Chris George and Tracy Ocasio Still Missing In FL: Will The Lake Underhill Gun Tip Bring New Leads?

Posted by BOC Staff | James Hataway,Missing and Endangered,Missing Persons,Onda Chris George,Tracy Ocasio | Thursday 23 September 2010 12:00 pm

Lake Underhill, FL– Investigators from Orlando PD and Orange County Sheriff’s Office say a semi-automatic handgun recovered from Lake Underhill yesterday is tied to a homicide. The weapon was located by OCSO divers around 10am while additional undisclosed evidence was collected later in the afternoon.

What they will not say, is in what murder case it may have been used, or who they believe it belongs to.



Sources inside the investigation speaking to have confirmed the gun was located through a tip by an individual known to them, and not an anonymous call in.

Previously reported by, the cases of missing Orange County residents Onda “Chris” George and Tracy Ocasio are still open without arrests, or any clue where they might be. Chris George has been missing since the evening of February 11, 2009 and Tracy Ocasio since the early morning hours of May 27, 2009. 

Tyler Watters, an Ocoee resident, was with Onda “Chris” George when Watters says George drove through some barbed wire, jumped out of the SUV he was driving and ran off into the woods. Watters was the last person to see Chris George alive.

Waiting at a local residence for George and Watters return, was James “Jimmy” Hataway and their respective girlfriends at the time. is withholding their names as they are material witnesses in George’s disappearance.

Both Watters and Hataway were questioned regarding Chris George’s disappearance, and the fact that they staged the return of the SUV after cleaning it out, the next day. Searches for George have turned up empty and no charges have been filed in his case.

Hataway was also last seen with Tracy Ocasio leaving The Florida Tap Room May 27.  Hataway alleges the two returned to his home in Ocoee very briefly and Ocasio left. Tracy Ocasio’s car was found to be parked nearby the next day. Although Hataway has been referred to as a person of interest in Ocasio’s disappearance, no charges have been filed.

Jimmy Hataway is currently awaiting trial in Seminole County on attempted murder charges alleging he attacked an aquaintance after a party. Jury selection was scheduled to begin on April 26th, but Hataway’s public defender was granted a continuance when they showed up in court that morning. It would appear that we may soon be able to hear a bit more of Hataway’s versions of events. The phone calls he made or received in jail will be released in accordance with Florida Sunshine Laws.

Tyler Watters is currently out on bond for misdemeanor weed posession and felony heroin trafficking, allegedly occuring the day after Hataway’s postponment on 4/27/10.

Coincidently, there was a notice of supplemental discovery on his docket the day before the search of Lake Underhill was scheduled, and then filed just yesterday, his attorney’s certification of conflict and motion to withdraw, following the guns recovery. 

Both Hataway and Watters are due back in court in two weeks.

At this time, It is not known if the tip or the weapon recovery is related to the Ocasio or George cases; check back to for updates to this developing story. 

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Maybe LE is getting some traction on these cases. If the weapon is a part of this, they may have other good information as well.

    Where are the bodies? These guys in jail were working in pond cleanup and junk removal. Getting rid of unwanted things was their speciality.

    I have said from day one it will come down to who wants to go to prison least, or for the least amount of time.

  2. Bam from Mississippi says:

    It is REALLY time for Hataway to pay…. for ALL of his crimes… I have seen Ocasio’s parents speak many times and this has for sure taken it’s toll on them! Yet, they WON’T give up! I pray everyday for their strangth!
    Can’t wait to find out more info on this!

  3. classygal says:

    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end! Thanks for the update Blink.

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    I agree with all comments- I Would just like to add a prayer that someone breaks the silence and leads LE to the bodies.

    If not possible, I would hope that whatever comes from this, that the families can finally get some closure and JUSTICE.

  5. melissab says:

    I would like for some of the newer Blinkster’s to go back and read up on T. Ocasio. You will find just how long B and her crew will stay with a case and see it to the end. Not only do we count on her tireless efforts but so do the families of the lost ones in these cases. That is a lot to put upon your own shoulders. If she’s on your case there is bound to be some kind of resolution. Just look at C. Sheddy, God rest her soul. There could never be enough thanks said to you B. But I know bringing the guilty to light is good enough for you! Thank you! Wouldn’t it be nice if this scab was actually the perp in the Kesse case too? I doubt he just killed one time. What about the Hutto scum? Help to cover, part of, or what? Hataway could be just a perv that liked rough sex and uh-oh, maybe I should’nt strangle her so hard! Oh well, next time. What a effin sicko either way!

