Holly Bobo Missing: ATV Tire Ads Tied To Case- Search Sets Up Roadblocks- Blink Discuss Case Tonight On Dana Pretzer Show

Posted by BOC Staff | Clint Bobo,Holly Bobo,Jason Todd,Mark Gwyn,Tennessee Bureau of Investigation | Tuesday 19 April 2011 5:37 pm

Parsons, TN- Tomorrow marks the one week point of the forcible abduction and probable assault outside the home of 20 year old nursing student, Holly Bobo.

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Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, announced the current reward offered has tripled to $75,000 thanks to a $50,000 commitment from Tennesee Governor Bill Haslam at a press conference yesterday at the command center.

Also during the press conference, Gwyn stated that Clint Bobo, Holly’s brother and witness to her walking into the woods with a man dressed in camo he thought was her boyfriend, was NOT able to provide a description.

..”As you know, at this time, we have one eyewitness, that’s Holly’s brother, and he was not able to give us a description…”Mark Gwyn, TBI

Yesterday, Holly Bobo’s cousin, Whitney Duncan, appeared on Fox News and Good Morning America, thanking the public and asking folks to keep searching. She also appears to have lost her patience with speculation about her cousin Clint, possibly being not only an eyewitness, but a suspect.

Whitney Duncan Tweet

Duncan’s sentiments were echoed by newly appointed family spokesperson Kevin Bromley as he appeared on the Good Morning America Show this morning:

“Clint is a wonderful young man and as a character witness for him, I would rule out any kind of rumors on Clint and the family would feel comfortable with me saying that as well,” said Kevin Bromley, a spokesman for the Bobo family.

The 7th day of the search began again today, at the new command center, The National Guard Armory located at 256 West 9th St, Parsons.

Kristin Helm, spokesperson for TBI announced yesterday they were choosing to move to this location due to the amoung of evidence that has been collected, and their need for enhanced security.

TBI has decided on a new tactic today, as reported by Will Nunley, of  WBBJ-TV there is a roadblock set up on Myracle Town Rd and twelve new investigators from TBI have been added to the case this morning.  (Editors Note: Nunley has been doing a stellar job in the field on this case, kudos, follow his tweets.)

This investigation is beginning to sound very much like how Canadian Air Force Colonel Russell Williams was nabbed – by a roadblock where the tires on his vehicle were spotted by an eagle-eyed investigator and were visually consistent with tire treads found at the scene of one of the murdered women.

Speaking of tires, www.blinkoncrime.com has uncovered what has been determined to be “materially relevant” to the case of the disappearance of Holly Bobo, by a source inside the investigation speaking to blinkoncrime.com on the condition of anonymity.

While our source will not comment on whether one or both ads are a part of the case or who they might be tied to, the ad from Parsons, appeared at 12:33AM on April 17, before the public was asked to notice who may have replaced tires or cleaned an ATV or vehicle.

Two ATV tire ads, one from Jackson, TN and one from Parsons, TN appeared on Craigslist on April 17, 2011.

Craigslist Ad from Parsons New ATV Tires With Rims

Craiglist Ad ATV Tires- Jackson

As the search perimiters in previous days were located 6 and 8 miles away from Bobo’s home, where items of hers are believed to have been recovered, it begs the question, why would the focus turn to nearly 2 miles away from the Swan Johnson address of the Bobo’s, to Myracle Town Rd, in the opposite direction?  Do investigators think the suspect has been trying to send them in the opposite location by planting evidence?

Police are interviewing neighbors in this Myracle Town Rd. and Box Rd. area today, as well as stopping  motorists, of which there are very little.  A different tactic indeed.

Searches in this rural terrain are daunting to say the least, however, the community outreach and response to requests for assistance has been nothing short of astounding.

While speculation that the suspect responsible for Holly’s disappearance is indeed a member of the very small town of Parson’s, and is well known to Holly and the Bobo family, many close friends of the Bobo’s are participating in searches of their own properties vowing to continue until she is located.

Many long time Decatur County families own large tracts of land near the Bobo residence.

Some of them for generations – including the Todd family, as an example, who owns large tracts in the Myracle Town Rd,  Box Rd,  and Gilbert Rd area.

Jason Todd, a former schoolmate of Holly Bobo’s as are MANY of Holly’s friends, will unfortunately end up searching for her in each other’s  backyards.

