Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Terri Horman Leaves The House

Portland, OR– Late today, prior to a previously scheduled hearing at 3PM PST, an agreement was reached between the attorneys for Kaine Horman and Terri Horman.


KOIN reports:The dispute between Terri Horman and Kaine Horman has been settled and she will move out of the couple’s Northwest Sheltered Nook Road home Saturday by 3 p.m.

Also on Koin6, via email from Kaine Horman-

When asked via email by KOIN if he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance, he wrote: “I believe at some point she will be arrested.”

Check back to for breaking developments.

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  1. annla says:

    Well you figure that LE has had DeDe’s phone records and computer for about a week…let’s see where that gets us….Hoping for a break soon and PRAYING for Kyron’s safe, safe, safe return. And I do hope that we insert the the name Kyron Horman all over the net, in unrelated articles, in calls to talk shows and anywhere the devils may look. B/C we are the good guys and Kyron deserves at least that much. He could be any one our children…He didn’t put himself in this situation – sickening, cowardly, untrustworthy, lowlife ADULTS did. So yes, I’ll be happy to keep this case out in the forefront any way I can.

  2. Novice says:

    This whole case makes less and less sense every time I check back for additional information. I’m just throwing thoughts out in hope they might generate other people’s ideas that might help.

    I read that DeDe Spicher is not only NOT cooperating, but supposedly telling others not to cooperate either? Okay my first thought would be – “Maybe they took Kyron because they think he needs to be protected from Kaine for some reason.” Then my second thought goes like this: “That wouldn’t make sense. He has Kiara. If Terri felt he wasn’t a good father in some way she would be screaming about his having possession of Kiara, and she hasn’t done that. BUT, she DID try to take Kiara from the gym. Maybe this IS the reason Kyron was taken and Terri never expected to have Kiara taken from her and given to Kaine.” Another possibility: maybe he’s being “protected” from Desiree and her husband. He WAS supposed to go visit Desiree that weekend. Or maybe he’s being protected from another relative in Desiree’s house, or one who visits Desiree’s house. Maybe TH thinks there’s something wrong in that household and that Kyron shouldn’t go there.

    Does DeDe have children? Could there be enough warmth in her soul so as to NOT be involved in harming a child? One would hope. If she left her job that day (landscaping! what a coincidence!) and she was only missing for 1 1/2 hours, it seems unlikely that she was involved in harming Kyron and then just going back to work like nothing had happened. But she may have taken him somewhere. He could have transferred cars 2-3 times as a plan to throw LE off. First he’s taken to Sauvie Island by TH, transferred to another vehicle there, then taken to meet DeDe wherein she took him yet another place. I don’t know, WHY would any of this been done with the risk of being caught? These people, at least TH, MUST HAVE known they would be polygraphed FIRST THING. Was it worth it?

    Then you go to other places in your mind as to why he was taken, and none of them are good but some are worse than others. Simple revenge seems unlikely. If TH hated Kaine that much, how could she even live with him? Why not just leave? Revenge on Desiree? Doesn’t make much sense either; they weren’t known by others to hate each other. Maybe Kyron was stolen for adoption to someone who wanted a boy? Seems unlikely because how would he ever be hidden successfully with his picture plastered all over everything? And how normal would a life for a child be who was snatched? A cult? A child porn ring? A pervert? Geez.

    It doesn’t seem to me like TH has EVER behaved as if Kyron was truly just “missing”. She has always behaved as if she knows exactly what happened, that there was never any unknown for her. She always knew that he was either A) Safe with someone or B) deceased, but there was never any in between wondering. That’s why her original tears at the Press Conf seemed fake, that’s why she went about her business going to the gym, text messaging men, etc. Maybe that’s why the total lack of visible concern – she KNOWS and has always known exactly where Kyron is and who has him, or what became of him.

    And you gotta ask yourself, what on this earth would motivate these people to cooperate with Terri? How the heck did she persuade them? What was in it for them? Money? Paid by whom? For what? Or was it just having Kyron? Why was all this risk worth possibly going to jail for these people? Because they never thought they would be caught? Or even questioned?

    This is driving me nuts!

  3. JEN says:

    Theory: because there was no legal reason to include the sexting info within the contempt charge (all one needed to say was that TH had shown contempt by allowing MC to see/photograph RO), the sexting stuff was included for a strategic reason. Perhaps that reason was to show Miss D that her bestie isn’t the loyal partner she believed her to be, thereby coaxing Miss D into spilling some dirt (<– pardon the pun)…

  4. minima says:

    the most incriminating facts as i understand them:

    1) terri “needed” the truck instead of her car to take Kyron to school so that she could transport the project…

    yet, she didn’t transport the project…she (supposedly) emailed the teacher about when to pick the project up. my speculation is that she needed the truck either to transport “something” or to be less recognizable. her red mustang with RDSQRL tags would obviously be more noticable.

