underwear/diaper laundress, snack/toy specialist, etc. you moms know what I mean) AND she specialized in children’s education as a future vocation . Thats a lot of years of pretending to like kids if she is faking it, and Im sure someone during that time (doctor who treated her post partum esp.)would recognize if she was a danger to the kids (in the meanwhile giving Desiree Young the ability to call for custody of Kyron then)

    IMO The reason why Terri and Houze may be abnormally quiet is that they are having their own private investigation going on for Terri’s defense. As LE Portland knows, you cant accuse someone seriously if all the ducks arent in a row yet…

  15. equuslady says:

    whoops, my bad, please add James name to the list of Kyron, Kaira AND James in my post too!( I feel like Maria in the “sound of Music” “and please God,please bless whats-his-name too” !)

  16. Karen says:

    Hi, equuslady, nice to meet you, too! You could very well be right about TH. If the MFH plot and Ky’s disappearance were attempts to protect the children, DY may have been just as unapproachable as KH for TH. Clearly, DY already didn’t trust her. But, it seems that TH has a reputation for deception as evidenced by her doctored credentials and the many conflicts in her timeline on the day Ky went missing. Still, I don’t envision her as a child killer; I can’t even imagine her indirectly arranging Ky’s death. I do hope we’re both right on that account and that he will be found alive!

  17. Sondra says:

    Koin 6 just posted @ 12;17PM DST

    A letter filed by Moulton Horman’s attorney with Judge Keith Meisenheimer states that there is no need for the scheduled hearing on July 22 because Terri won’t contest what has been filed.

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  18. retro says:

    surely ya’ll seen this: delete if dup

    The father of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman wants his estranged wife held in contempt of court, accusing her of violating a restraining order against her. The document also alleged she was having a sexual affair with one of Kaine’s childhood friends and tried to abduct the couple’s 20-month-old child.

    A motion from Kaine Horman’s attorney asked the judge to hold Terri Moulton Horman in contempt of court for showing a then-sealed restraining order to Michael Cook.

    Terri was accused in the document of trying to “abduct” the couple’s 20-month-old child Kiara from a daycare gym on June 28, after a gym clerk called police while Kaine was working out.

    In the motion, it was alleged Terri also exchanged graphic sexual text messages with Cook since June 30. Cook was a high school friend of Kaine Horman.

  19. the queen says:

    thanks retro for posting this. i didn’t see it until the 11 p.m. news. i bet her lawyer is fit to be tied. the sexting etc was AFTER kyron was MIA and then trying to allegedly abduct her child. if there were any TMH supporters out there don’tcha think that this shows how nutty TH is? i’m kinda hoping they find her in contempt and jail her. just sayin’

  20. Nor'east reader says:

    This is such a mixed up case. I have flip flopped back and forth about Terri’s culpability and now I am back to I just dont know :s. Her actions, or what we are hearing, does not sound like a sane individual but I have seen postings taken as truth and then refuted elsewhere, sigh. Is what we are getting more rumor and gossip than truth? It takes some time to get through all of the forums, blogs and website discussions devoted to the topic. Maybe someone can clarify a few things for me. I appologize for not being able to provide links to info I have read but it seems like I have been everywhere. We know that Terri failed two lie detector test and walked out on a third but what I read is that she was deceitful in relation to questions about sexual relatonships not that correct? Mr. Cook was toted to be a childhood friend of Kaine’s who stepped up and organized the first vigil. He and Terri begin sextexting shortly after the restrainig order was issued. Kaine denies any long term friendship with the individual (Cook) and then I see a post which suggest that Cook may have gloated Terri into the pictures and text by promising to speak with Kaine on her behalf to see her daughter? Wow, if that is true is someone trying to paint her in a bad light by then releasing all of this information? How would the LE know to look at Cook’s cell phone records? Gosh I hope my carrier doesnt keep a list of everything that is said in my text messages. Would something like that require a court ordered tap? If so how was it arranged with Cook before hand? Is KH one of the two individuals Cook shared the information with? Did the two of then conspire to set her up and then take her back to court saying she is in contempt? Then the RO…it was issued on the 28th – she was served several hours later. It appears her husband left the family home two days before, the day she makes the 911 calls? So when she goes looking for them on the 28th and ask to be notified if he shows (prior to her receiving the RO) ~ she is accused of the attempted abduction of her daughter? I am mistified at how this makes sense. I will admit I am not familiar with American/Oregon Law and maybe there are some facts I am missing here. Believe me I am no fan of Terri’s but if my husband left with my daughter two days before, I would be asking everyone to tell me if they saw them. Have we become so focused on Terri as a guilty party that we have lost common sense when it comes to evaluating information? I realize there are so many contradictions and I wish I was able to put everything I have read together to make sense in some fashion. If her lawyer is saying that he has more shocking information to be told I wouldnt be surprised. I fear that we have only seen the start of many legal tangos that shall bog down this case and interfer with Kyron coming home :( .

  21. puzzled says:

    I agree! This all appears staged to make Terri look bad… and it does… but is she responsible for Kyron’s disappearance? I just don’t know.

  22. Sondra says:

    Kaine seeks hearing to have Terri out of their house

    A hearing for the matter was originally set for July 22, but sources tell KOIN the hearing may be moved up to as soon as Thursday afternoon.

  23. Mel says:

    I was just reading through some postings that had a pasted page from Terris facebook. It does list Kaine as her husband there. Did anyone else read through her facebook page the morning of June 5th? After I read the front page of the Oregonian that morning I went to the computer to see if it was on public setting. She had Kaine listed that morning as one of her children. Why would she have him listed as that? Also, the picture she had posted of Kyron in front of the tree project had three people tagged in the photo. Usually the photos are tagged with other names so they also get a copy of it. Can anyone find out who she had tagged that photo for? I know one of the names went to someone in the Roseburg area. I looked at that one and assumed it was a friend from high school. Just random thoughts.

  24. Faith says:

    MEL, If she listed Kaine as one of her children that shows her mind is not where it should be. I never checked her face book page. If she already had Kyron’s posted from the science fair that is really STRANGE. With as little previous interest that she has shown since his disappearance to have his picture in there so soon tells me something is not right. I wonder what time is was posted?

    She messed up so badly on so many fronts how could she be so successful in orchestrating Kyron’s disappearance. I 100% believe she is responsible for his disappearance.

    MALTY, I too remember Janine Freeman throwing her girl friend’s children off the bridge. She has been out of prision for several years (10, 15) and is living amongst us with a name. change.

  25. Mel says:

    Im not sure what time the photo was posted. It already had comments from numerous people. On the 5th when I found her page, she had her profile picture set as one of her with the little girl and Kaines profile picture was already set to the “Missing” poster as his profile image.

  26. Judy O says:

    I am concerned that the landscaper also drives a white truck (as does Teri). Does anyone know the whereabouts of the landscaper and/or anyone with access to the landscaper’s white truck on June 4rth? I don’t trust Teri and her friend Dede, but I also don’t trust this landscaper fellow. Why didn’t he alert authorities when he first received Teri’s proposition? Is it because he pondered it? Perhaps he was getting something from Teri that he enjoyed and it came to an abrupt end after Kyron’s disappearance?

  27. Annetta says:

    Does anyone stop to think of how scared this little boy is? He is probably so homesick. It is so awful…why hurt him this way. I hope she didn’t sell him to some sex traffic trade or something for money.

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