Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Points A Finger Directly At Terri Horman

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“I believe respondent (Terri) is involved in the disappearance of my son Kyron who has been missing since June 4, 2010”

Ky Rabbit

The grim words of Kaine Horman as they appeared in the restraining order filed against his estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horman, were unsealed yesterday. 

It was the start of developments beginning to weave a portrait of Terri Horman, from the eyes of her husband and Kyron Horman’s biological Mother, Desiree Young.

“I thought the marriage was doing pretty well,” Kaine Horman said during a one-on-one interview with The Oregonian, “until we had our daughter, Kiara.”

Declining to elaborate, rumors of Terri Horman suffering from bouts of post partum depression following the birth of the couples 19 month old daughter have been swirling since the case began.

Yesterday’s press conference with Kyron’s parents, Kaine and Desiree left no doubt they believe Terri is involved with Kyron’s disappearance, and confirmed what has been reported exclusively on previously:Terri Horman failed both polygraph tests administered during the investigation.

“I have known Terri a long time, and I know she is lying.” She went on to say she had her suspicions from the onset of the phone call she received alerting her that Kyron was missing.

Curiously, famed Portland attorney Stephen Houze, retained by Terri Horman June 28th, known for his Public*Relations*Prowess, would not comment on the divorce, custody, or criminal investigation involving his client.

Although Terri Horman had 5 days to respond to object to the restraining order which denies her any visitation with the couples daughter, there was no response filed on her behalf in family court.

It is this editors opinion that was a calculated move on her part NOT to have to answer to the allegations of Kaine’s petition which could then be used against her in a criminal proceeding.

Last evening, an amendment was filed to the restraining order to force Terri Horman from the marital residence, which was purchased in Kaine Horman’s name in December 2006. 

Speaking to on the condition of anonymity, sources inside the investigation have confirmed that the detectives sting on the grounds of the Horman home, where a landscaper believed to have been in a romantic relationship with Terri Horman requested $10,000 for an alleged murder for hire plot, may have impeded the investigation.

“The climate was one where their hand was forced. They had the guy saying one thing, and when they said “prove it”, they felt they would be arresting her on at least the solicitation charge.

Did it backfire? Uh, yes, in a way, because for one– nobody gets paid ten grand for killing a live guy.. For two, she did not flinch, and between the two of them at the time she called 911, she looked more credible. It was an uncomfortable situation for detectives to have to explain to the patrol.

I think they are desperate to resolve this case, but I do not think Terri will be the first to be arrested, I think the landscaper may be arrested tomorrow. They are going to need a pretty solid case to get him to flip if she was involved, which it looks clear that she was. Our prosecutors use a grand jury in lieu of a preliminary hearing almost, so I would bet that is going on behind the scenes..”

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  1. Praying4Kyron says:

    Hi Blink,

    Earlier I posted my first post on this site. It included a news link about contempt of court charges against Terri Horman. The link also included information about sexual text messages between Terri and Michael Cook. I do not see my post, was it perhaps moved to another thread or still in moderation?



  2. Praying4Kyron says:

    Please disregard my 6:52 pm post, I see my original post there now, I just wanted to be sure you got it. Every day I check for news about Kyron and pray for resolution and his safe return. I know so many here and around the country are. Perhaps today will be the day, I truly hope so.

  3. equuslady says:

    Gosh, now even more questions to ask!

    What we know:

    She agrees to move out of the house. (per Houze)

    She agrees not to contest the RO. (per Houze)

    She agreed to try to take Polygraph tests. (per LE, though we dont know the outcome of these tests as a fact,only hearsay)

    She agreed to try to cooperate with LE (per LE’s own public statement)

    So why does she not agree to tell what happened to Kyron? Because she really doesnt know? Or does know, and thinks its in Kyrons best interest not to share this info until certain information is revealed? After all she certainly is giving away all her rights to her life, her own child, as noted above…but why?

    And now this ~ These latest filings by Kaine Hormon – Does his concern of fairness in his marriage problems attract or distract from the issue of finding Kyron, a child whose missing now fohr over a month, who should be the primary focus in all of this? How?


