Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered Sources: Terri Horman Hired Landscape Lover

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Portland, OR- Like a Roman Candle will light up the sky in most of our neighborhoods today, the Portland Community is aflame with this mornings breaking developments.

As reportedly leaked to The Oregonian, one of two media outlets booted from the recent press conference hosted by Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young,  sources say Terri Horman, step-mom to missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, attempted to hire her landscape lover to murder her husband, Kaine Horman.


Last Saturday, June 26, Multnomah County Detectives advised Kaine Horman that his wife had hired a landscaper without his knowledge, and the expert in landscape services admitted he was offered a large sum of money by Terri Horman to off Kaine, allegedly after discovering his affair with a colleague.


Remniscient of the blockbuster black comedy hit FARGO, MCSO detectives attempted to ensnare Terri Horman into a conversation about the murder for hire plot with the cooperating landscaper and an undercover officer, but Horman ended the conversation quickly.

While Terri Horman was undergoing her second polygraph on that Saturday afternoon, detectives informed Kaine Horman of the confirmed finding, and advised him to remove himself and the couples 18 month old daughter from the marital residence. Within 48 hours  Horman filed for divorce and an emergency restraining order which was granted and subsequently sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Sources speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the landscaper, whose identity is being withheld as he is a material witness in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman, met Terri Horman on the grounds of Skyline School.


Skyline Schools Garden and Habitat  Project kicked off Last August, and it was not unusual to see white landscaper trucks in the parking lot, although it is not known if the landscaper witness is involved in the project.

The project, funded by a grant from West Multnomah Soil &Water Conservation District, is one of many funded in part by WMSWCD.  Recently, on Sauvie Island, the focus of the intensive search efforts, the “Healthy Streams” initiative kicked off.

The objective on Sauvie Island agricultural land is to reduce invasive plant species and tillage directly adjacent to waterways, which may contribute to erosion and sedimentation. WMSWCD will pay to install and maintain non-invasive herbaceous buffers, or woody plants if consistent with canal maintenance needs. These should be easier for farmers to maintain, better protect livestock drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, and offer pollinator habitat.

On Friday afternoon, following a Thursday plea from Kyron’s Mom, Desiree Young for Terri Horman to cooperate fully with investigators to bring Kyron home, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton attempted to repair the riff caused by Kaine Horman’s abrupt “off the record” rules to the press which was not disclosed until arrival.

“..There have been 2,877 valid leads and about 60 percent of them have been covered. Each lead takes detectives in a new direction, making it difficult to pursue the remaining leads faster, he said.
“Everyone is a person of interest,” Staton said in response to questions about any specific individuals…” attempted to reach Terri Horman attorney Stephen Houze for a comment on the latest rumors surrounding his client, but was told he is unreachable on the East coast. My media contacts are telling me that Houze is shopping imaging and licensing rights to fund his clients representation, should she be charged of any criminal offenses.  Terri Horman has neither been charged in Kyron’s disappearance nor the alleged attempt to contract for her husbands death. Editorial Analysis

It cannot be a ko ink y dink that this information was leaked to the largest paper in the state, following the snuff by Kaine Horman.  The landscaper lover was well known amongst us media folks, but not the plot part.

Where is started to go cattywampus for me was where we see the new John Deere tractor aquired by the Horman’s recently, would seem somewhat unnecessary if they had contracted a landscaper/lawn service.

Another oddity which could be completely unrelated, stays with me.

Intel colleague and Horman family friend Michael G. Roten, was arrested  last August on suspicion of menacing charges in Clackamas County the day after an Intel bag with a Sony computer, prescription Gucci glasses was taken from a vehicle on Country Club Rd.  It is not known if the 2 incidents are related. Roten posted on Terri Horman’s facebook offering any help they could, a few days after Kyron’s disappearance was made public.

Check back to for continuing updates.

Madeline Tanner,, contributing editor

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  1. vidda says:

    Are you stuck on this one word seocnd day now? LOL

  2. Suzan says:

    Well… it changes the whole case, ‘if the landscaper was her lover’.( I have only read that here). So, trying to see if coming here or passing this site on is a good move :) and no.. not stuck on a word for the day lol.. it wasn’t answered yesterday. If I may ask a few questions about this site, can I do that here in this thread? One questions is this board affiliated with Scared Monkeys :)

  3. angela_nw says:

    I live near Portland and truthfully it does not get that cold in winter. Didn’t even snow last winter. In the fall everything is way overgrown and not so weird a time to hire a landscaper…..