  6. JEN says:

    @melissab, thank you for your suggestion. I just took it and read up a bit on the Ocasio/Kesse cases, which I’d been previously unfamiliar with. Of course, I am now even more in awe of Blink-and-Team’s work. You are all amazing!

  7. Mrs C Hop says:

    Still here! was glad to see the update on this case thanks B

  8. EliGrandma says:

    Dearest Blink,

    Thank you so much for keeping the O’Casio case here on your wonderful site. I live in the area so this, and the Jennifer Kesse disappearance, are important to me. I can’t imagine being these parents whose daughter’s are just gone, vanished with no trace. What evil lurks among us. I’ve never doubted that Hataway murdered O’Casio but there was never any proof. Maybe, finally there will be closure for her family.

  9. bluewillow says:

    It is encouraging to hear some news on this case! Let’s hope it leads to some closure and justice!

  10. NoseyRosey says:

    Blink- I want to congratulate you on this new development in yet another case you have so tirelessly worked on. I agree with bluewillow, this is very encouraging. I wish you the best of luck and will continue praying for answers for the Ocasio and George families. This case reminds me of Christine Sheddy’s case- it may sometimes feel as though it is standing still, but we know there is constant movement in the background (go team Blink) and there will be answers soon enough. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many and bringing these cases of injustice into our lives so that we may remember each day with our loved ones is a treasure to hold on to and cherished. You absolutely ROCK! I want to be like you when I grow up…..even though I am not sure when that will be…..LOL!


  11. melissab says:

    Biting my nails…any word yet? Too soon, I know! I can wait for the good news!

  12. susanm says:

    thanks for the update,blink,my bet is the gun is connected to george,hopefully ,they get enough evidence to round up the whole gang,unravel what happened to tracy,and figure out the connection to jen k.

    It is my belief it is connected to George, yes. I would be very interested in who the tipster is, or, which one, I should say.

  13. Word Girl says:

    Do I understand correctly that Watters attorney declared a conflict and motion to withdraw the supplemental discovery when he received word that a gun was found? Clue or coincidence?

    I can’t say why they withdrew outside of the motion for obvious privilege issues, but yes, that motion was followed after the gun was recovered; the next day in fact.

  14. LaJo says:

    The discovery of a gun after all this time makes me hopeful that things will finally begin to unravel in these cases. I would think the gun is linked to Chris’ case and can only hope that whoever gave the tip provides more information so that we may finally discover what happened to him and who was responsible for his death. With the types of people involved I would hope that the more trouble they get into the more beneficial it would seem to them to provide information in these cases.

    I agree completely.

    That said, if anyone has any pull with Mr. Hataway, now would be a good time to figure out a way to privately and hypothetically discuss what sort of proffer he might have. I know his current case is in Seminole County, but I would be willing to bet that given Mr. Watters current situation, and what I have seen on the web swirling around him recently, he is about to be the patsy in 2 homicides. That can only happen if they are recovered, or a direct witness with corroberation.

    I do not feel his child should be burdened with what he got wrapped up in, and he is the only one that can make that right.

    Imo, this is underway, time is of the essence.

  15. Carol says:

    So good to get an update on Tracy. All the coincidences in this case are more than coincidences.

    James Hattaway is a dirtbag.

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Looks like the lawyer may want to get out so he doesn’t have to defend a guilty person.

    I really hope they can break these guys enough to get the real truth. I have always believed that one or more of them are involved in the Jennifer Kesse case.

  17. curious says:

    hello B- I haven’t seen the identity of the 3rd person that was with Tyler and Jimmy in any story regarding Chris’ disappearance. Is that considered irrelevant?

    You can post privately. But you will have to be more specific. With them when exactly?

  18. curious says:

    In all of the news stories on the internet it reports that law enforcement found Tyler, Jimmy and an unidentified 3rd person looking for Chris. I haven’t seen any update as to whom that 3rd person was.