    2) terri and kyron were seen at the fair together but neither were seen after 9 am.

    3) terri told the teacher about a doctors appointment he had on Friday (supposedly on thurday june 3rd.). teacher assumed it was that day (friday). no alarms were raised because the teacher did not expect kyron in class.

    4) terri was home posting pics on Facebook at 1:21 and was for sure home at 2 when Kaine got there.

    everything inbetween is unknown. but this is enough to believe TH premeditated Kyron’s disappearance. i now realize that i am one “friend” away from one of TH’s friends, this is hitting so close to home. come clean people…

  5. Sandie says:

    Actually the bank Kaine was coming out of last Tuesday looking very upbeat was First Tech C. U. which has ties to Intel. Maybe Intel donated money for the investigation and that is why they don’t need as much as they thought they would need.

  6. Noelle says:

    RCF ( has just protected her tweets. I wonder if she is involved (unlikely), responding to harassment or what.
    fwiw, they were cached.

  7. Spam says:

    I’m reading several days behind, but WHOA @ Cain Park! I live within walking distance of there, travel the road next to it several times a week, and can tell you that I didn’t even know there was a real “park” there. Google Map it and you’ll see, it’s really just a mess of brambles and wooded area.

  8. Times-a-wasting says:

    Just on the TV news. Catherine Herridge National Security Correspondent reported. Starting in 2006, (Bush in office 01-09): ICE, component of Homeland Security, has an ongoing investigation “Operation Flicker.” Current investigation results now announced. Following were investigated and found to have employees involved in downloading and purchasing CHILD pornography online through PayPal. Implicated are Defense Department Divisions: Nat’l Security Agency (NSA), PENTAGON, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). “Inspector General” “Dept of Defense” was shown at bottom of list, perhaps as acknowledging the list. DOD produced 94 pages listing 22 cases involving dozens of individuals in each case… with high level security clearances. One individual has already fled to Libya.

    There. Does that make us feel safer?

    What it means is that there were events drawing attention to child pornography long before ICE established process to do these investigations. It means we cannot freely trust our law agencies when children are involved. Face the facts. This is why there is such a market for child porn, why so many children disappear. Money. Arse Coverers. Look at California’s J.C. torture.

    Has Gore’s OREGON poodle event of years ago been bubbled now through “suggestions” to tabloids to refresh this? Did Inquirer then quickly produce Gore’s sex activities of years ago for the same reason? Are these refreshings to prepare for the grand slam on Gore, who has been called a PEDOPHILE by some on the net at various times? Does Tipper know what is boiling, and is divorcing him and accepting the castle by the ocean he bought for her, while he intends to remain in the Family Home in Tennessee? Normally in a divorce, the woman retains and lives in the Family Home, keeping that much stability for the grown children to return to, and grandchildren. Maybe she wants better air in Calif than is stinking in Tennessee in the last many months.

    Thinking Caps On.

  9. ceci says:


    “I just don’t like Kaine and Desiree publicly calling people out. It seems like such a strange and risky way of using the media. For instance, what if LE is wrong? Now Dede’s reputation is permanently marred in the entire country and beyond.”

    I understand what you’re saying, and I’m against destroying anyone’s reputation just for the heck of it.

    But LE is simply stating fact if DeDe isn’t cooperating with them by not telling them where she was, etc. From the parents’ statement, it seems like L also has her on record somewhere (email, txts?) advising TMH/others to do the same.

    And, yes, that looks bad to most people.

    The natural question is: what does this person have to hide that is more important than finding a missing 7 y.o. child?? What does LE have on them that enabled LE to get search warrants?

    Group censure does make people think twice about their actions. Personally, I’m pleased that the LE is taking this tactic. LE has to be careful about making any direct claims b/c of the legalities involved. But they aren’t allowing TMH, DeDe, et al to hide behind a “thumbs up, everything’s great” facade. JMO…

  10. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Does anyone have a link or know what time info is being released today?

  11. Lori D says:

    I forgot who asked but I think the Jamie you mentioned is Jaymie Finster.