    I too am lost about the lover thing. I assume Blink has some inside “source” from where that info is coming. However with all the unsubstantiated info and innuendo in this case, it is hard to lock onto to info that could be simply rumor. Also it is getting tiresome that some people are not allowed their opinions by other commenters, however unpopular. Who is the “Kim” that Titch is referring to? Where did the photo album come from that contains the cross-dressing photo? What cardboard box? Canada?

    I think I may have to return to my old life…it is getting too frustrating trying to separate fact from fiction.
    Praying for Kyron, beautiful little boy.

  4. deeannnek says:

    Wow that picture (drag) If that is Kaine he wears make-up better than I do! I just don’t know what it has to do with Kyron. This might just be a halloween party. I know plenty of guys who get a kick out of dressing up like a woman on Halloween. Just sayin…
    I think if Terri did do this murder for hire thing and if she is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance I think we finally have a motive. My theory is since Kaine and TH’s son weren’t getting along and was sent to live with his father, TH wanted to hurt Kaine. First she thought of taking Kaine out but for whatever reason that didn’t work out or she changed her mind and decided a better way to hurt him would be through Kyron. again just a theory but to me its the only thing that makes sense with the info we have at this point.

  5. julie says:


    B did answer your question. If you read back through the older posts, you will see the answer to your last question.

  6. susan says:

    for the record, I would not have any trouble believing that landscaper was intimately involved with TH in order for TH to hire him for hit. To think otherwise is not reasonable, she would not go up to any random person for this crime. Anyway, Suzan, it matters little if she was intimate with landscaper or not, the real issue is the murder for hire.

    So what is it with harping on the lover issue, when that much is pretty obvious. And whats with the questions about Scared Monkeys, maybe the owners are friends.

    Your questions seem odd to me, what is your real motive?

    Susan (different from Suzan)

    Susan, your sniffer works perfectly.
    Thanks for the kind words all, let’s move on.

  7. Futureman says:

    Maloik on Facebook:

    No affiliation though, just an old family saying..

  8. susan says:

    BTW, I think that picture of KH all dressed up in drag is worth 1000 words. What kind of person would do that anyway? and what kind of wife would put it in the ‘family album’?

    IMO something is way off with both of these people: Kaine’s problem with Desiree at nine months pregnant, and sick, Kaine’s e-mail to co-workers, Kaine’s not getting along with teen step-son, makes me wonder if Kaine was abusive and controlling to Desiree, and Terri, and step-son was fighting back for Terri.

    Now as to Terri, she seems really off, if the hit-man is to be believed, and all of the strange doings about Kyron’s disappearance that do not add up, and which do point to her.

    This is a marriage that seems to have been made in h-e-double hockeystix, and both have contributed to the mess and the dysfunction, but it is pointing more toward Terri in the Kyron missing incident. And that is looking more to me like revenge on Terri’s part, for abuse, or affair on Kaine’s part, or for sending step-son packing.

    I believe it was Kaine who leaked the info about the hit-man yesterday, after he saw the public turn on him about regarding his silly press conference rules.

    People do not want to come to a press conference weekly to hear non-information, and only on Friday. Kaine’s controlling nature is coming out in more ways than one. But his bad behavior does not justify murder or kidnapping, obviously. It just shows that this marriage is a situation which has spun way out of control, and both parties had a hand in that. My suspicious were up about Kaine’s bad behavior from the beginning in the way he treated Desiree.

  9. ClassyGal says:

    Blink is a women of integrety. SHE is the reason we are all here on this particular site in an attempt to help find missing children/adults. Some of us aren’t too helpful but still choose to stay on top of information and help when we can. Blink does not answer every question that is posed. Sometimes you can find those answers by reading back in her prior posts. Sometimes another member of this blog will answer it for you. Blink has already said that she got the information anonymously you are seeking. That means- the source will not be revealed at this time. We have learned not to question Blink’s findings but her intregrety has taught us that we can trust what she says as it will be solid. I might suggest that you sit back and watch how she works. Then you won’t need to question her motive or character.

    We <3 you Blink! Thanks for all you do.

  10. Gerta says:

    minima says:
    July 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Ahhh, thank you, I agree with you.