  4. MackiezMom says:

    @snap- I can assume anything I want to. You speak for yourself, with your statement, “We cannot assume anything based on Terri…”

    We, as human beings, have te ability to reason. Cognitive ability. While we may come to different conclusions than one another, we may choose to ignore rational thought and logical reasoning, or to conclude certain things from it.

    I do not believe that an innocent person, in circumstances such as those surrounding the missing child, Kyron Horman, would willingly case all contact with their toddler for an indefinite period of time. It is my opinion that her behavior and history are indicative of complicity in the crime of child abduction and/or murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

  5. nana2 says:

    @ equuslady

    It’s almost as if KH likes these distractions..

  6. MackiezMom says:

    I feel the need to make this distinction-

    Agreeing to do something and doing something are two distinctly different things.

    Many people agree to be faithful in a marriage, then cheat. Many people buy a house, and agree to make payments, then do not (for whatever reason). I could go on.

    What someone agrees to is relevant, in that it lets you know what they wanted other people to believe they were going to do. Their actions are the evidence of what they have done/will do. If a person agrees to take a polygraph, then is deceitful and evasive, they have not cooperated.

    Joran agreed to lots of things. Pathological liars and narcissists agree to things all the time, so do passive aggressive people “Sure, uh huh, yes, yeah…okay” translated (from passive agressive to normal terms) = Whatever…I do what I want.

  7. MackiezMom says:

    To quote the great philosopher, Yoda,

    “Do or do not… there is no try.”

    She agreed to try, huh? To try to tell the truth? To try to be cooperative?


    I tellya what, though…she is really rackin’ up a fan club.

  8. MackiezMom says:,,personsTax:TerriHorman,00.html

  9. Karen says:

    7.lyla says:
    July 12, 2010 at 11:55 am
    “Here’s the link to MCSO in reference to Antonio Gonzales. He’s being held as a material witness. I have no clue who he is. Anyone have verification that he is, in fact, the LS mentioned in this case?”

    @lyla: I don’t think this is our LS/hitman #2. According to the article at the link below, he was sentenced to ten years in prison in March.

    Unless, of course, he is the 2nd man TH approached in the potential MFH, but he ended up going to prison before he could carry out the plan (a big sigh of relief for Kaine, if so).

    The only facts we know in this case is that TH wanted KH dead, and Ky is missing. What if she found someone willing to carry through with the “hit” on KH in early June, and 6/4 was the day planned to carry out the plot? LE was looking at TH’s banking records for that day; might she have transferred money to the hitman that day, either electronically or in person? On SI, perhaps?

    Regardless of TH’s motive for wanting KH dead, I’ve wondered if the “hit” was planned soon after KH arrived home from work. Maybe it was planned to look like a home invasion/burglary, and TH didn’t want Ky home for fear that 1) he might get in the way and get hurt and 2) he would be able to identify the intruder and note that he seemed acquainted with SM? Could TH have dropped him off at one of her friends’ house? Perhaps the same person who watched Kiara that morning?

    Maybe TH didn’t expect KH home so early (he got home shortly after 2:00). And she didn’t expect KH to accompany her to the bus stop (she might otherwise have planned to tell KH that Ky was outside playing or went to a friend’s, e.g., Tanner’s, house). But, everything backfired when KH went to the bus stop, too, and discovered Ky was absent from school.

    But, why would TH bring Kiara home? B/C she felt confident she could protect Kiara and Kiara wouldn’t be able to give an account to LE, and she wanted things to appear as normal as possible when KH arrived home so he wouldn’t suspect anything? But, then, why take Ky out of school when he would be going to his Mom’s that evening? The hit couldn’ve been planned to occur while TH was driving Ky to meet DY. Maybe, was it not the norm for TH to take Kiara & TH didn’t want to leave her home alone with KH during the hit, but was afraid KH might object to her taking Kiara along? But, why not plan the hit for later that evening while she (TH) was home and Kiara in bed? Or why not wait another week until summer vacation? Or would there be less opportunity then? KH would be going to CA.

    On the other hand, what if, before TH paid the hitman for the MFH scheme, the hitman decided to take Ky as collateral, or double-cross TH by black-mailing her (you just can’t find an honest crook these days)? Maybe TH really didn’t know Ky was missing until he didn’t return home from school?