  12. Madame Clouseau says:

    I think much can be explained away by the “kidnapping in order to protect” scenario — but not MFH and sexting with at least two different men, neither of whom was your husband. Plus there are DY’s comments about TH’s history of lying, and the false accounts of Terri’s “friendship” with Desiree and initial involvement with Kaine.

    Maybe TH is truly a martyr, and also an imperfect human being, but that explanation is too much of a stretch for me at this time.

    Mme. C

  13. kuaitzudog says:

    #23 times-a-wasting:

    here is your answer:

    Terri was born March 14, 1970 and grew up in Roseburg, the daughter of TWO TEACHERS, Carol and Larry Moulton. She graduated from Roseburg High School in 1988 and went to Umpqua Community College, where she met her first husband, Ron Tarver. They married in 1991 in Roseburg.

  14. Essay Kaye says:

    An interesting comment at 9:11 pm on 07/22/10 from “insintel” on “Deedle – Keep your mouth shuuuuuuuuuut! Hold out just a little while longer.” Could be a troll, but could it also be a communication between the people involved in Kyon’s disappearance?

  15. S says:

    minima – I’m not getting a straight forward premeditated vibe from your postings. 1) needing the truck – have you seen the flyer or other communication to parents which stated a time for the science projects to be picked up? 2) neither were seen after 9:00 AM – I don’t know how those questioned by LE or completed the questionnaire responded to this. Do we know this as fact? 3) I’ve heard so many stories now about the doctor’s appt and again do not know how those questioned by police have responded. 4) I have in my notes, two different times of the famous FB postings. I did not see TH’s facebook so can’t verify and the enormous amount of hearsay in this case is mind-boggling.

    Everything in between is not unknown to LE. They know of any calls, texts or emails she may have sent. They know where her cell pinged towers. They have her on video in stores and where else, we don’t know.

    The most suspicious behavior to me is her statement that she left Kyron at 8:45 walking toward his classroom. Why would anyone leave a 7 year old unattended one hour and fifteen minutes before classes begin. Why? To me, this is the most telling factor pointing toward premeditation.

  16. Kim says:

    I now believe it was DeDe in the white truck observed idling at 3PM and again at 2AM June 4th & 5th on a deadend street near cornealus pass rd. I read somewhere that this location is also very close to the home of TH’s other close friend, and mother of Kyron’s friend, Curtis. There has been internet speculation about one of Curtis’s family members possibly being involved as well.

    Could it be that Curtis’s family member took Kyron from the school and Terri found out and called DeDe in a panic for help in getting Kyron back at around 1130 on June 4th? And maybe DeDe returned to the area to watch what was going on the night of June 4th?

    It just seems like this is all connected to Kyron’s disappearance, I just don’t have enough info to be confident in connecting these dots.

    Published quote from man who observed white truck with woman in it:

    1:29 p.m. — Neighbors stop by Brooks Hill Historic church, across the street from the school, to mull over the investigation. “This kind of thing is unheard of,” says Jim Kelley, 50.

    Kelley, who lives about a mile and a half down hill, at the end of a winding, secluded country lane off Cornelius Pass, said police, federal agents, K-9 teams and helicopters scoured the area Saturday.

    “We had two odd sightings of a vehicle on our road Friday,” Kelley said. Around 3 p.m., he and a neighbor reported seeing a white pick-up truck with a female driver pull to the end of the long road, idle and then turn around. Then again at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, a similar white pickup truck appeared, idled and when a neighbor loosed her dogs, eased away.

    “A, it was strange to have a car there, any car there, that we didn’t know, and B, it was strange to have a vehicle come down our dead-end road twice in the same day, hours after a little boy goes missing,” said Kelley. “That’s beyond rare.”

    Kelley said authorities have twice searched the deep ravine, creek and railroad tracks located near the end of his street by air and on foot.

  17. Times-a-wasting says:

    It’s Friday. What are you going to do this weekend, folks? I’m staying with the search.

    Let all the law agencies involved in searching for Kyron that we are done with their working to build a case. We do not care about a case. We want Kyron.

    Because of the DOD and ICE announcing the unreliability of major law agencies in protecting children, and actually promoting child endangerment, we citizens must demand a full accounting of all investigative actions taken by all officers regarding KYRON to be published at the time Kyron is returned, or body discovered, or at the date ANY agency involved, withdraws service or withdraws ANY number of agents from the case. We look at that drawdown as lack of interest or ability. No summary report. The whole timeline thing.

    We will take care of making a case against the ‘nappers when we get KYRON.

    Finding Kyron is your job. We will ensure the Judges get the event history to enable the application of justice.