  11. LPB says:

    43.oneshot says:
    July 5, 2010 at 5:36 am
    It seems like to me, if LE were so concerned about the toddler, they’d have removed her themselves & not “advised” any parent – who’d already seen a divorce attorney, who needed at least a day or two to draw up legal papers – to take off with the child then 2 days later file for divorce & a TRO. That’s what Child Protective Services is for, & they work w/LE, not random fathers. Just like it comes out now that Kaine advised LE just minutes prior to the presser that he was gonna censor some news sources, blocking them from participation. Seems like that’s what he did w/his divorce & child-stealing situation – LE found out, from Terri that Saturday during her 1st 911 call, “after the fact”. Again, JMHO. If you don’t agree, Skip My Post. SMP

    @oneshot: LOL. Sorry I can’t skip this post! Hits too close to home. CPS doesn’t take away children if there is a healthy parent at home. If the healthy parent takes away the child from the dangerous environment to a safe envitonment, they are more than welcome to do that. CPS does mostly works with “random” fathers/mothers, and not so much LE (if they are in drug court or something, thats another story). CPS interviews the family weekly, not the LE. So it makes sense that Dad can take baby and file a RO and divorce. CPS people I know are about keeping the family together as much as they can.

  12. Annals says:

    Hi Suzan. Look at the previous page. Click on the Older Comments link at the bottom of the page, your comments are #12 & 16. If you do not see them there, look at the page before that. Blink answered.

  13. beejay says:

    So, if landscaper implicated himself in murder for hire, it was only because LE told him they had (and actually did have??) substantiating/independent evidence of that. And Blink said he was capable of worse. Worse than refusing that contract with TH? And something LE has the goods on him for being involved with.
    So, if landscaper is a material witness, where is he now? Protective custody? On the loose and under surveillance?

  14. S.H. says:

    The John Deere tractor will it plow Snow? The tractors have a plow
    shovel that can be hooked on for snow removeable, could that be the reason?

  15. julie says:

    If you were having an affair, why would you hire that person to work at your house? That’s like waving a huge sign and using a bull horn to announce the affair.

    Is it possible that TH was freaking about KH’s affair and in her harried frantic panicked state got involved with the LS as “a shoulder to lean on,etc…” and then when she came back to her senses ditched him. He felt used, berated, whatever and hurt Kyron to make TH “pay” for what she did?

    Not to be absolutely morbid and horrendous, but this is a large city…if you wanted to contract a “hitman”, the local landscaper for the school district would not be on the top of the list.

    Kyron should be hanging out with his friends today talking about last nights cool fireworks. :(

  16. Angellica says:

    I have been a lurker of this website since Chris Coleman murdered his beautiful wife and precious boys. I have never posted. I felt I needed to let Suzan know that this website can be very well trusted to provide accurate information sometimes before the mainstream media picks up on it. I am not faulting you for questioning since you are new, but if you keep coming back, you will be amazed at the info Blink, her editors, and commentators “dig up.” I am grateful to have found this website. As a mother of a teen and small children it breaks my heart to see the things that are happening in the world today, especially to young kids like Kyron. So Suzan, just be thankful you happened upon this site, sit back and watch, the media will eventually catch up with Blink.

  17. Maggy says:

    It’s my understanding Terri’s father wrote a book about murder? Is this correct and if so, did anyone read and analyze it?

  18. FairWitness says:

    Great coverage of this case, Blink. I think you’re right about the landscaper/hardscaper possibly having more involvement. What does getting rid of Kyron do for Terri? It won’t repair the relationship between older son James and stepfather/husband Kaine, will it? Was the tension between them related to Kyron, perhaps James mistreated Kyron and Kaine interceded? This case is as preposterous as the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. I fear this boy is dead and has been all along. I hope justice can be found for Kyron.

    Happy 4th of July to you and yours, Blink.

    Happy 4th all.

  19. Vern says:

    24.Kleat says:
    July 4, 2010 at 3:32 pm
    Did TH end the conversation with the landscaper quickly because she was under some scrutiny already, or was it because she no longer had the same need to act on her original plan (if any, of course)?
    I dunno; I’m still on the fence here. Perhaps she shut it down immediately because the conversation about killing Kaine never actually happened? This could explain why he (supposedly so innocent in this matter) never reported the alleged conversation until LE managed to track him down and find him. If there was a shred of evidence that conversation REALLY did happen, I would hope that her ass would have been in jail immediately after it came to the attention of LE. That has not happened, so I am not certain it is a verified “true” story by landscaper.