    There are so many “what ifs” in this case. Nothing seems to make sense. The new development of TH’s latest liason only complicates matters even more. How does one “connect the dots?”

  10. equuslady says:

    It just seems to me that this latest “news” is not illegal activity – just truth again in a divorce thats ugly.

    But with this truth;

    Is sexting illegal in portland?

    Is adultery in a marriage in portland illegal?

    Is sharing info on a RO that has been released to the media illegal?

    The only illegal issue i see is breaking the RO itself. Unfortunately if you know, observe and do NOT call LE immediately when your RO is broken by the other party, no charges can be filed and the RO is now moot I believe; correct me someone if I am wrong? Thats why domestic orders are a pita to LE; theres got to be enforcement on the defendents part (i.e. calling LE IMMEDIATELY when the respondent is breaking it )

    So did someone call LE from the daycare?

    my question is, WHAT does Kaine’s latest move have to do with Kyron? WHERE IS KYRON?

    And I apologize to those who I offend with these statements, but I tend to see things in a law enforcement way.

    Then you need to read the motion, it specifically states that LE gave him the info needed to file it.

  11. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Mackiezmom: THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! for inserting a really rational argument into some seriously irrational rationalization. I posted my long thoughts on the most recent post, but then checked here, and was so happy to read your breath of much-needed fresh air.

  12. equuslady says:

    Thank you Blink for correcting me ~ I did go ahead and read that, thank you for providing that. So please bear with me again as I ask these weird questions and try to make some sense from this~

    LE cant get her – they are giving this stuff to Kaine and his attorney who are turning it around and making it “public” evidence through a court filing – paper trail. Thats pressure on Terri to confess. Confess what? Will this put enough pressure on her to call them to say where Kyron is? or what really happened? or that she is just crazy stupid?

    And then there is this ~ LE states to Kaine on page 5 starting with line 3 “personal concerns and sexual overtures to Mr. Cook resemble those made to the man respondent previously attempted to hire to murder petitioner”. Last time I checked, I think attempting to hire someone to kill someone is illegal. How come LE hasnt brought her in on that charge alone? WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS?

    Either she is stupid crazy, guilty as heck…or sleeping with another enemy.

  13. Jackie Bauer :) says:–Is-Terri-Horman-In-Contempt-of-Cou/7673409

    This link is posted for those of you who feel Kaine may just be using this motion for contempt as a “distraction”. The civil case and the criminal work together. And LE brought the info to Kaine, and the motion sets out the evidence in graphic detail.

  14. equuslady says:

    @ Jackie Bauer

    Then an arrest of Terri Horman is imminent based on the statements (page 5, line 3) of that LE knows as fact she hired someone to kill Kaine Horman? IMO actually, after reading that yesterday, Im surprised they havent brought her in yet based on that charge – intent to murder is serious. And on one positive note ~ once shes brought in on any charge they can observe her, her mental state and be firsthand on obtaining information that would bring Kyron home ~ so I ask this ~ is this the purpose in sharing this information with Kaines Attorney? Or is there something else besides all this? This is all very strange, and not a normal turn of events, nor normal behavior, on everyones behalf. Also, I am fully aware that the FBI is on this, and they have jurisdiction that is not even visible to Portlands LE.

    And please understand that for some posters every stone is upturned before they make can make a judgement based on what the media reports ~ so thats why i dont normally post on boards. Buts thats also why I have read Blink and Scared Monkeys in the past before I would read anything else – they have creditability in reporting. When I see evidence (such as the actual legal document that Blink conveniently posted – thank you!) then I can understand as a reader. For Kyron’s sake, statistics say its not normal behavior for a woman to turn on her children, thats why its so horrendous when it does happen. Im sure you agree, linking the dots is hard enough; trying to do it without a wealth of emotional media frenzy clouding judgment is another – we’re all trying to do that in order for Kyron to return home safely. So for me sometimes that means asking uncomfortable questions that havent been brought up. Sorry if I offend, its not my intention to provoke, only leave not one stone unturned. And we can all agree that this is not a “normal” parent, abduction situation…

  15. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    equuslady says:
    July 13, 2010 at 10:05 am

    No offense intended with this next statement, but I’m not sure what you’re point was to me. I think it had to do from my earlier post. The reason that I posted the link provided is that there is a link between the criminal and civil cases, and I do not believe that this is just Kaine being slick or whatever he’s been called. I think that the point was to get TH in court, period, force her there and I think LE is playing maybe LS and maybe the new beau and TH (that’s supposition only). And I thought that better than express moo it w/b better coming from a criminal atty who could explain it. Hope this answers your question.

