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Ocoee-Apopka, FL- Breaking News this evening in the Onda “Chris” George missing persons case.

A ground search in the area of Keene and Ocoee/Apopka Rds, near Medicine Lake, focused on locating evidence in the Chris George missing persons case has recovered bones, a cell phone and other evidence, a source on the ground speaking on the condition of anonymity shared with this evening.

Chris George was last seen with Tyler Watters and Jimmy Hataway.  The two are believed to have staged a truck accident close to the location of the search today.  Watters is currently facing felony charges for drug related offenses in Orange County, and Hataway is about to be tried for attempted murder in Seminole County. recently covered Chris's case, and tracked the last 24 hours of his life.

George's Mother, Rachael George,  has led recent efforts to rejuvinate Chris's case from it's "cold" status.

Reached at her home this evening, Ms. George refused to comment about what was found at the search, or if she has been told the remains are linked to her son.

.."I would not be in a position to discuss what Apopka Police have shared with us regarding the search today, and have been asked not to discuss it with the media..  We continue to be thankful for all efforts to help locate my son, and we are praying, as we have at every search, that we are able to finally recover him and for those responsible for his death to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The search today was based on locating evidence in his case,  and late last week I was told that law enforcement was planning renewed  search efforts at our request, but that is all I knew  before today.

Please keep Chris, his girlfriend and our family in your prayers.

-Rachael George

At press time, calls to Apopka Police Department have not been returned.  The remains recovered today have been sent to the Medical Examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, and have not been identified pending autopsy.

Check back to for updates.

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  1. pink angel says:

    Detectives with the Apopka Police Department tell FOX 35 that bones, believed to be those of a human, have been discovered in a retention pond near the intersection of Ocoee Apopka Road and Keene Road.

    The search of the pond was conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the 2009 disappearance of an Orange County man. Not long after Christopher George was reported missing, the 29-year-old’s truck was located in a wooded area roughly 70 yards from an area where detectives searched on Monday.

    The pond had been searched previously, but the water has since receded, which afforded detectives the opportunity to do a more thorough survey. Investigators believe the bones are part of a human spine, though the gender of the victim could not be determined. The bones have been sent to a lab for testing.

    I suspect now that we have broken the bones found, we will hear more. It is my understanding there is more evidence in the way of clothing at this point, that has not yet been released.

    My love, hope and peace go out to Chris, his girlfriend, and his friends and family this evening.
    This gentleman has had a soft spot of mine since I first started on his case.

    His family, always will. What an amazing resolve they have.

  2. turbothink says:

    I want to congratulate you on your never ending work on this case which I am sure helped solve it. You were right from the beginning about the Hataway connection to this & I believe other cases which you have been investigating. You are awesome !!

    My dear friend, there are 2 people responsible for finding Chris, if this is confirmed to be him, or WHEN he is found. His Mom, and his lady, whom I could not be prouder to know. Thank you for your kind words and continued support.

    I would also like to say, that my heart goes out to the families of many missing people, but in particular, Tracy Ocasio and Jennifer Kesse. These ladies, as well as their families, deserve for them to be found and brought home.

    Thank you for YOUR tireless efforts turbothink!

  3. Eloise says:

    Oh wow! I sure hope this is the news that Chris’ family has been waiting for. It’s unbelievable that it is sooo close to where his truck was crashed. Hopefully there will be additional clues that will point the investigators directly to who is responsible. Prayers to his family.

  4. ClassyGal says:

    Prayers are with you.

  5. t.e.o. says:

    Rachael…my hopes and prayers are with you tonight that these events lead to closure and justice in Chris’s case!

    Mr. O, I hope you saw my earlier comments about your Tracy.

    I pray we are on our way to resolution in Tracy’s case as well.


  6. Angie says:

    I am amazed!!! I dont even kow what to say. What a bitter sweet victory!! My heart goes out to you Rachel. My dear friend who was the love of Chris’ life.. I am always here for you and I love you. I thank you blink from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done.. you have been a beacon of hope for all of us who love Chris. And Rachel.. you are a strong , strong woman and I believe that your love for chris and your strength in God is what led us to this moment. I am praying diligently for you.. that God will comfort you.

    Thank you Angie. I suspect tough days ahead, but if it is Chris, I know the heavy weight on your hearts starts to lighten.

    You were his dear friend, I commend you on your advocacy for him.

  7. annals says:

    Wow, just, wow.