  18. twinkletoes says:

    @LPB, no I am not mad at you. :O) I am not easily offended. Don’t worry about it. I am an attorney so I am used to people disagreeing with me.

    @the rest of the posters who responded, yes, I hear you on the warrants and that there must be some evidence backing it up and I agree with you that it sure looks like Terri and DeDe are into something really, really bad. And I am fine with LE doing what they need to do to catch whomever is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, whether that person is TH or someone else. BUT, they seem awfully sure it is her. And so if they are so darn certain, why no arrest? And if there is no arrest because there isn’t enough evidence to satisfy the grand jury, then how can they be so darn sure? I don’t feel I am defending TH or DeDe. I do feel like I am defending Kyron by not closing other options. There is a possibility that TH didn’t have anything to do with this. Sure, she is a slut and a liar and probably a bad cook too. But show me the evidence that she kidnapped Kyron. Shit, I have more motive than she does. I think he is adorable and it breaks my heart that he was raised by a non-parent, yes TH, while both of his bio parents pursued their own interests throughout the day. TH killing him just doesn’t make sense to me. Not saying she didn’t. But it doesn’t add up.

    And I really don’t like the mass hysteria surrounding this case. It is really dangerous. I feel like LE is taking advantage of the unruly mob in order to pressure TH into cracking. It is reckless, imho. TH has been getting death threats. Now this other woman is plastered all over the media by the most sympathetic super-non-couple, Kyron’s parents. It is reckless. I am not saying TH and this DeDe character are innocent. I am saying that if LE wants them, they should get them before the angry mob does. They are inciting the mob and using Kaine and Desiree’s grief and desperation to do so. It seems reckless to me.

    And one poster up above seems to be suggesting that I am really Terri. (?) LOL, puh-lease. I’ve been here since Caylee Anthony went missing. Blink knows I’m no red squirrel.

    Yowza, a feisty one sista.

    I am going to leave it alone because I think the names match the sentiment; context is important in your comment, imo.

    The truth is, overall, I agree with you totally. The problem I am having is that I understand the angst that the Investigators and family is racked with right now so I don’t really care about their rights and if it works to locate Kyron, I say eff them.

    I already know the lecture about our constitution, and I agree in advance, it is not a perfect system, but is the best one going. In my work, I just get to the point where I feel that adults are just that, and children’s rights should come before ours.

  19. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    @ 43. puzzled: The criminal attorney for whom you used to work surely taught you that truth is an absolute defense to defamation, i.e., slander and/or libel. Neither the Youngs nor Kaine Horman appear to me to be the kind of people to recklessly put themselves in legal jeopardy with anyone. They, along with LE, are correctly using everything they have in an attempt to find Kyron. I am praying that someone who knows the truth about what happened to that innocent little 50 pound boy will speak now–today.

  20. Blink says:

    minima- is that private, or will folks run across it?

  21. twinkletoes says:

    And since I am already unpopular today . . . What if Terri and Dede aren’t talking because they have already told all they know and there is nothing more to tell? What if what Terri and DeDe are talking but not saying what LE wants to hear?

    And remember, ladies and gentlemen, the MFH is an allegation–we have nothing but the word of hitman/weed puller. And no arrest. For me, that speaks volumes. Last time I checked, conspiracy to murder is pretty serious criminal offense. If LE isn’t sure on this allegation, how can we be?

    Twinkle is right to question it. Frankly, I am not sure I would personally publish an accusation like that and I have the damn first amendment on my side, lol.

    However, I do believe there is substantial good faith basis for the family to say what they did or LE would ask them not to.

    Actually, LE is using the media in the best possible way in this case, imo.

  22. Eloise says:


    Your little post there unbolded struck me like you were whispering. Cute.:)

  23. Hulagirl says:

    If Dede’s father is a sheriff here in Oregon, why wouldn’t he strongly advise his daughter to cooperate w LE here especially if she has nothing to hide? Reportedly rather, they aren’t talking but are “lawyering up”.

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with the “kidnapping in order to protect” theory either. Doesn’t make sense unless they had already tried other avenues of obtaining protection that were unsuccessful.

  24. twinkletoes says:

    Actually, LE is using the media in the best possible way in this case, imo.
    This may be the first time I’ve disagreed with you, dear Blinky. I think LE is being reckless and it worries me. But you are likely privy to more info than I, so knowing your position, their use worries me a little less. I am really afraid that people are going to go vigilante in this case very soon. I certainly hope TH’s attorney has hired some body guards for her. And for TH’s sake, I hope they are cute. ;O)

    Lol, I posted to you on this on a different comment-

    I did not say that what they are doing is right, I just think it is what they must do, what can I say- for once I am wishy washy on an issue. And I am way cool with disagreements dear twinkle :)

  25. Hulagirl says:

    from WW:

    On June 30, four days after Kaine Horman left home with his daughter Kiara, several cars were seen driving away from the house where Terri Horman remained living alone.