    Understood, yes, I do know who that is, we are looking to update the piece I started over the next week.

  19. lily2 says:

    Blink, does your gut tell you if this guy is connected to Jennifer Kesse?

    I have to defer on this one for now.

  20. ex gf says:

    Thanks for the update Blink and Team. Thank you for also mentioning Jimmy’s daughter. I personally know that Jimmy would never hurt her and have a hard time believing he would attack any woman (although I can’t rule it out due to current events.) because he has his own little girl.

    I will speak with my father and boyfriend again to see if I can convince them to allow me to try to talk to Jimmy and see if I can get anything out of him. I’m sure his lawyer would advise him to keep quiet and guilty looks aren’t admissable in court. Unfortunatly, the concensus of those close to me is to keep me away from what could be a dangerous man.

    Moreover, I now live within miles of the Taproom and do not want to put my self in a negative situation with those connected through these cases that are not currently behind bars.

    Blink, I also thank you for protecting the identity of so many people that could be witnesses in this case. We are all craving additional information on these cases but I’m sure I speak for most if not all of the “Blinksters” that we do not want to disrupt the case or leak evidence.

  21. reggie says:

    I have a tendency to think the best of people but when patterns emerge at some point I have to face the facts. Ex gf seems to be struggling with that as I have (in other situations) in the past, when she writes, “I personally know that Jimmy would never hurt her and have a hard time believing he would attack any woman (although I can’t rule it out due to current events) because he has his own little girl.”

    I personally believe that Jimmy is ultimately only focused on what will benefit him personally. I seriously doubt, no matter how much we might like to believe it, that he is concerned with how his actions affect others.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

  22. ex gf says:

    Reggie, I understand and agree with your statement for the most part. To clarify, when I said “hurt her” I was referring to his own young daughter (whose name I prefer not to share). If you have time, feel free to read my previous posts on other articles Blink posted on this case. Here’s a brief summary.

    I am similar in age and appearance to Ms. Ocasio. I met Jimmy in a bar, I gave him a ride home too. The difference is that I dated him, without incident, for 6 months and Tracy is missing.

    The man I knew wanted to be a councelor/translator for deaf children and was worried that his previous D.U.I. and Juvi record would prevent him from doing that. I also freely admit that Jimmy started doing cocaine toward the end of our relationship. I don’t know if he continued that terrible habit. Drugs change people.

    If Jimmy is responsible I will watch him pay alongside everyone on this site. My fear is that he’s not the only one involved and other’s may get away scott-free because all eyes are focused on Jimmy.

    Sometimes, cases can be solved by finding a similar situations and looking at their differences.

  23. melissab says:

    Too bad JH didn’t stay with you ExGf…you sound level headed, intelligent and above all open minded. I don’t know your differences except you apparently don’t like drug use. If he had stayed with you his life might have been different. He would have been in the school house studying sign instead of the jailhouse…maybe! Are you by chance the Mother of his child? If not, do you know her? Was she during his “high” living time after you? Do you think she could add anything to the case? I’m just full of questions aren’t I, sorry. I may have asked you some of these before or you all ready answered on previous articles.

  24. ex gf says:

    No worries Melissab! Thank you for the compliments. I’ll try to respond in order of your questions. I do not like drug use, not even marijuana. Another difference is I’ve thankfully never met most of the defarious characters surrounding this case, i.e. the Hutto’s. Jimmy was already fluent in sign language as his father is deaf and his mother is very hard of hearing. I’m sure proper schooling would have helped though.

    I am not the mother of Jimmy’s child. Jimmy dated her before we met and from what I know she was dating 2 men at the time (one of which was Jimmy). She tried to claim that the other man was the father and Jimmy fought to prove it was his little girl. I do not remember the mother’s name, nor have I met her or his daughter, only seen pictures.
    I am not sure if LE has contacted her for questioning.

    I am open minded and do my best to be level headed. I just can’t get passed this nagging feeling in my gut that he’s not the only one involved. I do believe he HAS to know SOMETHING. My insticts rarely lead me astray.

    Feel free to ask any questions you like, I will do my best to answer them.

  25. ex gf says:

    correction of typo, Nefarious…sorry

  26. t.e.o. says:

    Latest news.