    Could not have said it better myself.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Blink earlier thought that the ponds should have been more thoroughly searched and it appears that she and her team were exactly right.

    At long last some real movement in this case which may lead to finding Tracy and Jenifer too.

    The cell phone and clothing may provide the fastest ID.

    Just 70 yards from the location of the truck. Makes one wonder why the police took so long.

    It is my understanding that particular body of water has receeded quite a bit, but as it is simply a retention pond, it is odd to me that side-scan sonar would not have picked up remains early on.

    I am keeping an open mind as we learn more today.

    There is so much more to this case, and I continue to believe the links to Tracy Ocasio and possibly Jennifer Kesse are “there”.


  9. Chris' gf says:

    I pray that this discovery finally leads to closure for Chris, for Tracy, and for all of us. It will be bittersweet, but long awaited.

    I thank you all for your continued support and prayers. And to you Blink, for not only your work on this case, but for the caring way that you guide those of us involved in a case like this through the pitfalls and hopefully to the other side to find what peace may lie waiting.

    You hit my bullseye as usual. It is easy to see why Chris loved you so. I truly believe you were the reason he was trying so hard to walk the straight and narrow.

    If this is the part where we start the rest of our journey, Chris is in the best of hands again with you and his Mom.

    Heart u Friend,

  10. annals says:

    I am so gratified about the items recovered today. They found a cell phone in a retention pond! I’m often unable to locate my cell phone in my sweater pocket. Cudos to the searchers.

  11. Jane says:

    I think the caption should read “Crime Never Sleeps Nor Does Blink”. It’s absolutely amazing what information you are able to put out there to continually help move these investigations. I pray this search will unearth remains and help with the prosecution of all responsible. God bless all of Chris’ family and friends.


    As the case progresses, I look forward to sharing more case sensitive information we learned and lived through during our “journey for Chris.” Lots of people to thank at the end of the day.

    More than anything, I want bad guys to know you may not get caught right away, but ultimately, you will.

  12. Jane says:

    It all brings tears to my eyes. To think how many families are no longer whole because of the evil that lurks around us. The boogyman/boogywoman can look no different than us. Please be aware of your surroundings and choose your friends/relationships wisely. God bless.

  13. MarchmallowWI says:

    Wow, Blink! Amazing news … and I am thrilled with new hope for resolution and justice for Chris George, for Tracy Ocasio and for Jennifer Kesse.

    May the evidence be clear, and may justice finally come for the families of these loved ones who have been missing for so long.

    “There is so much more to this case, and I continue to believe the links to Tracy Ocasio and possibly Jennifer Kesse are “there”.

  14. ClassyGal says:

    I wonder if anyone told Hataway and Watters yet. This may be the part of the story where they start to point fingers and we actually learn about Tracy and Jennifer.

    It is my understanding they have been advised. If I were a betting person I would guess both are requesting meetings with their lawyers this afternoon.

  15. melissab says:

    Mrs. B…were you on loc in FL? If so, I’m so sorry you and the crew didn’t stop by for a true southern down home meal! Such good work you do and just reading/hearing what you mean to the family of the missing warms the heart. I know you understand doing good just feels so right! That is a wonderful feeling! If I could do life over I would like to follow in the Blinksteps! Have a great day Blinksters, work calls.

  16. Peace says:

    Great work Blink. Prayers and thoughts to all.
    Blink, I changed my screen name. Hope you don’t mind. I previously used mynamehere because I didn’t feel like thinking about a screen name.

  17. EliGrandma says:

    If this is ultimately linked to Tracy Ocasio and Jennifer Kesse, it is good to know a serial killer is in custody and off the streets.

    I personally do not believe Hataway killed Chris, I do believe he has complicity after the fact, and if I am correct, if his azz gets pinned with it, he had every opportunity to be “first in”, and chose to gamble on his current situation; I got no time for it anymore. Tough Darts.

    I truly believe this will bring intel for Tracey and possibly Jenn’s cases.

  18. Mom3.0 says:

    I don’t know what to say. Wow. My prayers for his girlfriend and his family and friends. Thanks for sticking with Chris’s story Blink. Had you & your team not covered it, I’m not sure any of us would have been aware of Chris’s disappearance and his loved one’s hopes of finding him.

  19. NoseyRosey says:

    Blink- I haven’t posted in a while, but I have continued to read here daily. I am incredibly proud for you because I know how much you have wanted this day to come. I know you are a busy woman, but I really hope you take a moment to just stop and take it all in- you deserve it. Thanks for being you!