    One of those cars belonged to Terri Horman’s parents. Another belonged to Spicher.

    Curious if Spicher had any insight into the case, we knocked on the door of her condo in Tualatin several days later. The woman who answered the door was the same person shown in the photo and identified as Spicher in the press release from Kyron’s parents.

    But the woman at the door told us DeDe Spicher wasn’t home. She identified herself only as a “friend” who was in town “to help.”

    Asked where she was from, the woman paused and looked away.

    “Where I’m from,” she said.

    We left our card and walked away, thinking that if people are going to fib, they should at least be quick about it

  26. Times-a-wasting says:

    NOVICE #2!!!!! Have been chomping at the bit for SOMEONE to take that trail. It helps to have company. HOWEVER, what we are thinking, if spoken, (and we know many involved are searching all comments on all of these sites to see if anyone “gets” it) would result in the immediate death of Kyron. What Nose Twitcher doesn’t realize, is that when the trail is deemed too hot, SHE will be a “suicide” or have an accident. I’m thinking that will happen anyway because the ped who might be doing this is going to prevent any leaks.

    She either is to be paid later when “the coast is clear” (protects the pedophile from being traced by money), or was paid part and had her pal rush to meet her on Sauvie and take the money and run pack it in an agreed hiding place… MAYBE BACK TO THE GARDEN she was working/digging in and left for a short time, not telling the people she was working for where she was going. Cadaver dogs don’t find money. ALSO… A woman who withheld her last name from a reporter announced she is organizing a GATHERING for people to show support to FINDING KYRON… and the event and woman are in the same town Dede Spichter lives in… Tualatin. Is Dede a friend of that woman (Beth?) and did Dede get that woman to setup the gathering? Maybe Dede will dig up the money and take it to the event in a bouquet that Beth or someone else will take from Dede and get it out of town or to a safer hideout.
    Hope people go to that gathering and watch the organizer and watch Dede carefully. You know she will be there… Maybe she will leave the dough in her car so someone can take it from there if not in the bouquet. SOMETHING IS UP ABOUT THAT GATHERING IN TUALATIN.

    Nose Twitcher isn’t worried about money, is she…. when is the divorce proceeding? What $ is she asking for? What arrangement is she asking regarding her daughter? The divorce proceedings must be done fast for resolution on custody of daughter, and for Kaine’s sake. You cannot witness against your spouse… Oregon might be different, not sure. Kaine’s attorney better make sure those proceedings are available to the public. We have all invested our time and tears and prayers and a H*LL of a lot of stress in this situation and we MUST know the playout.

    Better not reveal more… WHO CAN BE TRUSTED WITH INFORMATION AND WILL HELP FIND KYRON? Have checked over a huge list of possibilities and still vote no confidence. Searching for a responsible, unafraid, non-politicized person to help. Suggestions?

    Over 2 wks time, contacted Sheriff’s office – once spoke to woman at Desk who said she didn’t know anything except Kyron still missing and said to call tipline. When I said I need to speak directly with an agent/officer about Kyron, she transferred me to a “detective” and in her voicemail, “Mary” said leave and message and she would return call – implied call would be returned quickly. Left my name, location, tel no and topic was Kyron. NO RETURN CALL several weeks ago, so last wk called tipline and left my details. NO RETURN CALL. Sent email to Kaine’s lawyer Laura, indicating more information would be shared when contacted. Not even an acknowledgment. Soooooo, how does this impress you with the effort to find Kyron?

  27. minima says:

    it’s private :/

    but i think because it was related to my post i was able to see what was said. if you want to post that info, and edit what i have said in an incognito way, go for it, i just couldn’t figure out a way to do that myself, but of course i want to share that info with fellow blinksters.

    Got it

  28. Mermaid14 says:

    There is something that isn’t making sense here regarding the Friday doctor’s appt. It is now being said that everyone at the school, including Kyron’s friends didn’t look for him or become alarmed by his absence because they knew he had a doctor’s appt that day.
    Then how do you explain what Tanner Pumala had to say on the matter afterward to the media? He said that the chaperone had noticed Kyron was not with the group and brought that to the attention of the teacher, who’s reaction was “Oh he’s probably in the bathroom or something, don’t worry.”
    This doesn’t add up. If school officials are trying to say that TH misled them with the idea Kyron had a doctor’s appt that day then how do you explain the teacher’s words to the chaperone about him being in the bathroom? I thought she said she thought he had gone to the doctor.