    Orlando Fox 35:

    Orlando Channel 9:

    Everyone please read this. I have been holding some updates for these good people, but as you can see, with good reason.
    I am a little disappointed in the comments from Apopka PD, there is much more than that they have not followed up on.

    These murders are connected. It is time forces are joined, these are solvable cases.

    The George and Ocasio families deserve to recover their loved ones. For the record, Chris had prior drug issues, yes, but he had been clean and just very recently relapsed. He was trying. He is a victim.

  27. LaJo says:

    Thank you for the clarification regarding Chris’ drug use. He had been clean prior and recently relapsed. Additionally for the record Chris did not have a history of disappearing on drug binges, that is not accurate.

    He is a victim here and did not deserve his fate. I’m thankful that you are looking into Chris and Tracy’s cases. I too feel that they can be solved and am glad to know that I am not alone in feeling that way.

    I could not believe that APD would actually say that basically if they could have predicted the future they would have processed the car and dealt with the case differently. Considering that the players involved all had priors and lied to the police about what happened to Chris that night it makes me wonder what has to happen for a case to be throughly investigated from the beginning. No one knows the future, what kind of statement is that?

    I cannot tell you how cases like Chris’s haunt me like they are disposable people or something.
    Sadly, that is just one area where mistakes were made in Chris’s case.

  28. Sunday says:

    And just now Hutto’s name appears in print. Amazing. Blink had this information almost from day one.

    Yep. Lots More to come.

  29. Sunday says:

    Sure seems that the reporters got some things wrong. I’m surprised they haven’t accused Jimmy of the Lindbergh kidnapping

    I think Jimmy is in a position to help himself not get saddled with anything that is not his doing.

    I think if he does not, that may be next on their list.

  30. reggie says:

    Reggie says: I watched the recent interview of the Ocasio’s and Chris’ mom on WFTV. The APD would have done better if they had just pled the 5th.

    The APD interview is disturbing on so many levels it’s hard to know were to begin. I’m just thankful I don’t live in Apopka and pray that nothing ever happens to me if/when I pass through town.

    Chris was “known to go on drug binges”…really and what did that look like? What it looked like was a young man with an addiction that relapsed twice in the course of a year. The second time he went missing.

    Hmmm…so what did the first one look like? Did he disappear? Was he gone for days? No, he actually stayed in phone contact to those closest to him.

    So, if you are an adult struggling with a problem be forewarned that this will factor into the initial investigation if you fall victim to a crime Apopka because from what I gather from APD Captain Donald Heston’s comments is that the APD does a mediocre investigation if all the circumstance aren’t pristine.

    Because of the prejudice of the initial investigators against Chris because of his drug use, society gets to share the sidewalk with a murderer. See what I mean, this is disturbing on many levels (and I didn’t even scratch the surface).

    Our best course of action…stay out of Apopka!

    Excellent Points.

    Some people should not give interviews. I was floored. I’m thinking if he was on a bender he would have needed his vehicle. They knew the day he was missing the vehicle was moved and staged. No excuses.

  31. ex gf says:

    The statements from Apopka PD are dumbfounding. “If we could see down the road” and if the people involved had been honest… What? Crooks lie?! Unbelievable! I hope for the city of Apopka that the reporters got it wrong. (I won’t go on and on about this because I feel that LaJo covered my opinion well enough) Why wouldn’t you give every case your due diligence?

    For Jimmy to say that the media would make it hard for him to meet girls is not that surprising if he’s innocent, yet if he’s guilty…talk about denial!

    This is the first I’ve heard about Tracy’s text about going to the lake and I’m glad that the general media is picking up on Hutto, it’s about time. Thanks for bringinging it up 1st Blink and team.

  32. jon doe says:

    just dont get it

    Don’t get what?

  33. Sunday says:

    Knowing Jimmy as I do, I’m not surprised by the comments he made in the beginning of this horrible saga. I don’t believe the maturity level is there to handle the media, the spot lights, the accusations. I’m not making excuses for him but I have a 31 yr old son and I know how their minds work. When faced with the most ominous of situations, the smart ass comes out in them. They don’t know any other way. The public gets a hold of these comments and can’t believe that someone would make them. Of course, the public is sitting in their homes, minds focused and not operating under stress. How many of us can look back on our youth and not cringe at something we said or how we reacted or over reacted during a stressful time. I can guarantee that Jimmy was not thinking about how any of his comments related to his guilt or innocence. They were comments made by a young man with an immature, poorly developed defense mechanism and now everyone is trying to read something into them. Sometimes stupid statements are just that, stupid statements.