  16. Newsatfive says:

    The TRO had not been served at time of supposed “abduction attempt,” so there was no violation to report.

    Oregon is a no-fault divorce state. So why is Kaine straining so hard to smear Terri and insert issues into the dissolution that have nothing to do with a restraining order violation, parenting issue, nor property division? Could it be that Kaine is trying to make-up for not parenting as much as Terri? Might Kaine realize that Oregon is a “mommy state” that would almost certainly award the kids and an excess amount of proprty to mom? Or could Kaine be getting even with Terri for exposing him and his girlfriend “Phyllis” who has been named all over the Internet?

    The only reason fault matters is if someone is neglecting parenting functions, i.e. leaving the children unsupervised.

    Kaine has a pattern of having affairs, taking the kid from the mom, and having the new girlfriend start her own brood while raising the child of the earlier “Baby Momma.” If there is any truth to Kaine having impregnated Phyllis and now shacked up with her — also posted all over the Internet — expect he will do jus as he did to Desiree, and have Phyllis raise Terri’s kid while birthing another son (or daughter) of Kaine.

    What’s odd to me is that Phyllis probably expects her relationship with Kaine to be any different from what occurred with her two predecessors.

  17. kathy says:


    Sitting here, reading the blog, thinking about Kyron and listening to your interview with Dana when you mentioned – again – his glasses, I had a shudder. I am beginning to think that TH may have taken Kyron to a park, forest, wooded area on pretense to look for something and told him to wait for her right there while she went to the truck to clean his dirty glasses. Whereupon, TH got in her truck and drove off, leaving him alone, scared, and you know the rest. That’s an indirect way of harming him.

    The hope I have that this didn’t happen is brought about by you saying she was evasive on questions about lifestyle. Do you know if she was evasive about Kyron’s whereabouts? Then again, TH did try to have her husband killed.

    Where is Kyron?

  18. lizzy says:


    What’s odd to me is that Terri probably expects her relationship with MC to be any different from what occurred with her predecessor.

    Or maybe not. Maybe his lack of character is what made it seem okay to use him?


    P.S. If Kaine and Kitty’s undisclosed location IS with “Phyllis,” all I can say is “ick.”

  19. lizzy says:

    Oh, one more question for Newsatfive. You said “The only reason fault matters is if someone is neglecting parenting functions, i.e. leaving the children unsupervised.”

    Where is Kyron?

  20. shelbar says:

    I said Teri was involved right from the start. I don’t need to see DNA evidence or a video of the person committing the crime. I go by my guts instincts and what doesn’t look right. That’s the smell test for me. It has served me well with my everyday dealings with people. Of course if I was on a jury I would look at the evidence and make my decision on that, not if she lost weight, drove the truck to school, posted on facebook or was wearing a wedding band.

    I’m not stupid and I have good common sense and my common sense told me something was fishy from the get-go with Teri. Besides if I was offended that people were speculating and offering up opinions on her guilt I wouldn’t be on this site.

  21. Stars says:

    Stars says:
    July 9, 2010 at 11:15 am
    If she does not do the right thing, which in my opinion her attorney has advised her will result in the loss of her liberties, she will leave her daughter with a legacy no child should be saddled with. She will leave the siblings of little Kyron with a hurt and hate that no child should ever know.

    Are you saying that Terri’s attorney has advised her NOT do the right thing?
    Although, as her attorney he would want to do the best for her, it seems
    he would want to do the best for a little boy also. If he knows Kyron is alive
    somewhere would he tell LE?.
    If Terri gives her attorney information that could help find Kyron, would the attorney
    tell LE??? If he had a conscious, he would, right?

    Houze has one job. Terri Horman and the zealous representation of her under the Supreme Court of Oregon.
    For those asking this question….

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