    When it is time to, I will, and I thank you. The work is really just starting all over again.

  20. gigi says:

    Blink, Thank you for your tireless efforts on this case. I keep up with all of your posted cases daily. You are an amazing advocate for justice. Next up Caylee and Kyron! Stay safe and rested Blink!

    Ty kindly.

  21. zinnia says:

    FYI, there’s going to be an interview today, of the mother of Tracy Ocasio on the BucketHead show on 104.1 fm in the Orlando area.
    You can listen to it on the internet if you go to the link above. Tracy Ocasio was a friend of the host of the show and her story has been covered extensively by the show since she went missing.

  22. EliGrandma says:


    In my comment upthread I neglected to thank you for staying on this case and my appreciation for all you do for ALL victims. You are amazing!

    I live locally so all 3 have continued to linger with me. Too many years have passed with no leads on Jennifer. It’s time to bring all this BS to a close. Wonder who will come forth with the info necessary to do just that.

  23. DesertGirl says:

    Just have to add in my appreciation to Blink for making Chris and his loved ones real for so many of us who would have not have heard about his disppearance otherwise. This gives me hope for others who have gone missing. I am selfishly glad to have this site to discuss and discover, but glad for the world in general that there are people who care like you do. May this bring Chris’ family the answers and closure that will help them live on.

  24. Friend II says:

    Bittersweet is right….if not for Chris’ mom and loved ones, for another family. I admire everyone of you that have never given up.

  25. Word Girl says:

    It was already a good day when I read of this remarkable finding.
    Now it is a stellar day! And another step forward in the journey to bring Chris home. (Love you, Rachel)

    We don’t know why he wasn’t found in the previously-searched areas.
    There may have been barriers to the side sonar scans–physical, political, ego-type; regardless, we’ll take the WIN and put a pound more pressure on the degenerate perpetrators.

  26. Word Girl says:

    Do we know the type of cell phone Chris was carrying?

    Did Jimmy and Tyler have their phones but just used the girls’ phones for evasion? Or did one of them lose his phone at the scene?

  27. susanm says:

    yes,word girl, might would be even better if its the killer’s phone and they stole chris’s.

  28. MarchmallowWI says:

    Officials drain Lake Carter after human remains found

    “Officials confirm they have found a “significant” amount of human bones at Lake Carter, which is just east of State Road 429.”

  29. Word Girl says:

    susanm–we’re often on the same wavelength…

  30. care2know says:

    It would have to be Chris’ phone. Tyler had the phone he had been using before Chris went missing..Jimmy always had his phone it just didn’t have any minutes so it was said.

    Do you need minutes to upload a comment to myspace from your phone? If so, he did.

    It was definitely Chris’s phone recovered from the scene.

  31. Word Girl says:

    Rather graphic and disturbing: photos of the bones found in lake

    I am encouraged at seeing the way they are being recovered, and if I were a betting person I think I see ligament remaining on one set of long bones, that should shorten the DNA turnaround potentially.

  32. P-Bo says:

    Police are confirming that the human remains found in Carter Lake are those of a man. In addition, police say that they have recovered a wallet as well as jewelry that belonged to Chris George. I believe that LE are going to continue searching the lake in days to come.

  33. care2know says:

    Jimmy accessed myspace via internet of laptop. Jimmy didnt use his phone much. It looks as if it is Chris George, I read somewehere that there was a tip that came from someone facing felony charges. has anyone looked into who that person is and what his association to all this is? I know Jimmy was at the house when Tyler called.
    FYI- I don’t care if you post this to your blog Blink, I just care that you know.

  34. Word Girl says:

    Yes, I saw ligament, too, but they should get the dna pretty quickly from those tibias–oh,gosh, when I saw them I had forgotten how tall Chris was…and then to look at your cute photo with his legs hanging off the big chair…sigh.

    Re the lakes–Lake Carter and Lake Underhill are an easy connect, it seems, via the 408 and 429. Do we know which lakes Jimmy worked in and around? The Huttos?
    Where is Lake U in relation to Hataway’s home–I’ve forgotten his address?

    Not near, he lived at 147 Lyle in Ocoee.

    It is correct that the tibia in general is favorable to the femur in terms of DNA extraction, you smartie you :)

    Sadly, when I saw the first images of his long bones, I also felt instantly it was Chris with his long legs as well and advised his girlfriend and Mom to stay off the web.