    My thoughts (it is where my mind took me to):
    1) Rumours of Terri having a lover (and with what Blink said was passed on to her …) = probably true.

    2)Possibility of Terri’s lover becoming disgruntled? Possibly, she decided that the affair was over, that she was staying (or was never going to leave Kaine in the first place?).

    3) Lover attempts to change her mind with no luck. Becomes disgruntled.

    4) Ex-lover (possibly still lover) kidnaps Kyron from school as revenge. Possibly, Kyron had met the landscaper at his house – making this “stranger” not quite a stranger after all – that would go far as to explain how Kyron could be removed in a split second of time with no struggle or volume alert.

    5) Alleged lover had access to a white truck – Hmmmm …. Perhaps, as reported, someone did actually see Kyron at the school at 0900hrs – perhaps even seeing him get into & leave in a white turck and they just assumed it was with his mother?? Did lover also have access to a grey or black pickup truck?? Further reports said a MAN was driving in this linked possible sighting … (PORTLAND, Ore. — A truck driver said he saw a child who resembled a missing second-grade boy on Highway 26 on Saturday afternoon. David Vaughan said he was driving toward Portland when a pickup truck turned in front of him onto Salmon Berry Road in western Washington County. Vaughan said he slammed his brakes to avoid a collision with the gray or black truck. “I saw this young boy looking out the window at me (with) a startled look on his face and that was it until I got home that evening. My wife and I were talking and we saw this come on the news, and it flashed that this looked very familiar to me — a very distinctive young man and I thought it was worth making a call,” Vaughan said. Vaughan said he received a call back from an FBI agent Monday morning. [44] )

    6) Did digrunteled lover later call Terri and say “I need to see you immediately, it’s important; I’m at work.” ?? Causing Terri to rush over to his project worksite on Sauve Island in her red mustang where he didn’t disclose that he had Kyron, but where he begged and pleaded with her to come to him permanently? Did she say “no way – you are getting psycho about this; it’s done; we are OVER” and speed off back to get her chores/business done because she was so freaked out? With him speeding off in his white truck (all in keeping with observed Sauve Island vehicle activity and later searches conducted there)furious at her latest rejection and a determination to “get back at her” via doing harm to Kyron?

    7) Did she then go about her day normally only to realize when the bus arrived that Kyron was missing? With the gradual reality sinking in the her indiscretion with this guy may have caused harm to a child she loved all unbeknowst to her, but caused by her actions?

    8) Perhaps the tipped sighting above turned LE on to finding our who this male driver was … and led to their finding him – him now using the “she hired me as a kaine hitman” story in an attempt to cover his own ass from involvement with sweet Kyron’s disappearance and throw the heat onto the girl that jilted him (after all – most everyone else already had her socially convicted as guilty and would never doubt his statement).

    Seems in keeping with earlier theories put forth on this site.

    I’m with Blink – there will be an arrest soon, but I’m far from convinced that it will be Terri – or that she had premeditated knowledge of what was occuring.

  20. Suzan says:

    I have no motive other than.. reading, I used my real email to register here, I am sure the admin knows who I am already and ran it. It’s not who I am and what my motive is/was. I simply like to read and I have heard blink mentioned, saw a url off of a search page and decided to come over and read, that url contained the name of this thread.. it was the same as the other teasers, but with one exception~ in that it said the Landscaper was Ms. Horman’s lover. I had not heard that before anywhere else. I am not saying it’s true or not. I just wanted to know.. is it a personal theory, or inside information. It does make a difference..because if it’s just a landscaper.. he is reporting something that happened. If he is a lover than that makes him a suspect. Huge difference to the person carrying the name ‘lover’.

    About Scared Monkeys, I belong to that site, as the owner of this site probably has figured out by now :) This site ‘Blink’ is registered to ‘Scared Monkeys’.

    “Doth protest too much”

    Audible deep chest compression sigh.

  21. Kaylee says:

    The Lake Oswego police blotter linked above says RX Gucci sunglasses. So, the wearer was probably someone who wears glasses full-time, as Michael Forten just happens to (per his facebook photo).