Jason Todd and Buds on Goose Hunt

The search for Holly Bobo continues, follow my tweets.

Blink, Editor In Chief, www.blinkoncrime.com is discussing the Missing Person Case of Holly Bobo this evening:

Click on Image to listen at 9PM, Blink scheduled 9:45PM

Clink on the Image to Play podcast.  Transmission line issues made transfer choppy, if it drives you nuts, start my interview at minute 39

Contributing and Copy Editor: Madeline Tanner

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  1. Blink, I’ve been following this case from day one and found this page today.
    Is this guy crazy or what?
    I am curious as to your take on this.

    Nuts. I deleted the link, I do not want to promote such lunacy.

  2. michiganwill says:

    So LE close to breaking the case, the family got a psychic, to find this girl, why would the family do this if LE is so close to a break in the case, sound like the ex boy friend has become the link to the case, jade lover who can’t move on when she has a new BF, or some random man has taken her. 5 weeks, I know were this ends, same as all the others, young, beautiful girls, that end up DEAD. We all know this out come, so sad, my heart is in sorrow for this family, to be take at your families home, it says to all of us, no one is safe any were, at anytime

    It is my understanding the family declined the psychic.

  3. Shannon Hunter says:

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been logging in daily to find out whether Holly has been found. I have become aware of the evil ‘out there’ and it has occurred to me that, perhaps, there are ‘people’ who search, for example, Fb, for beautiful, suitable, young women and plan to abduct them. There are so many children and women who ‘disappear’ and I can only think that some of the cases that are never solved are because of very, very careful planning or the involvement of people or organisations who are ‘untouchable’. I am so very sad that Holly has not been found and I pray that if someone local is holding Holly that they will realise the enormity of what they have done and do the right thing. I will continue to pray for the safe return of Holly to her home and loved ones. It is something that is very difficult to comprehend from a stranger’s point of view and I pray for strength for Holly’s family.

  4. Kchea says:

    Blink, in your opinion do u think jd has something to do with Hollys dissaperance?

    You cannot possibly think I am going to answer that- seriously?

  5. Kchea says:

    Well I was just asking your opinion…but understand if you can’t answer.

  6. michiganwill says:

    WOW I just listen to your interview on the radio about Morgan Harrington, I could not agree with you more, BUT, you do not think that these two cases are related, ok, if this is a person, like xBF, some random man that takes her, or it’s is local person, then I can see that. But could the same male, after the heat that the family put on this case, could have forces him to move. Move to some other location and targeted a another, blond, blue eyed, small frame, girl, taken to be rape and then killed. Why the drawing of this man haven’t been shown as a POS, to the people, it might be a long shot, but it could be connected. What do you think??????????????????????????????

  7. Ronald Golden says:

    This man needs to be checked out!

  8. Michigan says:

    There is nothing new, about this case, that leds me to think those close to the family had nothing to do with it, two months and no POS, come on?, the killer, meet her some were and started watching her, had the perfect place for a kidnapping, could not ask for a better landscape, for both a quick rape, kill and easy, disposal of a body, sorry to say it but, she was dead the next day.

  9. Rob Bankert says:

    Look as much as I hope it is not her been serching the web around TN and in Clarksville they found the body of a woman and has not been identified yet. They say it is only 2 hours from Parsons so please someone rule this out and let us know it is NOT her.

  10. Liza Chaplin says:

    Mickey Shunick missing at 2 a.m. Saturday. Amazing how many of these missing young women all meet the same profile: petite, blonde, blue eyes, several college students. Once they are gone, no trace if found of them or clues to their disappearance. Road crews are out again? Does the person profile these women on FaceBook or some other social network?

  11. T. Ruth says:


    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A man was charged Wednesday with kidnapping and murdering a nursing student who was last seen outside her West Tennessee home nearly three years ago, investigators said.

    Holly Bobo was 20 when she disappeared on April 13, 2011. Her brother told authorities he saw a man in hunting clothes leading her into the woods around the family home near Parsons, about 100 miles northeast of Memphis.

    Last week, investigators in the case searched the home of 29-year-old Zachary Adams and he was arrested in an unrelated aggravated assault case on Friday. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director Mark Gwyn on Wednesday announced the grand jury indictment against Adams in Bobo’s disappearance.

    (snipped, more @ link)

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