    Because I know they read here, I am not going to comment on any of my other recovery observations for now, out of respect for them, except to share what I have told them already.

    My observations of that recovery scene lead me to believe Chris was deceased when he was put into that body of water.

    If you will permit me, a little private snark to a private party who will know who I am talking to:

    Do your freaking homework you sea-cow. Drowning victims F L O A T.

    This post self destructs in 3 seconds.


    Burn after reading.


  35. Word Girl says:

    Well, Blink, I am of “delicate tibia” myself and it must be for some reason. Aquarians are generally delicate of the ankles and tibia, but
    I’m not sure of other presribed astrological ailments–I just know that i always bang my shins on my bed and have often rolled an ankle while demonstrating where the steps should be built.

    Our continuing understanding of the Lovely Bones brings us to center field in Chris’ discovery. The bones weren’t floating in water. They were imbedded–moored to the sand. Awaiting disembarkation.

    A true testament to your name, as usual, I could not have thought of a more clever way to state what you just did.

    The shoes, another giveaway. This is a very localized recovery to say the least for the size of this pond and the amount of time he was in it.

  36. P-bo says:

    Word-girl or Blink, could you expand upon what ya’ll are talking about in the last two posts? Specifically, the bones being “moored to the sand”. The fact that nothing was found floating has been a subject of interest to me. If you have a theory as to why this is could you share it (I don’t know if the question is appropriate but I ask anyway). Thanks.

    Sorry P-bo, I cannot address that further in an active case.

  37. P-Bo says:

    I understand (dammit). Very interesting…. Thanks for your response nonetheless.

  38. P-Bo says:

    disembarkation Noun 1.disembarkation – the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft
    debarkation, disembarkment
    landing – the act of coming to land after a voyage
    going ashore – debarkation from a boat or ship
    boarding, embarkation, embarkment – the act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraft

    Not sure that’s the right word (girl). I could be wrong.

  39. Word Girl says:

    I just caught up with you, crafty one!
    I was suggesting that Chris’ bones were being held in place, not floating, because of the silt, rocks, and other debris–as if they were moored there by the physical geology/botany.

    And Yes,I was also alluding to those same bones being weighted down by something very heavy to keep them from floating. This was a heinous,
    despicable crime and I’m angry about it. Someone had to make sure that body didn’t float.

    Through the anger and grief, I’ve evolved (though not as much as his mother, Rachel, and other family members) to view a rite of passage for those bones where they begin another journey, to another land–one hopefully better than this one where they weren’t appreciated.

    So, a disembarkation is the word I choose, from the watery grave to a dry and comfortable place where justice is swift and certain.

  40. P-bo says:

    @word-girl. I understand what you were/are saying. The fact that the remains were not floating is definitely noteworthy. I hope that this discovery will lead to the capture/conviction of whoever is responsible.
    It’s a terrible story and I pray for justice for Chris and all of those who loved him. Is there any word from the Authorities regarding the ID/Autopsy?

  41. One Girl says:

    I discovered BOC completely by accident a couple of days ago. Initially, I was shocked and astonished at the material I’ve been reading but now, I am mostly saddened, disheartened and aggrieved.

    Blink, you reported the girls passed polygraphs and were interviewed by FDLE at the request of the Apopka Police Department months after Chris disappeared. One of them discussed those fateful chain of events exclusively with LE. Did you or anyone from your staff communicate with the other to reach your conclusions? I ask because some of the girls’ information was accurate and some speculative.

    The anonymity was, is and always will be appreciated.

    One Girl-
    I am going to answer this the way that I do because this is an active case, and as you know Chris has been recovered.

    In general: I am not going to talk about source information, but in this case and many ongoing cases, some information we learned early on, was corroborated, and some “changed”.

    Again because of the case status, there may be many things I do not publish that might interfere with the ultimate goal, which was to find Chris, and assist in a successful prosecution in his case.

    I am open to any add’l perspectives on the matter, and if you would like could email you at your request.
    Maintaining confidentiality of course.

    If you wish to post something private to me, just make the first line PRIVATE, I am the only one who will see your post, but you will be able to see it also, until I delete it.

    Yes, I of course know who you are, and your anonymity is sacrasant.

  42. P-Bo says:

    Blink, what’s going on with the investigation. The story has dropped from coverage. It’s been several weeks now, has LE identified the remains that were discovered in Lake Carter?

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