    I would imagine that Kaine came clean about any affair he may have been involved in and the colleague has also been cleared. But it does ‘splain his desire to control the media, lest his own secrets come out. Who knew it would blow up in his face? The next day, Sheriff Staton comes out to fan the flames. Then, yesterday’s bombshell which seemed like it was meant to get more sympathy for Kaine and send the pitchfork and torch carriers in Terri’s direction once again. Also, since Staton mentioned it at the start of his PC, I’m sure the MCSO wants everyone to know the $300,000 (so far) has been used for something productive. It feels like squirrels are behind this whole ordeal: darting up random trees, hiding acorns and causing all kinds of collisions.

  22. Suzan says:


  23. Ode says:

    Does anyone know if the album of pictures brought over from scared monkeys is actually an album that belong or was created by TH or is it someone else’s album?

  24. Ode says:

    Sorry I meant “belongs to” in above comment.

  25. Suzan says: not part of my name. Good day to all, Prayers for Kyron.

  26. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    Just a random thought–the “Kyron’s missing” billboards : weren’t they written in 4 different languages? Any special significance to that? You are one amazing detective, Blink, and I’m glad that someone like you is out there fighting for justice for these innocent children. Keep fighting!

  27. peg says:

    I keep coming back here,hoping/praying that this child,all missing will be found.. becoming an obsession I’m afraid.
    Keep up the good work,keep shining the light of truth..

  28. minima says:

    My goal is to EDIT today…sorry for all my lazy editing yesterday (especially, eek!)

    Ok, so, TH wouldn’t take down kaine, perhaps because she felt he was more powerful than her. For whatever reason her personality strikes me as someone that works in a higherchy system. (I could be wrong but something about her at that press conference; She seemed to be cowering as though she was surrounded by “power-over-her people” and I have a feeling she relents in these situtations and possibly overcampensate in others, taking total control over those she has higher authority over). So, I am not sure she would even think to harm Kaine herself. But, Kyron, I agree, the likelihood that a person could be hired to kill a small child are miniscule, at best. I think, having the facts we do, I am continue to stand in the camp that she decided to “take care of things her damn self,” when things just weren’t going her way.

  29. oneshot says:

    LPB – not when LE is already at their house 20/7; you’re speaking of a “normal” domestic situation & such. this was already an ongoing, active, criminal investigation situation in which supposedly, by his own public admission in presser after presser, the bioparents “are cooperating with LE”….all he had to do was whisper to a detective or street-cop that he was concerned – get CPS. He DIDN’T. why? b/c he already was seeing a divorce attorney who was coaching him, instructing him, on what SPECIFICALLY to do. JMHO. SMP.

  30. lizzy says:

    Suzan, the relationship between Blinkoncrime and Scared Monkeys is scarcely a secret, lol. Scared Monkeys made a “big announcement” welcoming Blink when she joined them. If you click on “Crime” at Scared Monkeys, it takes you here. Get it? Part of the same site family?

    What about the “lover” part is bothering you so much? Of course, the article doesn’t really say he was Terri’s lover, does it? It says “landscape lover,” and leaves the rest to your interpretation. What made you think “affair” rather than “tree hugger” from this headline?

  31. Annals says:

    Maggy says:
    July 5, 2010 at 11:21 am
    It’s my understanding Terri’s father wrote a book about murder? Is this correct and if so, did anyone read and analyze it?

    Maggie. I don’t know anything about Terri’s father. But Kaine’s adoptive father and grandfather are authors. It’s Kaines grandfather who has written murder novels. I have not read them. As far as I can tell their books are self published. Here’s a link to their book site:

    What is interesting to me is that Kaine’s father is/was soon to release a children’s book entitled, ‘Terri, That Red Squirrel’.

  32. Titch says:

    Blink, I’m on SM now. Thanks if you had anything to do with moving it along. Thanks anyway even if you didn;t. :D I’ll be back later. Could you let me know if I should follow the Phyllis rumor? Or should I keep checking it out? I found 2 people that I think it could pertain to bus seriously can’t verify it yet. Is it a waste of time? Thanks so much.

    Can’t verify the Phyllis info right now.

    Holding your other comment for verification, fyi.

  33. Stacia says:

    @Ode…..I was wondering that as well.

  34. GeauxGeauxGirl says:

    IMO Kaine has brought all this on. Terri had to remove her son from the house because of Kaine. She called 911 because of threats from Kaine. She’s been living in absolute terror of him.