  29. Hulagirl says:

    Jackie Bauer :) says:
    July 23, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Does anyone have a link or know what time info is being released today?
    no time announced yet, maybe it will be on the 5:00 local news.
    this is still the latest:

    The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office would also like to announce that a press conference is scheduled for Tuesday July 27, 2010 at the Hanson Building located at 12240 NE Glisan Portland, Oregon. The exact time for this press conference will be announced by Friday July 23, 2010.
    Present at this conference will be Chief Deputy Tim Moore and Lead Investigator of the Kyron case Sgt. Lee Gosson. The purpose of this press conference will be to provide an update of the case and respond to questions that were submitted regarding the case.

    TH is apparently at her lawyers office at this moment.

  30. HK says:

    MAGGY SAID: I am speculating that Terri hid Kyron and will aledge that Kaine was sexually absuing him. There is an underground network of women who hide children for this reason. Maybe they don’t trust the system or the police to do something about it and so they have taken matters into their own hands. It is the only possible explanation I can think of that could possibly make any sense.

    This is a reasonable explanation as to how TH could convince others to help her and later to not aide LE.

    But if the abuse was actually happening, she would not allow Kiara to stay with Kaine. No way.

    I think Terri has many explanations and stories that she feeds those in her corner. Manipulates men with sex. Perhaps women too. Or she is manipulating the women with stories of abuse and victimization.

    All we need is one person to break. Let’s hope that happens soon.

  31. HK says:

    I’m actually hoping that even though Terri wanted Kyron gone (to get back at Kaine) she wasn’t evil enough to want Kyron dead.

    So she hatched a plan. Convince her friends that Kaine is abusive and that Kyron needs protection.

    Hopefully Kyron is in some sort of underground child protection scheme and that is why no one will talk. And also why the family still believes he is alive and will come back home.

    I really hope this is the case. Can’t reconcile all the loose ends, esp. the hit on Kaine.

    But it gives me hope that Kyron could still be alive somewhere after all this time.

  32. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Madame Clouseau says:
    July 23, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    I think much can be explained away by the “kidnapping in order to protect” scenario — but not MFH and sexting with at least two different men, neither of whom was your husband. Plus there are DY’s comments about TH’s history of lying, and the false accounts of Terri’s “friendship” with Desiree and initial involvement with Kaine.

    Maybe TH is truly a martyr, and also an imperfect human being, but that explanation is too much of a stretch for me at this time.

    Way too much for me to believe since In order to buy the “kidnapping in order to protect” scenario, one must also believe that TH is the only good parent here because DY & TY then couldn’t be trusted, that the other parents (all or some) were abusing Kyron on some level, and LE missed all signs of abuse on the part of KH, DY and/or TY towards Kyron, and that TH is so noble that she’ll face criminal charges rather than reveal Kyron’s whereabouts but there is *nothing* in her other behaviors to suggest this. In fact, her character seems quite flawed (the lies alone…)

    This “kidnapping to protect” theory also presupposes that LE & the FBI are bumbling idiots and they’ve missed the clues re: three other parents altogether. That doesn’t work for me since LE & FBI have been able to piece together so many things together about TH–how is it that they could miss every clue about the others?

  33. mary says:

    Collective consciousness is different than mass hysteria.

  34. Word Girl says:

    Mockingbird–July 23, 12:32pm

    RE Negotiating the BOC site. This might help.

    Go to The first article you see will be the latest Blink submission. If you’re interested in that, go to the comments and read, using Edit, Find on each page to references to a name or issue you want to know more about.

    If you want to know the latest on another victim, click on the left-hand column on the name and then read through those articles. I wouldn’t suggest starting with just the name of someone you’re interested in because it can get to be a jumble and won’t necessarily get you info very succinctly.

    Of course, I could tell you about setting your RSS feed, but I know that also can be awkward for people not used to it.

    Unless you’ve got a super-memory, it’s always good to have some blank word documents open so you can paste stuff there you want to reply to or sort out or keep in a file.

    This BOC site is a multi-tentacled beast! You’ll find a way to make it work for you.

    Thank You WG. AS it has been a grueling week, I was tempted to reply to you with a slip of a letter in tentacles, and say that I lack such an appendage.