  34. reggie says:

    Reggie says:

    Yes, stupid statements are just that – stupid statements but that doesn’t absolve us of responsibility. Regardless of our age, gender, race or any other variable such as stress, anger, etc…we are all accountable for every thought, word and action.

    Believe me I wish that didn’t apply to me all the time either but that’s usually after I’ve said/done something that I regret.

    I like what Elizabeth Eliot says, “Never pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.”

  35. reggie says:

    I totally agree with Reggie but I wanted to add that there are times that the right thing to do is to speak.

    In Chris and Tracy’s case, if those that know the truth would speak up, family and friends could begin to move forward. Just as those who know “the secret” wake up each day and live with the guilt of their undisclosed knowledge…those that have had Chris and Tracy taken away from us wake up each day and deal not only with loss but relentless searching for answers.

    No matter how absurd it might seem to consider telling what you know, it is the right thing to do. However, I’m pretty sure you already know that. Just because it’s right doesn’t make it any less difficult, does it?

    Tracy’s parents and The George family could benefit from more good and less evil regarding their children’s cases…and you have an opportunity to do good.

    Please help them find Chris and/or Tracy.

    Can anyone seriously understand the vulnerability a victims family lives in?

    More than a handful of people know where Tracy and Chris are. Those individuals are either currently facing charges, or are bound to in the future. We all know whoever talks first gets the deal.


  36. Sunday says:

    I wish more than anything that these 2 cases would resolve and the families could begin to heal. I wish more than this that none of this had happened. It’s more than a guarantee that there are those that know exactly who, what, when and where. Even the smallest of clue could blow all of this wide open and it’s beyond my comprehension that it hasn’t happened yet. It may only take one word, one sentance and this could be over. It seems that people are afraid, but of what, who? Could the answer to this question be what starts the ball rolling in the right direction?

  37. curious says:

    Done, thank you.

  38. Chris' mom says:

    To Blink: I can’t even begin to guess at how many hours you’ve invested in Chris and Tracy’s cases. There is no way to adequately thank you for all you are doing. Just know that you are making a difference in righting the wrongs of this world by searching for the truth and reporting it with honesty and integrity.

    To LE: Okay, so you blew it…we all blow it. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do your job to the BEST of your ability…that is all I ask. What if Chris or Tracy were your child? What would you have done differently? Do it now…you’re getting a second chance.

    To the Secret Keepers: I’d rather be in my place than in yours. We’re going to find you – if you could only see the growing mountain of evidence. There are more than one of you out there and you’re all probably more familiar with the concept of, the first one to talk gets the better deal, than I am. Don’t miss your opportunity, your time is limited.

    To the Ocasios: You’ve worked tirelessly to bring justice for Tracy. I know you wake every morning and go to sleep every night with thoughts of her. Your courage and tenacity is the polar opposite of those that have taken her from you. Keep up the good fight!

    To all those that are walking with me through this: I thank you for your support and prayers.

    To God be the Glory. –Rachael

  39. curious says:

    That was definitely not in reference to you, and you have my word that will be abundantly clear when I update the piece

  40. Curious says:

    Can you go to e?

  41. steph ocasio says:

    hey b, thanks for sticking with us. other than you and my cousins i’m not finding much about tracy and this mess. one of the hardest things is being stuck in pennsylvania, not being able to come down and search. it eats at my core.

    I know that your support is felt regardless.

  42. turbothink says:

    Someone is going to pay for these murders as people are fed up with them not being solved. We will soon know who the smart one is because they will be the first cutting a deal with the information they know.

    If one of them knows about the murders but was not involved in the actual murder, they would be very smart to have their attorney call the prosecution before the ones who actually did them does it first. I am not sure any of them are smart enough to do it. Perps will rat out their own mother to keep themselves off death row & that is where someone is going.

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