    Kaine wasn’t at the house during the ‘threat’ 911 call, and I haven’t read anything that verifies her call was due to threats from Kaine. I’ve read NOTHING that substantiates that Terri was living in ‘terror’ because of Kaine, or anything that states the decision to have the older son move was due solely to Kaine’s personality or that she disagreed with the decision. And I don’t care how much of a jerk Kaine is, NOTHING that Kaine did could justify 1) someone hiring someone to kill him, or 2) someone taking his son and–at worst–keeping him in hiding.

    Agreed. I dont think the 911 call had anything to do with Kaine.

  35. Annals says:

    In addition to my previous post, here is another site that has more info on R. Neil Horman’s children’s book.

  36. beejay says:

    OK, help me here. Maybe Landscaper cooperates with LE because he failed to report the murder for hire thing when it happened (failure to report it is a crime, yes?)and he believes he’ll get off the hook for that by cooperating now. But what about solving the Kyron crime? How is that helped by getting TH for the MFH scheme? LE just thinks/hopes that TH would then admit any involvement in Kyron, too??

    If landscaper and TH are jointly responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, then LE must have no evidence from landscaper as to Kyron’s whereabouts. Maybe there’s a 3rd party in on it. And, by getting the goods on TH for MFH scheme, LE might get info about 3rd party (who may be only 1 who knows where Kyron is) out of her?

  37. TR says:

    I do not think that album belongs to Terri. JMHO, but in looking through it, I only see one photo that would belong in a family album. The rest are either of the recent news coverage or random shots of celebs and fashion–neither of which seem to be Terri’s pics. I’m not sure why these pics are labeled Terri Horman.

  38. mynamehere says:

    “You are being used for psychological warfare by your “source”

    I work for Kyron Horman. I do not give a rats azz how he is recovered to be honest, just that he is.
    Thanks. That is precisely what I needed to hear. I already know you do this for the victims, but the psychological warfare is right on imho.
    Question; did you misuse the word snuff in your editorial? Did you mean snub?

    I fear I may use them interchangably.

  39. Tracygirl says:

    Who is to say the landscaper is telling the truth? Blink I respect you greatly, please get me from point A to point B. This man is saying that he is the type of person Terri would ask to kill her husband. After all, if one is going to kill someone by hiring someone, you wouldn’t normally go up to an upstanding citizen, you would go up to a known criminal. So this man is found by LE and he admits to all of this? Why would he implicate himself in such away? Could he be trying to turn the attention from him to her? I would really appreciate your comments

    I believe there are 2 possibilities. I am not going to say which one I subscribe to.

    1. Terri broke off a relationship with this dude, backed out and he had the money spent already. He took Kyron for ransom to get her to pay up. Backfire.

    2. Terri conspired with landscaper to have Kyron kidnapped, and there is a financial trail for these 2, so due to the fact that Kaine is very much alive, it is easier to place blame for an uncommitted crime and explain the transactions that way. How the Hell would Kaine not know Terri hired a landscaper?
    That’s BS. Does he strike you as a guy that does not know what’s going on his yard?
    Again Backfire.

    Everyone remember when I said this case looked very much like it was being investigated as a ransom and speculated there was a note? Glasses were sent, etc. Even though I believed it was sexually motivated? I still do.


  40. Maggy says:

    ANNALS Thank you for the clarification that it was Kaine’s adoptive father and grandfather who are authors, not Terri’s father. There seems to be “RED” everywhere…red eyed tree frog, RED HAIR, RDSQRL, RED SQUIRREL. What do you make of that?

  41. adair says:

    Doesn’t it go like this-”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?

    A competitive woman who could not compete would be angry and frustrated beyond measure. It is hard to fathom extending that anger to a helpless child, but if you are looking for a vulnerability to exploit, you could hardly hurt someone more than to hurt his child.

    @classygal, well put.

  42. Kaylee says:

    @Vern: Your thought number 6 fits a lot with many of the pieces, though unsubstantiated, I’ve seen here and on other sites. “Did digrunteled lover later call Terri and say “I need to see you immediately, it’s important; I’m at work.” ?? Causing Terri to rush over to his project worksite on Sauve Island”

    I suppose if such a call was placed, it would have registered in Terri’s cell phone records. Maybe those are the investigative means they used to find Mr. Landscaper. What I wonder (rhetorical question) is how “the landscaper lover was well known amongst us media folks” (Blink).