    Thanks as always for helping out our fellow readers and contributors.

  35. twinkletoes says:

    RE the poster who wanted Terri’s parent’s professions. I don’t know but I could find out if you give me their names.

  36. annla says:

    Well, I know some of you are attys too, so I’m sure you realize there a million reasons why arrests are delayed in cases like this, and it is hard to nail down everything in this case b/c obviously LE has more info than they are sharing. But…for starters you have more than one potential Deft in this case…so you have to have everything lined up and ready to go to lean on each of them to flip, and you don’t want to be in the weak position of having to move forward on a prosecution when the investigation really isn’t near completion, AND these prosecutors know they are dealing with a good defense atty and they want to be VERY PREPARED from the get go – what if the charged suspects don’t waive time and this case is set for three weeks from now? They have to be prepared for every contingency – there is such a huge gap between probable cause for arrest and reasonable doubt – why would they want their time to start running. As for the MFH, was that ever released by the police officially or did that come out when the restraining order was unsealed? MFH allegation 7 months ago…what prosecutor would want that case? We don’t know anything about the credibility of the witness (landscaper) and they couldn’t get any corroborating evidence from TH it sounds like…so why would anyone’s conclusion be that she should be arrested for that…clearly they don’t want to arrest her for things they can’t prove. That doesn’t mean the allegation couldn’t be used in Kaine’s motion for a restraining order. When TH and DeDe sit for new polys I’ll give them more credit. I am begging them to prove my suspicions wrong – but I know they are legally required too. I’m so glad they are clinging to their constitutional rights while a 7 yr old is out there alone.

  37. firstwife says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Someone who continually draws attention to themself can’t really complain when all the focus is on them. This person, while thinking they are sly and crafty at not getting caught, is actually leading LE to the truth. The answers will eventually come, not like a 60 minute tv show, but make no mistake, the truth will be revealed. I say again, when this person lays in bed at night and tries to find peace in sleep, the truth is always staring at them in the dark. No rest for the wicked.

  38. annla says:

    Sorry – not legally req’d too to sit for polys is what I meant to say

  39. rmack says:

    As to TH not being arrested…I think LE seems to have a pretty good strategy ~ let SM run around loose. Little by little, as she interacts with her pals, uses computers, cell phones, etc., she seems to be creating new evidence against herself. If DeDe is a partner in crime, what’s occured between them since June 30 is extremely important…if SM were in jail, none of that would have happened.

    I don’t believe Kyron needed protection from his bio parents, but that may be one of the stories TH cooked up. Maybe she managed to send that little boy through the underground to a safehouse…or maybe she just convinced DeDe & others that she did. She seems to be very good at manipulating people into doing some pretty bazaar things: MFH, sexting, etc.

  40. WC says:

    Isn’t an underground network usually for a parent and their child? Otherwise it would be kidnapping (well, not counting the times it’s considered that even though it is a birth parent). I don’t think either parent was abusing Kyron. Logically, if TH was concerned (more so than she seems right now) that Kaine was abusing Kyron, why not tell DY – she would see her privately when they met to exchange Kyron or she could just call. It wasn’t like she didn’t have oppertunities to tell DY. If she thought it was DY, just tell Kaine. And the most unbelievable, that both parents were abusing him, you have the whole country listening right now, why not tell everything you know – your plan has worked. You have a bigger audience than you ever imagined.

    I think it’s going to come down to greed, starting over, something like that.

    Also, about the slander issue. What is different legally about what KY and DY said on TV compared to all the comments made on these sites? Not this one, but the others are pretty bad. Just wondering about it.

  41. Midwest Mom says:


    I agree with you 100%, LE and/or the family’s strategy is extremely dangerous. There are vigilantes out there that act first regardless of the facts. Not to mention a persons emotional actions being implicated in the disappearance of a child when they are innocent, yes, I am talking about personally harming themselves. I am committed to finding Kyron.And I pray that If these people our innocent then they will be able to forgive these accusations that have been placed on them. Unfortunately they will never be able to clear their name. This whole situation is a tragedy.

  42. Kim says:

    Someone from KATU posted this link supposedly from DeDe’s cousin:

    Mentions the case is going to a jury on Monday.

    I redacted, it is on here already and unconfirmed. No way to know if verified.

  43. beejay says:

    You said “…I’m so glad they are clinging to their constitutional rights while a 7 yr old is out there alone.” referring to TH and DeDe. It’s that assumption, that Kyron is out there alone, that has fueled a lot of the desperation I hear here.