  43. lizzygoat says:

    Blink…I think one HopeInVA is talking about you:
    “some ‘know it all’ aggressive media type trying to profit off missing children has said her group “has known the landscaper is TH’s lover for some time now”…. and, “a colleague of Kaine’s, Ruten, was arrested last August charged with menacing, for stealing an Intel computer bag with a Sony computer, & Gucci prescription glasses out of a car on Country Club road…don’t know if the stories are related”

    there’s so many mistruths & misinformation going around amongst media, & then you have the flaky set of 4 parents manipulating each other & attempting to manipulate the press, not to mention the huckleberry PD, topped off by one of the parents initiating divorce proceedings by stealing a child on advice from a family law attorney & somehow someone claims LE “advised” him to do so…while LE has a multitude of agencies poised to remove a child if endangered at their disposal making such “advisement” completely “out there”. Good Luck to Kyron if he’s ever “returned”..he’ll need it & wish he hadn’t returned, given this sad set of adult-pretenders & their official “helpers”….& the father who’d rather focus on himself & gives lipservice to his son, while making sure the other son is out of the picture too.”

    Gee Blink…how much you making off that ONE ad at the top? a Ha’penny a day?? Every other day?? OOPS just noticed the same ad at the bottom…on a good day a WHOLE penny??

    btw am I a typical hyper-focused person unable to find a registration so I don’t have to keep entering info when I comment?

    It should pop up automatically with your RSS feed-
    The rest is typical. Heightens when we get close in a case everytime.

  44. Titch says:

    Blink, Re your:
    Can’t verify the Phyllis info right now.

    Holding your other comment for verification, fyi.

    …I just wanted to say thanks. I’m still looking. Sometimes where theres, smoke – there’s fire. When there’s rumor upon rumor upon rumor, some tidbits seem to have a ring of truth to them. I’m search the town still. I will find it…determined to do so. Blink, regarding the other comment, I know what I heard but I think it’s the reason families of authorities involved have the proper channel abilities on their scanners compared to the average everyday joes – maybe bc le doesn;t want the press or the public all over it before it’s all verified. they haven’t “released” the 911 transcript that I’ve found, so that lady either has a trustworthy friend in “the know” or somebody dealling with emergency calls leaked it themselves. I’m still searching. I’ll post it here if I find it first, you can use it however you want to. Thanks again.

  45. radiogirl says:

    If it doesn’t look like a John Walsh ,talk like a Mark Klaas ,walk like a Beth Holloway,then I become very concerned that the child has been taken from this life by someone living under the very same roof.Especially in this case..just my own opinion.

    Its way past time for everyone in this family to START TALKING and quit worrying about what you don’t want to see in print.Get that precious boy back home.The public has lost patience with a Casey Anthony-esque debacle and its NOT going your way Ms. Horman and you better start thinking about life inside a prison full of mothers who miss their children and hate (with a passion)people who dispose of theirs (allegedly). Is your defense giving you the impression you will beat this? Your future is NOT looking bright and following Casey Anthony’s lead will get you exactly where she is, in prison.If in fact you are resposible,GOD HELP YOU!Again just my opinion.

    Mr.Horman whether you like it or not your life is being examined,so be it.I am sorry about that,especially under these circumstances but it is a part of the road you have sorrowfully been placed on.You are NOT the first parent who has been required to go through this.Example of parents in beginning paragraph.That is the heart breaking reality.

    You must now be transparent and understand your integrity and lifestyle as a father,husband and citizen is of extreme value and DIRECTLY related to regaining your son. You are a part of the answer as well.I am not saying you are guilty of a crime. You are asking for help but you are removing valuable people from your press conf. that you requested in the first place. Something has gone far wrong in your household and your son has paid a price.I am deeply saddened and heart broken by Kyrons disappearance.In that I am praying for you and you family.

    These recent revalations are an outrage on so many levels.

    It is an outrage that our good families like those mentioned above(Walsh’s,Klaas,Holloways) and MANY more are having their children VIOLATED and MURDERED.Damn it!!

    It’s an utter DISGRACE that child molesters and murderer’s are let out to roam about our streets to do what they will.Inside and out of families.WHY !!!!If you have a relative that is abusing a child STOP THEM.Not directed towards any individual but an anguished plea in general.

    It is APPALLING to see mother’s who KILL make a profitable career out of their deceased childs personal photos and items and act like they have an entouage in their hired legal guns and that they all ought to be signing autographs.DAMN DAMN DAMN.

    Mr. HOUZE I hope you are taking notes because your(fully expected) appearances on Geraldo and the like will most likely be met with contempt if/when accompanied by some ridiculous excuse for your clients reasoning of the disappearance of Kyron Horman.ALLEGEDLEEEE.Let me add that Zenaida Fernandez Gonzolez is all booked up for the next few years,but maybe she’ll pencil you in.

    Im relatively quiet here most days,but those who know me in this forum,know my family was involved in the the prosecution of a man who raped, tortured and murdered a 7 year old little girl.

    In those years before he went to death row,I think I heard every filthy pathetic excuse out of him as to why or why not he did it ,I could bend metal with my brain I’m so fed up with these trash that do this.

    So I am making no appologies for my utter complete disgust over this case and the fact I felt like expressing it today.Those invloved ,if Kyron is alive make it known and get him to safety.Things will be easier for you if you do.

    If he is passed they already know who killed him and you are going to prison anyway ,you may as well lead them to his location.In every case I have seen you get a lighter sentence if you just make that happen for his family.

    Like I said just opinion,no apologies today.

  46. sean says:

    Who’s the person that had an affair with Kaine?
    When did Terri find about about the affair?
    And back to……..for sure the women at that school noticed her flirting with other men. women recognized that stuff right away.
    What about the best friends family?
    And…you know that no conversation will come from TH now that she has a lawyer, but nothing lost, because she hasn’t given up any info yet anyways. TH is a really good liar.
    But, I think Kaine lies too.
    someone close to that family has that little boy and they all know that and THAT is really pitiful.
    I still hope and pray that Desiree gets her son back when he comes home. I feel really bad for her because she was really lied to and I think she knows that.

  47. Mom3.0 says:

    I am sorry little Kyron wasn’t home to celebrate the 4th of July.

    I hope LE is well on the trail of the person/s responsible.
    I don’t know if any of these sundry details have any bearing on why little Kyron is missing.

    I am still hoping little Kyron will come home safely, and that none of his loved ones had anything to do with this plot.

    If and when he comes home, he will come back to a home that is torn apart and a family that has had their filthy laundry exposed for all to see. For Kyrons sake, for Kitty’s sake, for all their sakes, I hope that they will be able to pick up the pieces and provide a stable loving environment for the children.

  48. beejay says:

    @Vern: My only problem with your #6 is fitting it in with why and how they’re using the landscaper now and the MFH thing to solve the Kyron case. You think Landscaper admitted the Kyron kidnapping to LE and so that case is essentially solved now? And they’re just trying to now go after TH for the MFH scheme and solve this brand new case?

    1)WHY would Landscaper fess up to having declined to murder KH (assume he had nothing to do with Kyron missing).
    2)WHY would Landscaper fess up to having declined to murder KH (assume he was involved in Kyron’s disappearance).

    I’m very confused as to Landscaper’s motive for talking.

    I believe he spoke because they already knew about it via computer searches, surveillance, etc.
    I also believe strongly had the exchange between landscaper and Terri gone the way it was intended, they would both be in jail last Saturday.

  49. Titch says:


    Thanks for bringing that comment over. Jeez…

    Terri, if you’re reading here…don’t you see how DISPOSABLE you truly are? What a waste of a wanna be education. Did you ever have a true intention of teaching a full blown class? Ever? Or have you just been working your way up the ladder of men, each one making more money than the previous one? Is your love for children sincere, or just a front?

    … Google some statistics on children that are murdered – the statistics are incredible when adopted mothers are thrown into the mix. terri doesn;t fool me for a sec. …

    Kaine, if you seriously read here – WTH are you hiding that you can;t allow the media to be involved at the fullest extent? Any normal frickin parent would be begging & pleading on national tv, using every meadia outlet at their disposal, to scream so loud to find their child. WTH is wrong with you man? Seriously? Help us help you…that is, unless you’re really hiding something. Just so you know: We’re searching & searching your entire family dynamic, including your family’s masonic connections. Is this why Kristian is only in jail instead of a PENITENTIARY? I see judges, cops, fire & ambulance workers, teachers, etc – several masonic connections. Is there something there you don’t want us to uncover? In all fairness to you, Kaine, I haven’t found anything on you yet…so maybe that’s a good thing. I just hope you’re on the up & up. Sadly, though, I think I may be let down.

    Desiree & Tony – haven’t found a darned thing negative in records or anything.

    Blink – Keep up the excellent work & screw that commenter & her many schizophrenic monickers.

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