    And to All:
    If you assumed, instead, that Kyron is dead, and has been since June 4, and TH knows that, then Kyron would no longer be out there alone–in her mind or in ours. He would be fine/at peace now/in God’s hands.

    AND, it would help us all understand and hopefully work around our personal emotions about the parents and the rest of us left behind. If TH knows Kyron’s dead, then her motives shift. A lot. She has two other living children to think about. And hope to see again. We know she dotes on Kiara for sure. Why not (TH) be patient, listen to the advice of her damn fine attorney, and let the experts try to mitigate the damage to her here. I believe we’ve already established that she’s no Mother Theresa. Most of us aren’t.

    It helps to understand HER if you start with the assumption I’m suggesting. Might not help you like her behavior. And if changing that assumption doesn’t help those of us here gain some objectivity, then even more reason for her to keep her mouth shut till Houze tells her what to do. Because it sure won’t play well in the larger world.

    And please understand, I come from a law enforcement family. I pack heat. I’ve devoted my professional life, as I’ve said here awhile back, to picking up the pieces of what adults do to children. So, I’m hardly a libertine. And I rant and rave about why these screwed up people are ALLOWED to reproduce. And yet I see the complexity of the situation. Where I’m from there was no Wild West justice. There was Ku Klux Klan. Same thing. As screwed up as our justice system can be, it’s still better than the alternatives.

    Patience, all. There will be an answer; let it be.

  44. FLGirl says:


    Terri’s parents are Larry and Carol Moulton.

  45. Kim says:

    DeDe’s cousin says she doesn’t much care for kids and dries a blue explorer (like the one reportedly seen speeding away fron SI with Terri in her white truck).

  46. Sondra says:

    MCS Stanton:

    Can we have the list of law enforcement agencies that have assisted in the Kyron Horman investigation?

    Gresham Police, Fairview Police, Troutdale Police, Portland Police, Port of Portland Police, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Clackamas County DA MCT, Multnomah County DA’s investigators, Washington County District Attorney’s Office, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Gladstone Police, Oregon City Police, Milwaukie Police, Canby Police, Lake Oswego Police, West Linn Police, Vancouver Police, Hillsboro Police, Beaverton Police, FBI, DEA, ICE, Secret Service, DOD Defense Criminal Investigative Services, Oregon DOJ, Oregon State Police.

    This list does not include search and rescue resources.

  47. FLGirl says:

    Found this article about Terri’s parents.

    It appears they are both former school teachers.

    “Kyron’s step-grandparents, (the mother and father of Kyron’s step-mother,) live in Roseburg, Larry and Carole Moulton. Both are ex-teachers in the Douglas County area and have a relationship with Kyron. Larry saw him last in the previous few weeks.”

  48. Times-a-wasting says:

    @ellej #30 Thanks for the help. Yes, I really need the occupations and business associations of Torri’s Dad, and wife, and bio mom if the Dad is remarried. There are school libraries in Roseburg, no public library. Search found Lake Oswego library but wouldn’t help and advised I should contact library in my location… probably because there is a fee to do that big awful heavyduty page turning research! :) (There are publishers that produce City Directorys of residents and businesses that give residents’ addresses and employment etc.) Doubt if my library can help with Oregon without higher rate and longer research time. Hoping someone will read this and post answers.

  49. shocked in Oregon says:

    Times-a-wasting –

    A quote from your fictitious novel above – “ALSO… A woman who withheld her last name from a reporter announced she is organizing a GATHERING for people to show support to FINDING KYRON… and the event and woman are in the same town Dede Spichter lives in… Tualatin. Is Dede a friend of that woman (Beth?) and did Dede get that woman to setup the gathering? Maybe Dede will dig up the money and take it to the event in a bouquet that Beth or someone else will take from Dede and get it out of town or to a safer hideout.
    Hope people go to that gathering and watch the organizer and watch Dede carefully. You know she will be there… Maybe she will leave the dough in her car so someone can take it from there if not in the bouquet. SOMETHING IS UP ABOUT THAT GATHERING IN TUALATIN.”

    BETH has NOTHING at all to do with Kyron being missing, nor does she even know Kyron or his family. ALSO – she does not know Dede. Yes, coincidentally, they do live in the same town, along with the other thousands of people that swell in Tualatin. The “gathering” has already taken place, it was July 9th, and Kyron’s parents attended.

    Perhaps before you start rambling your mouth, you should do some research about what you plan on saying. Pointing fingers at INNOCENT people who are merely wanting to do something out of the kindness of their heart is pretty low.

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